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Do you have a favorite table or booth with us?

Spring is finally here!! What better way to celebrate than to join us for hibachi!! A fun experience for all, and available all day for lunch and dinner! Call us today to book your hibachi reservation! #allday#CTeats

Eating healthy can still taste great with our scrumptious salads, topped off with a brew of course!

Fresh yummy lunch salad: Baby spinach, eggs, red onion and hot bacon dressing topped with chopped walnuts, feta and bacon crumbles.

Have you made your weekend plans? Whether you're craving something light or have a big appetite to fill, Botika's got an option on the menu for you. #210 Photo credit: .e

This weekend, Saturday (3/22/2019) and Sunday (3/23/2019) we are having a full buffet special with special items! A savings of $3.00. Buffet Price: Only $11.99 Sat - Sun: 12:00 noon - 3:30pm

A highlight on one of our Lunch Favorites! Our Vietnamese Banh Mi Style Sandwich has a delicious grilled soy marinated tenderloin, with a and blend of vegetables and Aioli!

Fagin: Wha' ya' mean ya' ain' had yet? Oliver: Well sir, you haven't let us go to yet... Fagin: Oh alrigh' ya' an' the others may go to ...but be back soon! 1030-830

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