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Lunch & Ice Cream Date! (+ Prejudice Alert?)

Hello, public diary! 

The headline might shock you a little and I’m talking about the one in the bracket but no worries, it isn’t a big of a deal. Just some internal disagreement I had and still have over what a lecturer said. I’ll talk about this later. Today’s main highlight would be my lunch and ice cream date. So first thing first.

Well, the lunch date was actually a last minute thing (kind of?). I mean I didn’t really know we were supposed to have lunch together today until yesterday, I think. But anyway, it was a great one. I had Spaghetti Carbonara - which I’ve been craving for in a long while. Unfortunately, I did not take a photo of it and it was frustrating because I always take pictures of my food! Anyway, the carbonara was a-ok. It wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t mouthwatering either. If that actually make sense. There was just something about it that didn’t really hit my taste bud. When you finally have something you’ve been craving for, you should be satisfied and it should leave you satisfied. But my craving is still here and I. still. couldn’t. stop. thinking. about. carbonara. Thank God the quality time spent takes the cake. I’d take quality time over mediocre food any time. Okay, no. But today is exceptional I guess. No one was quiet and that’s always a good sign. We talked about what we’ve been missing out since the last time we met and it wasn’t a lot in quantity I guess but the quality was worth sipping.  At least on my side, it was good to finally be able to share some stuff with an old friend. As always, she’s always funny, that one. Too bad she had to go back to work before 2 so the date was cut short.

BUT. I don’t know what’s up with me but lately, I am experiencing a shocking obsession for ice creams. My friends know that ice cream was never my thing. I am more the kind of girl that loves to indulge herself with cupcakes and I still do. The love is still there. However, ever since  I had my tooth pulled out, I’ve been having ice creams non-stop. At the very least, I would have ice cream twice in a week. I’ve been looking and researching all the anatomy of ice cream, all different ice creams all over the world, the best ice cream to have if you’re visiting this country and so on. Because of that, W took me to Bakerlyn to have one. Well, I was given a choice between Bakerlyn or Project Ice Cream but I chose the former. As always, I had cookies and cream. It was good but again, not mouthwatering but definitely will have another round of it. I was actually torn between Crunchy Hazelnut and Cookies and Cream but something told me that if I didn’t have the latter I would regret it. 

Okay on to the controversial topic. 

My morning started off in a class where the lecturer seems to be opposing or at least, not very fond of this whole “women empowering” stuff. Which is ironic if you ask me. He is co-teaching with one of the female lecturers that are teaching and preaching about women empowerment. But to give him the benefit of the doubt, I don’t clearly know where he stands on this thing but the way I perceive it he clearly isn’t really all hyped up about this idea of women = men. So, while explaining about some points, he mentioned and I quote. “In nature, women’s strength can’t fight men’s strength. That’s why you can’t fight for equity but equality? you can fight for equality.”

My disagreement might be personal but I grew up and currently living in a household where women are outnumbered by men by 4 to 2. So trust me when I say, those statement is not really legitimate. You have no idea all the work and things that my mother and I do at home. Also, strength does not only refer to physical. Sometimes, they can be mental strength and emotional strength. My mother has more sisters and only one brother, while my view might be biased in that sense, but I’ve seen how mentally and emotionally stronger these women in my life are. And you want to talk about physical strength? I’ve seen them doing all work than the husbands do. I’ve seen a female cousin doing work that even two of her brothers couldn’t handle together. Bursting out of my family bubble, I’ve seen women of all kinds in this society bear more than men, handle more than men could ever. I know some men who are less capable than women. I know those women who have bigger balls than some boys. True that some men are stronger than women but to say that women’s strength can’t fight against men’s strength? Seems a little bit baseless to me.  

Maybe he’s right, I know at some point fighting for equity is probably hard and tricky when you talk about gender equality. Equity might not be a fair practice but at the end of the day, don’t everyone has equal opportunities? Equality can only work if everyone starts off from the same background or has the same foundation. If there’s any chance of practising equity by helping the needed ones to have an equal result, why not?

This gets too political and sounds like something I would answer in my assignment report. I’m going to stop here because the more I continue pouring out my point, the more I realised the line between equality and equity is actually confusing. But because I’m a development studies student who aims for better policies in a country’s future development where poverty needs to be eradicated, equity seems to be logical. However, I do think both are logical to some extent. Okay, I’m going with the safe answer. No, I’m not a feminist. I’m just a realist who is very fond of justice and fairness.

So anyway, it was a great day I guess. Looking forward to writing my final report so I can prove my lecturer’s point is not entirely right and also looking forward to more lunch dates and catching up session and ice cream hunt. 

- J. 


HOMEMADE KFC FRIED CHICKEN is out of this world good!
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When the boredom is peak …..


And the thought i had #changed after #marriage #lmao (at Stockley Park West)

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Today was a great day! I pushed my fast to 15 hours and felt awesome. I’ll probably stay there for awhile and possibly move to 16/8 when I’m done breastfeeding my youngest.

Breakfast: Sweet potato bowl. Mashed banana, mashed sweet potato, almond milk, cinnamon, chopped apple, and chopped date.

Lunch: Salad. Iceberg lettuce, diced ham, shredded carrot, shredded cheese, hardboiled egg, sunflower seeds, and ranch dressing.

Snack: Grande Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Bean Coconutmilk Latte

Dinner: Bratwurst, mustard, and roasted broccoli.

Have a great evening. 🌻


I just made a good day better.

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I was going to eat out today, but instead I hastily packed up 2 nights worth of leftovers and brought that instead *pats back*
We have a piece of pork chop, a chicken leg, broccoli, cauliflower, and the brussels sprouts that I boiled in bone broth. I also ate some almonds at my desk, I’ve been slacking on adding healthy fats to my meals.
I’m tryin.