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Do you use a crayon while on the toilet?

A matrifocal socialist whatever the funk that means. We could never be friends.

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After People magazine outed John Miller as Donald , Britainโ€™s Daily Mail asked Carla Bruni whether she was dating Trump. She refuted the story and called Trump a โ€œlunatic.โ€

Watched the โ€œFree soloโ€ documentary about the climber Alex Honnold and need a lie down now. Intense is putting it mildly.

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Lotta folks dont know about all this shit but its all pattended or pending ... what would patten this garbage? ... ๐Ÿคฎ

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Holy shit! It's happening. It's finally happening. I don't know what it is that did or is doing but this confirms it and his guilt. Wow. When reality is so disconnected from this rant the only logical conclusion is something BIG is coming.

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lol looks like you the Bravo ๐Ÿ‘ you know you're doing it right when the comments rain down with those sweet sweet ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ WINNING โ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธโ™ฅ๏ธ

Neymar sโ€™est dรฉjร  blessรฉ 2 fois gravement avec nous et une 3 eme ( selecao ) ร  27 ans. Lร  il revient et dรฉjร  une gรชne, personne ne mรฉrite รงa. La poisse parisienne sโ€™est abattue sur lui aussi. Mauvais ล“il portรฉ par lโ€™xxxxx qui voudrait voir nos projets reculer

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How Dysfunctional is the Sun & Moon

Aries Aries: 15

Aries Taurus: 25

Aries Gemini: 45

Aries Cancer: 75

Aries Leo: 20

Aries Virgo: 60

Aries Libra: 50

Aries Scorpio: 90

Aries Sagittarius: 40

Aries Capricorn: 65

Aries Aquarius: 55

Aries Pisces: 35


Taurus Aries: 50

Taurus Taurus: 1

Taurus Gemini: 35

Taurus Cancer: 5

Taurus Leo: 25

Taurus Virgo: 20

Taurus Libra: 15

Taurus Scorpio: 80

Taurus Sagittarius: 40

Taurus Capricorn: 30

Taurus Aquarius: 45

Taurus Pisces: 10


Gemini Aries: 10

Gemini Taurus: 35

Gemini Gemini: 5

Gemini Cancer: 45

Gemini Leo: 15

Gemini Virgo: 30

Gemini Libra: 20

Gemini Scorpio: 80

Gemini Sagittarius: 40

Gemini Capricorn: 65

Gemini Aquarius: 25

Gemini Pisces: 50


Cancer Aries: 50

Cancer Taurus: 1

Cancer Gemini: 55

Cancer Cancer: 5

Cancer Leo: 25

Cancer Virgo: 10

Cancer Libra: 35

Cancer Scorpio: 40

Cancer Sagittarius: 20

Cancer Capricorn: 60

Cancer Aquarius: 30

Cancer Pisces: 15


Leo Aries: 5

Leo Taurus: 45

Leo Gemini: 15

Leo Cancer: 35

Leo Leo: 1

Leo Virgo: 50

Leo Libra: 20

Leo Scorpio: 90

Leo Sagittarius: 10

Leo Capricorn: 55

Leo Aquarius: 40

Leo Pisces: 25


Virgo Aries: 55

Virgo Taurus: 1

Virgo Gemini: 30

Virgo Cancer: 10

Virgo Leo: 40

Virgo Virgo: 5

Virgo Libra: 35

Virgo Scorpio: 45

Virgo Capricorn: 15

Virgo Aquarius: 45

Virgo Pisces: 20


Libra Aries: 50

Libra Taurus: 65

Libra Gemini: 5

Libra Cancer: 55

Libra Leo: 25

Libra Virgo: 15

Libra Libra: 1

Libra Scorpio: 10

Libra Sagittarius: 30

Libra Capricorn: 40

Libra Aquarius: 20

Libra Pisces: 35


Scorpio Aries: 35

Scorpio Taurus: 55

Scorpio Gemini: 30

Scorpio Cancer: 15

Scorpio Leo: 50

Scorpio Virgo: 25

Scorpio Libra: 20

Scorpio Scorpio: 1

Scorpio Sagittarius: 45

Scorpio Capricorn: 40

Scorpio Aquarius: 60

Scorpio Pisces: 5


Sagittarius Aries: 15

Sagittarius Taurus: 35

Sagittarius Gemini: 20

Sagittarius Cancer: 15

Sagittarius Leo: 5

Sagittarius Virgo: 40

Sagittarius Libra: 30

Sagittarius Scorpio: 65

Sagittarius Sagittarius: 1

Sagittarius Capricorn: 55

Sagittarius Aquarius: 25

Sagittarius Pisces: 10


Capricorn Aries: 65

Capricorn Taurus: 5

Capricorn Gemini: 35

Capricorn Cancer: 10

Capricorn Leo: 55

Capricorn Virgo: 15

Capricorn Libra: 30

Capricorn Scorpio: 40

Capricorn Sagittarius: 50

Capricorn Capricorn: 1

Capricorn Aquarius: 25

Capricorn Pisces: 20


Aquarius Aries: 25

Aquarius Taurus: 35

Aquarius Gemini: 10

Aquarius Cancer: 50

Aquarius Leo: 30

Aquarius Virgo: 55

Aquarius Libra: 1

Aquarius Scorpio: 65

Aquarius Sagittarius: 20

Aquarius Capricorn: 50

Aquarius Aquarius: 5

Aquarius Pisces: 15


Pisces Aries: 45

Pisces Taurus: 5

Pisces Gemini: 35

Pisces Cancer: 10

Pisces Leo: 30

Pisces Virgo: 15

Pisces Libra: 25

Pisces Scorpio: 25

Pisces Sagittarius: 40

Pisces Capricorn: 30

Pisces Aquarius: 20

Pisces Pisces: 1

Lower is less dysfunctional

A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 89) “XX Marks His Spot”



Colson’s firm hand comes down on Luna’s bare ass cheek. Holding her rocking hip, he spanks her again in the early morning light.


“Oh SHIIIT, Bunny!!” She cries out as he continues to fuck her.

Colson wraps his fingers in her long blonde hair, pulling her towards him. Sliding his large hand around her throat, he watches the sunbeams illuminate her golden hair. Prisms of light bouncing off her tattooed skin. Slightly tightening his grip, he fucks her harder until they both explode. Colson collapsing on top of Luna after expelling inside of her.

“WE CAN FUCKING HEAR YOU!!!” Sam shouts from the other side of the door.

“Then go somewhere FUCKING else!!!” Colson shouts back.

Luna shifts, pushing him off of her as she rolls on to her back. This makes him whine. He likes staying inside of her.

“She’s gonna fuck you up for that.” Luna tells him as she yawns.

Fingers twisting around the chain of the padlock secured around her neck. Colson scootches over to her, laying his head on her right shoulder. Trying not to stare at her bandage, he looks down. Finding himself tracing the outline of her scorpion and drawing hearts on her toned, tattooed stomach with his index finger.

“I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fuck you where I want, how I want and make you cum as LOUDLY as I fucking want.” He states.

Bringing his mouth to her stomach, he gives her a raspberry. Squealing from the tickle of it, Luna tries to wiggle away. With his grasp on her tight, Luna calls him an Asshole before giving up on the struggle.

“Soon you’ll be stuck with This Asshole ‘fo liiiiife.” Colson grins, lifting his head to kiss her neck.

“Lucky me…” Luna says in a dry tone with a smirk and loving eyes.

“Shut the fuck up.” He teases her.

With no one else banging on their door, they stay in bed together. Cuddling, kissing and talking about what they need to do on his day off.

“We should see if we can bribe a maid to clean up this shit hole if Case is coming on tomorrow….” Luna thinks out loud.

They haven’t even been on tour for a month and The Bus looks like a crime scene. Even with three females on it, the now seven men do more than outnumber them. Neither of the women are interested in cleaning up after anyone but themselves either. Making The Bus a hazard zone, with even Luna knowing it’s not kid friendly.

“What? Like on here alone?” Colson asks with raised eyebrows.

“Noooo. Like I’ll sit here if I have to but shit needs to be cleaned, sheets washed. This place is fucking gross.” She answers with another yawn.

“Ash never complained.” Colson counters her.

“Yeah. Out loud.” Luna turns to look at him.

They’re tangled in each other under the blanket. Sharing a joint. Arguing semantics as usual. Colson and Luna both have strong personalities and opinions. Rarely holding back from each other.

“Fine…” He rolls his sky blue eyes into his head as he hits the joint.

Luna opening all the windows before they head off The Bus to check in. They’re spending the night in Kansas City.


Luna admires the 1920s neoclassic architecture of The Ambassador Hotel as Colson checks them into their suite. Luna popping up beside him to ask about Maid Service.

Neither bother to unpack, they’ll be gone by tomorrow night. Colson lighting another joint as soon as they walk through the door.

Luna starts the shower as Colson crushes and lines up their individual pills to start their day. Three 30s for Luna. Three 30XRs for Colson.

Stripping off their clothes, they climb into the hot shower. Water cascading around them as the different drugs swirl through their brains.

Colson lifts Luna up by the ribs, wrapping her wet, naked body around his. Letting the warmth wash over her as he fucks her against the shower wall.

Mouths and tongues sucking the water off each other’s necks and shoulders. Her hands roaming his body, nails dragging, fingers pulling at his hair. Colson grips Luna’s thick ass, thrusting hard into her as they both cum.

It’s a skill they’ve mastered…. Or so he thinks. Luna usually having two or three small explosions before their Big Bang. His dick is HUGE…. Annnd he definitely knows how to use it.


Once dressed and settled within themselves, everyone reconvenes in Colson and Luna’s suit. It’s larger than the others, the ten of them having more than enough room to hang out and do whatever they’d like. It is their day off after all.

Rook and AJ set up the PS4 for a Call of Duty marathon with Benny and Bullet. Slim and Baze pull out a mini soundboard. Setting up their laptops alongside them. They have new music they’re working on. While Ashleigh, Luna and Sam set up shop for Colson.

The sounds of Oasis float through the air. Wrapped in weed smoke and conversation.

Sitting around a table, they have a system. With a black Sharpie, Colson signs the top right corner of the white Hotel Diablo hoodies him and Ashleigh chose.

Passing them to Luna, who places the correct card inside while boxing it. Writing the initials on the top corner of the outside of the box, she slides it to Ashleigh.

Double checking the initials with the mailing lable, she then slips the package inside it’s wrapping. Slapping the addressed sticker on it, she pushes it down the line.

Sam is last. Sealing the packages, double checking the names off on her own list and stacking them by the door to be picked up and shipped.

They have a very efficient system. Keeping Colson’s hands full of joints, fresh Sharpies and hoodies, the four of them bang out 82 personally addressed packages. All handled with love in a surprising two hours.

Sighing, Colson leans back in his chair. Lacing his fingers together, he stretches them and his arms out in front of his long body.

“You did it, Sugar.” Luna leans over to kiss his tired cheek.

They call each other Whatever after the other night.

“Can you imagine how surprised they’re gonna be when they receive these?” She beams.

“God, I love that fucking smile.” Colson thinks as he studies Luna’s face. Genuinely touched by how she cares for every member of his family. From Casie to those who’s names he doesn’t know personally.

“I couldn’t have done it with out you.” He says, leaning towards her to nuzzle and kiss her neck. “Thanks for the idea.”

Lifting up, he looks at Sam and Ashleigh. “And a HUGE THANK YOU to you two Boss Ass Bitches. You know I spin because of you, Ash.” He smiles over Luna’s head to one of his bestfriends, his ONLY sister. “And Sam, I’m really glad you’re here with us. You fit right in with The Fam.” He grins at her.

The Girls find Colson’s words sweet but he’s dealing with two major Assholes.

“Awwwww…. My little Baby Booo…” Luna teases him.

“Yeah, I’d fit in a lot better if I didn’t have to listen to you two fucking.” Sam deadpans with a smile.

Ashleigh is the sweet one. Rising from her seat between Luna and Sam, she hugs Colson from behind.

“I love you, Kells. I know this is hard but you did good. Never have I ever doubted you for a second.” She says, kissing his cheek. “Well, maybe a second or two.” She laughs.

A smile plays on Luna’s lips as she watches them. “I’m so glad he has her…. I really don’t know…” Luna’s thoughts are interrupted by a bang on the door.

It’s Kevin. Colson’s Tattoo Guy.


Setting up his gear, Kevin comments that it’s nice to see Luna again. Asking how their punk bunny tattoos are holding up, they both show him his work with pride.

Sliding his arm around Luna’s waist, Colson grins with glee.

“And you’ll never guess, Dawg…” He starts.

“You two are getten’ hitched?” Kevin looks up from the area he’s sterilizing.

Feeling slightly deflated, Colson asks how He Knows.

“Homie. I knew the two of you were destined for each other that day in The Shop.” He states to anyone in ear shots agreement.

Luna grins. Finding his prediction to be heart warming. A slight solidification to what she’s always known. If you will.

“Alright…. Fix that shit up!!” Kevin says regarding Colson’s hair.

Just then their hotel room phone rings. Luna answering it.

“Yes, I did. Thank you…. Mhmm…. Yes… I’ll be down in ten. Thank you again.” Luna ends the phone call.

“Who dat?” Colson asks her.

“We got a maid for The Bus….” Luna tells him.

“You what?” Ashleigh asks, in amazement.

“Yeah, Man. It’s fucking disgusting. Case can’t come into that nonsense…” Luna answers her.

Somehow Ashleigh loves Luna even more at this moment.

“So you’re kinda free right now?” Sam perks up to Luna’s shrug. “Wanna audition Mikey for Ellen?” She asks, reminding Luna of her need for a bassist.

“Yeah, that’d be perfect.” Luna reels back at the easy connection.

“Mind if I come?” Ashleigh nods towards The Boys.

“Bring yo ass, Bitch!!” Luna grins to Ashleigh’s cheesing smile.

Luna let’s her just BE. Just be Ashleigh. Not a Momager to The Boys. Not a scary real life mom to Ashton. Not a wife. Just Ashleigh. Free. Loose of responsibility. Even if it is just for a moment.

“Imma check this bassist out while The Bus gets cleaned.” Luna kisses Colson.

Taking a step back to look at him. He’s in the middle of getting a patch shaved off in the back of his head. Running her fingers through her hair, down the back of her skull she touches her own ink. Smiling to herself. They’re so much alike but completely fucking different.

“Love you, Kitten. Good luck.” He says after their kiss.

Bending his head down so Rook can finish his cut.

“YO!!! You gonna catch one too, right!?!” Slim hollers out.

The Girls turn back. Looking at him inquisitively, not knowing of what he’s speaking upon.

“That Fam XX.” He dares Luna.

“Sure. But I want my own.” She states with a smirks.

Taking a minute to search on her phone. Finding what see wants, she shows Kevin.

“Yeah, no problem… I’ll pop it on when you guys get back.” He tells her.

Luna smiles at Kevin as she thanks him. He’s a really easy going guy. Throwing another I’m Outta Here over her shoulder, she closes the door behind herself, Ashleigh and Sam.

“What the fuck’s another one?” Luna rolls her eyes to herself. Although covered in tattoos, they’re all special. With their own indication, memory or statement. Luna having no ink that doesn’t either tell a personal story or touch her soul. This one following the same code. “Fuck…. It’ll be, what? My fourth in less then two months… Third I’ve gotten with him.” She smiles to herself, remembering the day they had fucked in his Rover after their Bunnies. His reaction still making her cheese. “I fucking love him…. I’m actually going to marry him…” Luna’s brain topples upon it’s self. The whole idea of solidifying one’s love through the government being ridiculous to her before. Now…. Now, she oddly wants them tied together in a way she never needed. Luna wants Colson on her name. Documented in history that HE is her husband. “I won’t lose him….” She thinks in a heart wrenching way. Like most do when they’ve seen the edge of the fucking world.

Brain bursting as she silently rides the elevator down with a talkative Sam and Ashleigh.

“I like that they like each other…” Luna smiles to herself as the random positive thought dips inside of her dark head.


“AAahhhh… Mmm…..  Yeeahhhh!!!”

Those are the sounds coming out of Colson’s mouth as Kevin tattoos the back of his head.

“Get it Motherfucker!” Colson shouts.

“Shut the fuck up, Ken Keniff!” Kevin fires back, trying to keep Colson’s head still.


“Hi! I’m Luna. This is Ashleigh and Sam.” Luna greets a brunette named Michelle at the desk with her signature smile.

The four girls exchange pleasantries on their way to The Bus. The other three helping with Michelle’s supplies.

“I’m sorry. I hope you don’t mind…..” Luna trails off.

“No!!! It’s no problem!! I actually love you and Kells. Bad Things is like, my favorite song right now! I even have tickets to the show tomorrow night!” Michelle exclaims happily.

“No shit!!” Sam cuts in, nudging Luna with a teasing grin.

“Yeah, I fangirled out a minute when I realized who you guys are.” She says a little sheepishly to Luna’s equal embarrassment.

Luna and Ashleigh glance at each other. Both almost positive they’re thinking the same thing.

Michelle gets to work, pulling their linens first as Ashleigh, Luna and Sam gather on one couch in the front of The Bus. Sam setting up Skype with her friend Mikey.

“Damn, I wasn’t expecting three pretty ladies…” He teases with a gleaming smile.

Sam laughs at him to Shut Up, introducing Luna and Ashleigh. All saying Hello.

“You get the tracks I sent you?” Sam asks.

“Yeup!” Mikey responds.

He moves his laptop so that he can step back and be fully seen. He’s tall and skinny like Colson but has dark features. With the bass across his body, he hits play on the rough track with only Luna singing, drums and guitar begins. Mikey dropping his notes in with the opening chords just as Luna had imagined he should. He’s incredible. They listen to his first run. Ashleigh nodding her head to it’s roar and strong feminist message. It’s the first time she’s heard it, feeling hints off their night in Chicago popping through.

“What do you think of the lyrics?” Is one of the first questions Luna asks Mikey before adding “You comfortable backing them as a dude on Daytime TV?”

“Fuck yeah.” He replies without hesitation. “There’s nothing like this out there right now and it’s needed. Plus…. Honestly, it’d be an honor to work with That Brooklyn Bitch.”

Luna blushes. Sometimes her heritage and reputation truly embarrass her. Thinking of the song, she asks him to run through it again. Luna singing lowly with him and the track for a better feel.

Once he finishes, Luna looks at Sam giving her a nod. Asking Ashleigh’s opinion, she loves the idea of it and wait to hear it completed.

Mikey bullshits with The Girls a bit more. Locking in solid plans to meet early before the show to rehearse and feel their actual energy together. All agreeing to continue practicing. With the chords being simple, none of them are really concerned. All in all it’s a productive hour long conversation. Switching from the front to the back of The Bus as Michelle continued cleaning.

Satisfied, Luna steps off The Bus to smoke a cigarette. Ashleigh and Sam behind her.

“How you know him?” Luna turns, asking Sam about her potentially new bassist.

Remember that band Imposters I played with?“ Sam asks as she takes a drag. "He was in that.”

Thinking back, Luna agrees Yup. She remembers. Liked their vibe too.

“What happened to them?” She asks.

“Lead singer got the guitarist pregnant.” Sam shrugs.

“Bummer….” Luna thinks to herself. The idea of getting knocked up turns her stomach as she smokes her cigarette.

“Yo…” Luna says turning to Ashleigh as she leans against The Bus. “You think we can cut Michelle a hoodie? Box it up and leave it at the front desk before we check out?”

Ashleigh laughs. Realizing both had the same idea at the same time.

“Right there with you, Loons.” She continues to laugh. “I think you should both sign it though.” Giving her opinion.

Luna nods in agreement as Michelle comes walking towards them, across the parking lot with their sheets. Heading back on the The Bus to finish up.

Staying outside for another few minutes while Luna and Sam chain smokes. The Girls talk about Mikey, Ellen and Colson’s show tomorrow.

Touching base on Casie coming on The Bus. Luna and Ashleigh agreeing tonight The Boys need to let loose. Getting Whatever out of their systems so shit calms down while she’s with them. Ashleigh can’t help but hug Luna.

“I’m so glad you’re here. Things are so different. There’s less randos, Kells is so much chiller. I feel like you have my back on shit I was alone with before… It’s just easier.” She sighs as Luna squeezes her back.

Colson is a maniac and there are very few with can tell him what do to do, if anyone. Tours before this included much more vandalism, obnoxious antics and tons of random sex.

“No doubt.” Luna assures Ashleigh from inside their hug.

“All finished.” Michelle pops off with her supplies.

The three girls thanking the young employee. Luna slipping her a $100 tip, telling her she hopes she enjoys the show.

“Ugh!!! You’re a genius!!” Ashleigh exclaims.

Arms wide, she inhales the fresh scent of clean as soon as they walk back on to The Bus.

Laughing, they collect their things before heading back into the Ambassador to meet up with The Boys.


“Check it out!!” Colson comes bouncing up to Luna, fingers pointing at his new ink.

“Stand still.” She instructs.

Grabbing her camera. She shoots the back of his head. After taking his picture, she studies his lines. They’re incredible clean.

“It’s perfect.” She says, after admiring Kevin’s work.

Pulling Colson in for a hug. She asks him how it felt as she rests her head on his chest.

“Yo, I’m not gonna lie. That shit fucking hurt.” Colson whines into the top of her head.

“Told you. Like your brain was gonna jitter out of your ears?” She laughs against his chest.

Luna’s mentioned the specific pain of a skull tattoo before. This is the first time Colson catches it. Pulling her away slightly, he gives her a cocked eye and furrowed eyebrows.

“That’s exactly how it felt… How’d you know that?” He asks her, puzzled.

Luna takes his one hand and places it on the back on her skull. Setting it upon her tattoo.

“Feel right there? I have one for my mom.” She explains.

“You lyen’.” He teases her. “Lemme see.”

“Okay.” She shrugs with her arms still around his waist. “Remind me when we’re alone. I don’t like people knowing I have it…” She trails off.

Luna looks into Colson’s eyes with One Look. Nodding, he pulls her back into him. Placing his chin back on top of her head.

It’s not rare to catch Luna and Colson simply standing together in a hug. They do it often. Sometimes it’s the only thing that quiets the madness surrounding them.

“You ready, Luna?” Kevin’s voice invades their private eutopia.

Squeezing him tight. Luna tippy toes to kiss Colson. Throwing her long blonde hair in a top knot, she grabs a seat.

It’s a small, slightly detailed piece. Taking maybe a 45mins once Kevin sets the stencil. Choosing a version of the cards they had sent to his fans, Luna gets the XX with a single rose. Behind her right ear. Sitting in the same spot as Colson’s.

Kissing her cheek, Colson asks if she likes it. One Look and her beautiful smile tell him Absolutely. There’s a special comfort in being able to talk to someone without words. Luna and Colson knowing they’re lucky to have that.

The Boys come over to check it out before Kevin wraps it. Slim giving Luna his nod of approval.

“Still better than a stupid name.” Luna smirks, sticking her tongue out at Slim.

Teasing him over his comment a few weeks ago regarding the couple’s penchant for marking themselves for each other.

“Fucking LunaTic.” Slim rolls his eyes and shakes his head at her with a light chuckle.


With both new pieces being protected. Music, smoke and loud conversation fill the large suit. There’s so many of them now.

There’s The Original Eight plus Sam and Bullet. Kevin’s there with a few Roadies and some random girls finding their way also. Alcohol flowing since Kevin first knocked on their hotel door.

Perched on the arm of the couch, Luna’s feet are tucked under Colson’s thighs. Sharing a joint, she asks him If This’ll Change for Her, referring to the atmosphere and Casie.

Resting his arms on her knees, he takes a moment before he speaks.

“Kinda but not really…. You know I don’t smoke in front of her and how she kicks it wit me and The Guys so that won’t be different… BackStage won’t be as crazy but we still gonna ride. It’s like anywhere else. I don’t hide who I am from my daughter, Loons, but I do wait until she’s in bed to turn all the way the fuck up.” Colson waits for her reaction.

Luna doesn’t have kids so she has no basis in parenting. Only her uneducated, personal opinions. Still, there’s something that makes her nervous for Casie to come on tour. She just can’t put her finger on it.

“Sooooooo, party our fucking faces off tonight and tone it down while she’s with us?” Luna asks.

Colson pulls on her chin to kiss her with a YUP. His sweet lips and words slightly relieve her worries.

“What are we doing tonight guys??” Luna turns, asking Their Crew.

Her words reminding Ashleigh of Michelle. Taking a moment, she leaves the room. Collecting the items for the fan’s gift.

Everyone else is throwing out ideas as Ashleigh hands Luna a hoodie, card, Sharpie and packaging. She grins a Thank You.

With a small personal note and a quick explanation to a distracted but inquisitive Colson, Luna uses her knees as a table. Preparing the gift with care and his help as they rejoin the conversation. He doesn’t know what he wants to do tonight as she passes it to Ashleigh when she finishes.

Slim wants to know if there’s a strip club or gambling. AJ agrees. Baze wants to eat. All agreeing that’s a necessity. Rook wants to get fucked up and skate. Ashleigh wants to check out Kansas City’s Light District while Sam has been DYING to get into the large jar in The Bus’s freezer.

“Let’s do it all then.” Luna interrupts them. We’ll eat first. Grab slushies for dessert. Board over to The Light District for a few drinks… We’ll probably be able to find out where the good gambling/stripping is from the locals and then head from there…..“ Luna throws out with a shrug.

Everyone in the room looks around at each other. Heads slowly begin to nod as the idea of the plan formulates. Devilish grins spreading across their faces.

Rook comes up from behind Luna.

"MAYHEM!!!!!” He shakes her to everyone’s laughter.

Catching a nervous Ashleigh’s eye, Luna points at her from across the room. Holding her finger in place while never breaking eye contact, she mouths her the words I Got You. A look of relief playing on Ashleigh’s face as they smile at each other.

Benny looks at Bullet with an Are You Ready look. Bullet’s been with Kells for a long time. Seen and handled a lot of shit with The Band. Yet, he hasn’t had the experience of going out with a LunaTic and Her Gunn.

Deciding Yes, tonight will be a See All, Free For All. Rolling hard through Kansas City.

Agreeing to meet in the hotel bar, they split up for their own rooms to get showered and dressed for the night. Finally leaving Colson and Luna alone.


Finding two shower caps for tattoo protection, Luna stands on the lid of the toilet, trying to put one on Colson. Her giggles tickling his ears from behind as they both stand shirtless.

After she hops down and is playing with her own, he suddenly remembers what she said earlier.

“Show me that tat.” He requests.

Flipping her head over, she warns him to be careful of the new ink. It takes careful moments for him to fully make out what it is under her mass of hair.

“WARD?” He asks, only knowing Luna’s mom died.

Lighting a joint, Luna hops up on the double sink. Patting the open space beside her for him to join.

Sitting together getting high, Luna tells Colson the story of the Life and Death Of Lizard Ward. Choosing to omit one KEY detail. Tonight’s not the night for that. She hadn’t even intended on tell him about her mother tonight, only choosing to because it blossomed organically.

“Yo. You come from some HARD ass bitches.” Colson stares at Luna in awe.

Inhaling the last bit of their joint. She shrugs with a smirk before putting it out.

“Come on.” She hops down, placing herself between his legs. “We gotta get ready.” She says, pecking his lips.

Colson grips her nipple peircings, with his index finger and thumb. Pulling her in hard for a deep, sloppy kiss. Igniting a hungry fire inside both of them.

Careful of their heads and her gunshot wound, Colson lifts Luna up around his waist. Slowly sliding his huge cock into her tight, wet pussy as she moans for him.

“There’s my dirty girl.” He husks happily into her ear.

Gripping his shoulders and back as he thrusts himself into her bucking hips. Luna closes her eyes as they pound it out in the shower. Feeling herself about to explode, she wants to grab his hair. Frustrated, she bites down into his neck. Her moans vibrating his throat as she bites down harder, feeling her walls clench in orgasmic pleasure.

“FUUUUUUCK!!!” Colson shouts as he cums inside of her.

“Seems a little bit of pain, makes it feel really good sometimes…..”


To be continued….


One hand

On a bottle

The other

On my hip


Walk The Line

So dangerously


I need you on my lips

Fist fights

Crashed cars

Broken glass

Both filled with scars

They say

It’s a toxic relationship

But there’s much more

Beyond the tip

Deep down

From where each other’s

Souls we sip

Two bodies

One heart


Since that moment

In the dark

We fell in love

Oh, so quick

One look into

Each other’s eyes

Our hearts couldn’t

Stand not to slip

Together forever

That was supposed

To be our bit

Until you started

Clutching the bottle

Choosing to

Loosen me

From your grip


[Halftime] Quackson - Lunatic

Pride - Chapter 8 (Lunatic)

Teen Wolf 1x08

Pairing: eventual Stiles x O.C.

Warnings: language, panic attack

Word Count: 7,127

O.C. Breakdown: Liza “L” Martin | Lydia’s adopted sister | Mexican-American | 5’5” | Skin-tone: Medium/Tan | Hair: Dark Brown (Almost Black), Long Bob Cut, 3C-ish curls | Eyes: Bright Green (D30) | Body Type: Buff/Athletic

A/N: 3rd-person POV heads up!



I kept staring at the wall. Actually, I kept staring at one sticky note. I don’t know how long I’d been standing there, debating, waiting, hoping that Derek would just walk through my front door, alive and well.

He was still a piece, whether he was dead or not. Which he wasn’t. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be. Not when I was this close.

It was all in front of me. Now, I just needed somebody to ask. And since apparently, the only other Hale that’s still alive is essentially comatose… He can’t be dead.

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A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 87xs2) “Day 12: Chicago”


“You ain’t got shit. Keep it moving.” Luna advises.

This excites the strange men. The circle coming in closer to them, Luna looks at Sam. They got this.

Thrusting both their bags into Ashleigh’s hands. They square up, pushing Ashleigh between their two backs to protect her.

“Awwww… You chickens scared?” One taunts as their circle closes in tighter on The Girls.

“Nah. But you fucking should be.” Luna states as she whips out a retractable baton.

Just as Sam flips open her own knife. These bitches are NY natives. FUCK THE WINDY CITY.

“Ahhh… Cunts got games.” One says, stepping close to Luna.

That’s all it takes. One fucking step. Luna pulls her right arm into her waist, releasing the baton full force with all her weight. She brings it up hard, catching the dude on the left side of his face. Blood flies as Luna connects. Easily breaking his cheekbone and jaw.

Sam is even more deadly. Shoving her blade in one’s side before twisting it as she kicks him square in the dick to get him away from her.

Ashleigh is wide eyed, holding their alcohol as Luna and Sam do work. She feels like she’s in the middle of a Charlie’s Angel’s movie.

Luna swings back wildly, catching the other underneath the chin with her baton. Another easily broken jaw. Eyes double checking the first is still on the ground, she glances over her shoulder. Seeing Sam drive an elbow into the last one’s chest, Luna comes behind with a hard WHACK to the back of his knees. Dropping that Motherfucker too.

Each grabbing a bag out of Ashleigh’s stunned hands, they pull her out of her safe space. The three of them running like hell through the left over block to The Bus.


“HOLY SHIIIIT!!!!!” Ashleigh let’s out once they hit The Bus. The Boys crowding around with confused What The Fuck’s. “These bitches are ninjaaaaas!!!” She shouts excitedly.

Proceeding to relay their violent trip to The Bus. Colson starts freaking out as Benny leans over to Bullet.

“See why I asked for you….” He lightly chuckles to Bullet’s amazed eyes.

“They did all that?” He asks Benny in disbelief listening to Ashleigh.

“LunaTic could’ve done that ALL one her OWN.” Benny warns with a knowing look and raised eyebrows.

“Fuck. No wonder Kells wants to lock that shit down.” Bullet responds to Benny’s nod.

“I got it!!” Luna shouts looking at Colson. “I got it.” She repeats again.

He calms down knowing she’s okay and talking about the song as she grabs a handle of whiskey and heads into their room.

Everyone else is confused.

“She’s creating…” Colson explains with a shrug, leaving Luna to do what she does best.


(Word limit 2 of 2)

To be continued…..

A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 86) “14Hours”


It feels good to have Colson’s heavy body thrown over her when Luna wakes up. She closes her eyes, breathing him in. His scent is a mixture of weed, sandalwood, whiskey and a left over hint of the Jean Paul Gaultier cologne he wears. Laying in his arms, Luna doesn’t ever want to move.

It’s the knock on their door, that disturbs her bliss. Don’s calling an hour before wheels up. They have a 14 hour ride from New Jersey to Chicago on Colson’s day off. Fun.

“Mmmm… Kitten…” He moans lowly, pulling her closer to him.

Naked, Luna can feel his hard dick resting against her ass cheek. Colson nuzzles through her hair to the back of her neck. His light kiss gives her goosebumps.

“Morning, Bunny.” She coos, bringing his hand up to her mouth to kiss it.

“You’re up?” He asks surprised, slightly lifting his head.

“Mhmm.” She murmurs as she rolls over to look at him.

“There’s that beautiful face.” He grins sleepily, pecking her lips.

“We got an hour… You wanna do it here or in the shower?” Luna asks as she adjusts under the weight of his leg over her waist.

“Both.” He answers, lifting her face towards him by her chin.

Their kiss is deep and passionate. Both enjoying loving each other without the drama.

Colson moves his leg to run his fingers down the curve of Luna’s body. Making her twitch from his light touch. Dipping his fingers between her folds, he grins wider.

“Dirty girl.” He comments on her already wet pussy.

Drawing her in, she slides her leg over his waist. Colson lazily fucks Luna on their sides. Facing each other, Colson watches Luna’s pleased expressions in the morning sun. They’re quiet, except for their moans.

“Fuck I missed her…” Colson’s heart thinks as his dick throbs inside of Luna.

Pulling him closer by his shoulders. She shifts her hips up, matching his rhythm. Kissing each other’s mouths and bodies while they easily cum for the other. Bodies going weak. Heads light.

“Good thing I’m fucking marrying you…” Luna breathes out, once she rolls over. Splaying her body across Colson and the bed.

“Why’s that?” He chuckles.

“Because your dick has seriously ruined me for anyone else!!” She laughs, rolling back onto his chest.

“Good. That means you’ll never divorce me.” He quips, kissing her head.

“Shut the fuck up.” Luna laughs to his chuckle.

“Round two?” Colson asks.

“Burn as we get in?” She responds.

“THAT, is why you’re the only woman who could ever be my wife.” He states, sprinkling her face with kisses. “I fucking love you, Loons.”

“Love YOU!” She grins as she slips out of their nest of blankets to roll a joint.

“You really are something else…” Colson muses over Luna like he did the night of his birthday.

“The ONLY, Bunny.” She grins, leaning her naked body over to kiss him. “Ready?” She asks.

Lighting the joint and hitting it a few times before she passes it to Colson. Inhaling deeply, he exhales another I love You.

“Come on and love me in the shower.” Luna coaxes.


Luna and Colson walk into the lobby, free hands laced together. Everyone else is already there.

“Awwww… Did we make uuup?” Baze teases them.

“Shut up, Truck.” Colson laughs as Luna rolls her eyes.

“Aww, coooome on… You know the kids don’t like it when Mommy and Daddy fight.” Baze laughs, throwing an arm around them each as he comes in between Colson and Luna.

“Ugh.. That’s so gross…” Luna shudders as she tries to shake Baze off of her.

Luna has a Daddy Kink she’s explored with Tommy but won’t with Colson. It’s Casie’s fault. The first time she heard her call him Daddy, it weirded Luna the fuck out. Realizing in that moment he’s actually someone’s DAD, she just can’t get passed it. Luna picturing Casie’s face the one time she tried. Deciding NOPE. Right then and there. Plus, she’s really not about that Kid Life. She loves Casie but the idea of being a mother makes her want to vomit.

“You don’t wanna be somebody’s Mommy?” Baze wiggles his head as he makes sucking noises.

Colson’s laughing as Baze taunts Luna. She’s still stuck under his arm.

“Fuuuck nooo.” Luna says. Dipping down, under and away from him. “I ain’t bringing any crotch dropplings into this fucked up world!”

They all look at her. Sam exploding into laughter, she’s heard Luna’s rant about kids before. Ashleigh turns and cocks her head to the side. Perplexed at Luna’s vocabulary.

“Crotch dropplings, though!? That’s one for the books, Loons.” She laughs, shaking her head.

“Yo. My kids would be Assholes. True crotch dropplings.” She replies, throwing her palms out.

The Boys can’t help but giggle over her word. Luna’s always spouting out some type of crazy fuckitude.

“Case isn’t an Asshole…” Colson shakes his head, debating Luna as he slaps her ass.

“Oh.” She hops and grins at his authority. “Yeah. Because of Emma. Anything WE..” Luna flicks her thumb between herself and soon to be husband. “Spit out, would be a straight up Dickhead. No doubt.”

Colson rolls his eyes as he kisses the top of her head. He doesn’t know if he wants another kid but half of him would bet he could get Luna to do it if he really wanted too. The other half of himself laughs “You’re a Fucking idiot.” Knowing Luna would never do anything she didn’t want to because someone else did.

“Fucking crotch dropplings…?” He laughs. “Something’s fucking wrong with you, yo.”

Luna nods in agreement as her theory is met by laughter and talk of Truths and Facts from their friends as they all walk out together. Luggage in tow with wild theories of this imaginary kid drifting in the air.

Ashleigh informing Luna, that you don’t SPIT them out as she laughs at her ridiculousness. Catching a shrug with an I Don’t Know, Ashleigh rolls her eyes as they head to The Bus. Clearly Luna does not.


Once settled, they burn and drink coffee as a group. None of them really breakfast eaters.

Ashleigh, Colson and Luna sit on one couch together. Luna’s leg draped over Colson’s thigh. Sam and The Boys are scattered around, chattering on about last night. They had hit a local bar with some of The Crew, closing the place down.

Ashleigh mentions the Massachusetts merch to Colson. Deciding on XL hoodies, she tells him they should be in by Thursday. Colson nods his head. Kissing Luna on the cheek, thanking her for the idea.

She tells him it’s No Big Deal as she leans over for another kiss. Standing up, she tells them she’s gonna call Monica before heading to the back of The Bus.


Monica is not surprised by Luna’s news but she is annoyed by it. Her client has always been a handful but this last month or so seems to have been a free for all. Monica scolds Luna on how she can’t assault high profile people without consequences. That she’s gotten really lucky and has to stop it.

Luna only pays her half a mind until Monica tells her she’s nervous regarding Luna’s other ventures. That she needs to be extra careful now that she’s more publicly visible. They don’t want ANY police looking at Luna for ANY reason.

Understanding, Luna agrees to Calm Her Tits. Apologizing to Monica for worrying her. They move on to the listings Monica sent Luna.

“Fuck… I totally forgot all about them. I’m sorry.” She apologizes again.

Luna’s digging under the bed as she continues to talk. Looking for something she grabbed in The City, she wants to bring it out when she’s finished

“Maybe if you didn’t spend so much time beating people up.” Monica zings.

“Fuck you, Mon.” She tells her, unamused.

Pleased when her hand touches the box, she pulls it out. Luna grins looking at her treasure.

“Alright, pass me to Ashleigh.” Monica responds.

“Wait? What? For what?” Luna asks, caught off guard with a slight attitude.

“These NDAs… The fucking dual residency you asked for…. I don’t know… Your non stop bullshit… What else would it be for, Jerk Off?” Monica deadpans to Luna.

Monica’s choice of insult cracks Luna up. She truly appreciates anyone who speaks their mind.

“Okay… Okay… Fuck. I’m sorry.” Luna laughs as she walks to the front of The Bus. “Here she is…”

“AND STOP FUCKING HITTING PEOPLE!!” Monica can be heard shouting from the phone as she hands her to Ashleigh.

“Jesus Christ.” Colson looks at Luna with wide eyes.

“You think she wants me to stop hitting people?” She smirks as they both laugh.

Luna walks over to the table. Grabbing everyone’s attention with a Yo, she shows them her prize.

Sam hangs back on the couch. They’ve already taste tested most of it.

“WORD!!!! We almost out. Good look, LunaTic!” Slim nods to her as he tosses her an elbow.

Luna steps to the side as they all come in to smell the different strains of bud and wax. Each highly impressed with the quality and grateful for the vegetation.

“Aight, Kitten… I see you.” Colson says, wrapping his body around hers in approval.

“We got Backwoods?” She asks, referring to a particular cigar brand.

“I got the rig!” Rook shouts, lifting up the glass smoking apparatus.

He sets up it up on the counter, turning on the electric needle. Benny and AJ start rolling blunts as Baze and Colson twist up joints. Sam pulling together supplies for the wax.

“You and your bestie good?” Luna teases Ashleigh when she hands her back her phone..

“Yeah…” She laughs. “I’m gonna express her the NDA’s and Kells water bill I got you on once we get to Chicago. She’s ready to file the paperwork for the dual residency and needs it….”

“Shit, really? That was quick. Thank you.” Luna kisses her on the cheek. “Anything else to do?” She asks to Ashleigh head shake. “Then let’s get fucking HIGH, Bitch!” Luna laughs, showing her the case.

Once the rig is hot enough, they all take large dabs. Coughing until they almost choke. Setting the expensive glass piece to the side on the bumpy bus.

Luna sits on the floor between Colson’s legs as she hits her first joint of their session. Ashleigh and Slim are on one couch with him. Benny, Baze and Sam on another. AJ’s lounging in one of the chairs as Rook stretches out on his back on the floor near Luna.

Passing blunts and joints around, occasionally taking more dabs, they are getting high as FUCK.

“I wanna do a new cover with you…” Colson says in a low, stoned voice.

Turning to him, Luna asks what he’s thinking. Hitting a blunt, he’s quiet for a few minutes.

“You’re All I Need?” He asks with red eyeballs.

“The Meth joint?” Slim asks with a scowl. “Nah, Dawg… I’m not feeling that one.”

“Yeah…” Luna agrees with Slim. She has an idea. “You want fast or slow?” She asks.

“Hmmm… I don’t know.” He ponders.

There’s so many blunts and joints going around, everyone has something in their hand at all times. Smoke filling The Bus.

Luna gets up and grabs her guitar. It’s the acoustic one she made sure to pack. Sitting back down, crossed leg in front of Colson on the floor, she begins to strum.

“What about Sublime?” She asks. We could turn What I Got or Bad Fish into a duet…“

🎶When you grab ahold of me🎶

🎶You tell me that I’ll never🎶

🎶Be set free🎶

🎶But I’m a parasite🎶

🎶Creep and crawl🎶

🎶I step into the night🎶

Luna sings, nodding for Colson to step in. He’s sweet face lighting up as he does so.

🎶Two pints of booze🎶

🎶Tell me are you🎶

🎶Are you a BadFish too🎶

Luna slides in the second.

🎶Are you a BadFish too🎶

As Colson continues.

🎶Ain’t got no money🎶

🎶To spend🎶

🎶I hope this night🎶

🎶Will never end🎶

They blend together. Eyes watching the other. Smiles playing on their lips as their voices harmonize simultaneously.

🎶Lord knows I’m weak🎶

🎶Won’t somebody🎶

🎶Get me off of this reef🎶

Grinning at each other as Luna slides the guitar strings. Colson starts the next verse. Alternating with Luna every two. She backs him during the line.

🎶Underneath my bed🎶

Coming back together, they sing the ending chorus. By the second round, the whole bus is singing together.

🎶Ain’t got no quarrels🎶

🎶With God🎶

🎶And got no time🎶

🎶To grow old🎶

🎶Lord knows I’m weak🎶

🎶Won’t somebody🎶

🎶Get me off of this reef🎶

They happily belt together. Finishing up with laughter. Still passing around rolled up weed.

Everyone thinks it’s a great cover. Colson isn’t sure about the energy though. Luna agrees, it’s more jam seshy. Probably because their baked off their asses. Luna offers trying What I Got if he wants.

"Nah, let’s chill out.” He leans down to kiss her forehead. “Y'all wanna kick on a movie?” He asks.

Stoned, they all agree. Laughing and loudly quoting How High as they watch it. Luna eventually climbing onto Colson’s lap to cuddle. Giggling as they drop sporadic kisses on each other.

Everyone too stoned to move, they put on Anchorman next. Smoking almost a half ounce between them in less then 5hrs.

Most of them nodding out before Baxter gets punted off of the bridge. All of them knocked before the end of the movie.


They wake up around 830Pish. Beers already cracked. Drinks made. More weed flowing along with music. Sam finds the Magic Slushies when she goes to look for ice.

“What is this?” She asks, intrigued as she pulls out the large jar.

“We had a Tea Party.” Luna tells her from across The Bus.

“And THIS was left over??” Sam asks being very familiar with Luna’s Tea Parties. “Can we eat these right now?”

“Can we wait? I don’t know if I wanna be stuck on The Bus and I’m still kinda recovering from Saturday night….” Luna groans. “Wanna play a game instead?”

Luna heads to her and Colson’s room after Sam nods. She comes back out with poster board and art supplies. Truly packing everything but the kitchen sink.

“What ‘cha thinkin’, Loons MaGoons?” Baze asks her.

Luna grins at him. “I’m thinking a good 'ol American drinken’ board game…. There Truck. What do you guys think?” She asks.

She’s met with amused Okays as her and Sam set out on a gameboard. Turning to Colson, she asks him to have the others find themselves pawns. They settle on quarters with their initials drawn on with Sharpie.

Most are obvious, like C for Colson, L for Luna and R for Rook. Ashleigh takes the A as they squeeze AJ onto one. Sam gets the S, Benny the B, while Baze uses a Z and Slim settles for BA. For BlaqAbe.

“How’s it look?” Luna asks, displaying her and Sam’s finished project.

“You tryin’ to get us fucked up, Brooklyn!” Benny laughs at their creation.

“That’s my girl.” Colson says kissing her head.

Cracking more beers and grabbing a bottle of tequila. Gathering around the board on the floor, they use one die. Starting counterclockwise from the youngest. Rook goes first. Rolling a 2.

“Truth or Dare, Rookie!!” Slim laughs.

Shaking his head, he chooses Dare. Who knows what the hell he’s in for.

Colson speaks first.

“I dare you to give our Newb a proper welcome…” He says mischievously.

The Boys whoop as Ashleigh shakes her head.

“And what is that?” Luna asks thinking of her friend.

“A lap dance” Colson shrugs with a smirk.

“Well, in that case…” Luna laughs.

She gets up to change the music. Turning up Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me.

“BRING IT OOON!!” Sam laughs as Rook turns bright red.

Initially shy, Rook’s got moves once the 80’s hit kicks on. Sam laughs and squeals as he snakes up her body, then slithers down it. Opening her legs as he leans into her chest.

Everyone cheering him on as Luna passes Sam bills. Taking his shirt off, he jumps onto the couch. With Sam between his legs, he pulls her by the neck using his shirt. Grinding his hips in her face as she tucks bills into his waistband with encouragement. Hopping down, Rook shakes his ass against Sam’s tits. Grinning and fully enjoying herself, she slaps it as he asks The Bus if they want One Lump or Two.

It is a phenomenal performance. Ashleigh, Sam and Luna clapping and whooping when he finishes. Rook beaming as his cheeks blaze maroon.

“Drummer Boy got them moves like Jagger!!” Sam teases him.

Sam has to take a shot when she rolls a 1. Ashleigh the same when she rolls a 3, having to go back two spaces. Benny rolls a 1 also. More shots, while Luna rolls a 5.

“Group selfie!!!” She shouts as they all pile in.

Somehow squeezing all nine of them together. Colson rolls a 6, landing on a Drink Water spot.

“This is bullshit.” He complains as he chugs a bottle.

Baze rolls a 4, picking Rook to Colson’s steady complaint.

“You have a beer in your hand, Ya nut!” Luna laughs at him as she kisses his cheek.

AJ rolls a 1, taking a shot. While Slim rolls a 3, having to go back two spaces for his own shot. Everyone drinking but Rook when he rolls a 4. Sam drinking water when she hits a 5. Colson laughs at Ashleigh when she rolls another 5, having to drink water too.

“I don’t mind, dickhead.” She snarks back with a smile, welcoming the water.

Hotel Diablo is bumping as they swig beers and pass joints. Everyone laughing and talking as they take their turn. Benny chooses Colson to take a shot on his 3. Luna having to talk in an accent for the rest of the game when she also rolls a 5.

“Blooty 'ell wit these fouves, Mates!” Luna horribly imitates Dom.

Colson starts to pout again when he only rolls a 2, until he realizes he gets to Make A Rule. No one is surprised when it’s: He and Luna take a shot whenever ANYONE else has to drink anything.

“You fooking lush…” Luna slurs trying to perfect her accent.

“You’re such an idiot.” Colson laughs kissing her head as she nuzzles into him.

“Fucking water!!” Baze shouts out when he rolls a 2.

Colson and Luna taking shots with his water. Slim laughing at Luna’s fucked up accent. More shots for everyone but AJ as he hits a 6. Slim being another victim of The Water with a 5. Luna and Colson taking a shot with him.

They carry on, laughing and teasing each other. Rook choosing to thumb wrestler Luna on his 2.

“Ahhh!! You’re a cheater!!” Rook laughs as Luna swoops her thumb and pins him down.

“Ya got a Sweep the leg, Johnny!!”

Luna wiggles in happiness over her win. Making Rook laugh at her shitty accent.

Sam’s 3 gets her dominated by Colson’s big hands when she choses him as her opponent. Already feeling tipsy, Ashleigh’s relieved when her 1 forces everyone to drink but her. Benny makes the rule that anytime anyone says Fuck they have to drink off of his 4. Things are gonna get wild now. Luna’s forced to rhyme on a 2.

“Oi tell ye well. Burds loike me, go straight to blooty 'ell.” Luna spits out as the room laughs.

Rook tosses her an approving elbow. Colson reminding her of his rap battle plans.

“You’re an idiot.” She laughs as she kisses him.

“Your idiot.” He confirms with another kiss before taking his turn.

“FUCK yeah!!! Two shots!!” Colson stands up shouting when he rolls a 6. Benny reminds him of the Fuck Rule making it three.

“Word.” Colson grins, lining up six shots.

Luna downing three with him. Taking another with Colson on Baze’s 5. Laughing and talking, Sam and Slim get stuck with an extra shot for the Fuck Rule. AJ’s 5 demands more shots from him, Luna and Colson. Making a Rule on his 2, Slim wants them to Caw-Caw like birds anytime Colson kisses Luna.

“That’s not fucking cool, Dawg!” Colson exclaims.

That’s another shot for them both. Stupid Fuck Rule. Rook rolls a 4. Making him, Colson and Luna pound their beers. It’s a double round of shots for them also when the space makes him move ahead one too.

“Fucking, Eh… I mean Blooty 'ell!!” Luna tries to correct herself.

“SHOOOOOT!!” The Bus laughs at her.

“I was walking down the line. Feeling just fine. Till this ugly boy grabbed my behind. I had to drop him quick because, Bitch I’m a dime.” Sam spits as her 3 makes her rhyme.

Luna laughs as Ashleigh high fives Sam. With The Boys impressed, Rook let’s a Fucking Awesome slip. One, two, three… More shots for him, Colson and Luna.

“This efff ruullle is haaard, my dear boy.” Luna complains to Benny, drawling out her letters and twisting her wrist in the air.

Benny laughs at her tipsy eyeballs. She leans into Colson, causing him to instinctively kiss her cheek. His whisper is interrupted by a rule.

“CAAW-CAAWW!!!” Slim drunkenly shouts as the room mimics The Caw-Caw Rule. Things are getting ridiculous.

“Oh Fuck…” Ashleigh sighs as her 6 makes her pound her beer to Colson and Luna’s second. Plus, three shots each for the space jump and Fuck Rule.

Benny’s 6 has the three of them down another two shots. They’re all getting wasted. The Fuck Rule coming in so hardcore, they have to open another bottle of tequila. Luna’s 5 requires a prank call. She decides on Pete.

“Elllllloooo!!! This is blooty Keith Mooon cawlling from the graave, Mate. Hoooow dooo you doooo?” She howls into the speaker phone.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Pete asks Luna, laughing.

“SHOOOOT!!!” The Bus screams making him understand.

Hanging up after a few minutes, Colson gives Luna a side eye when his 4 lands him on SAFE.

“What kinda shit is that?” He asks her drunken shrug.

Baze lands on Truth or Dare with his 4. Colson daring him to give Sam a Racer Shot. Luna lightly threatening him to leave her friend alone after she basically watches him spit a shot into her throat. Sam rolling her eyes and laughing at Luna. She’s not worried about these Boys.

“NEVEAHHH!!!” Colson cackles, pulling Luna onto his lap.

“CAW-CAAAW!!” The Bus of drunks explodes as their lips meet. Laughter interrupting the kiss.

Another pounding of their beers and two more shots as AJ’s 2 forces them on.

“I tink I’m blooty druuunk…” Luna laughs, accent taking on a life of its own. Now she sounds Irish. Or maybe British… They’re all too drunk to care.

“FOOKING 'ELL!!” Luna exclaims with wide eyes.

Slim rolled a 5, landing with AJ. Another pounded beer, round of shots and an extra for Luna and the Fuck Rule. Joints are still flowing, everyone’s having a good time making their way around the gameboard.

With another 4, Rook lands SAFE with Colson. Sam’s 3 gets her hit with a Truth or Dare. Choosing Dare, Luna cuts in.

“Oi daaare you, koind laaty to allow me to give you a Sharpie Facial.” Luna drunkenly dares her.

Sam accepts allowing Luna to give a wicked, twisted mustache and goatee on her face. The Bus erupting into laughter. Rook shouting CAW-CAAW!! as Colson tries to tell Luna he loves her.

“What the fuck.” He complains to another round of shots for him and Luna.

Ashleigh slides into SAFE on her 4, Benny’s Shot Whore means another round for Luna and Colson also. Luna hits Never Have I Ever with a 5.

“Neva ave oi eva fooked…”

“Shot!!” Sam yells at her.

After slamming it with Colson and trying to hold any kind of accent Luna starts again. “Neva ave Oi eva BANGED a midget while blooted owff caCANE.” She grins as she raises her hand.

Roaring, everyone raises theirs but Benny. They all look at him.

“What? I like small bitches and it snows a lot in NYC.” His explanation met with snorting and howling.

They’re almost halfway through and everyone’s pretty wasted. They’ve switched from Hotel Diablo and are blaring Outkast’s Aquemini. The southern groove catching their hips. Joking and smoking, they try to proceed on.

Colson rolls a 5, landing on a space that kicks him back ten. The new space calling for him to down his drink and move forward to two more shots. Lining 'em up, Luna follows behind him. This being around the fourth or fifth beer she’s pounded.

Rolling a 1, Baze pulls who’s ever closest to him for another selfie. AJ, Rook, Slim, Colson and Luna. They look trashed.

AJ’s 6 knocks him back one, calling for shots from him, Luna and Colson. Slim grabs a 3, choosing to Prank Call LaMar. Laughing so hard, he can’t make it through the call.

Mar calls back confused with another What the Fuck? The drunk friends not making any sense and screaming SHOT at him, he hangs up.

Rook rolls a 3, his space demanding whoever has the most beer to Neck It. Down goes Ashleigh, Luna and Colson’s beers. Sam’s 5 has her Move Back One to Shot Whore. The couple follows her down her shot hatch.

Everyone is loud and laughing. Baze falls out of his chair with a Fuck and 3 shots. Forgetting about it, Colson almost spits out his beer when he catches Sam’s facial art.

“CAW-CAAW!!!!” They shout as he kisses Luna over her masterpiece.

Ashleigh was safe until she rolled a 5. Knocking her back ten spaces with Colson. The three of them pounding their beers and slamming another round of shots as called for.

“Fuuuck…” Escapes from her mouth as she wipes the tequila off her chin. That’s another shot for the three of them.

“Oi blooty ate yooou!!” Luna laughs.

“You gonna eat her?” Slim teases. “That’s a show I never thought I’d see!” He laughs.

Forgetting to use her accent, Luna laughs out a Fuck You. That’s another shot for her and Colson. They’re about to crack their third fifth of tequila. Landing on Flip a Coin with his 5, Benny lands on heads. Six more shots. Two a piece between him, Colson and Luna.

“You really fucked us.” Luna drunkenly kisses Colson afterwards.

“SHA-CAWT!!!!” Baze screams.

Placing her face in her hands, Luna laughs uncontrollably. It takes a moment for her to take her Fuck Rule shot. It’s another two shots for her, Ashleigh and Sam when Luna lands on a 3, making only the girls drink. And Colson.


Word limit…( 1 of 2 )

To be continued…

A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 85)

“Snoozing Through Sayreville”


In Sam’s room, Luna wastes no time. Popping two bars herself, she hands two to her friend. They’ve spent many early mornings like this. Coming back to homebase and rounding down from an AllNighter together.

Luna showers first. She feels like hot horse shit. Still catching trails in the bathroom, she washes the grit from last night off of her.

Leaning under the water, she wishes her skin could absorb it’s hydration. They’ve only been on tour for 10 days but Luna’s exhausted. Her body physically hurts, her brain feels like mush and she’s emotionally wiped out. The constant fighting, traveling, drinking and drug use starting to take it’s toll.

Once out of the shower, she tosses on panties, a tank and a hotel robe. Climbing into the queen sized bed, she rolls up a handful of joints as Sam showers.

Curling up together, Luna fires up a joint as Sam finds something for them to watch. Looking at her friend, she asks if She’s Okay.

Exhaling out a cloud of smoke, Luna says “Yeah. I just need a hard reset.” To Sam’s nod of understanding.

Mrs. Doubtfire is own. It’s one of their favorite movies. Getting high, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Luna’s thankful for Sam’s companionship as the two girls snuggle into bed. Quickly falling asleep. Knocking out for the rest of the day.


Colson does no such thing. Still pissed and now even more confused by Luna, he can’t sleep. He’s out of coke and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Not thinking to grab any Xanax off of his bitchy girlfriend.

With everyone checked into their rooms, Colson heads back to The Bus. Cracking a beer at 9A instead of sleeping, he plays NBA2K19 until he passes out with the controller in his hands.


Ashleigh finds him around 430P. Waking him up, he’s miserable.

“Leave me the fuck alone. Unless it’s 7P, don’t fucking bother me.” He grumbles, walking to the back of The Bus.

Dropping face first into the bed, all he smells is Luna. His dick twitches and heart hurts as he reaches his arm out, over her empty space.

“What the fuck are we doin’, Loons…” He thinks, wishing she wasn’t so stubborn and him not an Asshole. Wanting her next to him more than anything in this world.

For once his brain refuses to slide down the 16 million different hallways of Hotel Diablo. Falling back asleep as he holds a pillow. Pretending it’s smell is Luna.


Ashleigh knocks on Sam’s door next. Knowing its more likely for her than Sam, Luna gets up. Sam snoozing away.

She’s groggy and unhappy but isn’t nearly as intolerable as Colson. Probably because she believes in sleep. Greeting Ashleigh, Luna yawns, asking What Time Is It.

It’s around 5-530P.

Stretching long, Luna motions Ashleigh to sit with her on the couch. Wrapped in a blanket, she lights a joint and asks her What’s Up.

“Couple things….” Ashleigh begins. “You okay?” She asks to Luna’s nod.

Luna takes a deep hit. Appreciating Ashleigh’s concern.

Exhaling, she says “Yeah, I just need a minute to myself…. Sorry you got left with that nonsense last night.” Luna apologizes as she hits the joint again.

Ashleigh grins. “You’d be proud of me. I’m pretty sure I got anyone who saw anything to sign a NDA. Even Bleta. I was gonna contact Monica on your behalf but wanted to talk to you first.”

There’s a lot of things said in that one sentence. It takes Luna’s fuzzy mind a second to understand them all.

“OH WOW!! You did that for me?” She grins back at Ashleigh, touched by her actions. “Look at you go, Girl! Thank you!” Luna reaches to hug her friend.

That’s when it hits her.

“Wait… What do you mean Bleta?” She asks as her whole facial expression changes.

Not realizing Luna doesn’t know who BeBe Rexha is personally, she panics at her words.

“Yeah, Loons. That’s who you hit last night…” She says cautiously.

“He had Bleta at the fucking show!?” The Ring of Fire is wild in Luna’s eyes.

“No.. No.. No.. SHE told ME, he didn’t know she was there until he seen her…” Ashleigh’s trying not to make things worse.

Sighing before she hits the joint again. Luna shakes her head with a Whatever. Her and Ashleigh sit quietly for a moment.

“He didn’t know, Loons.” Ashleigh tries to comfort her.

“I know….” Luna closes her eyes as she exhales another cloud of smoke. “Fuck her. I’ll call Mon and let her know what I did. She’ll probably want the NDA’s…” Luna looks at Ashleigh. “Thank you, Ash. Really. You didn’t have to stick your neck out for me like that. It means a lot.” Reaching to hug her again.

“It’s no problem, Loons. You’re family.” She hugs her back, pulling away, she laughs. “Besides, I learned it from you.”

This makes Luna smile. Hitting the last of the joint, she puts it out.

“Tell me about Diddy and Massachusetts.” Luna says, changing the subject.

Ashleigh goes on to explain how it’s seeming to be a domestic dispute. Some guy tossed a Moltav cocktail because his Ex was there with someone else.

“Fucking seriously?” Luna asks in disbielf.

Shaking her head, she reaches for another joint. Ashleigh noticing for the first time that Luna smokes just as much as Colson. If not more.

Luna goes on to ask about casualties. Ashleigh replying that about a hundred people received smoke inhalation. In a building with over 4K people in it, That’s Amazing, they agree. Luna thinks for a minute as she hits the joint.

“All fans?” She asks to Ashleigh’s nod. “You know what I’d do?” Luna exhales again.

“Nope, but I want to!” She replies, making them both laugh.

“Find out exactly who the victims are, collect enough merch and have him sign it. Along with a personalized Get Well note..” Luna says as she continues to hit the joint.

“How are you so fucking business savvy??” Ashleigh asks her in awe.

Smiling, Luna acknowledges how she has a collective village of teachers. From all different ranges and walks of life.

Finishing up, Luna walks Ashleigh to the door. She’s gonna see what she can get started on with this merch idea.

“So, we won’t see you tonight?” Ashleigh asks her.

“Nah… Probably not. I’m taking the day.” Luna says as she hugs Ashleigh before shutting the door.

“Who’s Bleta?” Sam groans from under the covers.

“She has so many freaking questions…” Luna thinks, rolling her eyes.


Colson’s still frustrated before the show. Trying not to take his shit out on anyone else, he finds a cinderblock outside. With it resting on his thighs, he does backwards pushes ups off the seat of a chair.

“I can’t believe she’s not fucking coming…” He thinks to himself, irritated. He misses Luna and wants to stop fighting with her. “I gotta talk to her after the show…. I still wanna know why the Fuck she was with Tommy.” He feels the jealousy rise again as he pumps his upper body off the edge of the chair.


Sam and Luna are sitting on the balcony of her room. Luna smoking a cigarette.

Trying to relax, enjoying the light air as she sketches. It’s an interpretation of what she feels from last night.

Sam playing around on her phone. Falling down an internet wormhole as she lights a joint.

Once Ashleigh left, Luna and Sam had sat together talking about her and Colson and getting high. For the first time ever, Luna told someone other than Colson about Tommy. If Sam is going to form an opinion on Colson, Luna wants it to be based on all the facts. Sam was only slightly surprised at the news of Luna’s affair. Looking back, certain things making sense to her about Luna at certain times that didn’t before. They talked about Bleta and how Luna didn’t realize it was her. Sam asking if it made any difference. Looking down, Luna had touched her homemade ring before stating No. She’s not worried about any other girls. Especially THAT one.

“Oh Fuck, Loons… You’re gonna be pissed….” Sam says handing Luna her phone.




“Musician Machine Gunn Kelly, also known as MGK, is kicking his latest tour off with a bang! Last night in his girlfriend, That Brooklyn Bitch’s hometown of NY, MGK surprised his fans after performing their hit single Bad Things together at the PlayStation Theatre. Revealing that he would be marrying the songstress this summer. Some considering this announcement shockingly quick. The couple have only been spotted together since late April. The New York native first appearing on The Dirt star’s SnapStories and Instagram during his birthday party in LA. Surprisingly, that doesn’t seem to be the biggest bang of the night. One source reporting that, the beef between That Brooklyn Bitch and BeBe Rexha is alive and well. The two Brooklyn residents having come for each other on the charts already, over what is assumed to be their relationships with the heavily tattooed, rapper turned actor. Reportedly, the fued spilled out into a scene BackStage after the concert last night. "It wasn’t in BeBe’s favor.” The source from the performance stating.“


"THIS. Is what I was talking about last night in the cab.” Luna sighs. She hands Sam her phone. “I’m going back to bed.”

Is almost eight o'clock at night.


Tonight, they’re playing the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ.

For the most part, Colson can put his shit on the back burner and do his job. That’s what he does tonight.

Letting Slim and Sex Drive hype the crowd, Colson stops being Colson, or Kells or even Dad. Becoming Machine Gun Kelly.

“WHAT’S GOOD, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!” He screams walking out on to the stage to his adoring fans.

Starting off with the normal formula of Habits, Breaking News 2 and El Diablo. Colson jumps, dances and kicks around the stage as him and The Band tear through Loco, GTS, and Wild Boy. Skipping Let You Go and Bad Things.

Trap Paris and The Break Up replace them. Followed by I’m Think I’m Okay, Hollywood Whore and Candy. Choosing to keep all the original lyrics.

Rook shines as always during Shout At The Devil. The crowd going wild for him.

They still have another eleven songs left to the set. MGK keeps pushing.


Luna wakes back up around 930P. Sam’s up, diddling around. Missing Colson, Luna asks her if she wants to hit the show.

Grinning, Sam nods Yes.

Looking at the clock, they move fast and get dressed. Sam ordering an uber. Luna throwing on a back, lace crop top, cutoffs, Docs, and a flannel around her waist with blazing red lips.

Grabbing her leather and bag, Luna and Sam are out the door. Luna’s golden hair loosley floating behind them as Sam’s brunette locks weave along with it.


As the room cheers and lights explode around them, The Band continues on. See Through My Tears, Rap Devil, Till I Die, Golden God, Alpha Omega, and Lately come next.

With this leg’s setlist pretty secure, they round out with Bad Motherfucker, Wake&Bake, Rehab, 27 and Sail.

The Band thinks they’re done as Colson stands alone on stage with only his guitar. Everyone quiets as he begins to pick out unknown chords.

“I don’t know if you guys’ll know this but, I’m… You know what, Fuck it. I just wanna sing this shit right now.” He says to the audience. Turning to The Band, he says “Imma do this on my own.” To their confused nods.

He starts to play the base melody of a song he’s been featured on. It’s original tone is poppy with a lot of studio tech. To figure it out raw, OnStage alone, is pretty intimidating.

Colson takes his time. He’s in no rush. Feeling like he’s got it, he begins. Opening at the end of the chorus by The Vamps, Colson voice is deep and melodic. It carries a hint of vulnerability.

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

He closes his eyes as he thinks of Luna and where he wants to start.

🎶I don’t go to church🎶

🎶Cuz your my religion🎶

🎶I’m hung on your words🎶

🎶Given’ me something🎶

🎶To believe in🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

The feeling of the song is showcased against only his guitar and demeanour. He mixes and changes the lyrics to fit how he feelings. Voice crawling over the words.

🎶Kitten, I know you don’t lie🎶

🎶When you say🎶

🎶That you mine🎶

🎶I can’t look in those eyes🎶

🎶Without fallen'🎶

🎶A thousand times🎶

🎶Just wanna hear you testify🎶

🎶Kitten, tell me you don’t lie🎶

🎶When you say🎶

🎶That you’ll be mine🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

Wishing Luna was where she should be. Sitting next to him. His voice slightly breaking through the chorus.

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

His guitar humming his pain.

Thinking of how hollow his lyrics were when he wrote them, he kicks them out now. Thoughts drifting to their new meaning.

🎶I shut down for you//I go in//I dove in//And drown in you//They should be crowning you//Cuz//You’re way to good to be true//Hold up, hold up//Ay//Please don’t hesitate//Take me//While there’s still something//Left to take//Kitty you’re all that I crave//Tell me how many days//Do I have to chase you//Do I have to chase//Before you let me//Let me taste you//Before I can say//All I wanna say//To you//Is//I can’t escape//I cannot escape from you🎶

Looking over SideStage, he sees her. Doing a double take. “Holy Fuck, she came.” He can’t help but feel his eyes begin to sting with tiny tears. That first cosmic boner appearing again.

🎶Kitten…You are way too good to be true🎶

He says as grins at her as they make eye contact.

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

🎶You way too good to be true🎶

Colson finishes serenading Luna to the crowds sweet Awws.


Colson and Luna head back to the hotel. Holding hands in the uber the whole ride. Grabbing her things from Sam’s room, he guides her to theirs. They need to talk.

“Sit with me, please.” She directs him, patting the bed.

Sitting next to her, he sighs. Colson knows Luna is about to rip into him. They’ve been fighting on and off over bullshit for the last few days. She turns to him, lacing her fingers in his. Always choosing her words wisely.

“I went to see Tommy yesterday because I own properties that he’s invested in. It’s something Monica ran between us for a long time until I seen him a couple weeks ago. Like I told you, he started texting me. I took being in The City as an opportunity to let him know that if things can’t go back to strictly business, then there will be NO business….” Luna explains.

Colson’s quiet for a moment. He wants to ask what she does for Tommy but Luna’s a lot calmer then he had expected. He’s pretty sure he knows the answer and doesn’t wanna push fighting with her.

“As for Em…” Luna continues, she’s hitting everything. “We were friends. And I say were because I’m pretty we’re not anymore, which, it is what it is….” Luna looks Colson in his beautiful blue eyes. “I’m not worried about that. I’m worried about YOU…. Why are you still so hellbent that I’m out here doggen’ you?” She asks.

Colson lays back on the bed. Sighing, he rubs his face. Luna lays next to him on her back. They stare at the ceiling together.

“I’m sorry about Bleta.” He finally speaks. “I swear I didn’t know she would be there. I should’ve told her to leave. I wasn’t gonna do anything. I was jealous though and wanted to piss you off.” He turns his head to look at her.

“I know….” Luna sighs, running her fingers through his blonde hair.

He rolls over to her, placing his arm around her waist. She can see remorse all over his face.

“I should’ve never shoved you either. I don’t know what I was thinking…” He looks down with shame.

Colson doesn’t believe in putting his hands on women. Never wanting to hurt Luna in any way. Especially physically.

“That was some dick shit…” She agrees as he looks up at her.

“I know… I’m fucked up. I just, sometimes I feel like you’re gonna figure out that I’m not good enough for you…” He trails off, Luna watching his eyes well.

Luna pushes him onto his back as she climbs on top of him. Random blonde hairs dangling down and brushing his face. She kisses him sweetly on both cheeks.

Looking into his eyes, she reminds him how only his actions can make him lose her. He tells her, that’s his biggest fear. Fucking shit up as usual.

“Bunny… We’re both two fucked up souls living in a fish bowl… stuck on your counter in LA.” She winks to his smirk. “We’re always gonna be crazy. We’re always gonna be jealous. It’s because we’re stupid in love with each other. I don’t care that we fight. As long as we come back to this.” She flicks her fingers between them.

Colson lifts up to run his hands alongside Luna’s head, pulling her in for a kiss. His touch is electric. Making a flash of warmth run through her. She kisses him back as her hands roam down his body.

Taking each other’s shirts off, Colson flips Luna onto her back. Kissing her all over her neck, she has on no bra. Moving down her chest, to her breasts and nipples, he slides a hand down Luna’s shorts. Running his fingers along her bare pussy. Slowly dipping them inside of her to her moans.

“I missed you.” He tells her as he sucks on her neck.

“Me too. So much.” She agrees as she moves his mouth to hers.

Wiggling out of her shorts. He unbuttons and steps out of his. Gazing down at Luna’s naked, tattooed body.

Climbing on top of her, he slowly guides himself inside her pussy. They rarely fuck missionary style. Letting the touch of each other consume them, Luna and Colson are delicate with each other. Another rarity.

“God, you feel so fucking good.” He moans.

Taking slow, deep strokes inside of her. Luna’s leg is wrapped around his waist, the other around his calf as she lifts her hips. Pulling him deeper into her.

Feeling close, their pace picks up. Kisses sloppier. Moans loader.

Gripping his skin as he kisses her mouth, Colson asks if she’s ready. Luna pants out Yes as he places his hand on her throat.

Bucking hard against him, Luna’s eyes roll back in her head as Colson slides into Home. Both of them cumming all over the other.

Breathing heavily, Colson lays on her chest, wrapping his himself around her tiny body. Happy to have her back in his bed and in his arms.

“I love you.” He tells her, kissing her collarbone. She hums a satisfied Me Too.

Lifting off of her, he asks if Luna’s hunger. Realizing she hasn’t eaten all day, she responds with a Starving.

They order room service. Burgers, fries, pineapples and champagne.

Sipping on champagne after they’ve eaten. They snuggle up together. Enjoying the quiet moment away from the tour.

“I’m sorry I’m so fucked up.” Colson turns to Luna apologizing again. He spins his finger around the top of his head like a halo. “Hotel Diablo…” He says.

“You should get that tatted on there.” Luna laughs, slightly mocking him.

Eyes lighting up, he runs with it. “Yeah?” He asks.

Luna shrugs and asks “Why not?”

Nodding his head, the doors begin to unlock inside Hotel Diablo. Pulling her close for an amused kiss, he calls her a genius.

“An evil one.” She laughs, kissing him back.

“Even better!” He beams while tickling her.

They spend the rest of the night in bed together. Getting high as they giggle. Making out as they watch Talladega Nights.

“She really is mine.” Colson thinks as Luna lays on his chest. He can see his ring on her finger and feel his lock around her neck touching his skin. A wave of relief washes over him. Never being in love before and always feeling abandoned, Colson holds Luna a little tighter. He knows in his heart that she’d never willingly leave him without a fierce fight.

Colson sweetly makes love to Luna again before they fall asleep tangled in each other. Both relieved to be back with the other. Each hating when they’re apart.


To be continued….

A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 84)

“Bridge Parties & Strippers”


Ashleigh runs into Pete first. He’s furious and headed out of the venue.

“What the hell is going on?” She asks him.

“Dude…” He shakes his head.

Giving her a quick run down of the events between Colson, Luna and BeBe.

“BeBe’s was here!?” Ashleigh asks shocked.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she’s STILL here. Luna fucked her up.” Pete tells her.

“I don’t doubt it… And can you blame her? Why would he even do that??” She asks.

“No… And I don’t know. You seen ‘em, they were all Booed Up OnStage, announced their engagement and not even an hour later, THIS shit is going on.” He answers. “Let him know I went to see Kate…. He’s on some fuck shit right now, so he probably won’t even notice.” Pete tells Ashleigh. Shaking his head before kissing her cheek GoodBye.


  • “Another mess to clean up…” Ashleigh sighs “Fucking Kells.” She thinks annoyed. Even before Luna, there’s always been constant chaos with him.


Curled in a ball on the floor clutching his balls, Colson opens his eyes. Pain is shooting through every nerve of his body. Focusing, he sees a bloody Bleta on the ground not far from him. Closing his eyes again, he groans as he rolls onto his back.

“Fuuuuck… That Bitch dick punched me so haaaard…. I wish Bleta would just go awaaaay….” He thinks of the second girl Luna has knocked to the ground in a violent rage. “In my defense… They shoulda shut the fuck up.” He tries to justify their injuries to himself. “Oh FUUUCK… My balls…”

Colson opens his eyes again to Ashleigh standing above him. She has no sympathy.

“My balls, Ash…” He whines.

“I don’t care, Kells….” She dismisses him.

“Fine. Then, at least get Bleta out of here. I can’t deal with that right now. Please.” He asks, looking up at her.

“Whatever.” Ashleigh shakes her head as she walks away.


The room is still full. The Band, Crew, Girls, Vendors. There’s a shit ton of people everywhere BackStage.

Looking around, the word LAWSUIT flashes through Ashleigh’s mind. Thinking of Luna and the advice she’s given her regarding spin control, Ashleigh puts on her Boss Bitch pants.

She signals The Band over to her. As they head her way, she looks up generic Non-Disclosure Agreements on her phone. She quickly downloads and fills it out, emailing it to Slim.

“Listen, we gotta clean this shit up. Slim, I emailed this to you.” She says, showing him her phone. “I need you to print out, what?” She sighs, looking around the room. “Three hundred copies to be safe?” She asks out loud to his nod. “Everyone needs to sign one before leaving. Use your charm. Try not to make it a big deal.”

“Gotcha, Ash.” He agrees as his phone dings with the email.

“How many people are with BeBe?” She asks to their head shakes of I Don’t Know. “Run me back the first three copies.” She instructs Slim.

“Bet. I’ll be back.” He agrees, heading to The Bus.

Turning to Baze, AJ and Rook, Ashleigh directs them next. “I want you to keep everyone in here having a good time. Once Slim gets the NDA’s, help him. Please. With charm.” She asks as she reminds them of the key component. “One of you run up. See if there’s any ready. I gotta get BeBe to sign first.” She finishes.

All three nod in agreeance. AJ heading to The Bus. Rook and Baze to attend to the room.

“Help me get her out of here?” Ashleigh sighs again as she asks Benny.

“No problem G-H…” He teases her as he puts his arm around her shoulder.

“I’m gonna fucking kill 'em both.” She laughs lightly, catching the Luna reference as they walk towards BeBe.


Colson has decided to play opossum. He can hear Bleta calling his name a few feet away but refuses to acknowledge her.

“Maybe if I just lay here, she’ll think I’m dead… Ugh… I feel like I’m dead…. She destroyed my baaaalllls” Colson mentally cries to himself.

Still on the the ground. Still holding his whole junk. He stays perfectly still when he hears Benny and Ashleigh approaching. Peeking out of the sliver of one eye, they pass him. He hears Ashleigh speak.


“Hey… Are you okay?” Ashleigh asks BeBe as she and Benny help her up and hand her a towel.

“No. I think that psycho bitch broke my nose!” She cries through the cotton.

“Are you here with anyone?” Ashleigh pries.

“No. I came to surprise Kells.” BeBe answers, looking at her bloody hand as the other holds her face together.

“Did he invite you?” Ashleigh asks.

“No!” BeBe looks up, angrily. “I wanted to see him because he owes me an explanation for this Brooklyn Cunt or whatever the fuck her name is… He’s fucking me then blocks me a month ago and all of a sudden he’s getting married?? What the fuck is that!?” She shoots a glare between Benny and Ashleigh. “Besides, the way he was speaking to me, didn’t seem like he put a ring on anything.” She says snidley.

This pisses Ashleigh off.

“So, what happened?” She asks the million dollar question.

“She came up talking shit to Kells so I told her she could get her ass beat. That’s when she head butted me. Like a fucking goat. Who does that?” BeBe winces from snaking her head while her hand holds her nose in place.

AJ taps Ashleigh on the shoulder. He slips her a clip board with a pen and a few copies of the NDA.

“So, you threatened her and she protected her life?” Ashleigh manipulates BeBe’s words. “I’m gonna need you to sign this.” She says handing the clipboard over.

“What? No.” Bleta says pushing it away.

“You just admitted fault. If you sign this no one can speak about tonight or sue you.” Ashleigh does NOT know where these incredible lies are coming from.

Neither does Benny, but he likes it. Encouraging BeBe to sign the paper also, he throws Kells name into the ring. Overwhelmed and in pain, BeBe scribbles her signature.


  • Ashleigh isn’t a lawyer but she knows that what they’re doing right now is technically illegal. “Most American contracts are signed under some form of duress….” She tries to reassure herself. “Murica’!!” Her brain insists, pushing her on.


Face hurting, embarrassed and wanting to get out of there, Bleta shoves the clipboard at Ashleigh.

“Can I fucking go now?” She asks, irritated as she pulls the blood soaked towel from her wound.

“Yeah, come on, Benny and I will walk you out.” Ashleigh says as they guide her outside.

Once in a cab, Ashleigh leans in.

“Some advice, woman to woman? Luna and Kells are something different. It doesn’t matter what he said to you, I guarantee she’ll be back in his bed tonight and they’ll be fine tomorrow. Save yourself the heartache and let him go.” Ashleigh says as kind as she can.

With more than just her face hurt, BeBe simply closes the cab door.


Still laying on the floor, Colson waits until the coast is clear before he stands up. Looking around, he can’t find Luna.

He watches, confused as Slim, Rook, Baze and AJ walk around having people sign papers. Seeing Ashleigh and Benny walk back in, he heads over to them.

“Where the fuck is Luna?” He asks firmly.

“She split with Nikki and her friend Sam…” Ashleigh answers.

“Oh, yeah? Fuck THAT Bitch.” Not caring what His Boys are doing, he turns and shouts. “YO FUCKERS, WE OUT. NOW!!”

Ashleigh sighs for the hundredth time in less then an hour.

“Follow them?” She asks Benny.

“That’s my job…. You know, if they keep snappin’ out and disappearing separately, you might wanna bring in Bullet…” Benny says, looking down at Ashleigh.

Bullet is Colson’s other bodyguard. Ironically, his government name is also Thomas.

“You honestly think that when Luna’s pissed, she’s gonna let anyone follow her anywhere??” Ashleigh asks Benny as if he’s silly.

Both of them already knowing the answer.

“Facts… Extra hands wouldn’t be a bad idea with those two though, Ash…” He continues to make his case.

Sighing again, Ashleigh agrees to call Bullet. Clearly they can’t handle Kells and Luna on their own.

Benny kisses the top of her exhausted, little head before he follows The Madness outside. Slim coming over to hand her a stack of papers.

“I think we got 'em all…” He breathes out. “I gotta catch up with them. Sorry you gotta deal with this bullshit, Ash!” He kisses her cheek before jogging off.


  • “It’s my job… And my bestfriend.” She thinks as she flips through the NDAs. Debating on if she should call Monica on Luna’s behalf.


In the back of the cab, Luna’s phone rings. It’s Pete.

“Hey!” She answers. “Yes, I’m Okay. I’m with Sam.” She replies to his questions. “I’ll be fine, Petey!!” She laughs as he teases how THAT’S what he’s worried about.

Pete then unloads onto Luna his feelings about Colson and tonight. Listening, she doesn’t speak until he finishes.

“Don’t be mad at him, Petey… I know why he did what he did. I made him jealous and he tried to do the same…” She explains to their friend.

Pete tells her how she’s making excuses for him the way she used to for Justin.

“Pete.” Luna never calls him that and he knows it. “It’s not the same…” She trails off. Pete doesn’t know about her affair with Tommy. “I need you to trust me. He wasn’t right but he had his reasons.” Luna partial explains.

Her words stop him. He’s known Luna for a long time and knows she doesn’t put up with being disrespected. Knowing that both she and Colson are extremely complicated individuals, he accepts her shut down with a promise of lunch. SOON. Luna agrees with a grin.

Pete and Luna end their conversation with Be Safes, Love Yas and A Definite Lunch.

Hanging up, Luna turns to Sam. She’s wedged between her and Nikki in the back of the cab.

“Where we goin’?” She asks.

“Mothafucken’ Bridge Party, B!!” Sam exclaims to Luna’s excitement.

Luna turns to Nikki asking if she wants to change as she pulls a red scarf out of her bag. Drapping it around her shoulders, Luna’s dressed in cutoffs, a tank, stockings and Docs. It’s what she performed in. Always Bridge Party ready.

“Fawk NO!! I look FABULOUS, BITCH!!” She exclaims to both Luna and Sam’s laughter.

“Yo. You said he had his reasons… Why?” Sam asks Luna directly.


  • Sam and Luna have known each other since 6th grade. Making Sam one of Luna’s oldest friends. Being based in NY, Sam knows EVERYONE. Not just Nikki and Pete but Justin, Ashley, Mack, Frannie… Even Jackson. Sam being Luna’s drummer in their band Dysfunctional Baggage, they’d seen a lot and been through a ton of shit together. Sam was who Luna first called when she found Justin. Not 911, not his mother or her grandmother. Luna called Sam. Rushing over, Sam had witnessed Luna break in a way she’d never allow anyone else to. Or probably ever will again. Luna trusting Sam beyond her life.


Before Luna can answer, they pull up to the corner Sam requested. Tipping the cabby, the three women jump out.

“THIS IS GONNA BE SO FAWKING FUUN!!!” Nikki exclaims, wrapping an arm around both Luna and Sam’s laughing necks.


Hitting The Bus first, Colson changes. Slipping a cool, pink, silk shirt onto his body, he thinks of Luna.

“Bet she’s wit fucking Tommy. Whore.” He tries to convince himself before he heads out into his own recklessness. Knowing he’s wrong.


The Bridge Party is raging. Making Luna happy to be home. Linking arms with Sam and Nikki, they skip down into the music and lights.

NYC’s party scene is a culture all in it’s own. Heading under the bridge, it’s like a multicolored, twisted, high school reunion. Luna and Sam seeing people they love. Nikki running into others she hasn’t seen in YEARS.

“Wanna get on?” Luna asks Nikki with a grin as she opens her mouth.

She has a blotter and three single stacks on her tongue.

“FAWK YEAH!!!” Nikki grins, ready for another Nix&Loons MessABout.


Colson and The Band are a Flashers, an elite gentleman’s club in NYC. Not that they’re gentlemen or anything.

Tossing bills everywhere. Asses all over him, Colson pounds drink after drink. He’s trying to erase Luna from his mind. He’s got about an eight ball left over from the half ounce from Philly. Pulling it out, he dives face first.

He’s on a mission. Not necessarily to overcome as many women as he can like before but to forget One who is like no other. Standing with a beer and drink in hand, joint in his mouth, he leans down to pick up another shot.l

Wanting to erase ever meeting That Brooklyn Bitch.


Luna is living her best freaking LIFE!! And she doesn’t give a FUCK. Music flows as she dances with Nikki and Sam.

“I HAVE FUCKING GLOSTIX!!!” Luna exclaims as she bounces to the side to dig in her travel bag.

EVERYTHING is in there. Clothes, drugs, makeup, things to play with, candy and SCARVES.

Luna ties a flowered one around her head as she brings back GloStix and lollipops to her grateful friends.

They continue to bop and groove. Luna is tripping her PUSSY off. Playing with the red scarf around her body as she dances with Sam and Nikki.

“WATER!!!!” Sam shouts after what feels like two beautiful lifetimes but is probably only an hour.

Nikki and Luna nod in agreeance.

Bridge Parties are the ancestors of WoodStock. The grandmother of a non-profit festival, if you will.

Making their way to the water table, there’s ten old orange Gatorade coolers set up. The City knows what’s needed to party.

Grabbing her water bottle out of her bag, the three friends stand, drinking water continuously. Raving over it’s Holy Greatness.

They laugh and catch colors. Trails and magical objects. Keeping close to one another to not be lost upon their voyage.

Bellies full of life fluid, they fill Luna’s water bottle before going to squat and pee. What does Luna have? Toilet paper and baby wipes because LIFE.

They pee together, alllllllllll the way at the end of the bridge. Nikki teasing Luna how she’s an Old Lady when she has hand sanitizer too.

Still living in the real world, Sam reminds Nikki.

“Nah, Boojie. Remember… THAT’S how we roooooll!” Sam teases Nikki as she squeezes her friend. “Dirty hands, Bitch!!!” Sam shouts laughing.

“Ahhh… Get the fawk owf meeee!!” Nikki laughs, hugging Sam back. “Nah… That shit was good.”

Nikki agrees with a smile. Her hallucinating soul, mind and heart floating back to the early days of her career and their friendships.

Together the three of them grab hands. Skipping into the lights like they have no worries or cares.

Slowing down, Luna remembers. “Yoooo… I have chalk.” She grins as she reaches into her bag.

Plunking down right where they are, the three artistic friends begin to display their tripping minds. Like a Mandela. Once they’re gone, it too will be. Shortly after.


Colson’s leg is jumping. He’s high as fuck and still irritated. Downing shots as a pretty blonde wiggles up and down him. She’s doing nothing for him.

“Take you in the back, make you feel better?” She offers as she bounces her tits in his face.

“No thanks.” He says, pulling his head back and shoving a hundred towards her.

Insulted, she rises off of him.

Slim’s been watching His Boy all night. Taking this as his opportunity, he slides over.

“What’s good, Dawg?” He asks his bestfriend as he hands him his pen.

“Shit, Man.” Colson puffs on it hard.

“So… Tonight is nothing?” Slim leads.

“Tonight was fucked, Homie.” Colson responds, hitting the pen again.

“Talk to me, Brotha…” Slim continues to lead Colson.

Leaning back, Colson hits the pen a few more times. He’s trying to collect his angry, confused and as always, inebriated feelings.

“She seen Tommy today.” Is all he says.

Colson’s a lot like Luna. He doesn’t like his things to be touched.

Slim nods. He knows it’s a contentious subject with Colson and Luna.

“Why?” He asks.

“I don’t know… We didn’t get that far. She told me and…” He looks at one of his longest friends. “And I shoved her. Hard enough to break a mirror.” Colson looks down as he says the last part.

“Shit, Man.” Is all Slim can say.

“I know… I don’t know why the Fuck she was with him though.” Colson starts to get angry again.

“She didn’t say why at all?” Slim asks, not believing that if Luna was gonna pull some shit, she’d be careless.

“A fucking business meeting or something…. I don’t know.” Colson answers.

“Dawg. Do you know who this Tommy cat is? Like really? Besides from Luna?” Slim asks, suddenly worried Colson doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into.

Colson shoots him a dirty look. He remembers what Benny had said.

“Dawg. He’s like THE BIGGEST hitter in NY…. You know Luna’s got her hands in a lot of shit. Remember how she freaked out over the picture of them? It could be business. HIGH FUCKING BUSINESS, Homes.” Slim sighs. “Look, I don’t know up from down when it comes to LunaTic because that bitch is wild, but what I will speak on, is she ain’t never done you dirty and I ain’t never felt her motives as dirty. Even if she got dirt wit this Tommy cat. That was before you… You really think she fucked him and came back to you?” Slim cuts to the chase.

“Nahh…” Colson says with an irritation to his certainties.

Another girl walks up on them. Colson shrugs as he throws his arms out. The girl takes this as an indication to climb on top of him.

Never thinking he’d take a chick’s side over his boy’s, Slim shakes his head as he watches another girl slither upon Colson.


Luna texts Ashleigh, hitting her Google locate. Letting her know where she is in The City. She goes on to apologize for not bringing her with her, promising to be back soon, to hit her up if she needs to.

“I should’ve fucking grabbed her…” Luna thinks. “If anyone needs a fucking escape, it’s her….” Luna deciding her and Ashleigh will have an official MessAbout.

Sam climbs onto the cement wall Luna’s sitting on, she’s lost her shoes. Nikki is dancing free in the night.

That’s the thing about The City, you can be everyone and no-one at the same time.

Nikki’s appreciating being no-one in this moment.

“So… You never answered my question…” Sam asks Luna.

“Hmm?” She hums.

“Why? Why would you even consider marrying him after we spent tonight under a bridge like we’re 19 because he wanted to schmooze up on some twat?? Are you not trading a junkie for a whore?”

Sam’s words cut deep, but not enough to phase Luna. A calculated woman who knows what she expects out of this life, Luna doesn’t care to explain.

“Sammy. I tell you. You know I’m not without fault. Neither is he. But love is love and sometimes that shit makes people jealous and they retaliate. I fucked her up for her OWN words. Not his actions. He may have antagonized it but let’s not act like he fucked that bitch on the middle of the floor.” Luna tells her friend.

Both always one to call a spade a spade. Neither bullshit.

“You know murder was the case that they gave me.” Sam states, eyeing her friend.

Even tripping balls, Sam is very much like Luna. She don’t fucking play.

Bursting into laughter, Luna grips Sam. Squeezing her tight.

“Let’s go find your shoes, Bro.” Luna laughs.

Lacing fingers with Sam before they begin their hunt.

Nikki comes running up with one of Luna’s scarves on her head. She attacks both her friends with a hug.

“I FAWKING MISS THIS, YO!!!” She shouts, pecking Luna and Sam with kisses.

Luna relates to one of her greatest friends. Unhappily for the first time ever. Her third eye realizing how much she hates being out of her element.


“I wonder if she’ll come back…” Colson thinks as another random ass grinds against him. “Maybe I should hit her up… No. Fuck that. She fucked up first… Not me.” He stubbornly thinks as he slides a bill into the g-string in his face.


Sam and Nikki are dancing within the crowd as Luna sits by herself. Finding a random lighter beside her she flicks it.

Giggling at the colors radiating off of her finger tips. She wishes Colson was with her.

Tripping out of her mind, Luna closes her eyes and imagines him bouncing around with her. She grins at the idea of his excitement. Then her mind jumps to red. The blood. The girl. The anger.

Luna whips her eyes open. Knowing how to stop a bad trip, she leaves the lighter where she found it. Jumping off the ledge, Luna heads into the crowd. Letting the beat take control of her body as she finds her friends.


Still slamming lines, Colson’s not hungry when they leave the high class strip club.

As everyone one else gobbles down pizza, he continuously checks his phone. Leg bouncing maniacally off the floor.

He wants to know where the fuck Luna is. But like an Asshole, he won’t contact her.


“Ahhhh!!! I haven’t had THAT much fun in SO long!!” Nikki laughs in the back of their cab.

It’s rounding out 6A. The sun is coming up. The day is done and Luna had a fucking blast.

“That’s why I don’t ever wanna be famous…” She groans, placing her head in her hand. “You’re so fucking busy and miss out on all the cool shit… For what??? Your fucking name on people’s lips??” Luna snidley complains.

“Not all of us can be born with a silver fucking spoon, Loons.” Nikki cocks back.

“Shut the fuck up, Nix.” Sam comes to Luna’s light defense. “We both know Patti didn’t raise Loons as a baller and even if she did, Loons don’t give a fuck about that shit.” Sam states with a knowing smile.

“Enh… You got some truth in that.” Nikki smirks. “But royalty is royalty and you can’t deny that shit.”

Luna and Sam don’t dispute the truth.

“I love your rich, white ass doe!!” Nikki laughs as she hugs Luna.

Their cab pulling up in front of her Upper Eastside buiding.

“BOOJIE.” Sam laughs calling Nikki out.

“Fawk you!!” Nikki laughs as she hugs her friends GoodBye.

Sam and Luna heading back to The Bus.


Walking onto The Bus, it’s awake and aware. Luna grabs Colson by the collar of his shirt. Dragging him with her, she leaves Sam. Knowing she’s been on tour before and that Boys are no obstacle for her.


“Kitten..” Colson starts to say.

“Shut the fuck up” Luna states as she grips the back of his neck. Kissing him fiercely.

She may understand Colson’s jealously but it does not excuse his shove. Luna has a strict Don’t Hurt Me Unless I Ask For It policy. He broke that. And now, she’ll make him pay.

Releasing him, she demands he strip as she pulls off her own clothes.

Colson listens. Pulling his shirt off and dropping his pants for her. Happy she’s in their room but starting to grow pissed over Tommy again.

Luna shoves him on the bed.

Climbing on top of him, she kisses his mouth with anger as she plays with her folds. Opening herself enough for her to jam him inside her tight pussy.

Even furious, his girth is too much. Luna cries out from his cock as she tries to work him into her.

“Kitten..” He says again.

Clasping her hand over his mouth, Luna tells him to Shut The Fuck Up as she rides him to her pleasure.

Not one to be told what to do, even by Luna for too long, Colson losses his patience.

Grabbing her ribs, he flips her over on the bed. Luna wraps her legs around him as he drives into her.

“Tell me what to fucking DO…” He taunts huskily in her ear.

This infuriates her. Using all her strength, Luna flips him off her. Keeping his dick in place, she rides him like she owns him. Because she does. Placing her hand on his throat as she bucks against him, Luna demands Who The Fuck Does He Belong To.

He gasps out “YOU.”

Colson is stronger than her. Gripping both hips, he easily tosses her back off of him.

On top of her, as her head hangs off the bed, he demands Who’s Pussy Is This as he punishes her with his dick.

Hips jolting against him, Luna diverges. “NOT YOURS IF YOU DON’T ACT RIGHT!!!”

She bites his neck hard, causing him to whimper. Flipping him back over, Luna commands his body.

She fucks him strong and hard. The rage and anger from the last couple days only peeping out.

Pulling his hands to her ass and holding them there, Luna shifts Colson deep into her. Using his body until she’s done with it.

Feeling herself cum, not caring but knowing he did too, Luna drops on to the bed beside him. He doesn’t get the luxury of staying inside of her.

“Kitten…” He hums as he reaches for her.

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Luna spits out, swatting his hand away.

Just then The Bus jerks to a stop. It was only a two hour ride to NJ.

Luna climbs off the bed, throwing on her clothes from last night.

“Don’t think we’re fucking good. At all.” She states before grabbing her bag and marching out of their room.


😤Tumblr IS FUCKING dumb. Somehow I hit my word limit 🙄 so the end of this chapter will literally be ONE paragraph of 85. Then 86 will be new bc Tumblr is duuuuuuuuuumb. Sorry 💕

A LunaTic and her Gunn (Part 83)

“Ex’s & Broken Bones”


Luna’s relieved to find Patti’s not home when she enters her grandmother’s penthouse. Heading straight into her bedroom, she changes out of the white dress she has on. Laying it on her bed, she’ll be back for it.

Pulling on jeans and a light hoodie, Luna tosses her hair into a high ponytail. Firing up a joint, she grabs her keys off her bed.

Carefully pulling out her nightstand far enough to use her key in the lock located on the back. Unlocking the hidden compartment, Luna slides the top of the table open. She pulls out a Glock G19 and two 15 round clips.

Puffing on the joint, Luna locks the safe back up. She then loads the first clip. Making sure the saftey’s on, Luna slips the gun into the back of her waistband. Placing the other clip in her bag, she pulls her blade out and slides it into her back pocket. Grabbing her things, she puts out the roach as she heads for the door.

Luna knows better than to bring only a knife to a gun fight. Jackson taught her that.


Colson’s going over Hotel Diablo merchandise. He has a pop up store happening in July in Cleveland.

“Yo… These mothafuckas are sick!” He beams, holding out a t-shirt.

“You see the I Think I’m Okay ones?” Rook asks.

He lifts it for Colson to see as Baze, Slim and AJ go through prototypes of hoodies, bandanas and other items.

“This shit is fire!” Slim exclaims.

“Yeah, man.” Colson hits his pen, nodding his head. “We good?” He asks his band’s opinion.

They all agree. Merch is tight.


Tommy’s already sitting at the bar when Luna arrives at Truth. Walking around him, she takes a seat on his left before he can greet her. Putting her hand up when he goes to stand. Luna doesn’t want Tommy to touch her.

Turned to face him, sitting with her back against the wall, Luna orders an Old Fashioned.

“I knew I’d get you here.” He snickers at her.

Tommy’s blue eyes are overwhelming, like a dark, bottomless sea. Luna’s been known to drown in them before.

“You also know it doesn’t work out too well for those who threaten me either.” She responds firmly. “You have to stop.” She tells him before she sips her drink.

“Stop what?” He turns to her with a smug look.

“Stop texting… Don’t be dumb enough to threaten me…. Shit, forget you fucking saw me at Gussey’s that night.” Luna unloads as she feels her body heat up.

“Why should I?” He asks like the stubborn ass he is.

“Because I’m asking you too and because I’m getting married.” Luna looks Tommy in the eyes, watching the hurricaine begin to swirl inside them.

“Lemme fawking see!” He snatches her left hand over. “What the fawk is this?? Pussy can’t afford you a ring?” Tommy scoffs at Colson’s twisted guitar string.

Furious, she pulls her hand back.

“FUCK YOU.” She states, eyebrows furrowed. “We go back to radio silence and Monica handling things or I shut shit the fuck down.” Luna threatens Tommy, preparing herself for his reaction.

He pulls his gun out of his leather.

“Do you think I won’t kill you?” I told you, I killed Holly.“ He sneers at her with a slit smirk.

Holding her composure, Luna pulls the Glock out from behind her back. There’s a look of amusement on Tommy’s face as she holds it pointing upwards in her right hand. His dick jumps, Tommy always thinking Luna looks sexy whenever she handles a gun.

"You better blow my fucking brains out because I ain’t Holly, Motherfucker. You know I ain’t going down without fucking you up first.” Luna warns, holding her stance.

“I shoulda popped that fucking bar…” Flies through her brain with a thousand other thoughts. Wanting her body to stop throbbing for his.

Tommy stands up quickly, putting the barrel to the middle of Luna’s forehead. She doesn’t blink once.

“How ‘bout I kill you right fawking here. End this shit for good.” He threatens.

Luna’s heart races as she feels her nipples harden and pussy plump. She’s not afraid of Tommy. Controling her breathing, she sticks her Glock in his ribs. His dick grows harder at her fearlessness.

“You kill me. You’re fucked.” Her bright eyes challenge his dark ones. “You know I’m meticulous. And you can’t honestly think you’re the ONLY dangerous man I know. Something ever happens to me, those buildings are being torched immediately. Whole operation, done.” She lifts her chin, causing his gun to slide between her brilliant blue eyes as she glares at him with an angry hunger.

There’s an erotic, sexual chemistry between Tommy and Luna. Neither truly knowing if their going kill one another or fuck the shit out of each other in this moment. Holding each other’s gaze, neither willing to back down.

Luna sees it coming in his eyes. “Fuck, please don’t kis…” She begins to panic for the first time. More terrified of him kissing her than killing her.

“Tommy!! Luna!! What the FUCK are you two doing!!?” James, Tommy’s bestfriend, shouts at them.

Breaking the violently sexual spell between them, both lower their weapons. Still staring at each other.

“What the fuck?” James asks again.

Luna cocks her head over to James. “I’m getting married and Tommy won’t leave me alone. I’m never going to expect my husband to put up with that. I’m here because he threatened to come find him. So, like I just told him, he stops or I stop.” Luna looks back at Tommy and shrugs. “Plain and fucking simple.”

James completely understands and agrees with Luna. He puts his two cents in until Tommy tells him to Fuck Off to James’s Don’t Do Anything Stupid warning as he walks away.

Tommy really can’t stand Luna sometimes. She can be such a ruthless cunt. Not caring about any boundaries. It’s one of the things that made their sex so unforgettable to him and only makes him want her even more now.

Luna sighs, sitting her G19 on the bar as she slides onto the stool. Taking a long drink. Tommy following behind, staring at her.

“This is what you want?” He grabs her left hand again, flapping it in the air.

Holding it out to admire it, she smiles Yes. Finishing her drink, Tommy orders them two more.

They sit together for a bit. Him asking about Colson. Her answering honestly. Tommy comments how they never had their own time.

“Maybe in another life… When we are both cats.” Luna sadly quotes the movie Vanilla Sky.

Silently breaking both of their hearts. Again. They had watched it seven times one weekend, trying to understand the sad, twisted plot. Neither say anything as both of their minds dance around the memories of that weekend and the movie.

“Would you have pulled the trigger?” He finally asks her as they share another drink.

Looking over at him, her lips curl into a half smile. “Not in this life.” She says as she wipes away a single tear.


  • “Yo. Leave her the fuck alone.” James’s warns Tommy after Luna leaves. “We got a solid thing, I don’t know want you fucking it up.” Tommy goes off. “Me? Me? I’m the one fawking shit up? I don’t fawking think so. At least Luna’s on our level. You on some dumb shit wit Angela. THAT’S what’s gonna fawk us up.” James brushes him off. “Look, all I’m saying is we can’t get rid of Luna the way we did Holly. People WILL look for her… Do us all a favor and just leave her alone.” Tommy tells him to Fuck Off again before storming out of the club. Touching his grandmother’s ring around his neck as he thinks of both Luna and Holly. Holly was the only person he had ever seen a real future with. She wasn’t Luna but she had tried to give him the one thing Luna never would. A home.


The venue is jumping. Pete’s there hanging with Colson and The Band. Alcohol and weed flowing as usual.

Colson gets concerned when Nikki shows up and Luna’s still not there.

He takes a picture with Pete, Snapping it to Luna.


Luna’s a bit tipsy back at her grandmother’s. She stopped in to put her gun back and change. She had stayed at Truth with Tommy longer than she had intended.


  • They had needed it, in order for him to let her be. Tommy telling her how he still loves her. Luna admitting that he’ll always hold a piece of her heart. Ending their visit by deciding to continue their business agreement through Monica. Both knowing that interacting with each other is too hard for them both and dangerous to Luna’s upcoming marriage. They hugged tightly. Not knowing if they would ever see each other again. Tommy kissing Luna lightly on the cheek.


Slipping her dress back on, she sees a Snap from Colson.


“Fuck… I’m so late!!! Double checking she locked her safe. "That’s all I need is for her to find THAT.” Luna’s thinking of how her grandmother feels about guns as she boogies out the door. Wondering where she is.


“LOOONS!!!” Nikki yells her name as soon as she sees her.

Luna greets her with a grinning NIX! as the friends embrace. Looking around, Luna grabs a bottle of Johnny Walker Black off of a table next to her. Climbing on it, she signals Nikki.

“Sit. Talk to me…. It’s been a minute. What’s going on?” Luna asks.

“I don’t know… You tell me.” She eyes Luna suspiciously.

“How do you know?” Luna asks as she shakes her head with a grin.

“THERE YOU ARE!!” Colson exclaims to Luna. “I missed you. My gone be wifey.”

He’s buzzed as he runs his hands through her hair, pulling her face close to kiss her. Luna now understanding how Nikki knows. Laughing, she kisses him back.

“So. Lemme see!! Lemme see!!!” Nikki’s fingers wiggle for the ring. “Uh. What the fawk is THIS? You think you can marry my girl with some chintsy ass metal?” She looks up at Colson in disgust.

“Noooo!!!” He moans. “I forgot her actual ring because I wasn’t really sure when I was gonna propose. It just happened….” He trails off to Nikki’s Mhm.

Luna pulls Colson in between her legs. “I don’t care what anyone says, I love it.” She tells him before kissing him again.

“Well, you’re gettin’ the other one when we get home. You deserve better than that.” He nods down at the ring as he holds her hand.

“What? Better than something you MADE me… Whatever. I told you. I’ll look at it and we’ll see.” Luna rolls her eyes, hating how materialistic people are.

“You’ll look at it and you’ll love it!!” He exclaims as he wraps himself around her, attacking her with kisses.

Pete fires up a joint as Slim finds his way over to them.

“What’s up, LunaTic. Who’s your friend?” He asks, trying to be sly.

Luna and Nikki roll their eyes at each other before Luna tells him Miranda. Colson, Pete and the two friends erupting into laughter. Luna really is a dick.

“Nah.. Nix, Slim… Slim, Nikki Minaj.” Luna introduces them, sliding off of the table. Using her arms to showcase Nix.

“What’s good?” Slim asks Nikki as they begin to talk.

Luna’s reaching for the joint from Pete as she tucks herself under Colson. Lifting up for a kiss, she tells him she missed him. He’s just about to answer when he hears her name in an unfamiliar voice.

“Oh! Shit!! Is that Sam!!?” Pete asks.

“Yeup…. Sammy BooBoo’s jumping on tour with us for a couple dates.” Luna tells him.

Nudging Colson, Pete snickers to him to Have Fun. Luna and Sam squeal and squeeze each other. Before he can question him, Don calls 30mins.

“Come’re take a picture with me…” Nix whines at Luna. “Slim?” She asks handing him her phone as the friends pose together. “Thanks.” She smiles at him sweetly afterwards.

“I gotta change… You coming?” Luna asks her.

“Nah, I’m gonna stick around here.” She says looking a Slim.


Just as they’re about to walk on stage Pete and Colson spy Luna and Sam. Their arms are linked as they each down a bottle.

“And it begins….” Pete laughs.


Luna hits SideStage with Pete, Nikki and Sam. Finding Ashleigh there also. After introducing her to Nikki and Sam, Luna asks how talking with Diddy went. The two friends touch base on the MA situation, it’s not as bad as they thought. Seeing relief on Ashleigh’s face, Luna hugs her tight. Both agreeing they’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

Now is the time for family, liquor, weed and Machine Gun Kelly.

Habits and Breaking News 2 open as always. Following El Diablo, the five of them laughing as they rap to each other, passing some sort of mind altering substance between them at all times.

“A-Yo Fam!! Tonight’s a special night. We in my girl’s hometown. Maybe a little secret to tell….” He looks over and grins at Luna. “Even got my homie Pete wit me… Yo! Get the fuck out here, Dawg!” Colson shouts as the beat to Loco drops.

Sam and Luna laugh, pushing Pete OnStage with Colson as he kicks the opening lines.

🎶Hated the most

So I keep my haters close

Let 'em know I want the smoke

So much bread I gotta boast🎶

Bobben’ along, Pete runs the chorus with him.

🎶Ay can’t stop getting paper

Ay can’t stop rollin’ papers

Ay LSD and coca

Ay live la vida loca

Aye she gon’ feed me grapes

Ay we don’t go on dates

Ay got a man at home

But she love the way I taste🎶

The two bounce into each other, laughing. Pete jumping in on random lyrics and the chorus. Colson rapid firing through his lyrics.

🎶3, 2, 1, takeoff

Jets round the world with them

And you know we gotta fly

Wit the herb with them

In the town

I’m a chief like turbo and them

Shouts for the flow

G Herbo and them

I just got

The cell phone workin’ again

I just got

The Styrofoam purple again

Never make threats

Non-verbal again

You already know

How I’m lurkin’ again


They round out the chorus together. Hugging, Colson thanks Pete before he heads back to the girls. Luna and Sam teasing him. Nikki and Ashleigh laughing as they all vibe through GTS, Wild Boy, Let You Go and Candy. Colson teasing Luna and his female fans during the last two.

“He’s such a fucking attention slut.” She laughs, throwing her arm over Ashleigh as she agrees with laughter.

The whole show is incredible. The energy, the sound quality, the techs. There’s nothing like a MGK performance. Climbing on speakers, stage diving and dancing around as he rips through I Think I’m Okay and Hollywood Whore.

Bringing Luna out for Bad Things. They play off of each other as the crowd sings and raps along with them.

Colson grabs Luna by her pussy, pulling her closer to him.

🎶And you’re my drug🎶

He raps close to her face.

🎶Breathe you into my face🎶

Stealing a kiss before the word.


Releasing her, Luna skips across the stage, teasing him as she looks over her shoulder. Colson’s always hard as shit whenever she’s on stage with him. The Band is loud. Colson flawless on his guitar. Luna’s voice strong and commanding. Their energy undeniable. You can feel the electricity as they finish up, hands all over the other.

Luna greets the audience. “NEW YAAAWWKK!!!! IT’S GOOD TO BE HOME!!” She’s walking around the stage. “In The City I love….” The crowd cheers. “With the man I love…” She strokes Colson’s cheek as the cheers get louder. Grinning at each other, Luna turns to the audience. “Do you love this man?” The crowd roars. “Awww come on… You can do better than that.” She walks around his body, running her fingers along his shoulders before displaying him. “THIS is one of the most diverse artist in The Industry and we’re all here for one reason… Now I SAID… DO YOU LOVE THIS MAN!??” She screams as the room erupts.

Colson laughs, beaming as he covers his face with his one hand. Slightly embarrassed.

“That’s what I thought…” She grins, moving back closer to him. “Me too!” She agrees with a giggle as she tippy toes to kiss his warm cheek. “Thank you!”

Luna waves and begins to head off stage as Colson’s fans gush. He grabs her wrist, pulling her back as he beams. Picking the chords to Wonderul Tonight, he leans into the mic. Staring at her.

“Oh. We gettin’ married. EstFest. Mod’s set. You’re all invited.” He states nonchalantly as the room EXPLODES in excitement.

Luna laughs as he pulls her in for a passionate kiss. She walks OffStage shaking her head as Colson switches  for Rook’s gnarly cover of Shout At The Devil.

Sam is losing her shit. “You’re getting married!!???” Like for real!!?“ She bursts into a thousand questions as she hugs Luna in excitement.

The five of them. Luna, Ashleigh, Nikki, Pete and Sam continue to watch SideStage. Busting out the lyrics to Rap Devil with Colson. Passing more joints as show continues through Golden God, Alpha Omega, Home and LATELY.

Firing the venue back up again with Bad Motherfucker, Wake&Bake, Rehab and 27. They end on Sail.

Colson comes bouncing OffStage, grabbing Luna’s hand. Calling to Sam that she’ll meet her BackStage with Pete as Nikki makes her way with Ashleigh, Slim and the rest of The Band.

There’s a surprise Backstage. Seems like everyone’s popping up at the PlayStation Theater tonight….


Colson picks Luna up as soon as they close the door. Kissing her all over the neck and mouth. He sets her down on the counter of the dressing table.

"Where’d you go today?” He asks in between kisses as he pulls her shirt off.

Luna’s heart stops. “Seriously. Now. What the FUCK.” She doesn’t lie. If she doesn’t want to directly answer a question, she’ll side step it. She tries not to with Colson. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

Kissing his neck, trying to distract him as she unhooks her bra. She answers A Business Meeting. Moving to his mouth to her breasts to shut him up. It works for a moment as he glides his wet tongue around her hard nipple. Biting the metal while sucking on it. Making Luna moan as he body flushes with heat.

“With who, Monica?” He asks coming up for air as he moves to her other breast.

Luna doesn’t lie.

“No. Tommy.” She says.

Colson flies up from her chest. Glaring at her.

“What THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN?” His whole body is raging with anger as he spits his words at her. “No, you know what, I don’t wanna fucking hear it, Luna! TOMMY IS NOT A BUSINESS MEETING!!” He shouts angrily at her as he turns away.

“WAIT!” Luna states, pulling on his elbow.

“FUCK YOU!” He shouts.

Turning around quickly, Colson shoves Luna. Both palms slamming into her shoulders. She flies back from his force, breaking the mirror behind her. Pain radiating from the hit to the gunshot wound.

“Oh Fuck, Loons.. I’m..” He starts, immediately coming towards her.

Shocked, physically hurt and furious, Luna goes in defense mode. Kicking him square in the chest with her Doc as he gets closer. Knocking him back away from her.

Both of them stare at each other for a moment. Tears in both of their eyes. Neither saying a word. Colson grabs his shirt and walks out the door.

“FUCK DUDE… I can’t believe you pushed her…” Colson’s shocked at himself. Feeling the pain in his chest where she kicked him, his thoughts change. “Fuck her…. Crazy cunt. What the fuck was she doing with Tommy anyway..” His anger at her flares back up as he heads BackStage.


“He must seriously want to die one day.” Luna thinks. She’s livid that he had the audacity to push her. “I hope I broke his bitch ass chest.” Her shoulder is killing her. His huge hand and the glass pounding both sides of the wound.

Pulling her bra back on. Luna swigs the bottle of whiskey in her bag while pulling out three 30s. She rails them as she puffs on a joint. Looking for her shirt.

Sitting in a chair looking at the broken mirror, Luna continues to get high. Thinking about what just happened between her and Colson.

“His insecurity with this shit is getting real old.” Luna thinks shifting in pain. “And I don’t know what the fuck that nonsense was.” He mind floating to the angry push. “Fucking Asshole…” She sighs, still pissed.


“Yo! Get her the fuck outta here!” Slim instructs Benny.

BeBe Rexha is BackStage, hanging out like it’s no big deal until Slim sees her.

Rounding the corner, just as Slim says it Colson sees Bleta.

“Nah, nah, let her be…” He grins as he nods at her.

“Two can play this fucking game…” He thinks, walking over.


  • “Yo. Is yo boi stoopid?” Nikki asks Slim directly after watching the whole thing. Sitting back down, Slim agrees that he thinks Colson just might be. Nikki pulls her phone out to find Luna. Slim stops her. “Don’t. They fucking crazy enough without anyone adden’ to it.” Nikki gives him a dirty look. She doesn’t like not giving her people a heads up.
  • WHAT THE FUCK IS HE THINKING???“ Pete’s mind screams when he sees Colson walking towards BeBe.
  • Sam’s talking to Rook watching the whole thing unfold over his shoulder. "This is who the fuck she’s marrying???”
  • “Here we go again…” Benny thinks


Looking for a beer, it takes Luna a second to notice the room. While, it’s been anticipating her arrival.

Cracking one open, she takes a long swig as she scans it. That’s when she sees them. Colson’s right palm is propped against the back wall. Close to a girl leaning against it. His head is ducked towards hers as she stares at him intently. Grinning.

Luna cocks her head and watches Colson for a second. Then she pounds the entire beer before walking across the room to them. Sam and Nikki quickly coming from their separate places. Following behind their girl.

Luna shoves Colson’s left shoulder with burst of strength. Causing him to have to regain his balance. He smirks at her. Wanting this jealous reaction.

“You’re trying to get yourself fucked up tonight, hunh?” Luna asks Colson, hand flittering.

BeBe comes off the wall, stepping in front of Colson. She’s a little taller than Luna.

“Kinda seems like you might be. Bitch.” BeBe snakes her head trying to intimidate Luna.

Raising her eyebrows, Luna looks at Colson. A giggle begins to escape from her lips. Looking back at BeBe, it’s a laugh.

Lifting to her toes, Luna grabs the sides of BeBe’s arms pulling her towards her as she slams her forehead into the bridge of her nose. Pushing her onto the floor to deal with her blood and broken bones.

Nikki runs up to stand over BeBe. She’s barely conscious. Laughing, she shouts “You just got knocked the FUCK out!!”

Turning to Colson, Luna continues to laugh. Nikki’s actions amplifying it. Shaking her head, she asks him. “How you gonna let your girl get fucked up like that?” Looking him in the eyes, she says with a sneer. “You’re a piece of shit.”

With that Luna punches Colson right in the dick. Watching him drop to his knees. She turns to her friends, nodding to the door that they’re out of there.

Trotting beside Luna and Sam, Nikki laughs as they head for the door. “I always wanted to say that!!” She says excitedly as she throws her arm around Luna. “You come through for me all the time, B!!” The three of them laughing as they grab Luna’s stuff on their way out.

Walking down the back stairs, they pass Ashleigh. She asks Luna What’s Going On.

Kissing her cheek, Luna tells her to Ask Colson or his Bitch once They’re off the Floor. Having never met BeBe, Luna doesn’t know it’s actually her.

Confused, Ashleigh knows to let Luna go.


In the back of a cab, Sam asks where they’re going.

“To get fuuuuucked up!!” Luna declares.

“I got just the spot!” Sam grins, giving the cabby directions.

Nikki’s too busy posting to Instagram:


“MY Bitch. Been smashing shit and comen thru since '06 💯👯 #rideordie #nyny”


  • As Colson and Bleta recover on the floor, the room’s thought is pretty collective. Don’t fuck with Luna.
  • All but Pete. Pete’s fucking pissed at Colson. Leaving soon after Luna.


To be continued….