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Whether it's catching the wrong boat, watching your bag disappear or struggling to start a campfire, here are unsung heroes we met on the road:

Behind the close-mouthed concrete facade of a cluster of warehouses in Al Quoz, you’ll discover Alserkal Avenue, the heart of Dubai’s budding art scene: by HedleyHymers

Charming locals, beautiful scenery, vibrant culture – that’s ! Get top travel tips from our experts:

Lonely Planet Local Miriam Berger seeks out new tastes and experiences in Jerusalem's diverse food scene. How to live like a Local in Jerusalem:

Me encanta esta mujer , es que solo mírala y escúchala, enamora a cualquiera...

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Israel's Negev desert is a vast, diverse landscape that’s far from empty: by saratothstub

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Mozart: Piano Concertos No 9 Jeunehomme & No 27 (2015) - Vladimir Ashkenazy


LP – When We’re High – Х-Фактор 8. Первый прямой эфир


Destroying Literally Everything in Donut County | PC Gameplay w/Kat Donut County Gameplay Part 1 - Indie Hole Simulator (similar to Katamari) - PC Let’s Play w/KatFTWynn Follow for more livestreams ►Twitch.Tv/KitaNash Watch the full livestream ► Kat’s Twitch ► Buy the Game ► Donut County Part 1 ► Donut County Part 2 ► Donut County Part 3 ► More Content: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3ds) ► Pokemon Sun (3ds) ► Pokemon Ultra Moon (3ds) ► Pokemon Yellow (3ds) ► Return to Popolocrois (3ds) ► Shantae ½ Genie Hero (PS4) ► Stardew Valley (PC) ► Stardew Valley 1.1 (PC) ► Story of Seasons (3ds) ► Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (3ds) ► Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC (3ds) ► Donut County is an adventure physics puzzle game developed by Ben Esposito and published by Annapurna Interactive in 2018. Instagram ► Twitter ► Kita Cartoon Artwork Done by Echoii ►@oatssisan (Twitter) Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound ►

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Just started binging BL mangas and I have to say, you guys are some of the most hardworking translators out there lololol I have to ask tho, will you continue translating Last Paradise?

Awww thanks.

About last paradise (or actually any series that we are working on), if you didn’t see we put out an announcement saying we drop the series, it means we’re still working on it. It’s just a tid bit slow. Because we’re human too and we have rl works. Most of our staffs are students.

So yeah, we’re still working on last paradise.

- wawaa


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Dekogon - Shovel, Carlos Morales
My contribution to the Dekogon - Kollab project that I work with many other talented artists. Ready for Unreal Engine 4 / Tris: 6700 / Textures: 4K One Single Texture Set This is part of a Post Apocalyptic Handheld Weapons set that's available to purchase soon! Gumroad - Cubebrush - Unreal Marketplace - Check out more about the Team:

The USS Alabama is SO COOL!


New episode of LIMBO is up! :)

Fedez. Nel nuovo album anche Annalisa, LP, Emis Killa...

Going News | 21 gennaio 2019 | musica | di Daniel Toshi | Riproduzione riservata

La pubblicazione di Paranoia Airlines è imminente

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Fedez ha svelato altri dettagli inerenti il suo nuovo album, Paranoia Airlines. I 16 brani che lo costituiscono includono una serie di collaborazioni. Nei crediti del lavoro, infatti, compaiono i nomi di: Annalisa, LP, Emis Killa, e Dark Polo Gang. Si sommano a quelli di Zara Larsson, che con Fedez ha duettato in Holding Out For You, il secondo singolo scelto per introdurre l'album, e di Tedua & Trippie Redd, che caratterizzano Che ca**o ridi, brano svelato poco prima del rilascio del successore di Prima di ogni cosa, il primo singolo.

Ecco l'elenco dei brani inclusi in Paranoia Airlines:

Prima di ogni cosa
Holding Out For You (con Zara Larsson)
Che ca**o ridi (con Tedua & Trippie Redd)
Paranoia Airlines
F**kTheNoia (con Annalisa)
Kim & Kanye (con Emis Killa)
Sfregi e difetti
L’una per l’alcol
Un posto bellissimo
Cosa senza spine (con LP)
TVTB (con Dark Polo Gang)

Paranoia Airlines sarà pubblicato il prossimo 25 gennaio.