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Maybe it's not about unlearning to love someone. Maybe it's about loving yourself more.

Set yourself in the right mood and let the sun shine out of your soul - the future is colourful...๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ˜Ž See Feel Love..

Whenever you doubt yourself, just ask Schrรถdingerโ€™s cat. he will always try giving you an answer. Even if heโ€™s uncertain.

Interesting, for in and 10 are revealed by Bruce Oreck. Not just , rather . Be yourself, your ideas, be .

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It's not selfish to love yourself, to take care of yourself and to make your happiness a priority. - Mandy Hale ~

What are some of the things you love most about yourself? Cherish & celebrate who you are! That's the best sort of .

The sexiest thing- when you truly yourself! Self-love isn't creating an over-sized ego, but believing in yourself enough &finding happiness from within. Happiness is contagious, & I think it's something we all want to catch!๐Ÿ˜‰

The sexiest thing- when you truly yourself! Self-love isn't creating an over-sized ego, but believing in yourself enough &finding happiness from within. Happiness is contagious, & I think it's something we all want to catch!๐Ÿ˜‰

Having a pure is the best to yourself...the enters easily then... I wish for all of you to have a heart, be in that โœจ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿค—๐ŸŒธโœจ ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒธโ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿฆ‹๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒˆโœจโœจโœจ

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Take time for yourself, figure out who you are and love that person unconditionally.

21 on 21st May

I am a year older today.

I think the greatest gift that I told to myself is that I can’t believe I have grown to be 21 years old and to top of it on 21st too. Just by realizing that, I am already content with my existence.

I do still remember how unstable I am when I had my first birthday in this city. I am far away from my family and none of my friends knew my birthday. I was so stupid wishing that people would just knew it without me telling them. And of course deep down, I wanted them to say “Happy Birthday” but it’s a wishful thinking if you didn’t tell them at all. I even remembered crying over a mere “tissue” with my roommates on my birthday, silly me.

But then, on my 2nd year celebrating my birthday here, my friends celebrated with me. I still remember them bringing me a noodle for my birthday since I love noodles and warm meals so much. It was a simple one but I am happy. Over the course of one year, I became close friends with them and looking back, I am grateful for the circle of friends that I had until today.

Now, on my 3rd year celebrating my birthday. I am just content with being alive. It’s just rare for me to be feeling this way, tranquil and not being on the edge if people didn’t remembered my birthday. I am just grateful for everything that happened until today. Good or bad, I learnt from it.

Someone said to me that birthday was not “our day” but it’s “our parent’s day”. I think it’s true since without them, I wouldn’t be here at all. So, I didn’t wait for my parents to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to me, instead I said “Thank you” to them for bringing me to this world and raising me with all their heart.

I guess if I had to “theme” this year’s birthday, I would say that it’s not a sweet 21st or such. I think I want to commemorate today as the day I celebrate myself in a manner that the girl who didn’t know how to face the world has grown up to find some strength and courage to take up the challenges the world has for her. I am still learning and I think I will never stop learning more about myself and what the universe has in it for me.

- Reina.

Can we take a moment for the chubby girls? Girls with rolls, cellulite, postpartum bellies and any “imperfections” that aren’t shown in media? We need to be celebrated! I’ve recently gained weight and it’s not a bad thing. My double chin and stomach rolls are BEAUTIFUL. PERIOdt. I loved myself when I was just bones and will continue to love myself now that I have some cake. And any women insecure with their body, you’re beautiful. You’re human. You’re YOU. This appreciation post is for you because you ARE beautiful!! All of you. Every body is different and unique and BEAUTIFUL!! I can’t stress that enough. Don’t listen to society and media. Listen to me. Because I’m right.

Garden Guy

You are a garden

Filled with glistening golden roses


Butterflies and bees

The lightest rain

Shines on your skin

Like a quiet, still lake

The silk of your hair

Leaves the feeling


Cool grass on the feet

Your scent of trees

and blossoms

A true gift

True treasure

I am the traveller who

Happened to pass by

And was pulled in by

Your irresistible


Lucky enough to exist

But the luckiest to have

Had the chance to

Know you

The traveler wants you

And wants you to

Want yourself too

You are a rarity that

Cannot be explained in

One language

A forest of

The purest beauty

And I have never wanted to

Exist more than I do

With you

My tongue pushes against my teeth so tears never fall. The old wounds in my palms reopen as I push my nails further into the flesh. The signature sound of skin breaking don’t scare me anymore.

You’ll never see me cry. I hide it too well, too often. My old friend from grade school, the sting in your eye before you cry.

I know that pain in your adomen when you can’t get enough of that day’s water out.

I know the rumble of my hungry stomach and how it sickens me.

I know the feeling of ‘if I just disappeared no one notice.’ It’s not an attention-seeking statement, it’s a fact. And if it’s not a fact, make me think otherwise even when I can’t.

I know when you can’t fall asleep because even your tears can’t calm your anymore.

I know the need to sleep all day.

I know.

I know.

I know it all.

And I know you know too.

So please, love yourself even when you think you shouldn’t.

Nรฃo, eu nรฃo quero que tu me procure somente quando precisa que suas necessidades sejam saciadas de alguma forma. Nรฃo quero que me ligue ร s trรชs da madrugada querendo que eu mande uma foto que o ajude a gozar. Nem quero que vocรช me diga o quรฃo gostosa eu sou quando tudo o que eu quero ouvir รฉ que eu sou alguรฉm que vale a pena se ter. Nรฃo vem me dizer que tรก precisando transar, eu sรณ quero me sentar aqui nessa cama e ter alguรฉm pra conversar. Alguรฉm que vai dar ouvidos e importรขncia pro que eu tenho pra falar.ย O meu erro foi procurar isso em vocรช, quando o que fala mais alto รฉ sempre seu desejo. E quando tento falar, vocรช me cala com um beijo e terminamos na cama. Nรฃo entende que nem tudo รฉ sexo? Que estar junto รฉ muito mais do que eu como seu objeto sexual? Podemos apenas conversar? Vocรช poderia, ao menos, me ouvir?ย Para ti sou um ritual sagrado. Vocรช adora o meu corpo, mas se esquece que a alma tambรฉm precisa ser cuidada. Vocรช contempla as minhas curvas, mas nรฃo se importa se em meu rosto o sorriso รฉ verdadeiro. Fisicamente vocรช me ama, mas eu quero mais do que isso. Eu p r e c i s o de mais. E รฉ por isso que hoje foi a รบltima vez em que vocรช se ajoelhou diante desse templo todo que eu sou, foi a รบltima vez em que vocรช rezou o meu nome entre os seus gemidos roucos e eu atendi as suas preces, foi a รบltima vez em que vocรช chegou perto o suficiente para conseguir testemunhar o milagre de me ver exposta no seu pedestal. De hoje em diante, para ti serei inacessรญvel. Peregrine, faรงa greve de fome ou ore aos cรฉus todas as noites, mas em mim vocรช nรฃo tocarรก mais. Entendeu? Nunca mais.
—  Escrito por Juliana, Ana Letícia e Kelly em Julietário. 

BTS: MetLife day 2

I couldnt hear what any of BTS were saying, bc it was so loud in my section in the sky, but what I could hear just made me so happy.

I’m so in love? I miss them?

Jin? Chaotic and energetic.

Yoongi? Genuine and funny. A ball of fluff.

Namjoon? Oh wow ethereal, how is he real? Glowing.

Jhope? Rude (but in a good way) and just energetic af.

Jimin? Oh WOW I can’t even describe it. He’s just surreal.

Tae? A cheeseball, who just deserves so much happiness and good.

Jk? RuDE part 2. But also so sweet and wholesome he got so emotionally at the end of it

And the whole show, you could feel the love and passion they put into what they do

It was the best concert I’ve ever been to, even if I felt awful most of the show.

Moral of the story: I love BTS more than I thought I ever could 😭😭



I’m so sorry you guys couldnt actually watch me open the box. my vid got interrupted & froze, so I had to just introduce the deck as is 💜 also we’re 5 away from 100 subs! Your daily reads are in this video as well. Namaste ✨

I wanted to snap because I always tell him to text me before calling because he KNOWS what type of work I’m involved in and can’t have any disruptions, but he still decides to call me anyways before asking if I’m available (Leo)

My day was already testy - as I mentioned before, that I’m not trying to block my blessings by giving into negative actions so I calmly told him once again to PLEASE text me first. I’m gonna go back to prerecording and then uploading instead of doing them directly from YouTube 💜