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"Vole" by Mark Perronet, one of several new screenprints we'll be selling for just £20 this Sunday at the Love edition of the Art Car Boot Fair in Kings X. Advance tickets from

Imagine how they are living their life. How are the future of these kids going to be like. a big thank to all NGO around the world helping these people out

We use them, sometimes abuse them, cover them, smother them, treat them, beat them. It’s time to love your feet. Big Beautiful Feet. #manchester#bigbeautifulfeet

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In highschool I dated a boy who was one of my first real relationships. He had to move away unexpectedly and would write me letters all the time. He’d call me “pretty kitty” and of course would sign “write back soon” on a lot of them. We ended up losing touch as we grew up, but I never knew how much he had taught me in the little time we had spent together, or how much love I held for him even to this day. He died two years ago and when I learned about it, I was in a bad place already and wasn’t with a person who would’ve understood my form or way of grieving. So I never really processed it until recently. His birthday is in a few days and I felt this was a great way to commemorate him and how he helped make me who I am today. It’s in his handwriting, too. 💓 -@catsypline

I want someone to love me like Arthur loved Merlin.

The love between those two was beautiful and young and playful, all impish grins and scraped knees. It was trauma, beautiful tragedy that fell upon two children, one who died in battle far too young, and one who kept something so secret that even the mere utter of such a thing brought a sob to his throat. They had the minds of kids, innocent and fragile, hopeful. They were the perfect definition of young love.

I don’t need a prince charming to come riding in to save the day. I want someone who will not try to lead nor want to follow me from behind - someone who will proudly stand by me and hold my hand. A weirdo who will go on adventures with me, be attentive, real and make me laugh” 

Because I guess that in one way or another, every person I love always end up dead, distant or both.
—  Estevão Fernando (stoic-words)