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Every one you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about, be kind. . . RT

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Definitely ! Thank you for playing Fake Love 💜

Behind the scenes of Runaway Romance with Trevor, Danielle, and director Brian Herzlinger. Good times!

Behind the scenes of Runaway Romance with Trevor, Danielle, and director Brian Herzlinger. Good times!

So u in your family might be awesome but my sister is when it comes a from ! I even have in colors. I mean come on , you out did yourself!

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His look is everything ★彡


Bts V || NAVER x Dispatch

Focus on Me: Things I need to realize.

I have to focus on me.

I need time to heal.

I need time to learn and grow.

I need time alone to see who I am without the influence of others.

I do not need validation from others.

I do not need to be needed by others.

It’s OK to go days without speaking to people.

People don’t have to be here for you.. People can’t always be here for you.

It’s OK to be alone.

It’s OK to do things alone.

Put the fucking phone down.

Drink tea and listen to music.

Read a fucking book.

Watch all the TV shows you’ve missed.

Quit reaching out to other people. Let them come to you for once. Quit searching for someone to fill your emptiness. Quit try g to keep yourself occupied with others.

Find peace within yourself. Find love within yourself. It’s all going to work out. It doesn’t have to be now… And if you can’t let go if you can’t do these things no relationship will ever work. You’re drowning people, overwhelmkng them, and getting upset because they’re not doing the same back….You’re too much. You’re too fast. It’s not healthy. It’s not good. It’s not love. Step back. Breathe. Live.

God’s Plans 💛 @BibleQuote365
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“I got your back.”

really old meme || @sparemercy

      the atmosphere at grillby’s has always been a comforting, welcoming one. it’s easy to feel happier, more relaxed in here, just enjoying another meal and yet another break time; for a little while there’s nothing to worry about, no fallen children or talking flowers or whatever in-between. he doesn’t think papyrus really understands it–but his bro tries to, even if he doesn’t appreciate the place as much as sans, and well… that’s way more trouble than he could’ve ever asked for, and he’s grateful for that.

                        ( sometimes it’s just good to remember someone still cares about him, despite everything he’s done and the thing he’s become through the years. )

      it’s their kindness towards papyrus that makes him really approach the kid. he usually wouldn’t bother, he’d just turn a blind eye and pretend not to notice something was off about that one, but in the end he still finds himself sitting by their side at grillby’s, allowing himself to enjoy the moment—-it’s been so long, really. and maybe he can trust this kid, maybe they’ll be good until the end… well, he can only hope.

                                                                        ( and hope is too dangerous, too treacherous. )

      the conversation about a ‘talking flower’ escapes him before he could hold himself back–and he knows he should do something about that annoying weed sooner or later, he knows he should worry more than the usual because something is wrong about flowey. the thing is just… being too quiet, staying out of everyone’s way; but right now, that isn’t his problem.

            * i think someone’s prankin’ paps with an echo flower
            * so keep an eye out for me, wouldja?

                                          ‘ I got your back! ‘

      and their answer makes him smile–almost a true smile, if one tried to perceive it as so; that kid is just so good… and maybe he shouldn’t, maybe he’s just going to get hurt in the end because that’s how things are down here—-but he truly hopes they stay good. he messes with their hair, slips out of the seat because he really should get going before undyne passes by his station. yet, he can’t deny that this break time has been a good one.

      he could get used to it.

            * take care, kiddo

This is just a gentle reminder, you don’t have to be positive all the time. It’s okay to feel sad, to want to cry, to not be happy. Nobody is happy and positive all of the time. If you fall, that’s okay. The thing is to get back up after you’ve fallen. To try again! Always try again! And know that you are never truly alone in anything. The community is always here for you. No matter what! 💚