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I want to preface this with SPREAD KINDNESS! For anybody who stops reading after the first sentence lol! So I learned something today. It’s something you always hear but not something I think I’ve ever seen in such a large quantity in one place. That kindness is contagious and it’s very easily spread. Through the year I’ve taken the role of team mom for not only my team but every high school team. As a joke but I take my role very seriously lol. Well at the end towards awards I was telling literally every single person that I could get to that I was proud of them and that they did absolutely amazing. People I knew and didn’t know alike. I would hear people putting themselves down and talking about how bad they did and even if I had already told them I would make sure to put my hand on their shoulder and say how proud I was and that they did absolutely amazing. And as the time went on waiting for awards I could feel a shift in the room almost. Idk I just started to hear so much positivity and I received just so much l love. People came up to me and told me “man I love you. I really needed your positivity thank you!” And others came and told me that they were really down i helped. I just had so much love come back to me. I had a whole group of girls basically swooning because of just how positive I was and how much love I gave. and it just made me feel so amazing knowing I could spread kindness in a room like that and just one person going around doing it could make such ripples. I just loved the feeling and honestly kindness is so easy to give! A simple act! Do something! Be kind!


Parental Strife

Like all of us, my parent sometimes gets angry. Unlike many of us, there are very few signs that this is about to happen. The boundaries of what is acceptable are often very obscure, and I spent a lot of my childhood trying to edge my way around them without hitting them in order to work out what they were whilst limiting the amount of pain caused.

One obvious example is where sex is concerned. My parent has very high but uneven walls around the concept of sex. My sibling and I were not permitted to share rooms with partners until we were 18, which is probably fair enough, though at that age we had to go through the boss fight before unlocking that new achievement.

When I was 17, my parent discovered I’d had sex with my then-partner and exploded with anger, banned me from seeing him and called me all sorts of names before repenting the next weekend and driving me to visit him. It’s a typical pattern - immediate explosion of anger followed by guilt, misery and a short period of random favours.

In theory that’s not really so bad. In practice, it’s also not too bad, as Petra and I both thoroughly believe our childhoods to have been unusually magical thanks to our parent. However, it is a very hard thing to hear your parent (who, when you are a child, was your entire world) shout all of your insecurities at you, regardless of their guilt afterwards.

(As a side note, this may be where my firm belief that ‘guilt is a useless emotion’ comes from. I’m a much bigger fan of determination to change).

Recently, since Petra moved back home, I’ve found the waters have become a lot muddier, partly due to my parent’s view of polyamory and genderfluidity, partly due to their much higher tolerance for sexual behaviour and sex-based conversation with Petra, and partly due to some baseline personality clashes between both me and my parent and M and my parent.

Right now, I do not engage in any discussions of sex or relationships with my parent, as I’m never sure which issue or situation will lead to which outcome. Today can I joke about the sex I’ve just had like Petra does, or will you ban me from entering any bathroom with a partner in case we fuck? Is today the day you call me selfish and inconsiderate for having two partners or the day I can have them both over for Christmas Dinner? Can Petra draw erotica today or will I be told to move out for corrupting them and then have it taken back?

I am a lowkey fan of 'if they’re sending mixed signals, at least some of those signals are “no”’, but I do struggle a lot to work out which subjects or actions are permitted and which are not.

So far I have managed to define four hard-line rules:

  1. No drugs in the house. Very, very fair and I totally understand this, apart from my parent’s frequent, seemingly sincere, recommendations that I grow weed in the shed…
  2. Only one partner allowed to stay over at a time. Also reasonable, it’s rarely ever an issue. These days it feels more restrictive than it used to but it’s still a fair rule. This is my parent and even if I am paying rent, this is their house.
  3. No sharing baths. Personally don’t get it but at least it’s spoken and relatively clear now, though showers with M are still permitted.
  4. No collaborating with Petra to make erotica. Fairly pointless rule, we’ve both been writing and drawing porn for half of our lives, it’s just the collaboration that’s new.

Other rules I struggle a lot to parse, due to their invariably shifting nature, and the fact that boundaries with me are one thing and boundaries with Petra are very different, because I am the older child who generally pushed boundaries first and was the 'bad child’, and my parent also feels they have a lot to deal with or accept about me (bisexuality, genderfluidity, polyamory etc) and therefore their tolerance for me is a lot lower. I suppose it works out though, I’m able to stay out all night without worried texts every few hours, which I know Petra would like.

However, I have managed to work out some basic helpful guidelines for living with my parent:

  • They like clean counters and tabletops. If the surfaces are clear, the house counts as tidy.
  • Wipe down the surfaces after using them
  • Emptying the dishwasher is always something to notice and be grateful for, which definitely goes both ways
  • If in doubt, say thank you. Even if you don’t think anything’s happened, say thank you for something
  • Wipe down the surfaces
  • Take out the recycling immediately
  • Wipe down the surfaces
  • Do not leave sex toys anywhere in your room, unless they’re covered in glitter, humorous and only noticed when you’re out of the country. Then feel free and it will become a joke instead
  • If M is speaking a lot or loudly, get him Out or Down, Boy. This is slowly morphing into 'if M, get him Out or Down, Boy’ as my parent’s goodwill towards him is somewhat shortened by their liking of Dash.
  • Do not set boundaries or ask for changes in behaviour. Asking for space is a privilege, but it has now been earned.
  • Wipe down surfaces

It’s good to have a list of practical things I know help to keep the peace.

Since I moved back in with my parent, I have chafed at a lot of the unspoken restrictions, but it has been very rare for me to feel unhappy or frustrated by the clearly spoken ones (until the new one about erotica, which is also the only one I am fully intending to break while my parent and I are both at home). In a lot of ways, having a clear rule makes it a lot easier to stop thinking about it.

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