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Single-Family Residential Development Opportunity

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Quick interview and a tune with about our show in tonight!! We are basically everywhere πŸ™Š

Every Tuesday Night It Goes Down At @luxlafayette For College Karaoke Night Sounds By And Free Shot Everytime You Sing And Great Drink Specials Come Out And Party And Sing With us!!!! 🎀

Shreveport is a wonderful city! You must visit if you get the chance! (photo by @kristogias)

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Louisiana Patients Demand Cannabis Be on Shelves by May 15 It would be about time! The residents of have been waiting too long for this.

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This is definitely an interesting place to watch the sunset! Red River Lock and Dam in Shreveport, Louisiana (photo by @leadinglensphoto)

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Flirt and get Laid Tonight!

What?! You didn’t hear?! Our 6 Year Anniversary lasted only 30 seconds! Check it out!! :) HUGE THANKS once again to everyone that made it out, we had a BLAST!! Still thirsty for more? Well we’ll be slinging beers while Taco Jerks will be slinging grub Wednesday Night for HUMP DAY TRIVIA at Chafunkta! CHEERS!! #chafunkta #6years #anniversary #chafunktatribe #trivia #tacojerks #drinklocal #eatlocal #trivia #humpday #louisiana #craftbeer (at Chafunkta Brewing Company)

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Louisiana made CBD illegal again. When it was legal for about a year or two. Maybe even more… It had many health benefits with only having no higher than 0.03% of THC in it. Which is nothing… It has no psycho-active effects. Also, at the same time. The first harvest of medical marijuana grown by two of Louisiana’s universities will be harvested soon. And cannabis is illegal medically and recreationally. I don’t get it. This state is backwards af. Alcohol & drunk driving kills way more than cannibis related deaths state-wide and nationally. The only things that happen with cannabis is being categorized as scheduled 1 drug which immcrimates people. You can’t die from taking cannibis alone. But it’s all apart of the propaganda they sale you being that it makes people crazy and etc… Black males are immcrimated the most for it. Anything to keep us controlled and detained.

Workout updates

It’s been a while since my last update. Last week, I was in Louisiana, after Mardi Gras and the parties were still going on.  Great gyms.  My workout level continues, in fact, increased in intensity. Join a nutritional/strct workout program by Jon Andersen. Anyway, I am still on my mark for gym time, concentrating on weights instead of the track.  Attended Arnold Classic this year.  Also returned to tennis and racket ball.


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Fats Domino - “I Hear You Knockin’”


Todos os dias, Sally, uma jovem moradora da Louisiana, ouvia o vento batendo as portas e janelas de sua casa. Ela era uma pessoa descuidada e sempre esquecia de que no final da tarde ou no início da noite, o vento da beira do Mississipi era mais forte, a ponto de fazer um barulho amedrontador, se não fossem tomadas simples precauções, como trancar portas e janelas.

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Numa noite comum de sábado, Sally fora dormir mais cedo, pois havia chegado de uma festa, que fora por consideração, mesmo sem gostar d econsumir bebidas alcólicas. De madrugada, lá pelas três da manhã, acordou com o barulho das portas e janelas batendo com bastante força. Foi quando lembrou que não havia trancado direito e desceu para trancar tudo e voltar a dormir.

Porém ao chegar na frente da casa, um medo sem fundamento tomou conta de seu corpo: a porta e as janelas estavam trancadas, mas o barulho não cessava. No medo, Sally tentou abrir a porta e correr para o lado de fora da casa. Mas objetos começaram a ser arremessados nela, fazendo-a cair no chão.

Um pouco zonza por causa da queda, ela sentiu algo sobrenatural segurando seu pé e a puxando para o porão da casa. Desse dia em diante, Sally nunca mais fora vista: está presa dentro da casa, até hoje e isso foi a cerca de trinta anos atrás. Alguns vizinhos dizem que quando o vento está forte, eles conseguem ouvir seus gritos de socorro.

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‘New Orleans Jackson Square Iconic Nola French Quarter Cityscape Travel Lifestyle’ Wall Tapestry by StudioBlack
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New Orleans Jackson Square Iconic Nola French Quarter Cityscape


Iviona Badazz - “Personal”


This Day in History: The Spanish Governor who worked for American independence

On this day in 1780, the British negotiate a surrender of Fort Charlotte to the Spanish governor of Louisiana, Bernardo de Gálvez. Do you know about Gálvez? He’s the guy that Galveston, Texas, is named for. His efforts were vitally important during the American Revolution. If nothing else, they distracted the British, forcing them to maintain another theater of war to the south. Mobile, in present-day Alabama, was one of Gálvez’s early targets. It was protected by Fort Charlotte. In January 1780, Gálvez and his men departed New Orleans, but his journey was beset by storms and other problems. Ships ran aground. Supplies were lost. Gálvez gained reinforcements and continued on. By March 1, Gálvez had reached the fort, and he demanded surrender. The Spanish badly outnumbered the British! “[Y]ou must either give [the fort] up immediately,” Gálvez wrote, “or you must suffer all the calamities of war….” But British Capt. Elias Durnford refused. “[W]as I to give up this Fort on your demand,” he responded, “I should be regarded as a traitor to my king and country. My love for both and my own honor direct my heart to refuse surrendering….” He later wrote another British officer: “I will defend [the] Fort to the last extremity.” Gálvez’s troops settled in for a siege, preparing earthworks and a battery. The final attack came on March 12. Gálvez later recounted that “we opened the battery with a brisk fire from 8 guns of 18 pound balls, and one of 24….The fire continued incessantly on both sides ‘till sun-set, when the enemy having one gun dismounted, and another overthrown, hoisted a white flag.” On March 13, the two sides discussed terms for surrender. On March 14, Gálvez entered the fort and took his prisoners. P.S. The attached painting is “La Marcha de Galvez, guerra de independencia americana” by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.  (Translation: The March of Galvez, American War of Independence) FULL STORY: