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Today is a day of somber reflection as we mark 7 years since Reuben's passing. But we also acknowledge that he has gifted a wonderful legacy that enables us to support other families who have in their lives and in their hearts. Thank you xx

This guided meditation Forgiving Your Parents can help you heal any unresolved issues with your parents that may be causing conflict in your relationships and other life areas. Vonne Solis - My Sister

If you know what to look out for then LOSSES should be minimised HOWEVER they will never be completely irradiated ‼️‼️

20 years ago today, my mum tied of a brain tumour. I was only 20. It was an event that had a profound affect on my life. Here’s a piece I wrote about parenting and loss.

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process revealed on the right above the previous daily high .... Classic ! 11 770.5 on the ! 11 775 on the for 37 contract shown! still bullish here ...

I think this is the loveliest feedback we’ve had! Thank you to everyone who’s come and seen ‘Sary’ so far❤️Just four more chances to catch her!

"A gripping wartime and post-war saga from Madalyn Morgan" & The lives and loves of Bess, Margot, Claire and Ena. The Dudley Sisters' Saga has it all!

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A different take on life after death. May be of particular interest for those who have experienced spousal or child loss Vonne Solis - My Sister

I have learned to my a different way. Not just a single day, as for me that day is punctuated with and shaded in but instead a few weeks of small things and dinner with my is the highlight of my year. I can't remem…

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Dear Dad,

I wish I could tell you it is getting better. I wish I could feel like I’m making you proud. The truth is, I’m shutting down. I dread waking up, I dread going to sleep. Everything is exhausting and nothing seems real. I really think I’m losing my mind. I quit my job. I didn’t want to do it anymore, it was making me so unhappy and I can’t deal with a single fucking thing right now. My birthday is coming up and I am terrified. How do I do it without you? 27 birthdays you were there for, and I never wanted anything big, I just wanted you there, and you never failed me. You loved me so much and I loved you the same, how are you not here anymore?! No one understands how close we were. People tell me you would want me to be happy, and I know it’s true. I know. But how can I be happy without you? When part of me is missing?

Dad, I am trying so hard to fit in and be a functioning human. I went to Erika’s birthday dinner and I hated it, I took way too much anxiety medicine and I am ashamed. I couldn’t get through it without it. You’re not there. My life is a labyrinth, a nightmare, I keep wishing to wake up. I can’t. This all somehow fucking happened, this is my reality. Most days I’ve been feeling numb, like a person pretending to be a person, like I’m looking in from the outside at someone’s depressing life.

I want to die too. It’s been four months. I can’t believe it. I keep trying to describe it, but the truth is there are no words. This is agony. I want it all to stop.

I love you, love you, I love you, Papa. Thank you for loving me so completely. I wouldn’t trade a single moment.

y'all ever lose a friend that you spent so much precious memories with and now you feel like you don’t deserve friendship with anyone at all and now you just isolate yourself from everyone?

just me? ok

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Hey, two days ago my mum told me that my dog passed away two months ago. The reason i didnt know about it is that i dont live with my parents and i had a lot of stressful things going on (getting my MA degree and finding a job) and they didnt want me to be in pain. and i dont know how to deal with it. I feel so bad... this was the best and the most loving dog i’ve ever seen and now i cant believe she isnt there anymore. Im afraid it’ll hurt so bad to visit my parents and not see my cutest dog :(

I’m so sorry baby! I lost both my cats within 5 months of each other this last year — it was so hard, and nothing can ever replace a fur baby. Just know that she is watching over you now, she’s not in pain, she’s at peace, and time will help ❤️

Every investment is a good investment

I have many friends who make many financial investments such as in the stock market or retirement accounts. And today I was having a bit of a rough morning. I’m extremely exhausted and it’s catching up with me, but I’ve got a big battle coming up that I have to prepare for, so I can’t take a break yet.

In Matthew 25:14-30 Jesus tells a parable of a master who went away on a journey and entrusted money to some servants. Obviously, the master is Jesus/God and the servants are Christians/disciples. But there are a few important points I want to make.

First, in verse 15 Jesus said that He only entrusted to each servant according to their ability. I’m not trying to say something stupid like “God only gives us what we can handle” - that’s a lot of bull. But, God has placed each of us exactly where He intended to - It’s up to us what we will do with that opportunity.

Second, and I think more important, some servants made good investments and were praised for it, but one made no investments and was rebuked for it. He took no risks, and didn’t lose anything, but he was rebuked. What about those who made poor investments and failed and had nothing to show for their efforts?

Maybe you feel like a failure or that you’ve let God down. I know I’ve felt exactly like that before. But if you notice there were no servants who were rebuked for making a bad investment because there is no such thing as making a bad investment when you are investing in God’s kingdom.

When we invest our talents for God’s kingdom, we don’t know the long term effects and even when we don’t see anything, God still counts it as an investment. It would be good to remember what Jesus said in Matthew 11:28-30: we can trust Him and take up His yoke because He is gentle and humble. He is not a tyrant dictator who is waiting for us to fail, even though He has every right to. He doesn’t hold what we call ministry failures over our heads.

Some might say that God’s patience with us was a ministry failure on His part, but God doesn’t see it that way. He praises us for our investments because to Him every investment is a good investment.

Don’t be afraid to continue to pour into others. Wicked people will always come and they will try to mislead the many, but God gave us so we could give. Count your “failures” as investments regardless of whether the return is immediate or whether there is no physical return or pay-off of any kind.

You’re not a failure, especially if you have loved greatly and obeyed fully.