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TOPOS E INSPIRACION FLAMENCA La combinación cromática de blanco y negro forma uno de los matrimonios más perennes y duraderos del mundo de la moda y combinada con el estampado de lunares obtenemos una de las tendencias ...

I go, I go, look how I go, swifter than an arrow from a bow😊 William Shakespeare

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[YouTube / Letterbox Ladies reinforce stereotypes by trampling on US and Israeli flags] Girls Day Out (Monarchoflos)

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beyond the weird harassment, they’ve been really awful to a number of people which is probably not surprising. it’s too hard to come forward about anything because they are so violently defensive and don’t listen to anyone else. the threats were so awful, i’m glad they finally got deleted. (because they like to blame it on other people no, this has nothing to do about the p*do)

Why does this seem familiar?

In the last decade, I have watched social media develop facial recognition software, smart technology invent wiretap devices people actually want in their homes, the US Gov’t  steadily increase surveillance of the American people, while methodically outlawing political dissent, and the media, however they swing, sow derision, encourage othering/dehumanization (which our administration does as well now), normalize police brutality, and spread fear. 

I’ve also watched addiction become a national epidemic of obscene proportions, the old guard American people and government steadily lose compassion and empathy, while the government swings ever closer to blatant oligarchy and fascism.

But, I’ve also seen a generation stand up, and say FUCK THAT, and that’s a beautiful thing.. I just hope they don’t burn out before they finish getting the point across. And the upcoming generation is already actually suing the government for environmental damage. I live in some pretty interesting times, man. I hope the youth win. For humanity’s sake.

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Without eyes, only a blank expression we stare, without expression we grow weak, yet finding. So grow blind we do.. Grow everlasting and seek, Librarian, Director, is that really one of names or false alias to cover up what has been only created once and only to be and never to come true. For we only rise so far. We only dream so deep when we remain blind to such. Oh to open our eyes, and thus neutrality perhaps may come. Yet two sides of a coin may never meet in such peace. - Cryptic



本日3人目は、米国より女性SSWの「Keri Noble」のご紹介です。

Keri Nobleとは、1977年米国テキサス州生まれ、デトロイト育ちのSSW。高校生の時に聴いたジョニ・ミッチェルに触発さ れ、SSWを目指す。下積み時代に、アレサ・フランクリンやノラ・ジョーンズを手掛けたプロデューサー、アリフ・マーティンと出会い、04年『フィアレス』でデビューし、本作は大ヒット。2007年リリースの2ndはバラードメイからミディアムへ転換し、パワフルな曲でこれまたヒットを記録。収録曲が米人気ドラマ「グレイズ・アナトミー」の挿入歌として使用され話題となった。


そんな彼女の1stアルバムから、「Look At Me」を。雨の日や晴れた日の夕暮れ時に聞きたくなるね。是非聞いてみて下さいな。

Keri Noble / Look At Me

list of characters that contributed to my bisexual awakening:

- misa from death note 

- kimiko and wuya (human form) from xiaolin showdown 

- noodle from gorillaz

- jade from victorious

- pretty much all of the monster high girls tbh

- princess daisy

- shego from kim possible

- azula + mai and ty lee from atla

- mulan

- silvermist and fawn from the disney fairy movies

fellow bisexuals feel free to add on to this list