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Why can’t we have a spin-off with Alex and her Martian and human adopted family? Think how much fun they’d have teaching Ruby how to drive the space car, touring on bikes together, destroying arcades, going on summer holidays to Disneyworld…

Coz if all they’re doing with Alex right now is showing what an awesome mum and daughter she is, then why can’t we go all out eh?

I ended up redrawing a thing I was working on before my computer froze  

i’m aware this is a very eating disorder specific post but does anyone else buy challenge food in a moment of inspiration/peer pressure only to have it sit in your cupboard haunting you for months?

I take pride in my appearance and people seem to think that means I’m not insecure or I don’t have problems it’s inchresting 🧐

My favourite thing about Supernatural is how they’ll introduce gay characters/couples, and you don’t even realize they’re gay until later on in the episode when it’s clearly stated, because the characters aren’t super stereotypical or overly sexualized, they’re just characters, and it’s like CAS AND DEAN CAN BE LIKE THAT TOO, WHY IS THAT SO HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND

drawing from early in the month that i forgot about
my pretty mermaid Blue~💖

Best brother💜


so close! just a few more adjustments, and then they’re mostly done

though i don’t know if i should add some colours to them, do you think they look ok just like this?

Do you ever just put Taylor Swift on at a party then sink into the corner and watch all the people dance and sing along with a semi-creepy smile on your face???

Ok I just found this song Shengen and Xingjie mchecking dropped called Look (观) and now I feel like crying asfjkld bc w o w?? the comeback of my fave rappers of IP yaLL

Hookup With Kinky Singles!!


*angrily deleting Sketch only to crawl back to it in my Recycle Bin*

Still feeling pretty gross today, but maybe a little better



510: Mortality

Audrey Parker. Duke Crocker. Nathan Wuornos

soooo I don’t know how many of you guys ever read the ‘Gone’ series by Michael Grant but those worm thingies from the sand in 5x05 immediately made me think back to those books

Just looking back at life

From ages 5-19, I was addicted to video games. It didn’t get serious until middle school and honestly, I’m not sure if it was worth it. I mean yeah, it was fun being really good at something - people thought I used an aimbot, but that’s because I made it my goal, I was super focused on becoming “the best”.

Slowly, I guess I grew out of the video game phase, it doesn’t really excite me anymore, after 30-60 mins of playing, I feel like I’m just wasting time, that could be used for something more productive.

Time is limited in our human body, I’m 22 years old now. And sometimes I go on Discord and see friends just playing till the early morning. It just seems silly to play for hours, I’m going to be 25, 30, 35, 40+ years old one day, I can’t just be sitting at home playing games.

It’s crazy how the album The Life Of Pablo by Kanye West (not a crazy Kanye West fan. btw) 3 years ago, it doesn’t even feel that long. I remember all my friend’s we listening to it not too long ago.

It weird that people who are approaching the end of there lifeline. People who are getting old, or are very sick, often begin to reach out to others. They grow to be more emotional, they turn out to be extra remorseful, even depressed. Some may even get angry because they look back and see that they did now not fulfill everything they wanted to do in life.

They begin to question, “What was I doing with my life”. It’s crazy how that realization only happens when we find out we are about to die, etc. It’s already late then.

Death is a fact, an unavoidable reality, and none of us know when it’ll come; nobody. If you simply reflect on that and study it, if you look deeply at your very own physical body and recognize that this machine is not immortal, you see that it will smash down and prevent to work sooner or later. It could be today, it can be the following day, it may be in 50 years. but you just do not know.

If you think about it, people invest hundreds, even thousands of dollars into staring at a screen. They will get nothing back from that, that is beneficial. We have to use our time wisely.

Lately, I just been working and coming home to, I been spending hours on this site. I’m thinking about getting back into programming and meditation. Not sure if I’m going to continue with college or join the Air Force/Navy to find a career that involves computers, but I’ll figure it out.

Thanks for reading, have a good one.

Found here

Shiba Inu, Oil, 41cm x 31cm via joseph_chiang