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Oh just take a look at this!

:at this great Palestinian who has four wounded children who were injured by their participation in the return marches. 🇵🇸

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Look at this! It’s beautifully arranged for Otsukimi. Otsukimi literally moon viewing refers to Japanese festival honoring the autumn moon.

Here are the renderings of what the new memorial at the Cardiff Hill Overlook in Hannibal will like! Next on , hear from veterans about what this means to them and see how you can get .

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUZU! I’m so happy I could get all his favorite cakes today and see who came to visit him. He looks so very happy and brought tea for everyone! >w< I love him so much and am so totally thrilled that I could pick him up as a character and work on him slowly over time. It’s been so much fun watching him develop and learning about his past. I can’t wait to see more from HE whenever they involve Yuzuru in any story. He’s just great and is among one of my favorite characters in game. :D 

For his birthday, if you want, you’re welcome to send in drabbles, asks, start RP posts, etc for this sweet butler! Just include his url so I am aware! \o/  】


❝ Lily Evans; let me dream with the stars ❞

THIS is all I need in my life.

You guys get this at 3am because I am super proud of it!
I am trying to do poses without references to build my lacking skills - and this is what came from it! I usually never draw decent fullbodies let alone finish a whole piece without reference! (Okay, i did look at my hands)
I meant to doodle my oc to play with his tattoos, and instead made this! (I didn’t even figure out his tattoos LOL, but i’ll do that and post the finished version later)
I did this all in 5 hours which is just insane for me - and I am super proud of my accomplishment so I am pushing it at you too! T v T <3

:: character belongs to me - Rahi ::

maybe not the founder. these are my friends ocs who also love all might and got to be close to him before my oc. they are all friends and they love all might.

good pals. I love the one with the horns and tail. I wish I had horns and tail