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hi hello just making this post bc i like to start new blogs with a text post idk why lol. but yay for the birth of my pentagon side blog woooooo i’m excited!! 


Jade Shot is a creative photographer who enjoys chili peppers and floating in a pool. While she is a lovely photographer, bills need to be paid somehow and as such she works as a part-time waitress. She puns. A lot.

Lilac Stroke (shut up I know), more commonly known as Lila, is a freelance illustrator and mural artist. She spends her free time painting lilacs and other flora with her oil paints. She occasionally collaborates with her lovely girlfriend Jade to create breathtaking and occasionally very odd paintings and photographs. When she’s not working on a mural or illustration for a client, she happily works at a piercing parlour. If asked she’ll admit her fur is dyed, those spots aren’t natural. They also have a uv reactive glow-in-the-dark pigment added to them for extra fun.

Lila probably: bursts into the house with freshly bleached and dyed fur -strikes a pose- -waggles eyebrows- “now we match”


@gc2b your half-binders are incredible and make me feel confident in myself 😄🏳️‍🌈


GOT7’s go-to dance moves (aka them being memes)



Mamatsuoka is fangirling over her son dancing with his future Olympic husband. 

Mamatsuoka represents the whole HaruRin fandom.

Hey guys! Working on a sketch of something for my friends! I’m honestly not too happy with how it’s coming out so far, and i’ll probably do another after I finish this, or possibly during depending on how much I hate it. I left out some minor things, but I’ll fix it during lineart. It’s pretty rough but I’m hoping it looks better later? Maybe. Have a beautiful day!

please press f to pay respects because i am  d e a d


I haven’t posted in a while. Huh. Oh well. Here, have some proof that I have the best Ichiberry in the world.


I’m crying Twilight’s facial expressions are precious nerd dork material

i love her so much

can we also take another moment to appreciate Twilight’s nerd dork drawing skills?

I mean,,

those are absolutely glorious

“Kiss me?”

Is that a banana in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?
—  My partner, slowly pulling a banana out of his pocket

my favorite video of jack:

the man being eaten by a horse.

@rendezvousaveclamort replied to your post: me: glances over all the ships on this blog me:…

Golden eyes here, because I am a mother fucking Queen.

She doesn’t even object. She just glances over at her precious Queen. And smiles.


Ur girl is in Boston on her way to Atlanta!! And then it’s Tennessee from there so Howdy (and may I add) Yall.

I have a feeling he goes through a lot of glasses….. I know I would. 

He looks just like his mom! And I am pretty sure she gets concerned that he needs new glasses at least once a month. Maybe contacts would be better…. 

Wow I love being exposed by my own camera.

Based on this text post by @baramini

in honor of otabeks lit af beethoven fs at the concert