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i. love. this. man.

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lukas to conrad: “no one in the world compares to you.”

“ sweet nothing’s ” meme pt 2 || accepting

    Hearing such sweet words from Lukas is HARDLY out of the ordinary, yet each and every time he does, a light flush blooms in his cheeks and a grin brightens his visage. How he got so lucky, he’s not entirely CERTAIN

    ❝ You’re SILLY, you know that? Because, honestly, it’s the other way around, love.

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Any advice on how to make a big illustration more cohesive? Your posters/illustrations with a bunch of characters always has a perfect balance of ‘enough characters/objects so there’s not awkward empty space’ and ‘not too much stuff to when it’s overwhelming and distracting’, I’m trying to figure out how to make something look as a whole

there’re a lot of factors that go into composition, but one short answer is to make sure you bear in mind how each character’s pose flows into the next. Symmetry, parallel lines, figures arranged in way that makes a ‘shape’ to guide the eye around the picture, all that stuff. Google searches and youtube tutorials will be able to tell you a lot more than I can about it though. :O



spider spider spider spid–

Patton: Self love is spending time with the people you love!

Logan: Self love is self care, allowing yourself time to recuperate and putting your needs above those of others.

Roman: Self love is being the first one to like your own posts and not giving a damn what anyone else has to say about it.

Virgil: Self love is throwing yourself into a dark spiral of despair and anxiety for only two days instead of a week.

Everyone: *looking at Virgil with concern*

Virgil, walking out of the room and into his own: Off to practice some self care!

Patton, sprinting after him with an armful of blankets with Roman close behind with a sack full of Disney movies while Logan sets up the living room with food: I THINK THE HECK NOT! CAME BACK HERE AND LET US LOVE YOU!


(I’ve been addicted to Miitopia and made my muses! XD)

  • Licht: If I say "shut up" and someone says "make me", I am instantly thinking about making out with that person.
  • Hyde: Also, just so we're clear, if you say "shut up" and I say "make me" that is most definitely an invitation to make out with me.
  • Licht: [blushing] Oh, shut up.
  • Hyde: Make me.

Hey! I did some trash! I was experimenting with colours a LOT with this one, still getting used to the new program and its features. Ehm, enjoy and have a nice day!

Ankko headcanon

Andrew ends up confessing to Akko by a slip of the tongue. He has been so accustomed to the fact that he’s in love with Akko that he ended up spilling his feelings in an absentminded reply to one of her comments without realizing it. It takes him a few moments of him doing some mental backtracking when he sees Akko’s red face. Once akko reboots, she asks him to clarify to see if he’s actually telling the truth, he confirms his feelings (even if he did originally want to tell her in a more romantic setting and mood).

In case anyone was wondering date night went great

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Please can you give me a link to watch the Otabek x Yurio pair skate? (I'm not sure where to watch it, and haven't found a link😕💕)

You can find it here :)

It will guide you to a friend’s blog so don’t wonder that you won’t be on youtube :D


I don’t care how many times they do this, I will always take a picture of my husbands doing this.

My specialty is writing characters that snark at each other because of UST

“I’ve had worse,” he told her, shivering. “I am more concerned about getting out of these wet clothes. I’m soaked to the bones.”

He imagined she made a face at him at the comment, having heard rumours that she was a bit of a prude, but he dared not look at her to find out. There was still a part of him that was terrified of Takara Ino Delamer. He chose instead to walk to a tall wardrobe made of red walnut wood which was standing against the southern wall, next to the large window, and rummaged through it.

“I figure I might have something in there that’d fit you too…”

“I’m fine.”

“Like hell you are. You’re just as drenched as I am, and I’m not planning to find out how long it takes your body temperature to drop dangerously low. I’ll leave that kind of experiments to the healers, thank you very much.”

She scoffed, “I am one of the healers.”

“You are an aide,” he retorted, “and one of the most bullheaded, worst patients ever too, if I am to believe Keyana’s tales.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

He inhaled sharply. Scary or not, this woman had a real gift when it came to annoy him, and Lowell Aston was not usually someone whose temper flared easily. “It was not meant as one.”

i have never agreed more.



I love my mellos. Best parties ever.

I’m very sad about the lack of talk of the similarities between Harpo Marx and Dopey. So here. A gift from me to me. (Dopeys eyes look green but they’re actually light blue, I promise.)

Here is a drawing I made as my way of saying thanks for the request. :) It’s a drawing of your OCs in one drawing. :)

Hnnnng Digi. This is really cute ovo I love them!!