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Do Ya Wanna Dance? Taken near the Olympic Park in London. #438

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RT : If you lose 10 workers for 10 days due to poor hygiene imagine what would that cost your business?

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Barbican Centre, London

Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, Brooklyn, New York, 1995
This is a contact sheet outtake from Jay-Z’s first Record label press shoot in NY. Other images from this session will be displayed in the @contacthigh exhibition opening this week at the new @icp in the L.E.S, New York. Crazy how the city has changed. A reputable museum on that block was thought impossible 25 years ago.
Many of the things Jay-Z has achieved was as well. Keep and open mind and never limit the vision. .
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this shining city //

on monday evening, i met roy for a drink. he had made a pit stop in london on his way back from cambridge. it was a deeply unhappy evening. i sat next to him and drank too much too fast as i watched him come undone with sadness and anxiety. there was/is nothing i can do when he dissolves; in this way, we have stayed unchanged since 2012 — i couldn’t help him then, i can’t help him now. he refuses to open up to me about his hurt and a large part of it rests on the unresolved feelings he has about us. he wanted to kiss me. i didn’t. we were both exhausted, a little mad at each other. at 8 pm, i left, tired and with a fledgling migraine which deepened over the night.

the next morning, he sent a long email, detailing for the first time, a series of life events leading up to now. it made sense, it cleared a lot of things up, but was also incredibly sad. i read it on the train on the way to class, with the migraine becoming a real, large, noisy thing in my head. i marvelled at how it had taken us eight years to get to a place of getting to really know each other, of being honest about trauma. but i was still tired of us, him, all of it. i feel finally like i am done trying to be friends with people i have been in love with and having it always somehow get fucked up. in a span of weeks, with N, A and then roy, i have found myself getting exhausted to the point of becoming jaded, cynical, almost bitter. perhaps it isn’t worth it. i finished reading his email but didn’t know what to write back (still haven’t written back). sat through the macroecon lecture in terrible pain with my brain hammering against my skull.

pankh wanted to hang out after class and i couldn’t say no, partly out of guilt — i haven’t been the best friend to her this past term. we ended up going shopping for her sister-in-law and talking about… a lot but also nothing of consequence. regardless, i’m happy to see her coming into herself finally. i thought about how much i’ve seen her grow over the last 15 years that we’ve known each other. afterwards, i took the bus back; it was dark when i reached home and all i could do then was collapse in bed. slept for 16 hours. discovered when i woke up (this afternoon) that the migraine hadn’t budged. there wasn’t much to do then but make coffee, take a paracetamol and wait for the pain to subside. i stayed in today, reading. making slow progress on the books i’m ploughing through. found some fascinating things that i sent B. some good music too. slow days at home, no matter how physically uncomfortable they are, are always rewarding.

roy texted before his flight took off. i still don’t know what to say to him. it’s after midnight now and i have to be in my political science lecture in eight hours. tomorrow will be a full, heavy day: assignments to finish, chores to get to. but slowly (and rather mysteriously) i can feel the depression wearing off. what a week these three days have been.

London rental market is making me want to get a bf asap to split the costs of our cute cosy apartament cause Im not about that spending more than 50% of my paycheck on rent life 🙃🙃🙃🙃