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My imperfect life gave me the perfect fucking baby πŸ’–

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Ghost, the . The laziest, goofiest, hungriest boy ever

Why wouldn’t we celebrate 2 months of marriage with our favorite players??? β™₯️

dobranoc^__^ spijcie dobrze jimin jeongguk joy jongho

I’m convinced Cosmo was a model in a past life..just look at this cutie😊

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yesterday I flew to London to fulfil a dream... well, what can I say? That woman leaves me speechless, she is a master of her art

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His collarbones are just soo soo beautiful... He is just beautiful.

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Mine is Yours.

Yeah she’s all I think about. She’s all I write about. She’s always in my pictures, posts, and life in general. Why wouldn’t she be though. I’ve worked, put up with the worlds shittiest people, and have been so broken that repair never seemed possiable. So no I have no shame about “posting to much” or bragging to everyone I meet about this angel. I’ve gone through hell and heartache and don’t you think for one minute I will not appreciate this girl and hold onto her with every ounce of love in my body. I will never think anything is too much. My posts, my conversations, and my thoughts aren’t for other people to think our life’s amazing. I just LOVE THIS GIRL SO FUCKING MUCH. I want the world to see the art that fills my world.

-For Eryn