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❗️New in stock (used) ❗️👀 metamorphose temps de fille 💖 Candy bottle OP 💖

横からも後ろからも可愛い JSK&HD baby, the stars shine bright タブリエ

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❄So the cute jacket I got was the frozen 2 ana one. I got it off of Hot Topic website. And I actually love it!!😍💙💙❄ ❄Makes me feel like im a cute lolita!💙❄

Today we held a standard tour❣️❣️ The guests were from Australia✨ We had fun talking about lolitafashion and more🎀 So glad they enjoyed shopping too🛍

♥中国ロリータブランドの新作♥ 1.【-甜心販售机-】お洋服名未定 2.【WalpurgisNight】Juliet 2.0 3.【PuppyEyes】お洋服名未定

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🖤(∩´͈ ᐜ `͈∩)˖*♬೨🖤
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Classic Fairy Tales

I just bought my absolute dream dress.

I am sitting in my math lecture and I am fucking shaking.

I mean look at these little animald The little bunny and deer and fox. They are wearing a red bow around their necks. I love them so much.


This black custom collier is made for the wonderful @ketchupkarol ♥️
She wanted my Moon Queen collier in a black version with black beads. And it turned out as a super elegant & witchy accessory🌙✨
How do you like it?

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