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Whenever her stans comment on a post that "we don't deserve her," I always have to say to myself that no, we really DON'T deserve her. It's cruel and unusual punishment for us.

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valkyrie, liz

what’s your favorite drink? since this is Valkyrie, I’m gonna assume they mean alcoholic drink lol. uhhh, I usually go for a bloody mary! but I’m currently entering a margarita phase so those are always good too lol

who was your high school crush? didn’t really have one! if you remember tom from my earlier theater posts, I was into him for a bit in like 10th grade, but other than that….idk I just didn’t really know anyone well enough to have a crush on them? other than my friends, but I never had crushes on any of them lol. there were definitely people I thought were cute and I wanted them to have a crush on me, but I didn’t really feel like putting out the effort if it wasn’t gonna go anywhere lmao

I’m working on the fanfic right now, since it’s holiday here in my country and I made a promise to a friend of mine because she wanted to read it, so badly. I finally got an account in “Archive of our own” so I just need to finish writing and fix most of my error because I’m not good at english. If I’m done polish the fic I’m going to continue writing it on summer so 1 month away, thank you for reading this and have a nice day


Hi People, I’ve been thinking lately that I want to somewhat change this account. I want to repost less memes(i know its highly sad I CAN SEE THE TEARS) cause its just become me posting random memes in spanish class. Tbh that routine gotten boring and repetitive for me and I want to actully work hard to make more posts about me and my life, and make this account almost like my internet diary and place to rant with follow weridos.

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I hope yall will come along this journey with me(I might even be posting some stuff tonight, depends on how much I feel like sleeping)