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I create fake products for fun, so I built an iPhone case with a built-In fold out can holder. via /r/funny

I love pointing to Xmas decorations and asking kiwis ‘what are they called?’

스트리머배틀 내일(13 금) 오후 6시 ! 🙌 . 🔹 해설 : 오성균, 고인규 🔹 채널 : 🔹 12/13(금)~14(토) 18시

Can I send you a dick picture? Did you think my response was going to be: OmG I nEVEr SeeN oNE beFORE. plZ I NEeD tO See iT! Now I’m blocked 😂

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smartphones werden nicht einmal im alters- und pflegeheim quer gehalten... kennt ihr ? gehört zu eurer gruppe... könnte lustig werden. (bitte live-stream bei kampa-kritik ;-)

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Well ladies, it’s official: I’m hot enough for people on tinder to want to catfish me

Sudden Heat (Rakan x Xayah fic)

(A/N Not exactly the most original idea, but I wanted to get this out of me before Sett comes out cause I know I’m gonna wanna write smut about that mama’s boy)

She was so damn frustrated…

Xayah whimpered and shifted in her sleep, then hurriedly covered her mouth. She panted into her hands and desperately tried to resist the urge to writhe in agony…a heavenly kind of hell was hot and messy between her thighs, the kind that only came once every few months. Normally she’d just abandon herself and touch her aching pussy, but Rakan was right behind her…and he’d never seen her in a sorry, lustful state like this before. She couldn’t let him.

She never fully gave herself to him in bed. Sometimes she wanted to, to become completely undone by him, but some part of her- a defense mechanism, probably- stopped that from happening. But in her Heat she wouldn’t be able to help herself. Afterall, heats bring out the truth in all Vastaya, regardless of gender. Resisting what you want becomes impossible, and fuck she wanted Rakan.

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