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今日からPBE鯖でTFT開始するらしいから急いで帰ってきてログインしようにも英語わからんけどサーバーいっぱいだから43分待てって事だよね? この為にパチンコ行かずに帰ってきたのにぃ!  

นอกจากตำรวจจิมจะบ่นเงินเดือนน้อยไม่พอกิน - สายข่าวเห็นมาขูดรีดกับ***ก็จ๊นจนแบบไม่น่าเชื่อ (เอาไปเปย์สาวหมด?) - ล่าสุด***ก็บ่น ทำงานอาชีพสุจริต ได้เงินน้อย ดู***ซิ รวยเอาๆ... สรุปเป็นผู้หญิงเซิฟนี้น่าจะรวยสุด? 555555

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Hahaha Hilarious, That was Funny!

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« Un Conseil de chefs amérindiens a offert une amnistie partielle à environ 220 millions d’immigrants blancs illégaux vivant aux États-Unis.

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Mini Merch Update

My mailman must really hate me.😆 I don’t know if he really does, but he did leave it in the usual unit. I think we’re good now. This is one of two packages I was waiting on. I actually have been good about not bidding or buying merch as of late. As tempted as I am sometimes, I have actually stopped myself on numerous ocassions.

Anyways, my Masamune heart badge came in! I managed to get my hands on Mitsuhide’s heart badge, but I can ship that at a later date.

I also snagged this tiny stand of our beautiful hoe, Yoshimoto. It’s so tiny but I love it! I apreciate it when sellers send the original packaging, because he came with a note attached too! Also, it’s always nice to have the original packaging. My Masamune badge was bare.🙁

And just to give an actual update on all of my purchases, this is what my once tiny shrine looks like now. I haven’t put up the Nobunaga artboard up yet since I haven’t had time. I gotta find a good place for it too.