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The main focus for this month was to create a logo for the fictional non-profit organization Protecting Animals team, or PAT for short, that is having a campaign to raise awareness about the cause on social media platforms. This organization is about saving animals and providing sanctuaries for them while looking for a solution to the abuse animals endures. To begin, a mind map was created in order to narrow down how the logo was to be designed. The attributes of the brand are honest, caring, trustworthy, and progressive. Certain elements where chosen that would be good to use in a logo that will embody the brand of the organization. An arrow forward which symbolize a progress movement, a heart which represents their caring nature, and paws, trunks, or stripes which symbolize the animals that the organization will save be it domestic or wild.

After this the iteration phase began where sketches of the logo were created using the words chosen from the mind map. The only word that was not sketched in the logo design was the stripes of an animal, because it was a little difficult to incorporate stripes into the logos. Ultimately the design for the logos was narrowed down to five choices out of the 25, which were 6, 7, 14 17, and 23. Each one of those logos embodied one of the attributes of the brand and has one of the words of the mind map. They also have the qualities of a good logo which is timeless, simple, relevant, scalable, and memorable.

Moving forward the logo chosen to represent the organization was number 6. Different iterations of the logo were created in Illustrator in order to see which design would go well with the name of the organization. The name of the organization was shortened to PAT in order to have it fit into the heart of the logo and so the logo can be compacted. One of the designs has a thick flow and a versatile look while the other design is uniformed and sharp. The font that was chosen was Helvetica, a sans serif font. The reason for this is, because Helvetica is a font that is used to portray a straight-forward, simple, and no-nonsense attitude. It also allows for modification later on.

After experimenting with the logo placement, I decided to move forward with this logo design shown below. The name is placed in an upward slant in order to give it a progressive feel.

Once the logo was decided on, I moved onto choosing a color palette for the logo and organization overall. I conducted research into the popular colors in the marketing world and how they effect the audience when viewing it. Blue and red and two of the most popular colors and blue are a color that promotes trust and calmness while red excites and energizes the audience. Also based on the feedback that was received from the instructor the font for the name of the organization was changed, because the squared, sharp lines of the Helvetica font were a stark contrast from the rounded, thick lines of the logo design. It was changed to Ed’s Market. It is important to maintain consistency between the font and the logo. Another change that was done was adding the full name of the organization to the logo, because it is too soon to identify it by an acronym. It is best to get the audience familiarized with what and who the brand is before the name is put as an acronym. Different color combinations were used with the logo in order to see which combinations work best.

As I neared towards the end of the logo creation process, a slight change was done to the color palette before proceeding to lock up the logo. The color red was lightened to a pinker shade with a tinge of red. This is, because red I a very controversial color that can be interpreted negatively. Overall the color palette has a patriotic feel to it since it has red, white, and blue which helps the cause by making the audience feel that it is their duty to care and try to help the cause.

For the logo lock up I placed the primary and secondary logo for the non-profit organization. This awareness campaign is meant to be done on social media platforms in order to attract the younger generation and there are specific dimensions for certain platforms that must be followed. Included is the typeface chosen and the information of the color palette. Also, the ways that the logo is meant to be used and the ways it cannot be used.

This month was more organized than the previous month. Mostly due to the fact that more time was put into the task and I had a clear plan as to what I wanted to achieve and what had to be done. Many of the things that I learned in my previous classes helped me such as creating a mind map and doing many logo iterations and being able to choose from the handful of designs. By putting more time, research, and utilizing the knowledge gained in my previous classes, I was able to create a logo that fit the brand.