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Colour ref sheet for latest design…

I’ve been busy with various digital art and cosplay commissions, but I took the time this weekend to crank out a shirt design for my lil’ bro’s high school state swim team! Going for something more intense than your average bobcat mascot :3

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⚠️ IMPORTANT ⚠️ Je reprends le design un peu les potes, merci de bien vouloir 🔁 et ♥️ pour m'aider ! PS: Pas gratuit, not free, غير مجاني

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Animation Clip 2: Name, November 2018

This looping sequence was made in Illustrator and After Effects. I used a name logo I’d made before (see Corporate Identity bundle, May 2018) and gave it life with animation inspired by the Pixar lamps animation. It was optional to stick to this colour palette and I enjoyed the challenge of working in a range of colour this small. Overall, this project was lots of fun and generally revealed my interest in animation.


Look how fluid this is
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The Logos all-together

Checking out the Gyllene Tider logos on Twitter, it seems that the Color combinations are still not decided. Because every other day, a new Color of the same logo pops up.

I don’t know what made me want to put them in a collage together. But I did - and the collage looks pretty nice. It doesn’t look the Gyllene Tider look, but it looks nice. See:

Also: I do like the new combination of Yellow and Black. Looks pretty cool. Better than the red and black one - it doesn’t look nice at all. Looks too much Microsoft paint!

How about you? Expecting another one with Pink and then another one with Orange?

Love and Peace


This is a logo I created for my dad’s business, Carelleur Creatif. I used Illustrator for the first time but picked it up pretty quickly. He just wanted a sharper version of his previous logo.

I would like to use illustrator more often as I have recently been inspired by lots of digital artist work such as Ronald Ong or ‘thecreart’ on Instagram.