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Today officially opened their modern, environmentally friendly and high-tech centre at . 🔧 200 new jobs 🌱 Ecological footprint ↓ minus 768 ton CO2/ year 🏗️ Surface = 36,500 m2 📦 42,000 parcels/hour.

DHL sorting system
The DHL hub building
DHL plane
DHL parcels

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to Gist Thatcham, 1986. Alongside a number of new safety practices, the yellow walkway markings were introduced as part of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations in 1992.

Argentina's importer/device type approval process prevented our client from personal computing in the past. FGX was able to provide a full solution that delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

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. , a provider of thermal solutions for temperature controlled transportation, has received the in the category "Growth Strategy of the Year".

La start up du nom de "Je suis Meriem SAAD et Je recherche un contrat CDI" est innovante et possède un fort potentiel de croissance.  

How to put a zebra on the moon - we are about to find out Robin Proctor President

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Plenty of students attending this evening looking forward to a great evening with Robin Proctor President as keynote

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Pusher Sorter is a Low Cost Sortation System ideal for low throughput applications

Real worried Imma be in trouble for not calling my boss at ass o'clock AM to tell him that we almost service-failed a customer tonight

I mean, there was nothing he could do that I didn’t and I documented everything and explained why it happened to everyone

But I just know I’m gonna get a call cause the procedure says to escalate to him even though there is literally nothing he could do - we would need infrastructure that doesn’t EXIST

Ughhhh I hate life. I’m adjusting my work retroactively to make it look more of a sudden problem then it was so I can at least use that as an excuse hopefully

STRESSED the FUCK out !!!!! Thanks I hate it !!!!

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Poor thing. If he’d felt like he had time to do so, he would’ve thrown his blanket in the dryer for a few minutes to really warm the poor thing up. This was a good start, though. At least he wasn’t totally bared to the elements anymore.

    “ Freezing, ” he answers with a slight laugh, reaching up to adjust the blanket around him. “ But I think you need it all a tad more than I do right now. ” For half a second, William moved a hand up to cup James’ cheek affectionately, a little smile spread across his face, before he shifted gears to usher him into the living room. Come on, ice man, it’s time to sit down and get all warmed up again.

    “ I can set up the fireplace for you, if you’d like. And make a mug of tea or… hot chocolate, whatever you’d prefer. Let’s stop that shivering of yours. ”


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War Vet Steve and Cillvian Bucky: Bucky admires Steve’s patriotism and dedication to service after the Incident. Steve’s sense of duty has always been to protect the democracy and equality of all people. Even if he’s no longer able to be active duty military, Steve finds new ways to serve his county.

Previous fills in this series can be found on AO3!  


Bucky was flipping through the mail when he found it.  An envelope, nothing remarkable.  Except for the return address.  US Army.  It wasn’t a check.  Wasn’t another of the million forms and letters they’d gotten since Steve’s discharge. (He didn’t know that for sure. Couldn’t.  But – it felt different.  He knew it was different.) 

“You, uh, got some mail, Steve.”  

Steve was in the spare room that Bucky’d converted into studio space, Tawny lying nearby.  Bucky didn’t want to jump to conclusions.  He was trying.  It was made easier and all the more difficult seeing the smudge of light blue paint across one cheek.  

It was worse to see Steve light up when he saw who it was from. Bucky wasn’t sure the floor was still there.  Wasn’t sure it wasn’t moving and tilting.  Was sure he’d taken a couple steps back to give Steve privacy.

Steve tore the envelope open and scanned the contents, smiling wider the longer he looked.  Bucky could do a lot of things.  He could get terrifying, blood-chilling calls in the middle of the day about his love. Could sit in a hospital for endless days watching the man he loved heal as much as he ever would.  Could support Steve while he went to therapy and tried and pushed.  

He wasn’t sure if he could do this.  This thing where Steve walked back into the mouth of terror with eyes open and a smile on his face.

“What-“ Bucky swallowed. “What’s the good news?”


Bucky looked pale.  Shaken. Like he’d seen a ghost.  His voice was thin and the trembling smile he offered Steve didn’t do much to convince Steve.

Steve grabbed his cane and hurried over to Bucky’s side, took one of Bucky’s hands in his own, unintentionally crumpling his letter.  

“Buck, hey.  It’s ok. It’s – I signed up for-“

Bucky took a sharp breath and squeezed Steve’s hand.  Bracing for impact.   

“-No, Bucky.  Nothing like that.  I’m not – I can’t go back.  You know that.  I – I applied to work at the VA.”  He motioned to Tawny.  “I wanted – she does so much for me.  And…I’m feeling like I’m ready to give back.”  He motioned to his canvas this time.  “I applied for a grant.  To do an art program.  Art therapy.” I-“

“Oh, Steve.”  And then Bucky had his arms around Steve.  “I’m so proud of you.”