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90% of organizations have created a formal distribution strategy, yet only about half have extensively implement it. by APQC

90% of organizations have created a formal distribution strategy, yet only about half have extensively implement it.

What does Maersk-IBM’s TradeLens tell us about the future of blockchain-logistics?

industry keeps on trucking, expecting higher Q3 revenues via : The in the U.S. is overwhelmingly optimistic about the economy over the next quarter, according to a survey conducted by


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Stop overpaying for local delivery!

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Cothran Logistics and Transport corporate office. Moving the world one load at a time. #logistics #transport #transportation #freightbroker #3pl (at Cothran Logistics & Transport)

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A quick update on the donation to charity: water!

We will be sending it in the coming week, as soon as the last shipment has been sent. 

Also, a fair warning: a small percentage will be set aside in order to pay for a tax professional to file the taxes for this book at the end of the year. I’ve spoken to one already, and ideally we won’t have to pay any taxes, but it will take a lot of paperwork that I am not an expert in. We will have full numbers for you as soon as the donation is made!

hello i have AN ISSUE. 

in unexpected miracles, rodney physically regresses sometimes. 

but, he always shows up in clothes that fit. did his original clothes shrink? or is there an outfit that he just.. has on when he regresses like… a set outfit. or is it the last thing he wore in that state?

which if it’s the last, that raises more questions. what if he regressed or aged back up when wearing something bad or not wearing something, how goddamn awkward would it be when turning back. like in the halloween chapter, he regresses after taking a shower. if this man turns back to an adult anywhere but his bathroom, he’s fucked. 

is the set outfit something that he would’ve wore at 3? is this kid just showing up every time like he just came from 1992? 

also, when he turns back, since he’s always aging backwards due to bs, is his outfit when turning back going to be the last thing he wore as an “Adult” or what he last wore at that actual age. like this “adult self” shows up one day in a my chemical romance shirt bc he’s actually about 17? 

so do they lose a lot of clothes if that’s the case? so it can’t be. it has to be the last outfit he wore in that state. but.. still???


Post NL ‘Manifesto' 

Agency: TBWA\Neboko Amsterdam

Production: Bonkers Amsterdam
Director: Michael Wong

Year: 2017