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The top exports of the United States for 2017 were Food, Beverage & Feed ($133B), Petroleum Products ($109B), Aircraft and Aircraft Engines ($99B) and Auto Parts ($86B).

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pros from hear from industry leaders on how to reconcile the need for rapid prototyping and sustainment considerations.

Science. Logistics. Certainty. Our mission is to support life and health by providing reliable & comprehensive temperature-controlled solutions for the sector.

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The US market is in the midst of the longest period of growth on record with 35 quarters of positive absorption in a row. We analyze 10 emerging markets, from population and labor demographics to advantages you need to know for 2019:

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B2B and B2C local delivery the same day.

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Bellzone Freight Logistics on Instagram: “If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for…”
35 Likes, 0 Comments - Bellzone Freight Logistics (@bellzonefreight) on Instagram: “If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see that your life is your own creation, then why…”

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Another RPG planning question :) For my campaign, I want an orcish invasion going (accidentally) through the country the heroes are in. The orcs have a different target, so only a small portion of their force will peel off to lay siege to their (insignificant) town. I want the orcs modelled on the mongols a bit. How would they strategically move into the area? It's heavily hilly and wooded, and there is a major river to cross. Is it one column? Or many small bands, reuniting later?

Man, the world of tabletop gaming needs more GM’s like you. Roman infantry tactics, Rashidun cavalry, and now Mongol orcs? Your players must have carried out some deep magic for a GM so committed.

Heavily-hilled and wooded terrain is a tall order to cross for a Mongol-inspired army, especially if the weather is cold and wet. That sort of terrain slows down the pace of march and makes it much harder to forage with a large army. Depending on how lush the area is, that will factor into your orc’s campaign movements. The tougher it is to forage, the looser the column needs to be by sheer need to feed the mounts.

Anyway, Mongol leaders had significant tactical flexibility, and much of this was due to the effective C2 structure of their army. Their signalling ability and horse-post system allowed for commanders to receive orders and rally points. I would imagine these Mongol orcs would be no larger than a tumen, nothing smaller would give these orcs such flexibility. Given that the Mongols often relied on scouting, this being an “accidental” invasion probably means that they would have wanted to move in a loose column, driven more by logistical and forage constraints than anything else. The lack of scouting, the need to move through the area quickly to secure their main objective, they would be looking for speed and maintaining their strong fighting edge rather than a dispersed pattern that was more common for hunting down scattered foes, engaging multiple targets, or establishing divided formations that were seen at battles like Mohi.

Thanks for the question, Stefan.

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Advanced Manufacturing Sector in Holland

The Netherlands enjoys a strong position as a European manufacturing location for foreign-owned companies.

In fact, major multinationals in a wide range of industries have already established advanced manufacturing operations in the Netherlands from Agri/food and life sciences (Coca-Cola, BD Diagnostics and MSD) to chemicals and IT (Eastman, LyondellBasell, Siemens and Omron).

The Companies have major advantages that are looking to establish Manufacturing operations in Europe as Holland offer supportive corporate tax structure, highly educated multilingual workforce with excellent engineering skills, and advanced, a collaborative network of suppliers in a value chain.

Superior Logistics & Technology Infrastructure

· The Netherlands dense, high-quality infrastructure offers fast connections no matter where you and your products or services are travelling. And with access to 160 million consumers within 24 hours of Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

·The companies that choose the Netherlands have the perfect springboard into the European market.

· Holland’s infrastructure is one of the best on the planet. Driven by world-class seaports and airports, an extensive network of roads and rail, and a 100% digital telecommunications network that ranks among the world’s best for quality, speed and reliability.

·The Netherland is the Digital Gateway to Europe with the highest broadband penetration per capita in the world 99% of all households as well as one of the world’s fastest average broadband speeds.

· The Netherlands has one of the highest-ranking air transport infrastructures in the world.

Dutch Fiscal Climate

· The Netherlands offers a supportive fiscal climate for international companies with a competitive corporate income tax rate in Europe19% on the first €200,000 and 25% for taxable profits exceeding €200,000 as well as a number of attractive incentive programs.

· Holland provides a wide tax treaty network, special measures for highly skilled expats and certainty in advance of future tax positions—just a few of the features that help multinational companies to thrive in the Netherlands.

· The Netherlands actively promotes engaging in R&D activities through a favourable corporate tax structure and specific R&D incentives to stimulate innovation. 

Highly Skilled, Productive and Multilingual Workforce

· The Netherlands offers businesses a highly educated, skilled and flexible talent pool

· The Dutch labor market is comprised of highly skilled, multilingual, business-savvy workers ready to meet the demands of international business needs.

· The Dutch government’s pragmatic approach to business and labor relations facilitates growth and improved efficiencies for international businesses.

· The Netherlands offers highly competitive labor costs with a high return from its skilled, productive and flexible workforce.

· The Netherlands Ranked No. 4 globally, the Dutch higher education and training system graduates a steady stream of highly skilled workers to meet today’s business needs.

· The Netherlands offers a “Highly Skilled Migrant Visa” for uniquely qualified international talent and other measures to facilitate the employment of foreign migrants

For 40 years, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) has served a one-stop-shop successful European expansion, supporting more than 4,000 companies from some 50 countries to establish their business in the Netherlands. An Operational unit of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, NFIA helps and advises foreign companies in all phases of establishing, rolling out and/or expanding their international operations in the Netherlands

The Dutch government is committed to intensifying standardization procedures in the Netherlands and the EU to cut red tape. Add to that a superior logistics, distribution and communications infrastructure, and proximity to some of Europe’s largest markets

The Netherlands is a one-stop-shop for manufacturing and distribution success.


Nova Poshta signed a five-year contract with IKEA

In 2015 Syndicode helped Nova Poshta with Developers Portal for API Documentation. In four years this express-delivery service had dramatically improved its quality and opened hundreds of new departments in Ukraine. Now we are proud to announce that Nova Poshta signed a five-year contract with…


Top view of Container port and container ship transportation by Anek Suwannaphoom
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Top view of Container port and container ship transportation, Logistic hub in Thailand


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@warbyparker’s newest feature lets you virtually try on glasses without ever leaving your couch 👓.

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'Modern Technologies of Plant Protection' research center will be soon opened by Ukravit

Syndicode is always happy to share the news about Ukravit. And now we can announce great news: ‘Modern Technologies of Plant Protection’ research center will be soon opened by Ukravit.
UKRAVIT Group is Ukrainian national leader in the market for plant protection products and micro …