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May: So… anything else on your bucket list?

Coulson: Just one thing.

May: Parasailing?

Coulson: Yeah. Parasailing. Always wanted to do that.

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thieveskingdom replied to your post: vote vote vote vote vote

i’m voting in a second im reading through the options rn

take your time bby ily

also hit other if you want M.arnie C.romwell bc D.ylan’s the front runner and now I’m also considering M.arnie

Corporate and military logistics are increasingly entangled; this is a matter of not only military forces clearing the way for corporate trade but corporations actively supporting militaries as well. Logistics are one of the most heavily privatized areas of contemporary warfare. This is nowhere more the case than in the U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, where private companies are contracted to do much of the feeding and housing of troops. ‘Public’ military logisticians rapidly cycle into the private sector, often precisely to facilitate the shifting of logistics contracts to private military companies. The entanglement of military and corporate logistics may be deepening and changing form, but logistics was never a stranger to the world of warfare. The language of the supply chain (its recent corporate management speak) would have us believe that logistics emerged out of the brave new world of business to only recently colonize the old institution of the military. And yet, while national militaries have indeed been taken over by a new kind of corporate calculation, it was historically the military and warfare that gave the gift of logistics.

Deborah Cowen, The Deadly Life of Logistics: Mapping Violence in Global Trade (University of Minnesota Press, 2014), p.3.


Watch this video through till the end, it is amazing! There is a lot of skimmons in it, so skimmons fans, you need to see this. There is also other stuff of course, so you don’t need to be a skimmons fan to enjoy it.

nobu nobu and okitaaaa  ❀★ ❀

a print debuting at fanime

Tumblr should automatically add a “read more” line to a post that exceeds a certain limit.

I’m happy you’re writing, and I’m sure it’s great, but I’m kinda tired of having to scroll past endless walls of text all the time.

Marching Band Quote Queue, May 7:

“Because I am a Latino and know how to bargain…”
~Assistant Director Jeremy, regarding logistics for New York City Pride

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logistika 📚

Mmm, finally running a bit low on space in the gun zone.

Might be fine to finally settle down for a bit.