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----------- NASA do not have all that!!!!

To you it is not murder if the government intentionally ends the lives of 76 Americans including small children, that is justice.

teamed up with and for a stream, but it was a little cringe. So instead we wanna know who YOU would pair up with Rick and Morty for shenanigans with this week's

Ask great questions, then listening carefully. It starts wonderfuldiscussions at any age! 24 Questions to Develop Critical Thinking Skills:

More often than not, speculative assets don't pander to and .😜

Finally got item 2 of 9. But it must’ve gotten messed up in transit because there’s ink all over the sleeve and the ink is all messed up and the hat 😪😦 but it’s fine! Just thankful it finally arrived!!! Now I wait for the rest.

I tried that whole thing where you pretend to be dead and can 100% confirm that my cats did not give a single shit. They didn’t even lay on me. Those brats.

'A mind all is like a knife all blade, without a handle. It makes the hand bleed that uses it.'

जिंदगी जीने का कोई न ढूंढो जितना ढूंढोगे,जिंदगी उतनी होने लगेगी । और अगर जिंदगी हो गइ तो,हमें उसे सुलझा ने के लिए सिखना पड़ेगा और अगर आप सिख गए तो ,, सिर्फ करते रह जाओगे । ... 🐒

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The amazing thing about the Bootleg Beatles is that there are no original members of the Bootleg Beatles in the Bootleg Beatles, which makes them the Bootleg Bootleg Beatles. Which by my reckoning makes them the actual Beatles.

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How do men from the 18th manage to squeeze themselves into those with those on.. It defies and why are their white shirts ever brown?

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women ruin star wars, based on the fact that the star wars movie he hates was written and directed by a man

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LOGIC - FREESTYLE FRIDAY VOL 3 - 🔥🔥🔥#ysiv #youngsinatraiv #youngsinatra #bobbytarantino #logic #rapmusic #hiphopmusic #hiphop #rap #visionarymusicgroup #ratpack #rattpack #bobbysoxer #gaithersburg #gaithersburgmd #freestyle #freestylefriday #bobbyboy

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logic: I cannot express my excitement nor my gratitude to @jjabramsofficial and everyone at @bad_robot for believing in me as an actor and writer. I am so excited to move into this next step of creativity in my career! Aaaahhhhhh this is gonna be so epic!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼😭😭😁😁

“I’ve just been driving Ms. Daisy (uh uh, nah, nah)/I’ve just been driving Ms. Daisy (uh uh, nah, nah)/I’ve just been driving Ms. Daisy (uh uh, nah, nah)/I’ve just been driving Ms. Daisy (uh uh, nah, nah) “

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Keeping it toasty for the winter! @cvshxnly pushing out another ♨️♨️🔥🔥! Check out the full video, click the link in bio.
@Regran_ed from @cvshxnly - “RAINY DAZE” Ft @talk_sikk Produced by @datsspeed Dir @cvshxnly Available on all platforms. @escapetracks #artistofinstagram #singersongwriter #photoftheday #photos #rnb #photoshop #photographer #photograph #canon #canonusa #supreme #rnbass #inkedguys #kotd #producer #musician #logic #logicpro #ableton #quasarscience #tattoo #fruityloops #director #sd #dırectorofphotography #beats #hiphop

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“Let’s be civil! Tolerance above all!” Facebook posts and tweets drenched with worship to these gods populated my timelines after the midterm elections. But wait a minute. Shouldn’t we encourage these values in a highly polarized political climate? At the risk of ruffling feathers, I say NO. Not as we have. Not above all values.

Civility and tolerance both seem like the values of the wise and educated. Shouldn’t we respect our differences? Can’t we all just get along? We should respect others’ merited positions. We can respect people themselves. But when analyzed, behavioral values like civility and tolerance can betray a vacuous reality that ensnares the ignorant and enriches the politically manipulative. Civility and tolerance need not have truth or substance to function or exist. I can lie and be civil. You can be politely clueless. Our friends or family can cordially spew monumental ignorance.

Millions in our nation and globally know how to behave with tolerance and civility. These are traits important to actuate for society’s sake. But they are not preeminent. They are not enough. We need a thirst for knowledge and obsession with truth and verifiable fact. These are the virtues that cultivate the needed internal wealth to “buy the truth and sell it not.”


Magnetic: Cage Closed
Episode 1
Boxes & Buttons with Prisoner XE-47623

In this series we get to play with one of my favourite puzzle game, environment manipulating toys; The magnet gun!
don’t be fooled by its appearance, it may look like a hunk of junk thrown together from left over pc parts and your little sister’s bike, but this tool is one fun device, full blown attraction and rejection with magnetic fields,
Heavy box? No problem, large gap? No worries, yes the magnet gun does it all, and I now realised this description has turned into a infomercial, so I’m going to stop here.


We have reached the end of QUBE2 and it’s time to make the ultimate decision.
Do we do as the entity wishes and help to save it? It promises peace for our kind if we do.
Or do we comply with Emma? She insists that our only option is to destroy the entity, and save our species.
In this short video, I invite you to choose the ending you want to see, just pick one of the options that comes up on screen.

We have reached the end of QUBE2 and you have decided that the only right and just thing that we can do is to save the entity, choosing the blue door, we will help the entity and ensure peace for everyone! ….or will we?

We have reached the end of QUBE2 and you have decided that the only way to ensure our kinds survival is to follow Emma’s instructions.
We must destroy this thing if there is to be any hope for us!….. or is it?

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It baffles me when humans are disgusted when some human hair ends up in their meals while they are literally eating nonhuman muscles, guts, and secretions. Additionally, if humans find it okay to wear wool, why don’t they wear human hair coats? There’s plenty of hair from barbershops for industries to use and sell. It is the best of both worlds – the humans consent for their hair donation and consumers get warm human hair coats!