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Best New Discoveries: Electronic

This piece features the best new bands and artists we’ve discovered this week in the electronic genre via other awesome music blogs/sites. So that’s everything from house/dance to downtempo/ambient. They may not be brand new bands or artists but they are new to She Makes Music nonetheless and we just want to share their amazing music with you! 


Polish producer ZAMILSKA shares her new single, ‘Hollow’. Zamilska is a producer, composer and performer, known to audiences in her native Poland for her trancy beats, monstrous bass and stage charisma. She combines sounds that are rooted in techno with intense vocal melodies, sampling sounds ranging from choirs to ritual chants. 'Hollow’ is the first single to be released from a new album which is set to be released this summer. The track is a story that will be interpreted differently by each listener, though the over-riding theme is of the internal war we all rage every day. As Zamilska puts it, the track is about: “the anxiety of what want vs what we get.” From Silesia, the coal-mining region of Poland, Natalia Zamilska’s heavy, rhythmic, bass-filled electronics aren’t easy to pigeonhole, oscillating between techno, electronica, world music and noise. She takes inspirations from various sources: the raw sounds of her native Poland, oriental elements and samples from across the globe. Holding the sturdiness of an industrial grinder, her music is pensive yet melodic and trance-like.


Inuk musician Riit grew up in Panniqtuuq — also known as Pangnirtung, or as she refers to it, simply “Pang”— in Nunavut, Canada’s northernmost territory. Panniqtuuq means “The Place of the Bull Caribou,” and Nunavut is the only one of Canada’s provinces and territories where the majority mother tongue is neither English nor French. In most of Nunavut, most who live there speak the Inuit language known as Inuktitut. Her folkier roots inspired her early music, but she’s headed in the opposite direction with her new material. The album Riit is currently putting the final touches on is being produced in Toronto by Graham Walsh. The songs are sung almost entirely in Inuktitut, with the exception of a single guest vocalist contribution. Her new song, 'Qaumajuapik,’ shifts seamlessly from heavy verses and eerie synthesizers into a decidedly sunshine-y chorus, as Riit switches between graceful, airy vocals and intense throat-singing while communicating the strangeness and elation of exploration. [via The FADER]


For the last couple of years LOFT, aka Aya Sinclair, has quietly been producing some of the most exciting, mind-bending electronic music to emerge out of a constantly mutating scene of underground, DIY club producers. and departt from mono games, her new EP, and her debut release on Tri Angle Records, due May 3, is an exhilarating continuation of a sound that’s increasingly hard to classify, separating her from the crowd and confirming why she’s undoubtedly one to watch. First single 'That Hyde Trakk’, is a stunning example of LOFT’s impressive artistic growth since emerging in 2016, transforming what could have been standard 90s drum and bass elements into genuinely new shapes. Whiplash inducing drum patterns and beautiful ambient synth waves are twisted and contorted, expertly thrown together and built up into a blistering, breath-taking crescendo of storming break beats and blown out bass. It’s possibly her most explosive track to date.