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A la recherche d’un bureau dans le centre de ? 🖥️ Plus de détails dans l'annonce : N’hésitez pas à nous contacter par téléphone (☎️ 0603138195) ou en DM pour plus d’infos 😉

Découvrez les solutions pour trouver un solide et rassurer le propriétaire !

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For , are more than . Losing your camera can be . Here's how to keep your camera . You could try our LiveTrek to ensure the of your can be !

Unsere Räumlichkeiten können das ganze Jahr über gemietet werden. 365 Tage im Jahr öffnen wir unsere Pforten für Ihr Event! Schicken Sie uns einfach eine unverbindliche Anfrage an:

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Coron island / Kayangan lake, Philippines 

Tamagotchi Meets Locations: Hoshizora Lab

Hoshizora Lab has all kinds of shops and attractions themed around outer space. It appeals greatly to Tamagotchis who are interested in space, but many also consider the area to have a romantic quality to it, so it is a popular dating spot for Tamagotchis. Locations within Hoshizora Lab include a planetarium, space foods shop, books shop, and star fortune-telling shop.

A little info on Kats’s property

Even though it’s referred to as a ‘ranch’, there’s only 3 major fields: 2 for growing berries (1 personal the other for selling), the last one for his plains-dwelling pokemon to get comfy with dens and nests on. The rest of the property is constructed into different environments, like the Johto Safari Zone and Professor Oak’s property in the anime.

Some days he has a stall on the edge of his property to sell his berries, other days he travels to a city via psychic pokemon teleport to do so.

If I were better at it I’d actually draw out a map of what’s where, but I’m terrible at map design which is why I spend my days staring at tumblr instead of making rpgs. ;w;


Final 5 

These are my official final 5 images for submission. I used a glass with water, oil and food colouring to create the bubbles and the colour. I used a Canon 550D camera and a macro lens to zoom right into the bubbles.

To edit, I changed the hue and saturation for all the images to make the colours brighter and more vibrant.`I changed the curves on the on location image to darken the background and make the bubbles stand out more.