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Lucky it was Kante - if it was me I would have

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trashkingizunia  asked:

Drives in on a motorbike. "Hook up chainsaws to this bitch, would you?"

ย  ย ย โ€œYou are insane,โ€ Loqi lets out an annoyed huff as he looks over the motorbike, fingers moving to rub at his temples for a moment as he tries to understand what Ardyn wants him to do.ย โ€œYou want me toโ€ฆ add chainsawsย to your motorbike? For whatย purpose exactly? Besides, I have better things to do than to entertain you by making your odd idea become a reality.โ€

last week my sister got a job interview for an entry teaching position; it was the first interview she’d gotten since she graduated and she was feeling a bit unsure about it. but my mom lit candles to saint joseph and saint cajetan for her and she got the job like, the next day???

mexican catholic spirituality is so powerful tbh. like when someone says they’re gonna light a candle for you SOMETHING is gonna come of it

anonymous asked:

Do you have tips for organizing the contents of your {game/book/project} in Scrivener? I'm moving all my stuff from a giant Microsoft Word document to Scrivener and I'm dwelling on how to best organize my info (characters stuff and world building, basic plot ideas and key moments during the story, that kind of things). I was wondering how you do it, and I thought I'd ask?

Iโ€™m not very good at organization myself, especially since I started splitting my time between Scrivener and Google Docs (sometimes I need a change of scenery to get my writerโ€™s block to ease jflskj) but the one time I really succeeded in finishing something was a Fallout fic I wrote a few years ago.

will go under the cut for length fjdslk

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