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have you ever just been disappointed that you woke up

We all had one

god i finished a book last night i had been reading for two weeks and now its like… what do i do

Tick tock tick tock…

The clock ticked the minutes by as Blair sat in the office, staring into the roaring fireplace with a solemn look. Her thoughts were being pulled in two separate directions, one to the strange village that Dragon Force had helped protect against an oncoming mob of people from other villages, and two, to her beloved, the man that had stolen her heart right from under her nose despite her diligence. Both thoughts were entwining and Blair sighed, leaning back in her leather chair. She crossed her legs at the thighs and peered upwards, allowing her easily distracted mind to wander.

A knock at the office door brought Blair’s mind back to heel as she uncrossed her legs and stood up to go answer it. Who could be awake at this hour and wanting to see her? Blair wondered this to herself, a sneaky smile spreading over her lips. A bounce in her step got her to the door very quickly and she opened it, to peer outside. 

A pang of disappointment hit Blair in the chest as she was greeted by the glowing green eyes of Hypnosus. A wistful sigh escaped her. 

“What? Not who you were expecting?” Hypnosus asked with a quirked brow. 

“What do you want,” Blair demanded, feigning irritability. 

“Okay, well, I just got a shipment of some really cool herbs from Argus,” Hypnosus said, twisting a lock of his own leaf-green hair. “Astral Glory it’s called. I’ve just found a few seeds in the samples that I was given, and I’m going to work on growing some here in the greenhouse.”

“That’s fine, Hypno,” Blair replied. “That greenhouse is yours and I’m not going to say what you can and can’t grow in there.”

“But hear me out–” Hypnosus cut in, holding a palm up to inturrupt Blair’s thought. She exhaled and gave him a blank stare. “Hear me out–uh, uh–boss! This Astral Glory, it’s got an important property that I think would be a good option for us, especially for Joylene.” Blair blinked at Hypnosus and he inhaled sharply before continuing. “Astral Glory is particularly good at cleansing corruption. If I can develop something with this Astral Glory, I… I think I could make something that can draw the corruption from her and end her pains.”

Blair blinked at Hypnosus. “You… you could cleanse the corruption from somebody?” she asked, her eyes widening.

“Yeah, if they had some fel corruption like, on their wounds or inside of their body, I could really erase that corruption,” Hypnosus affirmed with a nod. “Astral Glory is the next step in my medicinal experimentation. I could make medicine to draw out and cleanse fel corruption from the body, and that would mean… we could definitely be less concerned about fighting demons in a fel-corrupt area.”

Blair’s eyes widened slightly at the thought and she hummed. This could prove useful, Blair thought, tucking her tongue between her molars for a second. “Hypno… I’ll be supporting you all the way. Go for it.”

“Thanks, boss-lady,” Hypnosus replied, his eyebrows knitting. “Uh, now I’m going to get back to my research and experiments. Science awaits.”

“Off you go, then,” Blair replied with a smile before shutting the door. She collapsed on the sofa with a relieved sigh. This could be very useful indeed…

thenarwhal2211  asked:

5 for the first risky asks: I dare you to post a picture of your pinky finger

this is,,, such a weird request omg (esp if you consider my history with my pinkie fingers omg) 
(Under a read more because,,,, no one needs this lmao(Sorry mobile users))

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chat noir / adrien hiding behind ladybug / marinette

why am I awake still oh my fucking goddd


It’s as simple as that

anonymous asked:

If you’re a nerdy loser then i would be a nerdy loser too! should we be nerdy losers together ? the good kind of nerd loser btw and you’re also really nice

Sure, mate, let’s be the good kind of nerdy losers together. 

(Thank you, you are really nice, too!) 

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im glad that you like them!! 💙💙💙💙


Shushhhh I love my new background wallpaper 💖💞💞😭😭😭😭😭😭💞💗💓💕💝

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hands anon- i dont even draw fingers i just say "heres a half circle attached to an arm there you go"

yeah but that can be cute omg 

Eight Months Old

I’m super late with this, but May has been a hectic month 😅

Eight months has been a completely new world for Ollie and I! It seems like he’s gone from an immobile potato to a kiddo with a huge independent streak. He’s showing preference for people (I’m still his fave though 😎) and trying desperately to be mobile. He’s got the army crawl down and if it’s within reach you can bet he’ll make his way to it. I can’t believe we’re coming up on his 1st birthday so quickly, my heart can’t handle it 😭😭💕💕
Flirt and get Laid Tonight!

i got tagged by @john-saxby (ty!!) - nine pics that describe ur existence. im taggin @pussypoppinthor, @butchthors and @feedmefeels (open for full pics)

shurialism  asked:

voltron and coran 💓💓

Voltron: Which Lion do you think you would pilot? Why?

this is such an impossible question like HOW DO YOU CHOOSE
character wise i think id be more fit for the yellow lion?? but if i got to choose id kinda really wanna pilot the black lion ;u;

Coran: What was your worst “phase”?

did i ever have a phase that wasn’t bad is the correct question,,,,
i know my irl friends probably expect me to say my emo or high school musical was the worst but……i’ll probably have to admit that the worst was my one…direction……phase 
there was no wall in my room not covered with harry style’s face and looking back at it now im terrified

Voltron ask meme~

noah fence but in my experience, 7cups is actually pretty much fuckin useless

yesterday my friend toni joked to me that we should do a podcast together and I’m like GIRL I’m buying the microphone