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Entering Class After Applying Deo Expected~ Waaah! Kisne lgaya ye deo😊😌 Reality~ Abbe konsa gandu hai ye jo subah naha ke nhi aaya🀬😑

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I’ll just run into you in the streets 10 years later and finally get the answers

how do you know if you’ll run into me in 10 years?

The real question everyone wants answered: Which Avenger is which MLP main character.

  • Twilight Sparkle: Tony/Iron Man bc he’s kind but was super secluded and focused on himself for the most part then he fought as an avenger and made new friends and they just keep saving the world + kinda left his old friends in the background after finding his new group lmao
  • Apple Jack: Clint/Hawkeye bc a normal everyday pony with no magic who do just as good as the magical ones around him and he is the moral compass that keeps them grounded
  • Pinkie Pie: Thor bc honestly idt I need to explain
  • Rainbow Dash: NATASHA because they are both super cool and super athletically inclined plus they are both so loyal and would do anything for those they love and care about.
  • Fluttershy: Bruce/Hulk bc he is quite and kind and gentle but lmao he get’s angry and you listen to him. Kinda like Fluttershy’s stare.
  • Rarity: LMAO either Cap or Sam but this is original Avengers so Cap mainly because of “That is America’s ass” and his need for aesthetic in his costume.

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Quirk: Fierce claws. The user has a few cat like characteristics (ears, tail, whiskers, eyes, paws) but the most notable is their claws! They extend and retract (like a normal cat) but they can harden/sharpen more then a cats would, and they can detach and be moved around with the users mind (basically Hawks quirk But a cat. Purrfect for a arch nemesis). Their ears, tongue, tail, eyes, and whiskers also all work in the same way a normal cats do! Villain name: uhhhhh cat burglar? Idk -dykedabi

hawks but less cool lmaoooooooo and a cat!person….. And their mutation give them much more…catlike limbs? Can climb up, land on their feet, just a purrrfect predator? And unlike Hawks’s claws, they instantly make their claws so they never run out of claws. And the claws are fucking sturdy, can slice through diamond, steal beams, etc. Also def has an advantage over Hawks at night since Hawks are diurnal birds. 

Also I’ve been thinking about names and like…the neighboring area of Saga, in Kyushu, is infamous for one of the most well-known stories of ‘Bakeneko’ (monster cats). Bakeneko could be a very cool name for a villain. Or maybe something based off that - would have to do more research.

Maybe Hawks stopped a robbery of Bakeneko’s years ago and they swore revenge; Bakeneko just wants to defeat Hawks in front of everyone and prove victorious for once. Hawks is just bemused at this point because Bakeneko is just like…attacking him and not really committing crimes except to get his attention.

@graveiarygets another thing!

     “ — wow you really weren’t kidding when you said that this place was actually called Mystic Falls. I mean no offense, it’s just….something you’d hear in a children’s fairytale book or something.” Letha explained, slightly dumbfounded before looking back at Elena with a bemused expression. “So, where do you live Elena? Also is there a good place to eat here? I’m starving” she asked the girl again, before adjusting her sunglasses once more & crossing the street to look at the mini-shops nearby.