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Hattet ihr ein schönes erstes Adventswochenende? Was habt ihr gemacht? . .

*gasp* say it aint so joe. Family drama in the a.m. nd only one cup of joe *faint*

She’s been in the kitchen a whole three hours 😩 I keep telling myself the peace and quiet I’ll have if I just wait to go in there until she leaves is more important than my hunger rn I can edure this 😩

When you have to wait until everyone leaves the kitchen to eat bc your family is fucking annoying and you just want to eat in peace...but they’re taking for ever to leave

Working in partnership with clients to create greater & support their autonomy to remain is an important element of our . for Support Worker training sessions coming soon!

Why are more and more young adults living at home for longer? We investigate in this post:

A really interesting article here documenting the results of a study conducted by an insurance company into the living arrangements of students.

Young adults aren’t just living at home to get their laundry washed and food cooked for them! Find out why this generation is having to stay with their parents for longer:

Bitte nicht füttern! Die beliebten Skulpturen sind wieder da!😀 Bären, Füchse, Nashörner und Co. warten darauf von Euch entdeckt zu werden. 🤩 .

With the cost of living on the rise, it’s no wonder more and more young adults are staying at home for longer. Find out more in this post:

Focus Group - Volunteers required. If you are over 60 and would interested in looking at technology within the home to maintain independence please contact Luis Patio: .a.i.a.b

When you open the fridge and your husband has everyone’s lunch packed and individually labeled (including my mom and sisters)

My family thinks Ilhan Omar is a threat and should be removed from her position, but they don’t bat an eye when Trump spreads dangerous misinformation about abortion.

In 2018, we were fortunate enough to support some very deserving charities through the Briggs & Forrester Foundation. One charity we donated to was Living at Home who support older people in Northampton...

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Not so fun fact: Did you know at least 31% of millennials live with at home in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City?

These US metros are among the least affordable rental markets in the country. The median rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is $2940 in New York City, $2,230 in Los Angeles, and $1790 in Miami. My hometown Boston is up there too with $2450 for a 1-bedroom.

Who can afford this? I can’t. And, I won’t. I plan to live at home until I can buy a home where someone will pay me those rent prices.

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One of the biggest benefits of living at home with your parents: SAVING MONEY 💰 💵.

Since I moved home, I have paid off my credit cards, car loan, and undergrad student loans. On top of that, I have raised my credit score to 789 (out of 850) and saved 6 months of emergency funds.

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I used to struggle with this a lot in high school. This all consuming feeling of the need to please others, sometimes even at the expense of myself. I slowly grew into myself when I left home to attend university. I moved out and began to understand myself slowly, but it wasn’t until I picked up and moved to London where I had what felt like a life orgasm. I’m talking major breakthrough where I’ve never found so much clarity and understanding of who I was or wanted to be. Yes, being in medical school was of course stressful but the independence I felt away from everyone and everything I ever knew was nothing short of magical. I understood my limits, when I needed a break, drowned myself in travel and adventure, learned the wonders of medicine, made incredible friends, fell into a deep beautiful love, and had this overwhelming confidence of all my decisions. 

Fast forward to the past 5-6months. I left London to take a gap year to pursue a competitive score on my board exam. As wonderful as London was, the school didn’t prepare me as well as I would have liked for this very traditional American exam. It was the right decision to take a gap year but I wonder if living at home for the gap year was the right idea. I feel like I have regressed. 

My parents are good people, financially support me and love me the best they can but I cant help but feel suffocated. Growing up in a different culture from my parents was always a struggle, but something I was able to better control being away from home. After 6 years of freedom and learning to trust myself some how has diminished in the span of 6 months living at home. I feel lost. They mean well, but staying here makes me feel like I can’t be who I want to be. I can’t be honest. Ever. There is too much of a cultural disconnect for them to understand me and so much I haven’t told them because of it.  I question organized religion, I have traveled all of Europe, I’m in love with a man who’s not Indian, I’ve experimented with drugs, I enjoy a glass of wine with my meals, I believe in gay/trans gender rights, and I’m happy with who i am even if I don’t fit their ideals. I think sometimes they love the me I put out: the church going, hard working, traditional Indian daughter who will become a doctor. I popped a little bit of the bubble when I told them about my non Indian boyfriend and I felt like their entire world came crashing down. What would happen if they knew more of who I am? Of course they would love me because I know how much they care, but it would be different. It already is different after popping a very small bubble. I understand it’s hard for them too, they want the best for me but who I am is outside anything they’ve ever known. I’m sure that must be scary for them. 

I think telling them only what they need to know is fine for now. But is it fine if it’s making me forget who I am? I feel like I’m regressing to my old self: unsure, doubtful, feeling guilt if I don’t please them and forgetting that’s not ok if it jeopardizes my own happiness. I read on a bathroom stall once “defend your happiness”. It sounds so simple but after reading it nearly 10 years ago, it still resonates with me today. I need to revaluate my happiness because it is only I that is here to defend it. 


I would say the most difficult thing after college is transitioning                      Some people stay in the area they went to school at but most people, like myself, end up going back home. Home for me is San Leandro. I lived in San Leandro (usually referred to as SL) my entire life and I absolutely love it. I knew when I graduated I was going to move right back in with mom and dad. Plus it saves money. Living in expensive San Jose drained so much of my money. I am happy to be back home to home cooked meals, a bigger space and my friends from grade school. I know I will eventually want my own place again, but right now I am content.

Friends:                                                                                                                             Moving back home included reconnecting with my old friends. I saw my friends here and there throughout college, but of course it wasn’t like old times where everyone would chill after school  and not have a care or responsibility in the world. At this point, we are all grown with newly found degrees, cars, jobs and etc. I knew some relationships would be hard to rekindle simply because we have all changed and developed since high school. People’s interests and hobbies are different and the things that connected us in the past may not exist anymore. That was my biggest fear.

Fortunate for me most of my friends are still in my life. No matter how long we go without seeing each other we get together and its like old times. I love that. Growing up I remember trying to text and call my friends all day making sure that I do not lose them. I wanted to be so popular I would do over the top things just to get attention from others. Now I think back and laugh at how social acceptance was such an important factor to me. Now I realize that keeping my “circle small” is the smartest advice.

Living at home:                                                                                                                   Moving back home after having so much freedom is definitely an adjustment. I have freedom at home, but of course it’s not like the freedom of being miles away from your parents and having your own apartment. I am very close to my family, but I have to get used to the superfluous advice and lectures again. I am happy to be closer to my siblings though. I felt like we were drifting apart because of the distance so that is a plus about being back.

Life in General                                                                                                                         I was so used to being busy 24/7 that I am not used to having so much free times. Nights and weekends were grind time so having a free schedule most of the time is golden. There are so many options. I can go to the gym, I can cook, I can watch television or I can simply… do… nothing. Yea that sounds like a good option lol. But with my personality I still find myself sleep deprived and exhausted. The way my personality is set up there’s no way I can just be an unproductive couch potato. I am always moving. As part of my transition, I want to learn to value my free time more and get the rest I was deprived of throughout my college years. But then again, I can sleep when I die, as my god father reminds me;).

Feels on my mother telling me to “get a real job”

The era once before ours condemns easily-obtained happiness. Maybe I’m being prejudice. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions. But all I see is opinions set on exchanging smut for joy. Exchanging a year’s precious hours for a fleeting week of delight. Why does our father’s generation tell us we cannot have joy in work? Why do they tell us that we need to toil harder in order to grasp their elusive success? Can we not dig our elbows into the muck and find that gratifying all the same?

Living at home for medical school

has honestly been the worst decision ever (home = with my parents, 19-year old brother, and grandma). There are more distractions. I don’t get along with my family 50% of the time. Is saving money really worth this? Anyone have any advice?

Adulting is Hard.

I’ve lived a privileged life. A Catholic school girl throughout my life, I had a privileged upbringing. Being an only child helped a lot. But I’m coming to terms at 26 that I do not know how to do anything I should. I am coming to terms that while I lived on my own in a studio apartment in a large city for a year, I did nothing. I knew nothing about the world around me and I did nothing. 

I know how to do my own laundry, make a bed, clean dishes and sweep. I am learning how to cook and I know simple dishes and how to work appliances in the kitchen. I know what a vacuum looks like and hate using it because it scares the dogs and I had a bad incident with a bag insert as a child. I know some things that make you seem like an adult, but I am lost when it comes to money, relationships, and actually living on my own. 

I make my own money, as small as that paycheck is, and I try to not burden my parents with asking for money, but I live with them. I’m learning how to do things on my own and sometimes, whether it’s because I’m staying in my childhood room, where only the bed and size of clothing has changed, they treat me as a child. They attempt to keep me out of adult conversations regarding money, retirement, and investment plans. They barely talk to me at all except if they need help moving furniture or if I could move to another room so they can have the electrician fix something. My parents talk about my loans as if I am not paying them and I am not involved. How am I supposed to learn how to take care of my own problems when they are being taken and handled by someone else? 

Some of you may be thinking,”this girl is nuts and ungrateful for her parents.” Or,”I’d love for that to be my life. Live at home with my parents. No rent, no bills, and I could just do whatever I want when I want!” I respect and admire my parents for all that they do for me and all that they’ve done and sacrificed over the years. That being said, I am fearful of my life without them. I believe parents are like life teachers. They mold you and guide you to be the best person you can be. They teach you how to fix things and to deal with things in your life. They show you how to walk and talk and have manners. My concerns are that while I know how to do basic walking and talking and have manners, I do not know how to live. I do not handle my own situations sometimes and I do not get to. I try to tell them that I need to handle things on my own and while I appreciate their help I will not learn anything if they do it all for me. Sometimes I feel like I am standing in the same room with them but I am shouting and they will not hear me. 

I am taking things in my own hands now. I need to let go of trying to please them and trying to make them approve of my life. It’s something that will never be. I need to control my situations and my problems and learn and fail on my own. 

Is this a generational issue that we millennials are facing? Everything comes so easy to us, but in the end do we know how to be people to one another? Is there still compassion, understanding, empathy in a technology based world where our news comes via Facebook? Maybe our society has forgotten how to be human in an automated world. We are the evolved species and the only species that has compassion. 

I am learning how to be a person and an adult from scratch. Dealing with people and human experiences is something I know little about but I am learning and trying. That’s all we can do is try.

Things never change

I guess I was asking for it it when I was looking through old cd-roms for amusing pictures from childhood. I mean, they probably don’t label those cd’s for a reason. Most of them were of my brother and his strange fascination with poor angles and pictures of food. I didn’t even realize food picture taking was a thing in 2005. I guess things never do change.

But on this one cd…. Well… I am legally old enough to look at it, but it just feels a bit wrong. But like a teenager, I am still probably going to go back and watch it. But I’ll feel really naughty about it. And if my parents walk in, it will still be super awkward.

Dad came in my room at 12:30am to tell me to go to bed.
I’m almost 20.
I’m tired of being treated like I’m still in middle school.
Actually I stayed up later in middle school so this is BS.
Wow I really hated college but I’m also really hating life at home.
Wish I could get a job and get a place of my own but no one wants to hire me.
My problems just keep adding up.

So, I’m living with my parents for a little bit again and I go to leave for the evening and my dad’s like- did you do all your homework? Do you have your wallet? Got your keys? And I’m just like politely saying yes and I almost was like brah, one time I stopped drinking like two hours before class and still aced a test, I got this I think we’re watching netflix. 

Why moving back home isn't so bad...for now

You did it! Walking across that stage, you grab your diploma, smile for the camera and bam! You are officially done with college. It feels great, or scary depending on who you are. You say goodbye to all of your friends, pack up your college apartment or dorm and you find yourself back in the room you grew up in, surrounded by old stuffed animals and pictures.

It’s fun, for a while. Sleeping in, coaxing your mom into making breakfast, and getting your laundry done for free! Then you start to get the feeling that you’re getting too old for this…stuff. If you don’t have a job to come back to, or even if you do, living at home is going to be more of a challenge than you’re going to think.

If you were like me and had your own apartment during college, coming home is a bigger shock than if you had a few roommates. I spent an entire year cooking, cleaning and taking care of a place that was all my own. My bathroom was spotless and if I wanted to let the dishes sit in the sink overnight, no one was going to complain. Now, being at home and living with other people, I’m realizing more and more how other people live a bit differently than you’d prefer. My spotless bathroom at school has been replaced with a messier one since I share it with my less than spotless sister. The kitchen is now kept in charge by my mother, who insist the dishes go in the dishwasher before the night is over.

There are tons of wonderful perks to living at home, and obviously some things that you’d like to escape from ASAP. If living at home is driving you crazy, take a minute and think about all of the things you’d have to do if you had an apartment. Cooking, cleaning and laundry all take time, be thankful you don’t have as much responsibility right now. If you are perfectly content with staying home as long as possible, try not to get stuck in the same routine as your high school self. You are an adult now, so try and take more responsibility around the house if you usually don’t. Getting prepared to have your own place takes some effort on your part, and it will help in the long run.

Have any stories about living at home after college? Let us know!

Problems of an Otaku living at home.

One of things I can’t stand is being scrutinized by someone about my lifestyle who knows nothing about my world. Then to be even more petty point out the fact that I don’t have a job (despite the fact that I’ve been trying my hardest) to afford going to cons or getting art supplies or getting sewing materials. I get my money the way I do and you aren’t paying for it so keep your comments to yourself…. Nice job mommy…. nice job.

A little about me

I’m twenty-two and I live with my parents.  Despite what you may think, it is actually enjoyable, fun, and incredibly cost effective. My parents are good people that have my best interests at heart.

The part where it gets a little sticky is my romantic life.  I will give more background on this as I go, but the basic info you need to know is that I was in a serious relationship for about two years in college.  The break up was long and drawn out and I’m still regaining my footing on the whole dating scene.

After my break up I decided to enjoy the single life.  Picked up Tinder, experimented with Coffee Meets Bagel, met up with randos – you name it, I did it.  As a result, I have plenty of material for this blog.  For my subjects and my own privacy all the names will be changed, which is unfortunate for you because some of them have really funny names.