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Happy Easter from all of us here at Angels!

Ajax star Hakim Ziyech is wanted by multiple Premier League giants. The πŸ‡²πŸ‡¦ price tag stands on €29 million, in which club you would like to see him sign? . . .

There is always something happening at Albert Dock - check out their website for the latest events & new restaurant openings!

From Sunday 28th of April there will be some changes made to services throughout . Click here for details...

Can (1.22) keep their dreams alive with a win against (14.2) today? With Salah, Origi, and Mane on form it's looking likely, but the Bluebirds are fighting a relegation battle and will be looking to gain at least a point at home:

Would you like some 'beacon' with egg? πŸ₯“πŸ₯š The giant dinosaur eggs of Chavassic Park will capture your imagination. Spot in the backdrop.πŸ¦– Lots to do and see in ! Happy Easter!

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Jimmy Fallon & Paul McCartney surprise fans on the elevator at 30 Rock


Musical performances from “A Hard Day’s Night”


Hellebore Dala Art, Liverpool, England. #artistsoninstagram #hellebore #dalaart #england #liverpool #liverpool #watercolor #watercolour #botanical #chriscarter #explorewithchriscarter #art (at Liverpool)

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concerts with trent

and my god, it took weeks to even convince him to come along with you as both of your music tastes were at the opposite end of the spectrum. but as soon as you groaned about “going alone and risk getting harrassed” he was soon buying himself a ticket so he could protect you. and as soon as you were there he had his eyes all over you, tucking his bottom lip between his teeth as he watched you sway your hips and sing your heart out to your favourite songs, completely lost in the moment. and he’s standing behind you, wrapping his arms around your stomach as he pulls you into him, resting his head on your shoulders as he listens to you mumble along to their songs, worried he’ll hear how strained and bad your voice sounded right now. but he didn’t care - damn it, his baby was right there enjoying the best night of her life and he couldn’t give a damn about hearing her sing badly.

drunken nights with trent

and there’s nothing really to celebrate apart from the fact that you both have the night off work and can indulge in each other’s company. he’s surprised you with a couple bottles of your all-time favourite wine and you can tell that it’s going to be an eventful night. and damn as soon as the bottle’s open he switches the music straight on, giggling as you both start to warm up from the alcohol. within an hour you’re both swaying to stupid love songs, confessing your everlasting love for each other as you clutch on the arm of a chair for support. trent laughs, whispering how “beautiful you look when you’re lost in the world around you” and damn it, you were prepared to marry that man right now. but as you sip away, watching him strum an air guitar you feel completely and utterly content with you’re life. you lay down, beckoning him down with a finger as you lie together, your head resting in the crook of his neck as you mumble about “how one direction separating ruined my childhood” and he cant help but stifle a sigh as you sit up abruptly, pouring another glass of wine before returning to your place. and trent insists that you should dance together so you stagger around, tripping over each others feet as you try and find a rhythm, both completely useless.