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TRADING DAY: Stocks dive to lowest since 2016, ASX 200 closes down 2.27pc

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[] «Gilets jaunes», acte IV: près de 1000 interpellations en France

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A Marseille, des affrontements entre manifestants et forces de l'ordre ont éclaté

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TRADING DAY: The ASX200 has bucked a Wall Street rally and fallen 0.6pc in early trade after notching up it's best day in more than two years yesterday

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Demnächst im : Migrationspakt, CDU-Vorsitz, FC Bayern - egal, worum es in den letzten Wochen ging: Beiträge über die liefen in deutschen Onlinemedien besser. Hat das Format seine Bestimmung gefunden? 👉

still full with Plazma at day #3 of the 100% import tax on Serbian stuff, which makes me wonder if we eat it anyway...🤔

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… so i finished ch4

thots will come later im too tired

Deku realises that he is unable to fight in his position until he and AM can do more training with One for All. 

Also I should’ve expected that hoodie/mask wasn’t going to last long in combat.

Deku just has great fighting instinct. 

Along with the fact that Uraraka is there, Deku needs to protect the both of them, as well as prove that he is just as capable of fighting as Katsuki is.

Well, Izuku isn’t the worlds biggest hero fan for nothing. He studies everyone’s quirks and fighting style. Katsuki just so happens to be predictable to anyone who has seen him fight before.

Oh thank goodness Katsuki is a villain.

Wait, i mean

Oh no how is Deku supposed to take him on? Also how is Katsuki going to react during a fight? Also Deku can’t really control his power yet.

Are they expected to know the floorplan of every building they’re in? How are they supposed to do that?

Also, i just realised Mount lady wouldn’t be any good in an indoor fight.

I like his confidence. This isn’t something he wants to do, it’s something he has to do. But he knows that AM is a great hero, and Kacchan won’t be able to beat him once he learns to harness his power, especially when it comes to helping others, where Katsuki has no strength. 

That makes sense, yeah. Not all hero work is flashy and noticeable. They need to be able to contain themselves inside as well.

Also I know I said Deku looks cool, but please put on the outfit in the opening.

If Katsuki isn’t a villain, then I’m not watching the correct show.

Deku is screwed

There is no way he can fight like this

I understand though. I love her

Oh okay, that makes sense.

I was thinking maybe they designed the clothes for them, with some elements requested.

I was wondering if Aizawa knew about AM’s regular form. Guess he does.

Also uh, should he be on the phone with a student right there? Is this why Aizawa was hard on Izuku?

Awwwww! Did she base a jumpsuit off of his sketch? That’s adorable.

I’ve been thinking about how subtle the anime portrays Seiya’s creepiness/toxicity/what have you like…

  • Kuma seems to prefer Minato to Seiya
  • This entire episode has been Minato remembering Shuu and in general he seems to have positive things to say and think about when it comes to him. They were friends in middle school and Minato even has a photo of the two of them framed. Shuu also, at least so far, has not tried to antagonize Minato about the accident (which honestly I’m surprised hasn’t been addressed in the anime yet)
  • Minato doesn’t seek Seiya out, Seiya is always seeking Minato out. Minato also kind of quietly rejects him at times like when we first saw them and Minato wiped his sweat with his shirt rather than what Seiya offered him.

Seiya seems obsessed and possessive of a kid who isn’t really that into him. I’m kind of curious if we’re ever going to get less subtle hints how broken this friend has become or if the anime will continue to kind of downplay it. It likely will because it seems like the story’s theme of mental illness and dealing with it in a society that won’t address it properly seems to be downplayed in general for the most part so far, and Seiya’s creeper habits would be part of that theme as much as Minato’s depression/anxiety labled as “target panic” are.

It’s just very striking to me how differently Seiya and Shuu are framed since they are both friends of Minato’s from the same time period.

You, Barry Allen, will always have my heart and you will always be the man that I love…promise me that when we find out who did this to you and when you get your speed back and you’re finally back in my arms that you’ll come back to me…you’re the Green Arrow now, but please don’t become Oliver Queen.
—  Iris West, The Flash