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TRADING DAY | Economists firm on June rate cut predictions

Los voy a escuchar 5 años después, renegando de esta serie, temporada, episodio (As me, 7 años después aún no supero el final de House MD)

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TRADING DAY | The ASX has soared almost 1.5pc in early trade as the banks storm ahead after poll upset

TRADING DAY | S&P/ASX 200 futures are up 1.3pc to 6455 points in early trade suggesting the local bourse will hit a fresh decade high above 6400 in the wake of the weekend's surprise election result

The ASX is tipped to burst out of the blocks in the wake of the election result as the local dollar leaps back above US69c in early Asian currency trade

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📢Ya tenemos listo el preparado para contaros paso a paso en directo las participaciones de los equipos finalistas el próximo 23 de mayo en 👏👏👏

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TRADING DAY | Aussie Dollar dips below US69c for first time in over four months as unemployment rate unexpectedly inched higher in April

TRADING DAY | Aussie dollar drops to 4.5-month low against the greenback as trade war heats up, currently trading at US69.28c

Un hommage solennel a été organisé aux Invalides pour Cédric de Pierrepont et Alain Bertoncello, les deux soldats morts lors de l'opération qui a permis de libérer deux otages français détenus au Burkina Faso. Revivez la cérémonie dans ce

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“Bound forever? Hmph, Robby, the time has come at last when you and I will be bound together.”

Yang has definitely hit that galaxy brain I think we all get when we’re crushing hard on someone, but my buddy, my pal, my fellow older LGBT+ friendo, you’ve got to slow down omg

When Jin says, “I’ll do my best to continue to meet your expectations,” he calls the woman at the window “Okaasama (Mother),” which I’m surprised the translation didn’t note. Perhaps they assume we would all catch this or perhaps they figured it wasn’t an important reveal or is implied since she looks like an older version of the young woman Jin sees when he looks at Louis (which was weird, but Jin’s theme seems to be weirdity weird weirdo so there you go).