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Let's celebrate 'sday2020💜 with Cultivate and loving for this beautiful planet where we , we & we ! We are energetically interconnected. Let's celebrate a big of with grace. ✨

Smart Rent to Own Homes - Every Working Monday @ 7 pm >> are making more with than their ! Coming Soon - "SMART To Own " - Mark Your Calendar > Every Working Monday, 7 pm - 8 pm EST Register…

Don't stop believing... in yourself, others, possibles, positives, magic, love, anything else _______? 💕💖✨

Hey, de nouvelles vidéos sont en préparation et des lives vont arrive sur

All About Yesterday's Event @theleelapalacenewdelhi An instrumental Event performed by our team .band and powered by @bobbyyashevents 🎵 Available for events @ 9811707876

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Now happening: Memorial Ceremony "75 years after Auschwitz - Holocaust Education and Remembrance for Global Justice" Watch in the :

démarre sa première tournée mondiale <6IXENSE>. Nous aurons la chance de les avoir en France et c'est au Casino de Paris que le groupe jouera ce dimanche 23 février prochain ! Billets et infos🎟️:

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Anyone in the #extraction business? We got a machine that will measure and dispense your #RSO #tincture #distillate and even #wax #shatter into your desired packaging/containers. Pre programmed for tour basic #cartridges, tincture bottles and is 100% customizable for your specific needs. There are other attachments such as a cap presser for carts and a cap spinner for you tincture bottles. If you would like more information or would like to set a date to demo this machine from @greenleafrobotics you may contact us through our website or give us a call at 774-764-8406 💯 💚 #newengland #live #love #life #waxroomfam #waxroom #waxroomproductions

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“I see the shadows long, beneath the mountains’ top. I’m not afraid when the rain won’t stop; ‘cause you light the way, you light the way, you light the way.. 🔦”
A soft reminder that in darkness, we find hope. Do what you can to do what you can.
** I do not own the rights to the song “Flashlight” by @jessiej from the motion picture @pitchperfectmovie **
#flashlight #jessiej #pitchperfect #pitchperfect2 #pitchperfectmovie #musicislife #musicaesvida #outofdarkness #light #music #life #love #live (at New York, New York)

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Day 34 of flower for the 🍓 #haze #clones in the #flowerroom. both are getting the same regiment of #nutrients from @advancednutrientsofficial while one is getting the 6ml shot (per gallon) of @organicnanoinputtechnologies #organic #grow additive. Both using one half of @simpleyieldsolutions support/scrog system. Both in #coco in 3 gallon #smartpots we pulled out the #vegroom thats full of strains from @sanctuaryseeds and we are on week 5 of @fooporganicbiosciences nutrients, according to there chart and how far along these are. Are two sativa dreams from @kannabia_seeds are doing ok. But for now on we will be using @foxfarmsoilandfertilizer #soil. These have been transplanted into 3 gallon fabric or plastic pots, we like the fabrics way better. 💯 💚 #waxroom #waxroomproductions #live #love #life

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short video of SAME OLD SAME OLD (link in bio) i recorded a few minutes ago 💫
keep coming up with new ideas of how to perform the song live - but keeping it simple for now ;-)
wishing everyone a good start into the week!
#live #newmusic #newsingle #electronica #electronicmusic #beat #synth #vocals #joplyn #berlin #stonefreeberlin #awal (at Berlin, Germany)

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How Do You Think It Feels (Live)

Watch on

Such a beautiful performance!
The control she has is amazing 😍

#BillieEilish #Grammys #WhenThePartysOver #Acoustic #Live #Control #Goals

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#LiveHipHopDaily #24hrhiphopchannel | #CheckOut @americasrealestpodcast w/ @_dontforgettheg & @americasrealest #LIVE every #wednesday #7pm 👆🏾👆🏾 #ShoutOut @tonethegoat (at Live Hip Hop Daily)

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You call me , your voice, monotone

Which either means you’re sad or irritated

You try to tell me in the nicest way possible that I can’t stay the night

A knifeless wound begins to form in my chest

“I get it” I say

You apologize and tell me you have to pick up your daughter & I can’t be around

I repeatedly ask myself “how long do I have to be with you before the mother of your child is ok with me being around?”

I take all my things out to my car & I no longer have the ability to cry

I lay in my bed now , looks like I’ll just go to sleep early , instead of shedding tears I enter a state of pure exhaustion

From an ongoing battle with someone, I’ve never even met