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...and so much more fun too... .motivation_ () ・・・ . . . . …

This QUOTE spoke to to me ALL week!!! Who’s ready for those full moon intentions?!? 🌙🖤 . Dream Believe Create Truth Confidence Passion 🌸🧜‍♀️🙏🏻 . . . …

Got my hair spring/summer ready, even though the weather outside has other plans. Shorter locks and a little highlight refresh thanks to @toniguyqueen. 💕 (pc: ) . . . . . #…

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Graduation flyer from last year … this was so much work last year am dot want free 🎓

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Milky way

The stars never whispered your name and i could meet you between constellation,,

I grabbed my own fate in a fist and yet you came and decided my destiny,

You had the stardust and i took it to inject it in my viens,

So that we can live together in one and feel complete.

I always get sidetracked

It’s great to focus, sure, but best to focus on what will bring you the best return, however you measure it or focus on your goals, explicitly defined. Otherwise, you are going from one creative idea that meets your fancy to another, no matter how focused you are on that idea, but without a clear idea on how it will bring you where you want to go.

Idk , i neither write worth reading nor i was doin anything worth writing so lately i’ve been cryptic a way too long because of the same & didn’t even feel like logging in Tumblr back in the days . But as i open it today em overwhelmed like it gave me a sense of happiness i’ve been missing for so many days . We love Tumblr & it’s awesome people that’s why we are hear come what may . Spendin almost a successful year on Tumblr & becoming a community of more than 150 people make me appreciate everyone a Lot . Though not everytime i , be , able to talk everyone in person & responding inboxes But I’d like to take a moment to thank to this blog’s followers who don’t say much & followers who buzz like bees . Thank you for sticking with me ❤

Never not sweating 🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve been juggling with so many different things in my life at this moment…
From coaching clients, making content for our brand, designing our soon to build villa in Bali(!), church activities, traveling, social life, mothering my kids and being a hot wife for the mister.. phewww, that’s a whole lot of busyness right?

In the midst of all this good stuff, I need to find time to recharge and unwind.
I can’t thrive on low batt, who does?
So I intentionally have to take time off to head to the gym, take a massage or facial, or both, cook a delicious meal or read a book. Never feel guilty about taking time off for yourself. Never 🌻
Wish you all an awesome week ahead friends much love ♥️
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Doing As Little As Possible

Because someone has triggered me to write , okay so few days back i decided to do as little as possible.  I realized that every time I started working a new idea, I was actually also giving up on something else. Bc we all have a finite amount of time in the day & I’d rather be excellent at one or two things than dabble and be average in twenty things.” so basically i felt the need to share something i’ve been struggling with over past few days . Idk , i’m still not sure & figuring it out . But i’m curious if anyone will relate .

Okay so i think i’m good at practicing habits & routines  though they change for me from time to time according to the things i need most to accomplish first . These days i get up Early in the morning without snoozing the alarm , sleep in time at night  without midlessly  scrolling unimportant irrelevant stuff on my phone late in night .

Finishing all the important day tasks on their specified time , avoiding all forms of distractions , escaping procrastination , lessening human interactions engaging myself deeper & depper into studies & academia .

Since i can’t fully detox myself  digitally because the necessity of a cell phone & internet in daily life makes it hard for digital natives to be digitally unaware at all . Though i’m tryin all my way to abstain from entertaining stuff   instead  i am watching /reading knowledgefull & informing  stuff as long as i remain exposed to my cellphone .  Methods of learning have evolved at times . “When you step away from the prepackaged structure of traditional education, you’ll discover that there are many more ways to learn outside the institutions than within.” e.g. -online study channels , live classes , recorded classes , journals , articles , research , reports , online quiz , practice test set , online tutors helping you learn even in lucid & interesting ways although it might seem sometimes the most boring existence ever , i love it .

But now i’m noticing that it’s gettin increasingly more difficult now to keep these things going . It’s a classic procrastination scenario . Once i start a routine things go pretty well . But i’m willing to do anything just so i don’t have to get started .

I just don’t feel like doing what i have commited few days back i don’t why .?. I know what i have to do . I understand the value of gettin into a habit & routine  . If anything , i thought it will become easier over time . Almost automatic .  Isn’t that how habits are supposed to work? Why are things gettin more difficult ? Where is all this resistance coming from ?hmmmm so tHis is goin to be fun … ” me vs me “ lol .

I always get sidetracked and ended up stumbling across old blogs from a couple of years ago and like …. Do you ever just wonder and then realize just how far your writing has come ? And how much your tastes have changed ? And so on …i find it fun looking back into fandoms and tHinking i would write someone entirely different from that now ? Even over a year or so you change so much . My writing has definitely gotten better but it’s still fun to like read back on what you did . As cringy as it can be . This is literally how i procrastinate and it’s not productive in the slightest and i am rambling again but …

[Week 01 / 52] SELF-PORTRAIT

I had a rough start in 2019. Probably the worst start I have ever had in my entire life. I didn’t see it coming so soon. Maybe it’s for the best. However, I’m so afraid of history repeating itself. I really don’t want to go through it again. Right now, I am just hoping for good news.

Anyway, it has been two weeks already and I have yet to recover from flu and cough. Plus my left ear is still blocked since the day I returned from Germany. It’s fucking uncomfortable and annoying, not able to hear properly. I have tried many ways to make it ‘pop’ but failed. I really hope it will ‘pop’ soon.

It’s 2019 and I wish you all a joyous new year. Have a good weekend.