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Step up to the challenge, believe in yourself, and do what it takes. Right now is a great time to start 🗓 • • •

I realize everybody wants what they don't have. But at the end of the day, what you have inside is much more beautiful than what's on the outside!

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Today i realized that even when you think you know everything , there’s to know about yourself , there’s still more to learn even when you think you’ve considered all the possibilities of a situation , there’s still something you haven’t even thought of. Another side of the story . It’s both exciting & terrifying to me to know that i’m never goin to stop learning new things about who i’ am & how i interact with the world .

A part of me want to have it all figured out so i know what move to make & What connections need to be drawn next . Another larger part of me doesn’t want to know , that part of me wants to throw myself into discovery and making mistakes and trying new things .

I like the idea of recreating myself again & again .

I also realized that one of the bravest thing you can do is being honest with yourself . None ever tells you that or atleast None ever told me that But really what’s scarier than lookin yourself in the eye & admitting you were wrong ? What’s scarier than askin yourself what you need to do & then doing it ……..

I see someone living the life , i dreamt of , but then i’m also living the life someone dreamt of . It’s the way life works .

But Ever found yourself in a place where majority of your life is great, but there’s one small shitty factor trying to deconstruct everything?

I’m struggling with that shitty thing right now. And really…it’s a matter of me overcoming my own insecurities and thoughts.

Trying really hard to not lose sight of all the good I’m accomplishing in this life. I deserve so much. We all do.

Hey All,

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’m almost well now & picture ready to feel cute again . I have one more day left worth of antibiotics to take and today I took a 2nd loading dose of anti-viral medication.

The sharp intense pains that were radiating from my nose and up to my eyes and head seemed to have diminished. 

I’ve been so sick i must have caught on cold .

If the weather changes, whether from damp and cool to dry and hot or the other direction, then it’s all congestion and running nose and red itchy eyes for a couple of days..

Happy winters y’ll . I hate hay fevers tbh .


This girl has been my biggest fan since she was a wee babe. She’s fascinated by colour and texture and the ‘story’ within each painting (I wonder where she got that from?! 😂)
Everytime she’s in the studio she BEGS to mix the paint and over the years she’s become quite the happy helper. This moment was a real honour because she graduated from ‘studio paint mixer’ to her new role as ‘under painter’.
It’s an honour to watch her grow and learn but I swear, I learn more from her than she learns from me (but isn’t that always the case with kids, double tap if you can relate!)
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nothing i say will be new, and you know exactly what i want to say , anyway. Some days We are full of potential but other days , we are held back idk why ?May be because of our fixed mindset and limited thinking.

I Think for students, the mindset matters a lot as you are in your formative years. At your institute, you normally form a homogeneous group. I often think All the students in a class get the same education, and their social and economic backgrounds may not differ too much from each other then what is the differentiating factor that helps certain people do better and accomplish more? I think that’s where a growth mindset comes in, enabling you to realise your full potential.

To develop a growth mindset, you need to be truthful to yourself. This means being sincere in whatever you do and keeping up promises you make to yourself. You have a growth mindset when you feel that challenges are learning opportunities. We grow when we face challenges. Being driven by self-motivation is another key quality. It is good to be inspired by others but not necessary to seek external approval and validation. The path you choose is your own, so validation and acceptance should come from within. Avoid fear of failure. Try to do your best. Failure is a part of life and it teaches us to do better. So above are the images i captured on spot for an on-spot theme photography compition , i took part in . Obviously i ended up not winning the contest . sometimes not succeeding is a part of growing up.i know i could have done better .

Some things are achieved differently. You cannot plan it out on how exactly you really wanted, but you wish for it so badly that you want it to happen immediately.

I myself don’t know how to go and catch my dream, but I think of it every day and always imagine how ironic it’s going to be once it’s in front of me. I yet to figure out how to open up to something and make this come true, but I know one day it will for me, and it’s going to be very soon. Standing in front and looking what you always wished for…is going to bring out a special smile where you won’t be able to describe it. Staring at it and nothing’s going on in your head, without any works spoken…that is the feeling which will make you think yes! This is it. This is what I always dreamed of and I have it. Listen to your heart and it’s going to be in front of you one day. It’s never ending.