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Little Parade Project 会員No.3009、 未登録です! Parade Project Parade Project (official)

Pretty Realistic Silicone Kid's Baby Doll with Accessories

I feel so little while watching Piglet's Big Movie on Disney+ all while hugging, snuggling and cuddling my stuffed Pooh Bear.

hi little space twitter! I’m looking for mutuals/friends 🌸 tilly/telle | 22 | 4 to 7 in little space! 🌸 transmasc nb | he/they 🌸 taken | polyam | bi 🌸 main 🌸 is mommy! 🌸 🌸 look at carrd for more!~

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Pretty little choke doll, aren’t ya? 😇

Really wish I had a friend in the US who could buy me a custom paci and send it to me, a bean living in Asia