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Well researched and an engaging read, the Peacekeeper brings the period, the streets of Rome and the the diverse set of peoples alive. A delightful read!

Celebrated today at Ralph Bunche library w/ & & Nina Murray. Thanks to for lending us Anya Creightney, poet & ace moderator.

It was suggested earlier that I pay a sizable "entry fee" for the privilege of circulating a poem in response to the tragedy. It was a attempt to profit on the occasion & our heartsickness. Here, for free on , is my response:

Lit Quiz: Which Edgar E. Poe story does this Bug suggest? [New York International Auto Show: Press Preview, Jacob Javits Convention Center]

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'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' (1975), Director Miloš Forman, with Jack Nicholson et al. Ken Kesey

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“Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no need of change.”

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While the mortals of My Lai are wide-awake, The roaring of engines are roaming the sky, Baffling the residents below - from The Bloodiest of Breakfast I., Barbarity. Free excerpts. Order at or kindle

American Stranger By David Plante One of the main themes of this book is the concept/feeling of Longing. Have you ever tried to describe "longing". Plante has some excellent passages which describe it.

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‘Nobody can judge an internal injury,’ he had said, ‘by the size of the superficial wound, of the hole.’
—  Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses
Dialogue Tips

Don’t use names in dialogue, unless a character is trying to make a point or is arguing. It’s unnatural for us to use each others names when talking.

Read out you dialogue to ensure it sounds natural and not overtly formal unless the setting calls for it. 

Dialogue should be used to advance the plot and should not be used for small talk.

Every character should have a unique way of speaking so check to make sure there are differences in word choice that are consistently used.

Do not use a character to explain the story in dialogue, this is showing rather than telling.

To consider our greatest anguish an incident of no importance, not just in terms of the life of the universe, but in terms of our own souls, is the beginning of knowledge.
—  Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

Seriously, guys. We need to talk about that One Scene™️ in The Brick when Valjean is rushing to the courthouse after learning about Champmathieu and a young boy helps him with his cart and asks for some money in return and Valjean just laughs at him and rides away. What the heck happened there?

What are some forgotten scenes in The Brick that you guys had thoughts about?