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We ❀️ list-making! Here's a reminder if you're feeling overwhelmed with stuff. Take your time, plan, and take small steps to achieve your goals in life. πŸ˜€πŸ‘£ Do you embrace the power of list-making?

This setup allows you to separate the most important factors that will drive your plan into four distinct, prioritized . Across the top, you can easily see internal factors while the bottom boxes reveal external factors.

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Discounted Duggar Mansion in Arkansas Is This Week’s Most Popular Home

This Is How Much Work You Have To Put In To Burn Off Your Favorite Foods via

1876 Flour Mill Converted to a Modern Dwelling Is This Week’s Most Popular Home

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a running list of my favorite baseball slang/terminology

  • climbs in
  • slaps it foul

pepperony: origins

  • do you think RDJ has thought about how MCU Pepper and Tony met? does he ever look meaningfully at GP during a take as if Tony is remembering when this rando kicked his ass about an accounting error?
  • do you think he thinks about when Tony started falling in love with her, as he clearly did pre-IM1?
  • considering Tony’s thing for nicknames it’s fun to think he made Pepper up, but Killian (Pepper’s previous employer) seems comfortable enough calling her Pepper so probably not but fuck canon. and fuck Killian
Tweetbot might replace your iOS Twitter client (video)

We awoke this morning to a deluge of hype surrounding Tweetbot, the version 1.0 Twitter client from Tapbot. So we sucked down some legal stimulant and ponied up the entrance fee to give it a go on an iPhone 4 (the app requires iOS 4.1 or later). Granted, we’re still in the honeymoon period but we’re definitely impressed. The design elements, animations, and audio tones are slickly implemented and the functionality is rich and intuitive. We’re especially smitten by the right and left swiping actions used to reveal conversations and replies, respectively, and the customizable tab bar that gives quick access to lists and retweets. In fact, the list integration is so good as to finally make Twitter lists useful on a smartphone. We also applaud Tapbot’s plucky release in light of Twitter Inc.’s preference that developers stop reproducing the Twitter client experience, especially since the result is superior to Twitter’s own free iOS app. Sure, the user interface can be a bit overzealous at times (think HTC Sense vs. Windows Phone 7) but it’s more fun than it is distracting, especially during these early hours. At $1.99 it’s definitely worth a look – just promise to view the video overview after the break first, ok?

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Google Knowledge Graph coming to all English-speaking nations tomorrow, adds lists to results

Google launched its contextual and intelligent search service, Knowledge Graph, only a few months ago. Till now, it’s been limited in its availability and, while most nations will still be left out, tomorrow it will be coming to all “English-speaking” countries. The ability to discern your intended search goal and present you with relevant information immediately, as opposed to just a page of links, is the next step in search technology and the secret sauce powering the somewhat creepy Google Now in Jelly Bean. The Graph has also received a few enhancements and tweaks, including the ability to answer queries with collections and lists. So, say you’re looking for rides in Disney World, a thumbnail of every attraction will appear at the top in a horizontally scrollable list. How much longer till our Spanish, French or Chinese speaking pals can get in on the action? That’s anyone’s guess. But, if English is the native tongue of your home, then rest assured your flavor of Google has just gotten a little bit smarter.

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Getting Ready for College!

In my college prep endeavors, I have acquired my second bullet journal ever! Honestly, I felt like I was in a rut when I didn’t have it. I kept trying to do bullet journals on lines sheets of paper and it never really worked for me. Now, with my beautiful and cute new bullet journal, I feel like I’m starting a new and better chapter!

This is my cover as well as my special pens! I’ve always loved using these for bullet journaling!

My first page in the new journal! Put some focus and happiness sigils on there to help me! I think this has been helping me so far! (I make my bullet journal the night before or the day of, so that’s why some of it was blank.)

My key for my bullet journal! (Though my handwriting is a tad sloppy…)

My weekly log, including tasks that need to get done within the week as well as my goals for the week. (I have three adorable rabbits and I will post pictures of them soon!)

How-to: manage your Facebook privacy settings with three simple lists

I used to love Facebook. I was in law school at Wisconsin when it launched, and everyone I knew on the site was basically a peer – people who I’d known well or at least met in person at some point. Then… I graduated. Suddenly having a Facebook account full of pictures from blurry nights in Madison and Pulitzer Prize-caliber dirty jokes from my friends wasn’t so awesome anymore – especially once I started working for Engadget and lots and lots of people I didn’t actually know (or, somewhat even worse, only knew professionally) started looking at my personal page. So I needed a system – a way to still use Facebook to share personal stuff with friends, professional stuff with colleagues, and awesome stuff with everyone, all without blurring any lines or accidentally sharing too much with people I don’t know.

Luckily, it’s not so hard to do – you just have to make effective use of a Facebook feature called Lists. By grouping all your friends into lists you can make sure you’re sharing the right information with the right people – pictures from last night’s epic party with your actual friends, sanitized vacation photos with co-workers, almost nothing with strangers. But just making a bunch of random lists won’t work – you need a plan, and we’ve got one for you that involves making just three lists to solve all your Facebook privacy worries. How? Read on for step-by-step instructions. Read more
Google brings Foursquare-like favorite lists to Maps

You can now create Spotify-like “playlists” of your favorite local spots on Google Maps that your friends can share and follow. The feature, which Google recently rolled out to Local Guide users, lets you create “Favorites,” “Starred Places,” “Want to Go” and your own custom lists. The idea is to “start flexing your local knowledge muscles,” Google said, and benefit from the inside info of other folks by following their lists.

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anonymous asked:

How do the naruto characters react when they're heart broken? Do they react violently, cry, distance themselves, etc.?

Originally posted by dailynaruto

☰ Violent / Argumentative

Kiba, Jugo, Hidan, Hana, Izuna, Sakura, Kushina, Deidara, Karui, Anko, Temari, Suigetsu, Kurotsuchi, A,

☰ Depressed / Cry

Yamato, Asuma, Lee, Gai, Gaara, Hashirama, Yahiko, Obito, Omoi, Choji, Shizune, Izumo, Sai, Iruka, Hinata, Tenten, Karin, Nagato, Chojuro,

☰ Pretend to be okay

Kakashi, Minato, Asura, Konan, Yagura, Shisui, Sakumo, Samui, Genma, Shikamaru, Haku, Kabuto, Darui,

☰ Goes out / Drinks

Naruto, Jiraiya, Fu, Killer B, Ino, Kurenai, Tsunade, C, Mei, Ibiki, Kotetsu,

☰ Stays home / Distances themselves

Sasuke, Indra, Zabuza, Tobirama, Madara, Kimimaro, Kisame, Utakata, Kankuro, Orochimaru, Sasori, Shino, Neji, Kakuzu, Itachi, Yugito,

anonymous asked:

How would the Naruto characters react if they came home and their child has painted on the walls? Thank you!

Originally posted by naratemari

☰ Ignores it and lets their S/O handle it

Jugo, Indra, Zabuza, Hashirama, Jiraiya, Hidan, Kisame, Fu, Killer B, Utakata, Izumo, Sai, Shikamaru, Suigetsu,

☰ Shrugs it off and doesn’t make a big deal of it

Sasuke, Kakashi, Asuma, Lee, Gai, Kimimaro, Yahiko, Obito, Omoi, Shisui, Sakumo, C, Samui, Genma, Iruka, Haku, Nagato, Kotetsu,

☰ Scolds them but doesn’t make a big deal of it

Naruto, Yamato, Minato, Gaara, Asura, Madara, Choji, Konan, Kurenai, Orochimaru, Shizune, Karui, Anko, Shino, Hinata, Tenten, Kabuto, Itachi, Darui, Kurotsuchi, Ibiki, Chojuro,

☰ Scolds them and puts them in time out

Kiba, Tobirama, Yagura, Hana, Izuna, Sakura, Kushina, Ino, Kankuro, Tsunade, Deidara, Sasori, Mei, Neji, Temari, Karin, Kakuzu, Yugito, A,

pastelnacht  asked:

Naruto- Who is gonna sing along during Carpool Karaoke?

Originally posted by dreaming-of-tokyo

☰ Always sings along

Naruto, Kiba, Lee, Gai, Asura, Hashirama, Fu, Killer B, Shisui, Kushina,

☰ Occasionally will sing along

Asuma, Jiraiya, Yahiko, Konan, Hidan, Obito, Omoi, Hana, Sakura, Ino, Kurenai, Tsunade, Karui, C, Izumo, Genma, Anko, Mei, Iruka, Tenten, Karin, Suigetsu, Darui, Kurotsuchi, Kotetsu,

☰ Rarely sings along

Yamato, Minato, Kisame, Yagura, Utakata, Sakumo, Choji, Kankuro, Orochimaru, Shizune, Deidara, Samui, Sai, Shikamaru, Hinata, Temari, Haku, Kabuto, Yugito, Nagato, Chojuro,

☰ Will never sing along

Sasuke, Kakashi, Gaara, Jugo, Indra, Zabuza, Tobirama, Madara, Kimimaro, Izuna, Sasori, Shino, Neji, Kakuzu, Itachi, Ibiki, A,

anonymous asked:

Naruto characters? Who would prefer to see lace, fishnet/fencenet, garter or thigh high stockings on their s/o?

Originally posted by ackermess

☰ Lace

Naruto, Tobirama, Jiraiya, Kisame, Obito, Omoi, Fu, Utakata, Choji, Ino, Shizune, Sasori, Karui, Samui, Genma, Hinata, Haku, Kabuto, Kurotsuchi, Yugito,

☰ Fishnet/fencenet

Kakashi, Yamato, Kiba, Gai, Indra, Zabuza, Hidan, Hana, Killer B, Izuna, Sakumo, Kankuro, Izumo, Anko, Mei, Neji, Temari, Karin, Suigetsu, Kakuzu, Kotetsu, Chojuro, A,

☰ Garter

Lee, Asura, Jugo, Kimimaro, Yahiko, Konan, Yagura, Orochimaru, C, Tenten, Nagato, Ibiki,

☰ Thigh high stockings

Sasuke, Minato, Asuma, Gaara, Hashirama, Madara, Shisui, Kushina, Kurenai, Tsunade, Deidara, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, Shino, Itachi, Darui,

anonymous asked:

What Naruto character would bend what element? Like the elements of avatar (air, fire, water and earth)

Originally posted by incompatibilizar

☰ Air

Naruto, Minato, Asuma, Asura, Jiraiya, Fu, Ino, Kurenai, C, Samui, Genma, Sai, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata, Neji, Tenten, Temari, Kurotsuchi,

☰ Fire

Sasuke, Indra, Madara, Hidan, Obito, Izuna, Shisui, Kushina, Karin, Itachi,

☰ Water

Zabuza, Tobirama, Yahiko, Konan, Kisame, Omoi, Yagura, Killer B, Utakata, Orochimaru, Shizune, Karui, Anko, Mei, Suigetsu, Haku, Kabuto, Darui, Yugito, Nagato, Kotetsu, Chojuro,

☰ Earth

Kakashi, Yamato, Kiba, Lee, Gai, Gaara, Jugo, Hashirama, Kimimaro, Hana, Sakumo, Sakura, Choji, Kankuro, Tsunade, Deidara, Sasori, Izumo, Iruka, Kakuzu, Ibiki, A,

anonymous asked:

How would the guys from naruto react to seeing a boy giving their daughter a bouquet of flowers?

Originally posted by dekuzs

☰ Does nothing but finds it cute

Kakashi, Minato, Gaara, Asura, Jugo, Kimimaro, Yahiko, Konan, Kisame, Sakumo, Choji, Izumo, Genma, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, Shino, Haku, Kabuto, Itachi, Darui,

☰ Thinks it’s cute and asks her about the flowers later

Naruto, Yamato, Asuma, Lee, Gai, Hashirama, Jiraiya, Killer B, Shisui, C,

☰ Annoyed by it but does nothing

Sasuke, Indra, Zabuza, Madara, Obito, Utakata, Sasori, Kakuzu, Nagato, Ibiki, Kotetsu, Chojuro,

☰ Angry about it and asks her about the boy later

Kiba, Tobirama, Hidan, Omoi, Yagura, Izuna, Kankuro, Orochimaru, Deidara, Neji, Suigetsu, A,

anonymous asked:

who in the naruto is most likely to get their heartbroken and who is most likely to break someone elses heart?

Originally posted by demigodxtonio

☰ Likely to get their heart broken

Naruto, Yamato, Minato, Asuma, Kiba, Lee, Gai, Gaara, Asura, Hashirama, Yahiko, Konan, Obito, Omoi, Fu, Killer B, Shisui, Sakumo, Sakura, Kushina, Choji, Shizune, Mei, Sai, Iruka, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata, Tenten, Karin, Haku, Kabuto, Itachi, Darui, Nagato, Kotetsu, Chojuro,

☰ Likely to break someone else’s heart

Sasuke, Kakashi, Jugo, Indra, Zabuza, Tobirama, Madara, Jiraiya, Kimimaro, Hidan, Kisame, Yagura, Hana, Izuna, Utakata, Ino, Kurenai, Kankuro, Orochimaru, Tsunade, Deidara, Sasori, Karui, C, Samui, Izumo, Genma, Anko, Neji, Temari, Suigetsu, Kakuzu, Kurotsuchi, Yugito, Ibiki, A,