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1. Be willing to let the next busy item go. There will always be one more item on the to-do list. There will not always be a four year old who wants to kick a soccer ball with you...

Listening is being completely present to whatever is before us with all of who we are. ~Mark Nepo

From start to finish this was another superb by with the legend that is Great to hear talk about his career and his love for film really comes across in his conversation with Mark. Loved it! with

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Great for listening to in the car. JoJo Gnome Story Podcast for ages 3-6. Fun & Free to download.

We hope everyone is making the most of this gorgeous sunshine! However, if you don’t feel so bright and sunny, we are still here all over the bank holiday. we listen ☎️🆓116123

Explore the benefits of active and reflective listening in IOA's May , "Listening: An Ombuds' Super Power" with presenter Kristine Paranica, a university . Register Now:

My “to review” stack is growing by the minute. Lots of to do in the days ahead. But it’s nice if you can get it.

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Every instant we exist, the air that surrounds us contracts and expands, either from our unconscious breathing, from the swiftly turning planet, or simply from the quivering particles of matter.

Even in our most isolated spaces, the anechoic chamber engineered specifically to nullify these vibrations, we hear the blood pumping through our own body and the faint buzz of our nervous system. Sound is inescapable up until death.

Music, what is in most cases thought of only as the audible result of complex chains of intertwined processes of human activity, is built on the exclusion of this totality of sonic presence. An instrument is defined precisely by what sounds it does not make. A noise by its inability to be periodic, harmonic, pure.

Nature, the physical plane out of which our species sprung, contains nowhere the materials of conventional music, with its rationally tempered scales and neatly quantifiable durations. We are not beholden to these origins; it is because of them, rather, that we must continuously justify our artifice.

If we invert music, we find ourselves lacking in the usual excuses of beauty, catharsis, or sublimation; we are instead forced to confront the material conditions of a moment and the fundamental uncertainty of our reality. Only then, from an applied tabula rasa, are we free to perceive the raw immanence of our sounding environment.


Day #30 of 365 Daily Gratitude

Open your ears and listen to both the outer and the inner world!

My score for solo flute, I guess was open to interpretation. I know Dr Carla Rees is a well accomplished musician and I knew if anyone could make sense of my idea it would be her.

I was on a busy DLR train on the way to my Taekwondo class when I recieved the email from Carla with two recordings. She had asked me which I prefered, but I had no headphones and listening through my phone, pressed to my ear trying hard to listen, I heard the first example. A slow, patient, perfectly controlled performance of my piece. A piece I had only heard through Musescore’s sampled flute sound.

My jaw dropped. I hadn’t imagined it that way. The smoothness, the warmth, the rich tone. I was quite stunned.

Of course I needed to hear the next recording as soon as possible, so I put it straight on. A totally different interpretation. This was more along the lines of what I had imagined. It felt faster, more cutting, colder, more like the celtic flute sound that I know and love. Straight away I felt sure that Carla had captured my idea beautifully, so it was a clear choice yes? Pick the second one? You would think that, only that the second one hadn’t stunned me like the first. The tone wasn’t so rich and beautiful. They both had such different emotional qualities.

What to do? Is there room in the world for both?

I think it really comes down to learning what, exactly Carla did so differently. Different flute, different technical approach, different emotional intention?

I am not sure. I am just happy to have two lovely recordings of my work.

“how to help a friend who’s going through a hard time”

listen: sometimes, people would prefer to share their thoughts with expecting a solution to their troubles. if a friend is asking for advice, please be sure to listen thoroughly to what they’re saying so you can give them a thoughtful answer.

how to: everyone has unique ways of showing other people they’re listening. recapping with what they’re sharing with you, asking questions, and offering sympathy are great ways of showing someone you’re listening. 

sympathy and sensitivity: receiving sympathy makes someone feel validated and cared about. showing someone sympathy and compassion can help them feel less alone and satisfy the need to be understood.

how to: knowing what to say when offering sympathy can be hard. a good method is to agree with what they’re feeling, and tell them it’s okay to take time and care for themselves.

helping out: taking action to help a friend is a sincere way to show your support.

how to: ask your friend what you can do to help. if you’re unable to help with certain things yourself, try offering alternative resources that could help them.

note: this is based on my experiences and my opinions. these may or may not be helpful to the situation you’re in, and that’s fine. 

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On Sacred Relationship:

You’re not just a woman. Or his woman. Or you.

You’re a representative of the feminine principle. An archetypal woman in form in front of him.

What he says to you in his moments of weakness, anger, sadness, confusion…

Is not only personal to you, though it may cut through your ego like a sword.

It’s a call out, a conversation, a grievance with the mother. It’s a negotiation of the balance of power. It’s a chance to hear the masculine and be responsible for the pain that women have caused men. For the mistakes we have made. For the manipulation that has been done. For the lack of attention and support in nurturing a young boy with dreams.

Welcome to priestess school, it’s not in a program you pay for, it’s inside your relationship with the man you choose to hold, honour, and help recover the lost boy inside of him.

You are now a confessional, a salve, and a source of regeneration.

You are a representative of the divine. And that requires immense responsibility, empathy, and an open heart.

This is how to learn to honour the masculine. Through hearing his pain and learning to forgive.

This is beyond fun. It’s a sacred agreement to go on a journey of remembering and recovering your soul.

It is not to be taken lightly. There’s not a rule book. And it’s not for everyone.

~Lauren Sheehan


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