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Lawyer weighs in after driver escapes fine after appealing passing lane speeding manoeuvre

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Quick rant

So, anyone who follows me can tell that there’s no real rhyme or reason when it comes to my blog or content, but I feel like it’s pretty obvious that I’m an extremely liberal American democrat who feels very passionately about a lot of the political issues America is facing right now. I also feel like it’s clear (although it may not be) that I’m Jewish and care a LOT about the issues Jewish people face and the way we’re treated and represented at the moment. What may be even less obvious is that while most of my political content comes across as angry or passionate or both, I am also afraid. For myself, for my fellow Jewish people, and for the direction we’re headed in. I’m privileged enough to be seen as white, and while that comes with its own issues, I am lucky enough to not wear my identity for everyone to see without my choosing to let them know. However, it doesn’t make the reality of my identity any less real and the reality is that it’s dangerous to be Jewish right now, and I am afraid. I live right near Pittsburgh. I’ve been in the Tree of Life synagogue. I know a girl whose parents narrowly escaped the shooting, and a man who lost both of his that day. The small town I live in is FULL of trump supporters, and it’s honestly terrifying to wonder who would hate me if they knew I was Jewish. And the worst part is, no one understands that fear, and even fewer people respect it. And to be told that I’m being ridiculous, that I have nothing to be afraid of, that I and my people are disloyal for not agreeing with and supporting a disgusting antisemite who has gotten so many of us murdered, is heartbreaking, enraging, and terrifying. I would ask if we had to be killed before you believed us, but clearly even that isn’t enough. Our blood running in our houses of worship isn’t enough. We don’t get to be afraid because we’re too busy trying to stay angry enough to make things finally fucking change and it is exhausting. I might delete this whole post later because it’s an incoherent and emotional rant but honestly? It’s the truth. I do see a lot of support on this site and across the internet in general, but I see a lot of dismissal as well, and that’s almost as bad as outright hatred and bigotry. We are allowed to be angry right now, but more than anything we’re allowed to be scared, and we deserve to be heard.

A heel 4HW stable but plot twist, Bayley is the one who turns first and then convinces the rest of them (because let’s be real, the other three can’t deny her anything), and it ends with all of them holding each of the women’s belts and just generally terrorizing the rest of the women’s divison


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Admire a girl for more then just the superficial parts of her and you’ll actually get the side of her you want. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ just saying. Your doing it all wrong.

I have an idea for a super extra fluffy thing yo write, but I need one thing first:

What sort of goofy action, face, voice, or reference, do you think would make Ianto laugh uncontrollably? Like, the sort of thing that, without fail, would have him howling and doubled over with laughter, the sort of thing that he can’t help but laugh at, no matter how many times he sees it.