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Aye (Skinny BANTON) by GWADA RIDDIM online on - Urban Reggae

The Chinese folktale of 'How The Five Ancients Became Men' explains the creation of the Gods from nature. It's a beautiful mixture of folklore, history and mythology. :

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Dopehead - Sunshine (2018) [Hip-Hop / Rap] via /r/listentothis

Peaches and plums…

*sobs uncontrollably*

Thoughts in the tags as there will be season 4 finale spoilers.

(The Magicians fanart. Quentin and Eliot)

anonymous asked:

Is there anyway to break up with Daelynn without the only option ending with us killing her?

Hmm, I haven’t decided if I’ll put in break-up scenes. It’d make for some grade A angst, to be sure, but I don’t know if my poor heart would handle it.

Also, what I’m giving you right now are Daelynn’s innermost and most insidious thoughts.

Don’t think her cuckooness will be as obvious in-game! You might be surprised by how normal and sweet Daelynn’s romance might be! (or not, mwahahaha!)

So yeah, long story short? You won’t be able to kill her, and I can’t promise you’ll be able to divorce her, so to say.

So… Good luck?



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An au that’s been on my mind is one where Anakin was never found by the Jedi (or maybe he was found by Qui-Gon and he promised him he’s come back for him but he dies and so he doesn’t and Anakin still waits for him until he gives up). Shmi and Anakin get separated and Anakin is sold to the huts and he is forced to fight as entertainment (maybe he’s trying to buy his own freedom and Shmi’s) and quickly becomes a favorite, the he always wins fights bc one the force and two because survival. Obi-Wan and Ahsoka come to the planet when war breaks out for a mission and they come across him, maybe Obi-Wan goes undercover. Just some bamf!Anakin


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bluskellyboi  asked:

Can I get in some of this dog bone action? I'm a skeleton now anyways

First off, I’m not mad. Don’t even think for a second that I am. Cause I’m not. I’m just really tired. Ran an all nighter and I’m still suffering from it.

Second, I wanna make something clear. I like you, but ONLY as a friend. Nothing more. Yes, I’m poly. But I’m not a pedo, that’s for sure.

You’re fucking 12! 12!! I’m 18!!

Poly relationships are made through the bond shared through ALL people. And I don’t feel that way towards you.

The whole marriage thing was a joke and it was funny while it lasted. But now you’re crossing some boundaries I REALLY don’t want to get into.

So, I’m sorry. I’m going to have to turn you down. Please respect that.

tumpaasaye  asked:

Why not go up to them and say hi, maybe get a drink woth them. Maybr Trent walks over and buys you a drink.

I wouldn’t go up to them because I have no confidence 😂 and if Trent’s buying me a drink I’d be like “ah, nah, you don’t have to!”