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So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on :

Ready for a new color or gloss?!🌸Sale now thru Friday🌸💋LipSense Colors- $22💋LipSense Glosses -$18 🔥FREE gift with every purchase! Buy 2 or more items and get FREE shipping shop 24/7

B. Ruby a cool satin burgandy with a hint of purple is my Colour of the Week, I absolutely love this colour with a layer of Matte Gloss 👇🏻💋

Last day for the lucky shenanigans 10%off any 2 or more items and orders over $100 ship free, comment here or message me to order

Sometimes you need to have a slight step back into the and rock a brown lip! 😂. I meant to grab my Gingerbread (discontinued) but accidentally grabbed my Hazelnut (ooops!) so it came out a little darker than I wanted it to, but I rocked it anyway!

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Do you remember the old adage, It takes more muscles 💪 to frown than it does to smile?

It’s true. Holding onto hate and resentment just turns you bitter and angry. Forgive those that have wronged you. Forgive yourself, too! We are all God’s children, we all make mistakes, and we all deserve forgiveness. If you can pray for your enemies you may find a new peace ✌️ in your own life! Spread kindness! ❤️🥰

How has our crazy winter destroyed your lips? Do you or someone you love have chapped lips? Here’s the answer! Lip Smooth is a conditioning polisher for your lips that will instill moisture and get rid of dead skin plus prepare your lips for the best Lip Balm on the planet! It will restore and repair your lips like you would not believe AND both are guaranteed 💯% Fabulous for everyone in your family!

Lip Smooth smells so good you will want to eat it! Message me for your 45% discount! Only $25 for both!(instead of paying $45 for both)

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You have to chase your dream business! Set goals and make them happen. 💪 Just dreaming about it won’t get you there. Make it happen! There are so many tools out there to help you. Most communities have Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development experts, and their job is literally to help you start and succeed in business!

Also, did you know that President Trump is a big believer in network marketing? Do you know why? Because of all the valuable free training these businesses provide!!

When I do a makeover I use a makeup artist palette paper and put all of the products used on it as I go so that I can give it to my customer when finished.  I always take a picture of it and put it in their profile as well! 💄💋✍️

You’ll be ready for spring and luckier than a leprechaun 🍀 in these new Clover Collection colors! Includes NEW Limited Edition Clover Gloss, a pearly gloss with green and blue iridescence. It will look fantastic and transform your favorite LipSense colors! The Clover Collection comes with a Free Cosmetics Bag!

I was so excited to receive this beautiful Suede and Sherpa blanket and Ruby charm for free as a gift for being a Ruby SeneSales Distributor! I love ❤️ my job! I have the privilege of sharing #SeneGence products and helping women achieve their dreams!

The gifts are just a bonus!

Accentuate the Positive! Eliminate the Negative! These are words to live by. This song was originally written and performed by Johnny Mercer in 1944, and was even nominated for an Oscar for best original song!


Bing Crosby and the Andrew sisters made it popular when they sang it too!

Here are some of the Lyrics: “You’ve got to accentuate the positive

Eliminate the negative

Latch on to the affirmative

Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum

Bring gloom down to the minimum

Have faith or pandemonium

Liable to walk upon the scene”

In honor of SeneGence’s 20th Anniversary and my 20th year with the company I wanted to share the very first 6 colors in the LipSense line! Red Cherry🍒 was my favorite, I wore it every day with matching red nails. It’s been fantastic to see the opportunities grow with the company!

As we enter new countries and offer an ever-expanding line of incredible products, I can’t wait to see what is next for SeneGence Cosmetics!


WOW! Can your lipstick do this?!

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Kevin Kochner, known as “the Mentor,” was our keynote speaker at leaders conference, and now he will be one of our speakers at Seminar this year!! I also shared the stage with him at SeneFest in Dallas! He is an amazing speaker, successful entrepreneur, and author.

I took this photo while walking down by the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River recently with Curt and Micah.

Cream blush is great for most skin types and especially for aging or dry skin. Cream Blush formulas are hydrating and give a dewy look when applied. They’re also really lightweight, which tends to give a more natural flush with a pretty finish. BlushSense is truly the “Queen of Cream” Blushes!

Cream blushes create a dewy, outdoorsy flush according to Bobby Brown.

Bobbi’s tips for cream queens: Use fingertips to dab it on the apples of your cheeks and blend upward along cheekbones. I do the same with BlushSense and then finish blending with a fluffy brush.

Cream Blush’s are usually more economical, stay bactria free, and don’t break if dropped like a powder blush will.

What’s the BEST Cream Blush? Hands down it’s BlushSense by SeneGence! Not only does it have all of the features listed above, but it also is Anti-Aging with SenePlex Complex, Botanical and Vitamin rich, Non-Comedogenic, Humidity tested, Water Resistant and is even more highly pigmented than most!

This is INSANE! The Primer and Volume Intense Mascara from SeneGence has completely transformed my lashes-so much so that I no longer wear fake lashes!! It looks fantastic, first of all, but also grows lashes on average 46%. Message me to try today!