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Hoping this works... .Net Framework 4.7 on wine because of mscorwks.dll 4.0.30319 could not be loaded errors.

FW66 for -embedded DIGIEVER NVR server, UHD series and Pro+ series, are launched. Click here to check details:

Tech Junkie Blog - Real World Tutorials, Happy Coding!: : Adding Non Root Users To The Docker Group In

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10 years ago in high school I was using and to install in my A lot happened from being a (single-boot) fan to now a Dev using

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z.lua - A better method to change directory.

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Safe to sync entire home directory (dotfiles and all) using Syncthing?

I have been searching for information on whether it is safe to sync an entire home directory between two different machines. Both run the same OS (Mint 19 Cinnamon), but one is my desktop and the other is my laptop.

I have been unable to find any posts or information to suggest that this is unsafe, but I have a feeling that it is a bad idea as I am not sure if the dotfiles in ~/ contain any system specific information. Both machines tend to have the same software installed.

Is this safe? If not, what is unsafe about it (for my own knowledge)? I would be syncing all files and directories using Syncthing.

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Patching multiple Linux distros.

Hello All, I’m curious what the best way is to manage patching and updates for an environment with multiple different flavors of Linux. We have Ubuntu, OpenSuse, and a few others. I want to be able to set up automatic patching and management/administration in a centralized manner. I have used puppet before but is this the best solution? What have you guys used? Thanks.

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A little bit of a rant relating to the Linux community

First of all a disclaimer, I know the majority of Linux users/community isn’t like this and these are just a part of a vocal minority and the “loudest ones are always noticed” rules apply and sorry if this kind of post isn’t allowed on this subreddit (from what I can tell after reading the rules, it should be fine) and I understand if it gets removed.

Why do some of the loudest Linux users always appear in the Windows videos/discussions/posts and try to advocate for Linux no matter what with words similar to

“Step 1- Uninstall Windows = yuck, ew! Step 2- Install Linux! = godsend”

Okay we get it, Linux exists, it’s a viable OS and people understand that but some people like this forget that Windows is a good option too and that Linux has a niche audience and it’s not for everyone. You like the OS, that’s fine, use whatever you like but also keep in mind that Linux isn’t for everyone.

I get it, Linux is a good OS and it’s audience are a pc enthusiasts to the max but I also see it a hobbyist OS, mostly for programmers and enthusiasts alike. I’m not a targeted consumer or rather user since Linux is a free open source OS for it and I don’t see myself becoming one in the near feature nor possibly ever.

As I said in the disclaimer, I know these types of people are the most vocal ones and I appreciate Linux’s community non the less When I ignore these types of annoying people but I had to write this rant to get this off of my chest after years and years of reading stuff like this in discussions/comments.

Anyway, thank you for your time reading this post even though I’m sure you people get tons of posts like this over the time

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Does it bother you to have telemetry on your server(s) ?

1) Does it bother you to have telemetry on your server(s) ?

2) What’s the marketshare of Windows Server compared to Linux in the server space ? (virtualized, cloud etc everywhere)

3) Do you see Powershell coming to Linux as a good thing ? Do you think it’s as powerful as Bash/Python ?

4) Do you see “plain text” config as a weakness of Linux compared WinServ ?

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