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10 minute doodle of the World’s Most Exhausted Kids


Olá capirotinh@s, aqui estou mais um dia… ou uma noite, enfim. Vim compartilhar três vídeos com o nome das músicas que viraram memes, enfim, só assisti ai.

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Karu: “Never gonna give Never gonna give… give me up!”

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FINALMENTE … “Move bitch, get out the way Get out the way bitch, get out the way”


Karu: A parte do Eminem, toda vez que ouço aquela música me lembro de DOOM DADA kkkk | PS. Thomas & Friends 💕

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Karu: “Tunak tunak tun Tunak tunak tun Tunak tunak tun Da da da” 

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BÔNUS FEVER (feat melhor comentário)

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Inktober x Smashtober 2018 Revisited: Days 9–16

More coming soon…


I’m doing a limited run of high-quality 8"x10" art prints from the entire Inktober x Smashtober series by preorder only. Message me for details. Orders are due by Dec 2.

Sword Swap AU: Fi in Skyview

((In these rewritings, I’m going to use apostrophes to differentiate between when Link is just thinking to himself (italics with no apostrophes) and when he’s communicating telepathically with Ghirahim (italics with apostrophes).))


“Ghirahim, please tell me this is the last room,” Link said, exasperated.

“It is,” the spirit replied from inside Link’s sword. “I can sense Zelda’s presence just beyond that door.”

“Oh, thank Hylia.” The blonde hurried toward the large, golden door on the other side of the circular room.

“Master, wait! There’s something el-“

Ghirahim was interrupted by a flash of blinding light. In a second, it was gone. Link blinked a few times. Once his eyes readjusted, he saw a young woman with metallic, blue skin and spiky, black hair dressed in a lopsided, violet cape standing in front of the door. The girl’s gaze was focused on the door. Her right arm was held out, a solid black rapier in hand as if to act as a barrier between Link and the exit.

They were both still for a moment until the girl lowered her arm and her blade disintegrated into nothing.

“You are alive,” she said, back still facing Link. Her voice was youthful, but held a smooth, eloquent tone, with the same accent as Ghirahim’s. The way she spoke was cold, unfeeling. The sheer absence of emotion sent a chill down Link’s spine.

She turned to face him before continuing. Even her eyes were the same color and texture as her skin. There was a small, diamond-shaped marking under her right one. “Curious. The tornado I summoned should have killed you.”

So it was her, Link thought, rage beginning to boil within him.

She turned her attention back to the door. “No matter. All I require is the girl. I know she is here in the spring.”

“Who are you?” Link asked, preparing to draw his sword.

“That is of no concern to you,” the girl responded. “You are not part of my mission, human. I refuse to waste my time with you.”

Link removed the Goddess Sword from its sheath. The girl didn’t even flinch at the sound. She simply turned to face the boy once again, looking almost bored.

“Fine,” she spat. “If it is so imperative that you learn my name, my official title is Demon Lady Fi, ruler of this land your people refer to as the Surface, and I may as well inform you that I am not in a very good mood at the moment. The girl was in my clutches, but her servant managed to break her free and bring her here. So I highly suggest you put your sword away and leave immediately. This is not something you want to involve yourself with.”

“Yeah, it is,” Link shot back. “That girl you’re after is my friend. If you think I’m about to let you take her, then you’re in for a bad time, lady.”

“Do you truly think I care what your relationship is with her? I will give you one last chance, boy. Lay down your weapon and go home. You stand no chance against me.”

“Master Link…”

‘Ghirahim? What is it?’

“I have an idea. Keep her busy until Zelda can get away. Do not let her through that door!”

‘Oh, I’ll do more than just keep this bitch busy.’

“Master, I’m afraid she’s right. Your current skill level isn’t enough to beat her.”

‘Don’t care. As long as I can keep Zelda safe, I’m up for anything.’

Link took up a fighting stance. “I’m not going anywhere, blueberry.”

“That’s the best you could come up with?”

‘I really don’t need your sass right now, Ghirahim!’

“Very well,” replied Fi. She snapped her fingers, summoning her rapier once again. “Then I will simply have to dispose of you.”


Super Metroid: Link to the Past Randomizer - Episode 7

Guess who accidentally recorded a double-length episode but later decided to cut it in half? Your Host Joe of course!
The Darkness Beneath Our Feet

Angsty Link’s Chidhood oneshot, 5,000 words. Requested by @yabanned


Link thought sometimes that the only memories he had alone with his father were with a sword. He was a quiet man, reserved, one might say, for the most part. Actions spoke louder than words, to him, and his actions certainly valued the blade.

So Link snuck away, down to the water.


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skylagoddess17  asked:

I recently my dog died and he passed away peacefully and i'm sad for the loss of my little podle ,Your comic makes me smile and keep moving even when i'm going through a hard time right now. Keep making other pepole happy with Growing Up Gerduo and stay strong.

I hope this doodle helps a little.

Edit: Tumblr deleted half of my original message!

Losing a pet isn’t easy, but I’m glad our blog offers a safe haven for comfort. Stay strong. <3

-Junior and Roy