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Arisa... Joyce's big sister

Finish the of the clothes! Great and now I can start with the coloring of all of them including several details :W: Wish me luck!😃😁🐯

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¡Buenas noches a todos! Les comparto una parte de una comisión a lineart digital que entregué hace poco <3 Espero les guste. Versión completa, por supuesto que en mi Patreon <3

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- Last Stop - A multi-layer by JunkBOt 1st three layers of with final stacked render with &

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So, wanna see my line art yorobun? Hahaha... This is my first simple coloring. Basically, I don't really have a coloring sense. But, I try (σ≧▽≦)σ This is Jeon Jungkook for yaaaaaancjdnfbdkncjfkdmd *feeling excited*

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A little dragon named Tuck

“I’m not good enough to play on the same court as a champion.”

“True, but irrelevant,” a new voice said, and Neil stopped breathing…

Kevin was sitting on top of the entertainment center along the back wall. He‘d push the TV off to one side to give himself more room and covered the space around him with papers. He’d watch this entire spectacle and, judging by the cool look on his face, was unimpressed by Neil‘s reaction.”

~ The Foxhole Court, Chapter one


Artist’s note: My 1st line piece for my drawing series of 8 Days of Night. Where some students and Pros of UA have contracted vampirism. I decided to start with everybody’s favorite Ice & Hot wielder, Todoroki. Still a WIP but I’m not sure if I should color it or ink it full. I would love to hear you guys input.

© KSapphire8989

MyHeroAcademi © Kohei Horikoshi

Finally these two! ^-^

Left                                     /       Right  

Code name: Mentha          /       Code name: Origanum
Name: Ment?a                   /       Name: ???

Height: 1,6? m                   /       Height: 1,7? m
Weight: ???                       /       Weight: ???
Skill: ???                            /       Skill: ???
Active curse: Attraction      /       Active curse: Copy
Passive curse: ???            /       Passive curse: Unusual ???
Others: ???                        /       Others: None ?