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Deuxième étape, lineart

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I've finally decided on a design for the 'Mom' in my book! I can't wait to share this story with you all!

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I'm doing all my OC's from 'Missing Juveniles' together for the first time! So there's a little WIP! I'm open to sugestion and critics, pls!

Finally got the linework done for this piece. Got some wonderful work done from sketch to clean lines. Next step will be the coloring and all that fun stuff! Keep an eye out! 💙💙💙

*THE SILENCE WITHIN* My art embodies all my struggles, all my pain, all my tears, all my fears and all my winnings. Every stroke of line makes me realize I can break every chain just one line at a time. ENJOY YOUR WEEK

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Something between you and me

Rocket Laying down - 2019

And this is the most awkward looking drawing of all of these I made! it’s Rocket and I know it’s not a popular opinion but I always liked Rocket!… Might color this later even if it is horrid looking just because I’m fond of this pupper! I draw this with a pen I gained from Czarine…

Edit: Coloured version!…

Ginga densetsu Weed © Yoshihiro Takahashi
Fanart © Berit Jurda

Ben and Undead Spidey Friend lineart

The lineart for a piece I’m doing of Ben and his undead spidey friend! I should have Ben’s character bio up soon


(Ben’s about 5-6 years old in this)

No.12 lineart commission from Bronycon. Someone wanted me to draw their OC. The wicked Fornix, who was once a very kind hearted and handsome stallion. but one faithful day, a pegasus pony who was flying back home from picking up georcries accidently dropped a glass bottle of milk on his head. Which turned him into an evil stallion, hellbend on taking over the world. I have to say this was the most funniest story by far that a client told me regarding the creation of their OC. Good job guys. I hope you like how he turned out. lol

© KSapphire8989