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Enable Piwik for LimeSurvey

This post of is part of my Your own Virtual Private Server hosting solution project.
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Piwik is an Open Source webanalytics software. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to integrate the Piwiks plugin for LimeSurvey.



Navigate to the LimeSurvey plugin directory.

cd /var/www/<limesurvey>/plugin

Clone the Piwik LimeSurvey plugin.

sudo git clone PiwikPlugin

Copy the scripts from the sub folder in to the main plugin folder.

cd PiwikPlugin/
sudo mv ./PiwikPlugin/* ./
sudo rm -R PiwikPlugin

Add access rights for the webserver user.

sudo chown www-data:www-data -R ./*

Open your Piwik website //<piwik host>/index.php?module=SitesManager and optionally add a new site.

Copy the ID of the site where you want to store your LimeSurvey tracking data.

Open the LimeSurvey plugin manager //<limesurvey host>/index.php?r=plugins and click the settings icon of the Piwik for Limesurvey plugin.

Update the URL to Piwik's directory field with the url of your piwik installation //<piwik host>.

Add the ID of the Piwik site to the Piwik SiteId field.

Save the settings and enable the plugin.

Whenever a user access one of your suveys their actions are tracked with Piwik.

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Script Updates :

1) phpMyAdmin -> 4.0.7
2) osTicket ->
3) LimeSurvey -> 2.00+ Build 130923
4) Open Web Messenger -> 1.6.7
5) osCommerce ->
6) AbanteCart -> 1.1.7
7) b2evolution -> 5.0.6
8) Xoops -> 2.5.6
9) Codiad -> 2.0.0
10) Contao -> 3.1.3
11) phpList -> 3.0.4
12) Zurmo -> 2.2.4
13) Fork -> 3.6.4
14) Symfony -> 2.3.5
15) Magento ->
16) phpBB -> 3.0.12
17) CMS Made Simple -> 1.11.9
18) CubeCart -> 5.2.3
19) SilverStripe -> 3.1.0
20) Subrion -> 3.0.1
21) Vision Helpdesk -> 3.8.0
22) PmWiki -> 2.2.56
23) Feng Office ->