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So good I had to share! Check out all the items I'm loving on :

El Bushy Brow Gel de es un rímel de larga duración que le dará a tus cejas la forma que tanto te gusta ¡y durarán todo el día!

ジョンセンムルのパープルラメ はちゃめちゃに可愛い Extra Violet ココアミラージュ VENUS XS ROSE GOLD

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💘 Classic Valentine’s Day Glam 💘 Fell in love with the Venus XL2 for this look 😍 Silky Matte lipsticks “Debbie” & “Rumble” IG:

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Con Wet Cherry Gloss: Cherry Pie de eleva tu labios al siguiente nivel con un gloss que combina color, una textura ligera ¡y mucho brillo!

Retro, maybe.   #dragqueen#genderqueer        #torontomakeup#makeupinthesix  #nyxinthesix#sephoratoronto   #bigponytail#highponytail#sleekponytail  

Diamond Dew: Chocolate Diamond de crea un efecto flawless de diamantes en tus ojos al aplicarlos sobre tus párpados ¡Agrégale instantáneamente ese factor súper WOW a tu maquillaje!

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“For those of you who own Mooncallers: Shadows Burn : PLEASE DON’T BE AFRAID TO LEAVE A REVIEW! It helps me to much to see reviews on Amazon. My writing is able to evolve that way, so go right ahead and tell me what you think on the product page.
Aside from that, something actually relevant to the picture I’m posting lmao. I have been sick with strep throat since 2019 started (lucky me) but am finally getting better!! So I decided to actually get ready today hehe.
Since some have been asking, I upkeep my white hair with Shimmer Lights silver shampoo, my lip color is Cashmere by @limecrimemakeup , my lashes are 35 by @maccosmetics , and my contacts are from @uniqso but I can’t remember what they’re called hehe. Also, my shirt is from @killstarco ~ 💕“

“Is there life after death? 💀
(That’s what my shirt says, by the way. Not being profound.)“