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I just read your vent, are you okay?

I mean, I’m not, but I don’t have much of a choice to pretend to be

y’all be all up in arms about kiki outing matteo to everyone but you were living for when kiki was posting all those crew love posts on instagram and purposely omitting mia and just generally hyping kiki up for being a petulant child. like we’ve known all along what kiki was capable of. you just willingly turned a blind eye to it when she was dragging another female character. 


Liked on YouTube: How Do You Backup Your Computer? 💻💾😌 DIY in 5 Ep 94

Back up your computer! If your hard drive fails or you have a malware attack you can breathe a sigh of relief and know everything will be just fine if you backup. But what should you back up? Let’s start off by looking at what exactly needs to be backed up: personal files like home videos, photos, your music collection, and important documents that would be difficult or impossible to replace. Personal files should be backed up often. You can also backup your operating system, programs, and other settings if you’d like. These can be backups can then be recalled, but having a more comprehensive or even full system backup will save you some time in the event of a computer emergency. Ways to backup your system There’s a few different ways to backup your system and they can be either online or local. I recommend you have at least three copies of all important files - the original, the backup, and the backup’s backup. A combo of local and online access to files will protect you from 99% of potential data loss. Local Disk Backup with File History and Time Machine A local or onsite backup is one kept physically at your location, like backing up to an external hard drive. It’s faster, easier and much more secure, provided that the physical drive remains intact and in your possession. Windows provides a simple solution to backup your data called Windows Backup and Restore in Windows 7 or File History in Windows 10. First, make sure you have an external drive that is the same size or larger than the internal drive you are going to backup. Keep in mind, SSDs will be faster and last longer than traditional hard drives. Then, type the word ‘backup’ in your search bar, and choose backup settings. At the top of the screen you’ll see Backup using File History and you can use the plus button to tell your PC which drive you’d like everything backed up to. You can then customize the backup to take place as often as you like. For my Mac friends out there, you can go to System Preferences – Time Machine and choose your backup disk. You can then set it to run hourly updates and make a copy of any changes to your chosen hard drive. This is an extremely simple method, but note that it keeps backups until your hard drive runs out of space, after that, it will rewrite the oldest data so you may have a difficult time if you need to access a backup from further than a few months ago. Offsite Backups An offsite backup is anytime your files are stored somewhere other than your current system location. Technically this could be a hard drive you keep at a friend’s house, but more often it means backing up your system online. Dropbox, Google Drive iCloud, and OneDrive are convenient, low-cost options that have sync options to automatically sync your most important files. Depending how much data you want to back up, you may need to purchase a data plan. You can use your chosen storage platform’s software to set your preferences. As long as you are connected to the Internet, your data will be backed up according to your settings. Disk Images A more comprehensive and secure way to backup your entire system is to use a disk image or ghost image. You will need specific software to do this. There are free options like Macrium Reflect and EasUS Disk Copy for hard drives 1TB or smaller, and paid options like Acronis True Image out there. If this sounds like something you need, as always do research, read reviews and find the right backup and recovery software for you. On the Mac side you can use the Disk Utility app to make a disk image. How many of you actually backup your computer regularly? Do you have a ‘forgot to backup’ disaster story that you’d like to share? Please share it in the comments.

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god same I immediatly googled the author bc I wanted to know if she's a wlw 😭 and I'm so glad it's not a cishet hell yeah

Yeah I was like tentitavely excited about the announcement all the while googling her name and thinking pls don’t be str8

It does seem like they’re trying to do this right though, with a gay man producing the movie and a queer woman writing the novel. Like. It’s in good hands I think and idk who is making these decisions but they are letting our community tell the story

Этот арт я перерисовала уже пятый раз. Но сейчас я очень довольна результатом.

/его впервые я нарисовала летом, и он мне так понравился, запал в душу, что я стала перерисовывать его через два месяца/


Synopsis: Hwang Hyunjin is the cold ice prince of JYP Arts Institute and is known to be the best dancer. (Y/N) is the new transfer student who is quiet and broken. Not until she meets a group of boys which flips her whole world upside down.

Genre: Angst + Fluff + Comedy


(Y/N) P.O.V

It was morning and I stepped into class, definitely was not use to the stare’s from the class too, I took a seat next to Hyebin and she looked at me and then all of sudden she came close to my face and grabbed my hands.

“You’re the girl that was on Hyunjin tweet right?” She asked.

I nodded.

“How do you know him? Why is he talking to you?”

“I.. I.. he’s one of my brothers friend..”

“Interesting. You know Hyunjin is the ice prince right?”

I nodded once again.

“You know he doesn’t dance with anyone and he never talks to anyone besides his boy group,”


“Yeah, you’re kinda going viral with the school, especially with the girls,”

Well there goes my normal life at JYP Arts Institute.

“By the way, I know you know, but I’m Kim Hyebin,” she shook my hand.

“Hi..” I replied back.

“You’re not really much of a talker are you?”

I nodded.

“It’s fine, here let’s be friends okay? By the way I’m a dancer too but I dance once in a while,” She smiled.

“Uh.. okay,”

“It’s not good to always be around the boys, everyone’s going to spread rumors, and I know you don’t want that,”

She was right, that was the least thing I wanted.

“You’re not wrong, oh you’re a dancer?”

“Yeah, but I don’t dance often, I don’t think it’s fun dancing by myself,”

“I see,”

“Here give me your phone, I’ll add my number and socials so we can talk more!” She smiled.

I gave her my phone and watched her enter her number and her socials, I sat there completely blanked face. What just happened? How did I make a new friend already? How was i already going viral. Flashbacks were hitting me and I could feel a panic attack coming. Class was starting but I was too in the moment of panicking, right after she gave me back my phone, I got up immediately and left the room. I ran towards the dance room and sat there crying my eyes out. The fear of being the target of the school scared me, the fear of losing everyone and myself scared me. I sat there crying in the dark room, I put my earbuds in and listen to music as tears flowed out of my eyes.

If anyone has any links to fluffy sanders sides fics handy, I’m in desperate need of some happiness right now, and would be eternally greatful if you could bestow some upon me in the form of fanfiction