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おはよう☀ 今日から月謝スタートです😳 今月もよろしくお願い致します🤲 #ホスト#ミナミ

These ashes into glass pendants are as personal as you can get. Ashes are infused with great care into coloured glass to create a keepsake which will last forever. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted

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Kazu: alright here’s some person who is purely good/evil and you will hate/be amazed by them—

Kazu: SIKE they are not you’ve been fooled

U know what? I actually think I’ll be fine, if I can’t sleep again when I become a vampire. It’s not like I can sleep now, as a human.

I wont ever have to be like, “ah yes, it’s 9pm I should go to bed, let me just lay in the right position - aaand it’s 4 am, I have to get up at 6, great” and then I feel like shit for an entire day. If I dont need sleep, then it would never be a problem again.

Somebody bite me


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