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Hei brown !!! Ⓜ️ .

Come to me barii tebakurinbariba .tebayina mukwano bamaala gazunga you need champion love doctor nze nayiga nayiga I do trending πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Like my PJS?πŸ€ͺ if I’m HOTπŸ‘€

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This epilogue is turning out to be absolute fluffy garbage. 

after applying to every job I could try to find without none of them actually calling back, realizing that I can no longer pay for any of my treatments or therapy and realizing that I ran out of my emergency money using it trying to cover rent… I really am starting to notice that things can and will get worse

One time I had this 3 year old student who was 100% convinced that he was a horse. He would whinny and gallop and tell everyone random equine facts.

Until one of the other teachers decided it would be cool to shout at him to walk like a normal boy because he wasn’t a horse. He hid and he cried.

Y'all… I lost it. I reprimanded that teacher in front of all of her students. I made her apologize to the little boy in front of everyone. Then I told him he was the most beautiful horse I ever did see.

We spent the rest of the day holding hands and galloping together.

Me, emailing customer service of my fave baking site: Hey you used to have 3 options for measuring types, but you got rid of the one I find easiest to use. Wondering why, or if it’s gonna come back?

Customer Service: Hey! A lot of home bakers use volume, and pros use grams, so we phased out ounces! Hope that makes it easier and more fun!

Me: …I literally just said you got rid of the one I prefer?