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Fuck Shaggy.. Lord Komodo From Warriors of Virtue was the craziest looney tune of a villain from the 90’s! Pick him πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯πŸ‘Š

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Cerita Sex Bersetubuh Dengan Gadis Binal Yang Seksi yuk di klik link di bawah ini jangan lupa bantu di follow twitter ku dan di retweet ya 😘

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i live in the moment

because i’m like 78% sure i’m going to die soon so i don’t really give much of a fuck anymore. hey, bus driver? yeah, floor it, please and thanks. get this shit over with good god.

whipshaw  asked:

hi i just wanted to say i came to check out more of your art and??? you're 14??? thats amazing?? u have such an eye for colour and shape and balance and expression and PROJECTING A PERFORMANCE rather than. drawing a picture, if that makes sense. like im in awe. keep it up cause u clearly have both talent and the dedication !! have a lovely day !!

ohhh my gosh!!! thank you so so much asafdfsd it means so much to me to get messages like this!! im smiling so big :”)

anonymous asked:

Hey so i recently came across your blog and idk its a really cool art style but anyway, could you do something for stevonnie or better yet the original rainbow quartz? Your bio says you do Steven universe so... please???

I messed it up, but oh well its Rainbow Quartz! I really want to see more of this show (I’m not sure if that was the show finale) and in that I would like to see more of Rose.

Also side note, I don’t really like Rainbow Quartz 2.0 just because it seemed like a childish fusion for Pearl, but that is just a personal opinion.

today I found out the customer who complained about me on the phone last week also used the F-word (in some context) whilst doing so

and I came home to find this on one of my Goodreads reviews (albeit a somewhat ranty one):

“The only thing cringeworthy here is you and your disgusting review. You are VERY annoying.”

edit: if anyone’s wondering, my “disgusting review” is of a poorly-written YA Brave knockoff

anonymous asked:

Can you please draw Toga stabbing Dabi. Just like a quick drawing not anything super serious. Love your art. (Sorry I just thought it would be super funny if Toga stabbed dabi while he was dabbing)

I might finish this and make it an actual drawing rather than just a sketch, but anyways here is this. (Also I wanted Toga to be underneath him so she is kneeling, this was gonna be a full body but I didn’t want to spend  too much time on it just yet)

I hope you all like it!! Keep those requests coming, I love doing these!!!