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One of my favorite bolts of 2018, this bright red positive CG monster that landed no more than 1.5 miles away. Taken in Glendale, AZ, on August 10, 2018.

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is going to be memorable. , Sessions, , Keynote Speeches, Talks & more! Want to see what's on the schedule for . Check out our full conference program here:

Long bands of Pushing into most parts of NCR including various parts of Central Haryana to receive Rains within next 1 hour in which Bhiwani Jind Sonipat will get Ts. isolated possible with Ground strikes of .

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Reposting @ladylightninglittlewood: Stunning Storm Chasing and Weather Photography by Damon Powers

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Day 14/300: Lightning Strike. I don’t know what inspired this. Just really wanted to draw someone getting struck by lightning. There’s another person on the other light building but they kinda got obscured by the shading and stuff.

drarnegas  asked:

Lightning’s first time having sex with her pet Grimm’s Kai and Kaa

(This was done together and just for this ask. Kai and Kaa will have another mate. Mostly because @drarnegas did Lightning better)

It had been a year now since Lightning found Kai and Kaa,the two Grimm snake had grown to be larger, not as large as the adults butlarger then their current cage. The were also acting weirder then usual.

Kai and Kaa were a pair of king taiju, Kaa was the blackhead snake and Kai was the white head. They were more clingy to Lightning eversince a couple days ago rubbing their bodies against her arms and skin.

”Boy l don’t mind that you two slide over my body but l needto clean your cage so can you please not cling around my arms and chest rightnow.

The two didn’t seem to listen as they wrapped around herlegs and started to rub their heads against her stomach.

”What is it with you two today” Lightning said as she try topull them off.

Her answer came in the form of 2 long 12 inch cocks thatprotruded for their skits and were slick and slimed with pre as they rubbedagainst her legs. The Grimm hissed lightly as she pulled at their bodies.

Lightning just look at her pets and then at their cocks andsigh.” You two are in heat, you reach that age.” She said expecting an answerthat she knew that she would get.

They both looked at her and slithered around her body astheir cocks left a small trail of pre cum on her skin and clones. “Ok how aboutthis, l make you feel good. Will you go of my body until l am done cleaningyour cage” The snakes agreed and began to flick their tongues against her skinwanting to get her scent while they lightly moved their bodies so their cockscan rub against her skin more. Lightning pulled up her sleeves and then she grabtheir cocks jerking them gently. The two Grimm were exited as they felt herhands around their cocks and coiled around her arms wanting more.

”Easy boys, easy,” she said as she continue while scratchingthem with her other hand.  They werecontent as she scratched their heads. But the Grimm wanted more as they movedand flicked their tongues at her crotch. ”What are you two doing, is this notenough?” The two Grimm simply used their fangs to lower her clothes and beganto flick their tongues at her pussy lips and nub.

Lightning made a sound between moaning and laughing. ”Ok ifyou two let me undress then we can have some real fun.” The Grimm listened toher hesitantly and moved back as they uncoiled themselves from lightning. Oncethey were of Lightning undress herself and spread her pussy and ass for them.

The two taijus moved to her crotch and each took a hole withtheir tongues, Kai stuck his tongue into Lightning’s pussy while Kaa stuck hisinto her ass and they both moved them around inside. Lightning were moaning asshe felt their tongues in her. Both Grimm continued to tongue fuck her as theyslowly moved their bodies around her arms while she was distracted by thepleasure. ”Mm o fuck those tongue’s of yours feels good,”

Their bodies wrapped around her legs and kept them spreadand their tails binded her arms to her torso before they kept licking hercrotch loving the taste and scent. Lightning just moan more as she was leakingon to the floor. Her mind getting foggy. Once they pulled their tongues out Kaiand Kaa moved up and moved their cocks to both holes and began to fuck herholes and hissed out at how good they felt. ”Oooohhhh fuck you two are thickerthen you looks” Lightning moan out.

The Grimm began to thrust their bodies into her so theircocks could go deep and started fucking their owner as they flicked theirtongues at her pussy nub. Lightning were moaning more and more as she couldfeel herself getting closer to cumming. Then suddenly Kaa let out a hiss andcame inside of Lightning’s asshole while Kai managed to get his cock into herwomb and started to fuck her faster. Lightning made a drown out moan as shecame as well. ”Well boys that felt good right?”

Kai didn’t listen for a moment as he still fucked her astheir bodies were wrapped around her body. Kaa’s cock got hard against and hepulled out and pushed it into Lightning’s pussy to fuck it with his other half.  The two cocks moved in and out of her pussyat different paces, pounding against her womb feverishly as the grimms tongueshung out from the pleasure. ”Ooooohhhh pppplrease stop” Lightning beg as shewas losing her mind.

The king taiju couldn’t hear her as their bodies tightenedaround her body a bit and they went faster signaling that they were going tocum soon. Then both Grimm let out loud hisses and came inside of Lightning’spussy making her stomach swell a bit from the large amount of cum that enteredher womb. Lightning came again as well, passing out.  -one hour later- The two taijus let out theirlast hisses before they came inside of Lightning’s mouth. Having not been donewith their heat. They had fucked her pussy and ass multiple times beforefinishing in her mouth. Their bodies loosened and they laid on her chestresting as their heat had ended. Lightning groan and moan lying on her backfull of cum and covered in it. ”I,,,ho,,,pe you two are happy now.”


Lakeside Lightning by nuvoIari
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Thank you for the explore! and all the group invites! But I should make clear that this is not a real photo, this is from a video game, so if your group doesn’t allow that kinda stuff, kick me out