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AccessPoint is focus on WiFi access points. In the video, AccessPoint share his real thought on Procet’s outdoor PoE Switch and Industrial DIN Rail PoE.

Are you looking for the best IP66 LED lights? If so, this post covers expert advice on what you should know to make a wise and informed decision when shopping. Read More: .

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We used a new measuring tool today! Ask your child to tell you about it.

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There are times when I feel as if a wind has blown into the Library of my imagination. Books are blown open and pages are scattered. Illustrations come to life, the words on pages spill from their books and take form as waterfalls and trees. I find I am surrounded by mountains and planets and dragons. Lights that dance in the sky like foxfire, rhymes flow easily from my lips as if they were writing themselves, and the tiniest glimmer of light sparks into existence behind my eyes as I am filled to bursting with more dreams than I could possibly count. I live for the moments when that wind comes to play.
—  Author of the-fae-folk Blog

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Dental anatomy with neon effect 🔦

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“It is love that brings meaning to our lives. The path of love goes right through the middle of every heart. No one is locked out. No one is turned away. No one is unworthy. The love that lives within each and every being is Bhagavan. It is Ram, Buddha Nature, the Atman, the Self, the One. It is who we are – our own True Nature, radiant and shining like a million suns.”
~Krishna Das~

📸 Krishna Das, India, 1970s


Jökulsárlón by perkot
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"Of course mingi, I haven't been able to get over you, you and san have made me the happiest woman in the world..." I said as mingi and san have started massaging my body.

San: *he sheds a tear as he snuggles closer*

Mingi: *kisses all over you face letting some tears fall and muttering that he loves you*

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"What can I say mingi! We didn't really have a lot when we were together before so I didn't know what to think." I said while laughing like a manaic.

San: *smiles and laughs lightly* You’re the one that begged me to go rough~

Mingi: *smiles widely* Out little hornndog of a princess~ *he places a kiss in you hair as everyone starts to mellow down* I really did miss you in America.. I don’t think you’ll ever know how much it means to me that you still love me.

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"We have fucked alot mingi we really have, and now it's really starting to take effect on my body.." I said soon getting in the bath as they started to massage my body.

Mingi: *laughs* I told you being horny would come at a price and you didn’t believe me~