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Excepcionalmente, nesse domingo, estaremos fechamos para ajustes de layout em nossa academia. Segunda-feira abriremos normalmente, com um super treino para você!

ژەمێکی خواردنی بەچێژ پێشکەش دەکرێت بە رێگایەکی شکۆدار لەلاین رێستورانتی هوکاباز شایەنی چاوەڕوانی کردنە Empire world, Empire Business Complex, building C4, Erbil, Iraq.

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The benefits of Unilateral exercises can not be over-emphasized.
They are simply exercises that can be performed on a single limb.
➡Tackling muscular imbalances is one most notable of its qualities.
➡Additionally, when performing unilateral exercises, there is increased motor recruitment as result of full concentration (mind and muscle connection).
➡Forms are easily observed and corrected leading to lesser chances of getting injured from poor executions.
The above video shows me performing bulgarian split squats with kettlebells load.
Watch how i carefully lower with near neutral spine. This form transfer the load (56kg) to the single limb.
When you lean forward or hinge, you start to transfer part of the load to the gluteus muscles, another sound glute activation exercise.
The tout band i stepped on with my big toe was just to challenge my balance. No matter how i wobble i don’t lift my big toe of the ground. This forces me to be more ‘in the exercise’.
Athletes like sprinters need to learn the big toe activation drill. It is very important in ground striking and push off phase of the sprints.
Recently, I’d end my leg day with this drill. I go 3 sets of 5 reps on each limbs with a slow tempo. Sometimes I’d add a pause at the end of the eccentric part or lowering part.

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Life like this

A world of ambiguous ideas

I seek with no direction

They say, “Who do I have to answer for?”

As they proceed to kill and steal in the shop next door

I open the door to my studio apartment

Which is more like a shaq

I step into my decrepit abode

Humble, yes it is

Still destitute of necessities

Even still, the stove has gas today

I pour some water into my soup pot

I open up my container of instant noodles

I then pour its contents into the boiling water

“Smells good right Jennie???” 

I say with glee as I look at the british short hair lying on the futon

For validating approval

She stares at me with total disinterest