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It was a great few days meetings with clients and vendors…time to head home.
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Kim Kardashian: Sexy Nacktfoto für neuen Duft sorgt für Diskussion unter Fans
Kim Kardashian wirbt mit einem weiteren Nacktfoto für ihren neuen Duft. (Bild: Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP Photo)

Kim Kardashian macht mal wieder das, was sie am besten kann: Die Social-Media-Schönheit beglückt ihre Fans mit einem neuen Nacktfoto. Hinter dem sexy Post steckt aber ein wohldurchdachter Werbeplan, der nicht jedem ihrer Fans gefällt.

Kim Kardashians neuestes Meisterwerk ist ein Schnappschuss ihrer berühmten Sanduhrkurven. Die dreifache Mutter posiert auf ihrem aktuellen Instagram-Post splitterfasernackt, beachtet dabei aber brav die strengen Richtlinien der sozialen Plattform, indem sie ihre Brustwarzen und Bikinizone galant verdeckt.

Das neue Nacktfoto ist Teil des Werbeplans für ihren neuen Duft „KKW Body“. Der Flakon des neuen Duftwassers ist eine Minivariante der echten Silhouette des Reality-TV-Stars. Mit dem Schnappschuss will Kardashian ihre Fans nur kurz daran erinnern, dass es in ihrem Online-Shop wieder eine neue Ladung „KKW Body“ zu kaufen gibt. Sex sells – Kim Kardashian weiß eben, wie man sein Produkt an den Mann bzw. die Frau bringt.

KKW BODY is now restocked on KKWFRAGRANCE.COM and also FREE US SHIPPING & 10% off all international all week thru Monday on all @kkwfragrance

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on May 22, 2018 at 12:05pm PDT

„KKW BODY ist jetzt wieder auf KKWFRAGRANCE.COM zu erhalten. Kostenloser US-Versand & 10% Rabatt auf alle internationalen Transporte die ganze Woche bis Montag auf alles.“

Der freizügige Auftritt teilt ihre 111 Millionen Follower auf Instagram in zwei Lager: Einige Fans sind von ihren ständigen Nacktauftritten genervt, andere unterstützen Kardashian. „Kim ist Kim, so ist sie halt“, nimmt ein Anhänger die 37-Jährige in Schutz. „Und ihr beschwert euch alle, dass sie erwachsen werden soll. Es ist ihre Seite. Sie kann machen, was immer sie will. Ich liebe dich, Kim!“

Andere Fans haben sich langsam sattgesehen an den provokanten Posen der dreifachen Mutter. „Ich bin ein wirklich großer Kim-Fan, aber das war etwas enttäuschend für mich“, kommentiert ein anderer Fan das Foto. „Ich verliere langsam das Interesse. Ich freue mich darauf, mal mehr zu sehen als immer nur Nacktbilder. Ich würde gerne mal eine andere Seite von Kim sehen.“

Thank you to everyone who ordered @kkwfragrance KKW BODY! I love seeing when you guys get your orders and am so happy you are all loving the scent! Go get yours now on while supplies last

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on May 5, 2018 at 7:37pm PDT

„Danke an alle, die KKW BODY bestellt haben! Ich liebe es, zu sehen, wenn ihr eure Bestellungen bekommt und ich bin so glücklich, dass ihr den Duft alle liebt! Geht jetzt auf, solange der Vorrat reicht.“

Aqua Play Parks is now in Palawan!!!

The biggest inflatable playground and biggest inflatable park supplier has now invaded Palawan!!! It set its new home at the heavenly paradise called Kamia Bay Resort. I have grown this kind of excitement for inflatable playgrounds with Pitballs when I was a kid. I am stunned to know when inflatable parks sprouted like mushrooms in the Philippines last year. The hype continues as this brilliant man named Peter Appletopn keeps on producing quality inflatable playground for Filipinos to enjoy! He is continuously spreading this happiness specially now that the playpark is also in one of the most visited places which is Palawan.

I am totally glad that I’ve experienced all the slides and activities in a day!

Kamia Bay Resort is the perfect place where Aqua Play Parks set its new home! With the perfect sea, shore and scenery, visitors from the different places will definitely get a complete package upon availing the entrance of the playpark!

Mr. Appleton totally explained all the fun you can get from the park. His main aim is to bring out the dream in every kid whenever they play! 

Another angle of the park. It is the biggest of all the playparks in the Philippines! I have noticed that it is well maintained by the staff. They were also very accommodating they can actually take your photo if you want to! 

Before going to the park, a brief orientation were conducted. It is for us to become extra careful with our swimming outfit and carried cameras. We were allowed to bring any cameras but everything is on our own risk. Even action or waterproof cameras should be properly carried because once dropped, it might be impossible to search. They can provide an underwater cellphone dry pouch.

We were also given a lifejacket. It should be worn in any part of the park. Preferred swimming outfit for women are bikinis, rash guards, tankinis, etc. For men are trunks and rashguards. Don’t forget to put a sunscreen lotion and you’re ready

You can go to the park by using paddleboard, speedboat or just swim your heart but with lifevest on!

I love everything about the park! All the activities are completely unique. For a first timer like me, one of the staff were totally on a look-out and he guided me all throughout the way. He even took me nice photos!

There’s also a beach volleyball area wherw you can just bounced off!

I felt younger and free that day! I am glad I was able to try all the activities. It made me feel like I can conquer and do anything! I feel determined to do more extreme activities!!! I started from the mini slides up to the bigger ones.

This one’s my favorite! This made me think twice to try but I can’t let go of the fact no to do it! This is the most exciting activity of all. 

From the top, I had an amazing view of the whole park! At first, I was afraid to try the slides but after that I keep on doing it like a pro!

We were also given this footwear so we won’t easily slip. For every move and activity, the crew will tell you where to step, where to hold and a lot more safety precautions before you can enjoy this one hell of a slide!

The fun never ends at Kamia Bay Resort we were able to visit the other island that took for only minutes! We were also had the chance to ride jetskis.

We went to the other island using the speedboat. We can’t help but take a lot of photos!!!

I can say that Aqua Play Parks Philippines is one of the best I’ve visited! This is perfect when you are up for some extreme slides and worth-remembering activity.

What a great opportunity it has been to have taken the inflatable park by this time of the day! It was really breathtaking. My experience at Aqua Play Parks is something that I will always remember as it has been my first and I’m telling you it is something worth the try and worth coming back for!

Adrenaline rush unleashed and so does my childhood were enlivened. Can’t truly wait to go back and bring my family and friends! Thank you Aqua Play Parks for the best memories!!

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Space Mermaid Goddess ✨

Artist Joey Cortez (hottwax)

“Bad day ? Get out. Now. Go buy the most beautiful flowers you can find, put them in a vase, write the most beautiful compliment to your eyes on a cute paper, hang it to your bouquet, and offer it to yourself.”

- Positivity to take away

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You finally responded to me after all of my messages were left on read.

You agreed to go out that night and take a walk with me.

I was jittery and in shock that you had responded to me. I longed to hear your voice again and I hoped I would feel the pressure of your lips against mine.

We went downtown by the water and you walked alongside the road because it was the gentlemanly thing to do.

I remember listening to your voice and feeling like I could hear you talk for hours.

You made me laugh and smile and I felt like something out of a cheesy teen movie.

Your soft smile and your confidence had me wrapped around your fingers.

I felt you staring at me as I pointed the stars out to you. But it was nothing compared to the kiss you tenderly gave me as I looked up at the sky.

I still remember how hard my heart was racing and I wonder if you could hear it.

You held my hand as you walked with me down the hills making sure I didn’t trip.

I remember the false promises you also made, and I was so foolish to believe someone like you would go for an overlooked girl like me.

I remember you driving us back to the spot where we first kissed. You let me play my music the whole way there.

I anxiously waited for you to make a move, my eyes staring at your lips hoping you wouldn’t notice.

And when you kissed me I felt like a breath of fresh air flowed throughout my body.

The way your hands gently trailed under my shirt and pulled me closer to you despite the arm rest being in between us.

I remember saying your name under my breath for the first time. Saying it so I could believe you were real and not just a dream I’d wake up from.

I wanted to stop time and bask in that moment forever. When I could enjoy the attention I had been craving from you.

I fell for you harder that night.

When you pulled me into the back seat and kissed me even harder. It felt like we’d done it a thousand times.

I remember how solid and warm you were under my fingertips and the way your goatee tickled my face.

You were my dream that I never wanted to wake up from.

And when it was time for you drop me off I knew I wouldn’t see you again.

I wanted all of you, but too bad you didnt even think twice about me.

While I remember every detail, you don’t even remember my name.

I wish we had met in a different time.

Where you could see I was the one for you and how you were my dream to me.

But no matter hard I wanted it, I had to wake up and go back to my own reality without you in it.
Wanna come over?

Does it get much better then this?? #health #fitness #fit #TFLers #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddict #fitspo #workout #bodybuilding #cardio #gym #train #training #photooftheday #health #healthy #instahealth #healthychoices #active #strong #motivation #instagood #determination #lifestyle #diet #getfit #cleaneating #eatclean #exercise

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