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PowerEgg X – die autonome 3-in-1 AI-Drohne Bei der PowerEgg X Drohne handelt es sich im Grunde um ein 3-in-1-Gerät das einem Ei gleicht. Denn es ist Drohne, AI-Kamera und Handheld-Kamera in einem.

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Travelling into the new decade When we ring in this new year, we’ll also be welcoming a new decade. It’s a time to not only place bets for the years ahead, but.....

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We reckon happy and healthy go hand‑in‑hand! If you find what makes you happy, make sure it’s healthy, and do more of it you’ll be well on the way to achieving both.

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Home office of historic Palmolive building residence

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Living20 - How do I Make the Most of My 20s as an Introvert?

Well, here I am. A young woman on the cusp of my 20s, about to step foot into “the best years of my life”. If that is the case then why don’t I feel like it? I have lived a somewhat sheltered life these past 19 years, and as a result my yearning for the average, stereotypical, messy adventures of an American young person only seem to intensify as I near this new age. Before we go any further it is imperative that you know I am the living, breathing definition of the word ‘Introvert’. A night in watching Hallmark Christmas movies always sounds like a winner in my book, and even then I can only guarantee you 5 hours before I need to tap out and call it a night. However, there comes a time when one must accept and adapt to the fact that sometimes being comfortable gets in the way of your progress. Now, what you wish to progress in is completely up to you- don’t look at me for answers there, or anywhere to be frank. So the question prevails- ‘How do I make the most of my 20s as an introvert?’

For as long as I can remember, loud and crowded spaces have always been an enemy of mine. From school auditoriums to friendly get togethers and mixers- the more energy I have to process, the more exhausting the event. And since we’re being honest here I have never tried to work around it. My friends and family understood and accepted that part of me and always gave me my space as I needed it. However, the new environment of ripe, young college students don’t always get the hint, and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to tell someone, “Hey! You’re really cool and I’m having a great time but I physically cannot be around you any longer or my entire being might combust. It’s not you, it’s me. But let’s hang next week!” See what I mean? I don’t think they would take that very well. 

So rather than oversharing on the internet to replace the need for an actual productive outlet, I have decided to get off my ass and dive head first into the world and take a look at what she has to offer in regards to my dwindling social life! Oh how exciting this is. If this were a title for my life I figure it might go something like - ‘Self-Isolating Girl Meets Spirit Drenching World But is Super Optimistic About It’, or ‘What In the Absolute Fuck is Going On??’ Two question marks for emphasis, subtitles included. Your 20s are supposed to be a magical time in which you explore yourself and your independence. Let’s see how this goes. 

Cómo Tauro ♉️ puede hacerse millonario 🤑

Sensuales muy hedonista ( ven la satisfacción como único fin de vida ) y estetas ( valor a la belleza física o en las formas materiales ). Si quieren alcanzar la máxima fortuna sin perder la balanza de la de la felicidad, deberán enfocar todas sus energías en desarrollar su arte, ese que ven cómo hobbie, ya sea cantar, cocinar, bailar, pintar, esculpir o más. Dicho arte debe ser expuesto al público y a las masas por cualquier medio visual. De esta manera alcanzarás la verdadera riqueza material y espiritual.