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Walk in and don't let the enemy lie to you. In or in your !

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"It is the story that you tell yourself (and others) about what happened and its role in your future"

POKER, BİRİÇ VE PİŞTİ ! Sinek her dönem en değersiz kâğıttır. Fransızların demokrasi geleneği bu oyunda daha belirgindir.Pokerin blöf geleneğinin tersine oyuncular ellerindeki kâğıdın gücünü konuşarak ifade ederler.

Why are we ? Well it’s because of we have and . But there is also a deeper reason, to the and more. Hare are some that you may share with us!

Think back at a time in your when you felt good about your body, loving your means you get to feel like that a gain, even in this body, at this age.

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If you’ll not settle for anything less than your best, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your lives. - Vince Lombardi

Kakak Sayang Adik-adik

Dilahirkan menjadi seorang Kakak entah sebuah keberuntungan atau bukan. Yg jelas itu takdir. Mengerti semuanya lebih awal dibanding adik-adik, menangis di belakang tanpa Adik-adik, sendiri, sepi

Kakak berusaha memberikan sisi terbaiknya. Entah itu ungkapan nyata atau doa yg terselip dalam keheningan. Tetap saja Kakak tidak bisa jangkau semuanya. Ada keterbatasan. Kakak manusia

Kakak punya Allah, di mana Kakak bisa titipkan Adik-adik padaNya. Kakak nggak sendirian, ada Allah. Adik-adik kepunyaanNya Allah. Tak mungkin Allah biarkan, pasti Allah sayang

Semoga Adik-adik menjadi manusia yg mau disayang sama Allah. Karena banyak manusia yg menolak disayang Allah. Semoga Adik-adik menjadi manusia yg mau disayang Allah

Kakak nggak sendirian. Lahir Adik-adik, Kakak nggak sendirian, ada Adik-adik. Kakak sayang Adik-adik

Maafkan, Kakak manusia, ada keterbatasan. Semoga Allah jaga Adik-adik, dengan sebaik-baik penjagaanNya

Allah sebaik-baik penjaga, sebaik-baik pelindung

Semoga Allah kumpulkan kita kembali di SurgaNya

Aamiin ya rabbal alamin

I’ve lived with anxiety my whole life. I had panic attacks that lasted hours, made me feel like I was about to die, unable to breath. But somehow this isn’t the worst part.

I’m twenty, I’m in the middle of my third and last year in college. I’m doing good, last year I had the fourth best results in the whole class. I’m not sure what I’ll do next year. Up until now it was easy, the route was traced I just had to go to school, be good, study.

The thing is, it’s all I’m doing. I feel like I missed out on most of the high school experience every one talks about, and I’m missing out on the college one too. Because of anxiety. For example, I’m terrified of failing so I’m unable to skip class. I do not have my driving licence because I’m scared to even take the lessons. I don’t go out a lot, especially to parties because I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs so I always feel out of place. My anxiety pushes me to think that I have no other choice but to die because I’m terrified of everything else.

I never dated anyone, I never even kissed anyone. It feels like there is something wrong with me. I fell in love once, didn’t realised it was love since she was a girl and I hadn’t realised i wasn’t straight yet and ever since I never even had a crush.

I constantly feel like I need to start living but I have no idea how.

Getting Help, and Giving Back
External image

By Arielle Stevenson

DeAdra Lee and her son, Dacian, fled Chicago for Florida with virtually nothing. Though they are still struggling, they are now volunteering at the community dinner that saved them.

Published: December 9, 2019 at 12:51PM

from NYT Neediest Cases
A Guide to Watching Scorsese Movies Like an Insider
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By Ben Kenigsberg

The director sprinkles his work with references to the films he loves. That’s probably why the barbershop sequence in “The Irishman” ends with a shot of flowers reminiscent of “Vertigo.”

Published: December 9, 2019 at 01:10PM

from NYT Movies
Day 9: Favourite song

My favourite song changes with me: constantly.

The sad song to keep me sad, or the happy song to help me escape.

The calming song to soothe my rage, or the angry song to fuel the flame.

The upbeat song to lift me up, or the slow song to wind me down.

The song I listen to over and over, that inspires exercise, or art, or words.

The song I haven’t heard in years that can transport me back or force the time that’s passed to be felt.

My favourite song matches me, and it may be more telling than I want it to be.


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