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I fall in Love ❤️ with personality and vibes, not look and money!

I'm not Cop/Police Clergy/Priest Writer/Author Journalist/Reporter Psychologist Psychiatrist Philosopher Politician Bot I'm an Advocate and Activist. My motto is Envision a of and ! My slogan is Is True Strength and Unity!

Ha! Just found out the link to my Flickr in the description of me here on Twitter was wrong. It must have cut it off when I pasted it... it, funnily enough, led to someone else's Flickr😂 oh well, now it's corrected and hopefully will stay correct 😜

As I roam the streets, I search for a soul that I lost. But to no avail it seems like she has gone too a safe place, a world like her and like her dreams.

Day 4/7 of of my . Rules: no people (legs don’t count 😂) and no explanation. I realised all my pictures on my phone are of food so decided to go for something else. Originally challenged by . Today, I challenge

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Progress and grow.


Spread love not hate ya digg!!!.. We miss youuuu!! grandma..⁣We all have an expiration date so we might as well enjoy it while we’re still here on earth and make the best of it.
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Warrior wisdoms with RZA and Donnell Rawlings.

Bump Elliott, College Football Star and Coach, Dies at 94
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By Richard Goldstein

An All-American halfback at the University of Michigan, he later coached the team and then became athletic director at the University of Iowa.

Published: December 8, 2019 at 12:04PM

from NYT Obituaries