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Life goes on.... Whether you choose to move on and take a chance in the unknown. Or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could've been. Wish you a very Happy Weekend!!

The difference between a what a child needs and what you need may not be as large as you may think.

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If our own president can declare bankruptcy multiple times and maintain his billionaire status then I should be able to declare bankruptcy as a broke ass dude and maintain my tens of dollars while wiping away all of my debts. Right? Let’s find out. I will see this through. I am in debt for thousands of dollars and if what I read is correct then as long as my assets, of which I have none, are equal to or are less than what I owe then I am eligible for bankruptcy which will get rid of all than nonsense and let me get on with my hundredaire lifestyle. Right? I’m determined to find out. Stay tuned.

The Fictitious Man in Real Life

Never in my life, I’ve expected to find a man like him. He’s too surreal to be real.

Swear I didn’t like him at first and I stopped myself the moment I knew he’s already dispatched by someone. 

I always believed they are perfect for each other. They are both attractive, talented, and they look so happy together.

I always wanted a guy like him. He’s God-Centered, multitalented, helpful, a proud lover and he values his family so much. Things that I’ve never given this kind of compliment before all at once.

I knew he is the guy who could dance with me on my 19th birthday, have the guts to knocks the door on Christmas eve, sing a song for me in front of our porch. 

Man. He got the values, exactly what I want.

How could it be? I thought a guy like him would only exist on the alternate universe.

There was this day when he wore a glasses that fit him and sang the song “Hanggang Kailan” I nearly fell on my knees that time to the point that I asked for help.

Am I George? But he’s not looking at me but why do I feel like I’ve fallen for him? God knows how I stopped myself. I don’t want complications and I’m effing tempted by the idea of him. 

All I knew is that I want to pray for God to meet a guy like him. Who will also be happy by my side while not being forced to love me.

In the end, I know it’s not him whom I wanted at all, it’s just his values and his stance.  

This chimerical man is for real. Hope that there’s also someone like him that is for me for real.

UK Court Rejects Case Brought by Mother of IS 'Beatle' Suspect

The mother of one of the British Islamic State militants, suspected of murdering western hostages, lost a legal challenge on Friday that it was wrong for Britain to assist a U.S. investigation which could lead to them facing the death penalty.

Published: January 18, 2019 at 04:34AM

from NYT Europe

Me ne andai.

Niente uscite di affetto, niente lacrime. Chiusi solo la porta.

Chiusi il mio cuore, lo strinsi più che potei e mi dissi che niente, niente doveva più toccarmi in profondità da quel giorno in poi.

- ?

LIFE #15 : Bersama itu lebih utama

Sebagai makhluk sosial, kita nyatanya tak benar-benar bisa hanya sendiri. Perlu ada teman dalam perjalanan hidup di dunia, bahkan setingkat nabi pun beliau juga memerlukan teman dalam menyampaikan risalahnya.

Teman-teman inilah yang kita sebut keluarga, sahabat, juga guru.

Aku selalu merindukan yang namanya kebersamaan, meski alaminya aku senang dengan sendiri/menyendiri.

Ada yang mahal dari sebuah kebersamaan yaitu sebuah kebersamaan yang bukan karena kesenangan aja. Tapi sebuah kebersamaan yang kita masih mau sama-sama meski dalam kesulitan.

Wahai teman perjalanan yang tidak ada duanya, terima kasih sudah mau menerima kita semua apa adanya, yang tak pernah malu untuk mengkritik masing-masing untuk bisa saling bertumbuh setiap harinya. Jangan pernah merasa saling tak berguna, kita saling melengkapi, saling menguatkan ❤

Family :*

🎵 Harta yang paling berharga adalah keluarga 🎵

Depok | 15 Januari 2019

If You Don’t Think Your Office Is a War Zone You Are Fooling Yourself
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Men can’t tell the difference between fear and respect. They act accordingly.

Published: January 18, 2019 at 04:00AM

from NYT

humans are so complex

thats why you can’t be someones everything

thats why you can’t fill all the void

that’s just how it is

we can’t change them

we just let them change for the better

we can just love and support them

and thats a good thing

nobodies gonna die alone

cause memories are always there to comfort

and yes, I believe life is short

thats why we should value every moments in a day

—- this is being human