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On some real shit tho, is underrated. If u havent listened to do yourself a favor &really listen. Hes an incredible lyricist &not just that song, it's just one I've had on repeat for so long. &my list can go on and on. Continue on.

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😂 Just keep your friends on THAT side of the pond and we’re good!!

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STOP THE - everyone knows when refers to he’s referring to , he’s been & stating this for 2 yrs! The level at which distorts facts & lies is ridiculous. Your ratings are lower than the ..let that sink in.

You have a choice," she told the class. "The whorish emptiness of or the straightlaced horrors of .

"When your ears hear one thing, but your eyes see another…use your brain." ~ Frank Sonnenberg ➤

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Not only deplorable, but gullible. Leave the trump train before it derails. LOL

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Eleanor is 21 Year Girl and Seeking Sex Now!

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"I set some traps. Hopefully we'll have food in the morning."

Apocalypse Starters [Still Accepting]

     At the mere mention of food, Jim felt his stomach growl. It had been weeks since he’d had a substantial meal, and days since he’d had much of anything. 
He placed a hand across his belly and gently patted. 

     “Rabbit and eggs sounds like a pretty good breakfast to me. 
I’d still like to do a bit of hunting, though. Maybe bag us a deer or something.” 

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Você vale cada palavra de amor. Vale cada boa ação, vale cada sorriso, cada lágrima de alegria. Você vale os raios do sol e do ar quente, que valem a alegria e o riso. Você vale tudo de bom e bonito. Não se esqueça que se precisar de algum conselho ou ajuda, eu estarei aqui. Dê a todos e a qualquer um essa mensagem, vá para blogs aleatórios, alguém que você nem sabe, estique o seu limite de asks, anônimo ou não, diga-lhes que vale a pena. Porque o mundo precisa de mais amor. ♥

Que plenitude ♥