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When you finally come to terms with all of the your S.O. has been telling you. Perhaps, they are a ?

look another of Joshua. You NEVER workout. You're an overweight pile of garbage. sucks at can't your mom should have swallowed you.

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BREAKING: Trump sues to block subpoena from House Democrats for business and financial information

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Cause and effect…

We all make choices…you can’t be mad at other people’s reactions or feelings, when you CHOOSE to make shitty choices.

Can’t be mad at other people for losing faith or trust in you, when YOU keep proving that your actions speak louder than words… constantly.

4/22/19 - 9:20am

I made a new rule for my own mental health, that I’d stop reading any news article and close the tab the first time I saw a lie. 

Now I’m much happier and I save lots of time by not reading past the first paragraph of any article about Trump!

through the days

sad of loneliness

whose walls we built ourselves

everytime we make new acquaintances

we giggle at lies

we dream with liars

adding a brick

cause heart sooths in warm fire;


there’s someone you caught your eyes on

while shifting eyes through ablazing ignorance

too proud of what he got

too proud to wander to dream 

keeps you thinking 

cause he’s where you used to be

so proudly confined too see it was an outfly;


we need people not when

we have to jump off the cliff

to spread and soar

in the stormy breeze.

but when its too dim to glow

and desert’s not the place

your masters prepared you for

you’re the queen so you’ll know anyway

so break your walls

when your dragons hatch

and the wing’s strong enough

to rage your conquerance.
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Mystery man walking around the Notre Dame structure has been explained away as a fireman. So far the government has stated that nobody was in the building at the time and that firefighters were not able to climb the structure due to heat and safety issues. 

The secondhand image that has been reported as being a fireman has been colorised to change the image. Do authorities really think we are that dumb not to see the manipulation?

Theory : Everybody who sucks so bad at lying just has some Fae blood in them but because it’s not full blood they can say things that aren’t true but they can’t pull it off perfectly