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We’ve heard enough like mocking , grabbing pussy (now, look at ourselves as a nation and WHY WE DO NOT elevate and ) & hundreds of that show me his & it’s ENOUGH, all sites 👀 on him ❤️ our teaches & WHO TO KNOW PPL

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No one BELIEVES a thing you say Absent in France, absent from Arlington

You are Really You sold out the PPL who voted for you & now talk 💩 About Our President. You Tell step up and Tell the if you have the Balls😡

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A Pentagon spokesman said troops would erect housing for CBP personnel and barriers along the border; they WON’T be carrying guns, be performing crowd-control or coming into contact with protesters or migrants

Guy On Says It's Best For In The To Forget The Last 2 Years Under Rule & Start Fresh! , , Let's Give The A Chance At Starting Their Fresh! By The Way, The Last 2 Years? It's Been The LAST 10 YEARS!

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what an absolute JOKE. There are thousands of people stuck at Newark Penn right now. Prepared? You’ve got to be kidding me. should pay us to ride

The Will Destroy ... Water doesn't Lie, people do. . No proof of globe. All a Lie. Wake up....

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Don't forget what we are up against. Don't forget is female Don't forget the resistance has husbands, boyfriends, grandfathers, sons, uncles, nephews, cousins and friends.

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not a 5 star ! They me 70 years old lady in Frankfurt airport 12 hours during the night completely along !!! for transfer time error NO food, water or Hotel provided!WORST THAN A LOW COST COMPANY! case ID 31712896

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not a 5 star ! They me 70 years old lady in Frankfurt airport 12 hours during the night completely along !!! for transfer time error NO food, water or Hotel provided!WORST THAN A LOW COST COMPANY! case ID 31712896

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“You were forever finding ways to make me smile

But what I didn’t know was

I wasn’t the only one who you called special and smiled for like that anymore

Who heard your sweet words of praise, and the loving affection you dotted over me

Encouraging my self acceptance to bloom and grow

Only to be shattered and left for me to clean the broken bloodied mess you left

Knowing you lied through your teeth

And what do I believe now if anything that came out of that snake like mouth of yours

Was any of it true to begin with or just another of your manipulative ways??”

- Yours Truly, Widdows


Men-dey-shuh s


  1. telling lies, especially habitually; dishonest; lying; untruthful: a mendacious person.
  2. false or untrue: a mendacious report.

“The worst instance of both Orin’s mendacious idiocy and Mrs. Incandenza’s unwillingness to countenance an idiotic lie came one grisly day soon after Orin had finally gotten his vehicle operator’s license.”

-Infinite Jest (1996) by David Foster Wallace

“Let’s be civil! Tolerance above all!” Facebook posts and tweets drenched with worship to these gods populated my timelines after the midterm elections. But wait a minute. Shouldn’t we encourage these values in a highly polarized political climate? At the risk of ruffling feathers, I say NO. Not as we have. Not above all values.

Civility and tolerance both seem like the values of the wise and educated. Shouldn’t we respect our differences? Can’t we all just get along? We should respect others’ merited positions. We can respect people themselves. But when analyzed, behavioral values like civility and tolerance can betray a vacuous reality that ensnares the ignorant and enriches the politically manipulative. Civility and tolerance need not have truth or substance to function or exist. I can lie and be civil. You can be politely clueless. Our friends or family can cordially spew monumental ignorance.

Millions in our nation and globally know how to behave with tolerance and civility. These are traits important to actuate for society’s sake. But they are not preeminent. They are not enough. We need a thirst for knowledge and obsession with truth and verifiable fact. These are the virtues that cultivate the needed internal wealth to “buy the truth and sell it not.”

Day 685

There are not enough words to describe the annoyance I feel when waking up at four am on a day I could have slept in.

I have gotten used to the cold by now, and going for a run in snow can be fun, but going for a run in snow at four am is just stupid.

(-confession/lie 187)

No more






Beautiful lies

Crescent moon

Deep sea monsters

Enter if you dare

Forget the warnings

Get the flowers

Hide the rings

Into the darkness you step

Just take a breath

Kill the doubts

Let them believe

Make your play

Never break

Open the doors

Please no one

Quit the useless

Right the wrongs

Smile as they beg

Tell them nothing

Use everyone, it’s fair game

Vacant heart

Waste not

Kill all

All these people talkin ‘bout 'No CLC fans even try n all they do is complain’ need to shut up. At least act like you did even a lil research. 'Cause if you did, you’d know that most fans are workin’ hard. But, (unfortunately) there ain’t that many fans n not everybody can buy more than one album n everything else. It ain’t realistic. A lotta the people talkin’ like this are fans of groups that have a ton of fans or just wanna feel tough or like they ‘won’ by talkin’ smack about a  lesser-known group n their fans.

Personal Trainer CH. 7

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