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The worst thing is reading mean comments about your fave and not being able to explain to people it's wrong to embellish and tell untrue stories online. Like my fave would ever. I now have a headache. Today on about A story.

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R they fucking w/us? Isn't that an oxy ? receives "intelligence briefing"(a lot of pictures he can color in) also, please let the know I did my part, and if anybody accuses me of , its all dastardly

got chutzpah 4 2world that has winner-take-all attitude. Its a . US market wide open 4 2dump their junk in but most closed in world. Never believe Xi's deceitful . zero-sum mindset whats caused

Never Trust an Orange Man in a bad Taupe.. (the caravan invasion is coming) πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” where is it? And why all of a sudden after mid terms ur silent about it?

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Stop saying things that make you weak.
—  Jordan Peterson

America’s Elections, Trump’s Press Abuse, Tucker Carlson’s Protest Lies, and More - SOME MORE NEWS [29:46]


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¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Trump: I’ll never forgive Obama for underfunding our military

Reality: Obama spent MORE on the military than Trump has. #trump #lies #daily #trump #lies #daily #military #MichelleObama #firstlady #unitedstates #laws #blacktwitter

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Player’s Innocence


Feeling like an idiot

Falling for the player’s “innocence”

A waste of time a waste of space

Called bullshit a while ago yet still played right into the hand

fully aware of the consequences

But thought the benefit of the doubt should be given

A Fool’s mind

Optimistic but mediocrity and obliviousness equaling stupidity clouds it

In this day and age second chances and benefits of doubt do not exist

Nothing more but anger and frustration follows

Liars be damned to an unhappy life……….

Something that is wished in silent whispers by the tarnished to invoke

But instead settle for an unjust Good-Bye……

An unrequited feeling

Left Empty

But in the End…

Life shall prevail

And moving on is the road that has never been clearer



Taking a saw to the tension,

sledgehammering the ice,

maybe if we do this quickly

we won’t have to pretend to be nice.

Convention be damned I’m tired

of acting like this is okay,

like if I keep my head down long enough

all my worries will drift away.

Instead let the sinews snap,

let all euphemism wither and die.

Instead let’s have a quaint little chat

without pleasantries and niceties and lies.

~Tea and biscuits and spite.


Im just saying. 🤷🏿‍♂️😤🙄🙄 Why yall gotta lie in my face- talking about it takes 2 hrs flat to get to Orlando?! STOP LYING TO ME- Even Google tells you roughly 2hrs and 49 minutes! 🤣🤣
#lies #stoplying #youadamnLie #proveit #Orlando #ftlauderdale (at Coconut Creek, Florida)

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