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It’s About Time Someone Sues The For Spreading Their Hateful Divisive Deceitful

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MORE ! More people today you are and Will Remain the worst and least successful president ever!

I just told my mom "man these make a mess now" and she says that's becuase you separate them. Excuse me but who eats their rebanaDAS as a sandwich!??!

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Today's White House is, So what if Trump broke the law. No one cares about that, right? /smug H/t: Drudge Report. .

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Sad love

I am diving into you

to find our way back

from the love we made

from the lies we created

Probably we are just

two different people

two different minds

two different hearts

staying away from each other

So far away

We know it won’t help

Let’s stay together

with this so sad love

which sounds like a cliché

- Peyton Stuart

Reasons I left my ex

1. A B U S I V E- not just physically(punching me in the head, my whole body, throwing me, kicking me) but also MENTALLY/EMOTIONALLY. He purposely made me feel responsible for his suicidal thoughts and constantly posted about how it’s my actions causing it and ignored me for days and said he was comminiting suicide that night and holding a loaded gun in his mouth. This caused me so much stress I ended up crashing my car(I hadn’t heard from him and was insanely worried). He used online porn to get in my head about how a “proper women should treat a man” which is BULLSHIT AND TAKES ALL FREE WILL AWAY FROM THE WOMEN. This is 2019, not 1819. I gave everything to this man, from my complete attention to being a complete housewife. I lost friends because of this. But I still faced constant abusive no matter my loyalty. There were some lies I told, but I never cheated physically or online. He punished me ruthlessly for what I did when we were broken up(making a tinder, messaging exes) all the while he had online girlfriends, ANOTHER PHYSICAL GIRLFRIEND, and who even knows. He cheated on me and took it out on me, constantly accusing me and hitting me for it and throwing me out of his in the middle of the night.

2. RAPE- I could not say no to sex. The sex was amazing, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it but after 5-10 times a day and just wanting a nights rest but being woken up multiple times in my sleep, it got hard to physically handle but saying no meant getting beat and thrown out immediately. He said a women is never suppose to say no to a man, what kind of bullshit is that? During head if I didn’t go a good enough job he would PUNCH my head repeatly, choke me, bite me. Sounds sexy but it wasn’t. He was completely savage and ruthless. I know there difference between bdsm and abuse. Don’t try and fool anyone Sal. I’m not as dumb like I pretend to be, I know what you’re trying to do to my head.

3. No responsiblity for his actions, no emotional support- I couldn’t shed a single tear in front of him and I struggle with many many many issues, all he caused so many more for me. But regardless if it was him who made me cry or other emotions coming out, I got beat and yelled at for crying. I had to bottle everything up and he even made me feel remorse for never talking/communicating, but how do you when your partner completely lacks any empthany for you and doesn’t care about anything besides his pleasure. He would leave me the second I didn’t please him. He was HAPPY he wasn’t giving me any stabitly and loved it. He loved how much he was destroying me.

4. No appreciation- I gave my whole life to serving him and nothing I did ever mattered. He told me again and again how I make his life worst, don’t care or love him. Making me take the blame for his insecurities which brings me to number 5.

5. Projecting his insecurities onto me- I had to take his pain, he didn’t see what was actually happening in real life and he let his insecurities ruin everything in our relationship. He constantly was blaming me for things I didn’t even close to do.

6. Lies/cheating- he lied again and again and again and I would catch him and know what he was doing and he would still lie. He cheated ruthlessly on me and blamed me saying I was the cheater.

7. No life- I couldn’t have a life. I had to be more anytime he was. This counted his work breaks making it hard to be out of the house more than 3-5 hours at a time and usually I would be working so really only have an hour or two of free time and that really upset my friends making them leave me. Again, if I didn’t please him, I got beat and thrown out.

8. He left me homeless- I moved in, mostly my decision granted, but he couldn’t care less about my safety even tho he tried to tell me he would always protect me. BULLSHIT. I was homeless for two months.

There so many more reasons I’ll probably add but idk message me your thoughts if anyone reads this? I have a therapist appointment coming up I hope will help me.


1. Him not having a cock. I know you think this is the only reason I left but truthfully it wasn’t. So what I’m attracted to cis men, I’m attracted to anyone as I’m pansexual. It was even more abusive trying to tell me it was wrong and I don’t love him just based off that part of my sexuality.

Goodbye Sal. Have fun fucking millions of other girls, constantly abusing and lying. I tried so hard to love you, I still do and always will. You were the one. The one I felt connected to like no other. I know you’ll always understand me and that’s a comfort. But also so hard to handle knowing I lost you. But you bring so much pain and you won’t accept my love and let us be happy because of your insecurities. There wasn’t anything more I could do. You ruined my life and I had to take control and not let it keep happening. Watching my life fall apart in front of me from crashing my car to being homeless to being abused and having perment mental/emotional damage.

Like Sofia said, you only care about yourself and you’re toxic. I tried to look past that, tried to help but it’s impossible. I can’t let my life be like this anymore. I just can’t.

Writing Prompt #2

“Tell them. Tell them what you did to me!”

“I didn’t–”

“You liar!” Tears rolled down her cheeks and stained her sweater a darker blue. Holding her head high, she brushed them away. Her eyes never left his. “Tell them the truth. Tell them everything.”


Happy Sunday Guys. Remember some lies are unnecessary. #truth #lies #choice #SAVAGEXFW18 #fentybeauty #badgalriri #beyoncé #fentybeauty #arianagrande #fit #fitness #black #obyoriji #obyorijiblog #serenagomez #willowsmith #cardib #obyorijifitness💪#hiphop #healthyfood #hollywood #nickiminaj #strong #women #flood #photooftheday #happybirthday #photography 🌱🐦🐢🌴🍀🌿🐢🌴🌱🌿🌳🐦🍀🐢🌿🌳🐦🌱🌴🐢🌹🌸🌼⛅🌹🍁🍀🌼🌻🌸🌹🌺🍃🌷🍂🌹🌼🌻

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Today’s Fortune Cookies

You will use a 2 condoms while having sex, just to make sure you don’t catch anything.

You will lie about your age! =)

You will wear swet pants to work?

You will tell your boyfriend that you’re ex had a Mucho Grande ____.

You will leave your credit card with a bar tender for a running tab, forget to get it back, and later, after 4 bars forget which bar you left it at.

You will be heckled by a church minister.

There Is Always Another Way

The wrong thing done for the right reason it’s still wrong.

It’s tempting to lie for a friend, ask someone to clock out for you at work, steal some bread to save a hungry family, or killing someone to save someone else.

Sometimes when we do wrong for the right reason, everything works out in the end (or what we can see of the end from our limited view). Everything has a ripple effect and one way or another someone will be harmed, but that is not an excuse to just do as you please.

Say John Smith lied to someone you care about and if you told them the truth, you could protect them. Would you?

Then say it wasn’t someone you knew. It was just some person across the world that you never met and might never meet. Whatever John lied about will hard that person. Do you seek them out and help?

If you answered yes to the first and no or maybe to the second then listen up. A lie is a lie. It is a wrong that is being done to someone. If you are going to protect one, you should aim to protect all, whether you know them.

The problem with doing wrong for the right reason is that right isn’t always right for everyone because someone will be wrong and who are you to choose who or what will get righted and who or what will be wronged.

John Smith might believe that he is lying for the greater good and that one person is expendable in order to save others. Where as the person that he’s lying to may not believe that that that is true and John’s like could end up hurting not only that person he finds expendable but also perhaps someone he loves.

The thing is we don’t know what the ramifications of our actions will be so we must aim to do what is right even if it doesn’t feel it in the moment.

So when your in a difficult situation and think about doing something you know is wrong in order to have an end result be positive in your favor or the favor of someone you care for, rethink your options. There is always another way, you might just be chosing the easier option.

Stay true to your beliefs.

Originally posted by contemplatingoutlander

Now, we always have the choice to do what is right but the lines between right and wrong can be foggy based on our beliefs.

What is true and what is right will always find a way to the light and we have no power to change that, though we try.

But the next question is, what is “right”?


💡#freestyle 💡

This one is about what happens when you’ve made a connection and the initial infatuation threatens to give over to something more real. For me, that’s the toughest part. Personal fears often overshadow my chances at love. I’m working on it, but in the meantime I’ll freestyle sing about it.
#singer #musician #artist #music #composer #piano #love #loss #freestyle #producer #whiskey #infatuation #lies #trying #lost #love



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DES, Year 8, 2018 - 2019 Class

The 21st century society is so…so fucked up. Just like us, humans. But oh so similar to the gossipers in my year group.
I’m a girl, and I have a crush, a very normal thing for someone my age. And my crush and I…we have some sort of understanding to just be friends, cuz we’re smart. I’m close to him and his friends. Well…one friend in particular. They’re best friends, and legit friendship goals (in my opinion). His best friend is in ¾ of my classes at least, and since the beginning of this school year and the end of last year, we’ve been tight. But all of us, including a few other people, have become super close this past year. Since his best friend and I have a lot of classes together, we end up walking there together, because our recent class was together. We’re very playful and comfortable with each other. He knows what’s going on with me and his best friend. My crush knows that I’m close with his best friend, and he doesn’t mind cuz he trusts both of us enough to not do anything. His best friend also has a girlfriend, who is part of our ‘close group’. She also sits next to me in Geo, and has done nothing wrong to me, so if I wasn’t me, why would I hurt her and start ‘flirting’ with her bf? That’s just messed up and just makes my skin crawl.
What pisses me off the most though is that, people, close friends of mine, my close guy friend and his gf, know about their relationship and my crush. My whole year group knows. And 2 or 3 of my friends were talking about me and this guy, right in front of my face. Saying ‘Oh, why are you flirting with him? He has a girlfriend. Why are you cheating on your boyfriend?’ Even though I’m not flirting and I don’t have a fricking boyfriend! Is it my fault that we’re close? No it’s not! We’re comfortable with what we talk about, how we talk and who we’re talking to. If you have a problem with us, go fricking deal with it, cuz it’s none of your business!
Saying crap or shit like this doesn’t only affect me. It effects him, his gf and my crush! Not to mention other people who hear of it. I’ve had a friend tell me that I’m always with him, and I talk with him more than my crush. My crush and I have talked, and it’s not that easy to talk to your crush, it’s scary sometimes cuz you can make a fool out of yourself.
I’ve had another friend say ‘You know some people come up to me and ask me if (the best friend) and (the girl friend) are still dating. Or if he moved onto (me). Not to mention they’re calling him a player. And you a player.’ We’re all just super pissed and tired of these shitty rumours. These have been going on for 4 whole fricking months!
Whoever the hell these people are, whoever is spreading these, if you don’t mind, shut the fuck up, stick your nose some place else, stay out of my business cuz it isn’t yours and leave me and my friends alone! Thanks