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I love vintage advertising! ☎️ Old rotary phones were murder on the nails🤬

A customer called regarding a faulty roof installation made by another company. Make sure that the roofing company you put your trust in is licensed, bonded, and insured. We guarantee unmatched quality and customer service! 🏡Call (205)810-1418🏡

All new WWE shorts are coming to the webstore this Friday! Available in long and short lengths, find five of our favourite WWE stars added to our brand new range... be online 930am GMT!

It does not matter that you are looking for services. Verifying license and insurance details is imperative. is a and with more than two decades of experience.

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USA 1992


‘Tiger Electronics - 'Street Fighter II Tabletop Fighter’’


  • Uploaded by srarcade, via YouTube
  • Tiger Electronics offers parents another cheaper cop-out alternative to buying a new console or Street Fighter game!

Used Coach Buses For Sale | One place to find the finest used coach buses in the United States and Canada

The advancing technology has come with a lot of advancements in various fields of life. When it comes to the transport industry, the market is currently flooded with motor dealers exhibiting their vehicles for sale, among them being used coach buses. But it’s quite difficult to know the best dealers to approach. However, if you’ve been looking for good used coach buses for sale, the solution is here with you.

Major Vehicle exchange is among the best, largest and licensed dealer specialized in selling used but good reconditioned shuttle buses, coach buses, paratransit buses, church vans, commuter buses, commercial transits, wheelchair equipped mobility buses, paratransit buses and medical transportation buses in both Canada and the United States. We are highly regarded following the fact that some of our coach buses are currently serving as mobile offices, limo buses, showrooms, and band buses.

To ensure that our customers are well satisfied with the buses we sell, we have walked the extra mile of offering independent inspection services to those customers who live far from town. This is tailored towards assuring them that our coach buses are working and that they are in good condition. This explains why our customers need to consider buying used or reconditioned coach buses for their needs.

We have a good inventory of reasonably priced vehicles such as the finest available preowed coach buses for sale and other buses we sell to our customers. To ascertain that the services we offer to the customers are of top quality, we first look for good preowned coach buses before bringing them to the customers. Alongside selling these buses directly to our customers, a good number of them are sold directly to the brokers and other motor dealers. But we realize that our customers need to know the kind of buses we offer, so, we have many of them presented on our website.

We also collaborate with the organizations and groups that need to change or dispose of their buses. We are willing and eager to discuss how we can deal with the secondhand coach buses for sale that are less than 10 years old and under 100,000 miles. If the secondhand bus to be changed or disposed of meets these conditions, then we kindly advise our customers not to hesitate to contact our owner Charles Kaufman immediately.

Our company was established and licensed in 1985, which makes us boast a long time experience in offering quality services to our customers. From this long term operation period, we have developed a team of professionals who can quickly locate, recondition and sell the secondhand coach buses throughout Canada and the United States. This means that if you are in one of these countries, your welfare is well put into consideration; no need to travel across different provinces to look for secondhand coach buses. For quality assurance, we thoroughly test and check our used buses for any mechanical and appearance defects. They are then reconditioned by our certified mechanics, painters, and upholstery experts.

We also offer financing and leasing advice to our prospective applicants mostly through third-party funders. We have a friendly staff, well equipped with knowledge. This staff is flexible in the delivery terms and options, which sees most of our customers benefiting a lot. In addition, we are willing to offer our customers complimentary airport pickup & door-to-door delivery services for our coach buses throughout Canada and the United States.

Our mission statement is to be the finest used coach buses for sale company in the United States and Canada reminds us of our duty to be committed to our customers. If your group wishes to buy a secondhand coach bus this season, then call us today.


Last night rolling that RR! Wit @themoneyteam thanks for the big tip @floydmayweather @hollywoodxunlocked #tmt #tmz #shuffler #driver #privatebodyguard #security #armed #licensed #certified #dustylatv #dusty #dustyworld #grammyweekend #stuntin #liveauthentic #cashspeaks #bags #tips #shop #chill #industry #instagramers #instagram #instago #uneno #business #moves #professional (at Hollywood Walk of Fame)

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