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4.5/5 ⭐️ Born a Demon 🏳️‍🌈 low angst, no cheating, a surprise HEA Changeling Press Amazon Apple Books Barnes& Noble Kobo/Walmart

Amazing to see break down the history of how have been marginalized at

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Come out and with who’s running for NY-13! Boxers in Washington Heights Wed Jan 29th @ 6:30pm!

Saw a version of this online: “When a Pastor gives their preferred pronouns, it means you already know you don’t want to go there.”

Durante nuestro segundo , hablamos sobre nuestras experiencias en las reuniones familiares durante las fiestas decembrinas, que pueden ser difíciles para personas +. Y tú, ¿cómo pasaste las fiestas? 🌈🎄

Spectrum Alliance is back in action this Spring semester! 🤩 We hope to provide you a safe space filled with love and acceptance. See you at one of this year’s meeting dates! ❤️💛💙

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I had an absolute brilliant time officially opening the programme last night. I’m a and inclusive celebrations like this in awesome are a perfect way to showcase our diversity …

Sarebbe troppo di sinistra, non sia mai. La che l’altro giorno sbraitava sulle non ha nulla da dire? Siamo nel 2020 e hanno paura di prendere posizione. Per la Ministra nulla è in programma. Grazie per il nulla!

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For those romantics who believe in soulmates, a hot new . Delicious, spooky, hot and romantic, be delighted by Shower You With Love. 🏳️‍🌈💞

NIGHT MLK WEEKEND BASH 6PM-2AM FREE ADM\21+ Twister Lounge 552 Ferry Street Newark New Jersey 646-641-2101 $5 Hennessey & Patron Shots $6 House Drinks All Night Hip-Hop R&B Dancehall Reggae House Soca 90's Old School – at Twister Bar

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By the way, the Pink Triangle Memorial at Belfast City Hall for people killed in the Holocaust is next Monday. Hard to believe that it's a year since the last one! Going again this year, booked the day off. Hope it's not as cold as last time.

That's right your Columbus Bad boi is blowing things up! Check out the latest additions to YOUR first and currently ONLY comprehensive Drag King and Trans-FTM Website! #

💕🌈😍 I don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day and I LOVE THIS SO SO MUCH!!!! The cards were so culturally on point!!!!

What would you talk about if you could speak with the dead? Max and Jeremy find out when they buy a mysterious antique radio. On talk show Second Chance, it's all spirits, all the time.

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Best piece of advice I can give to anyone trying to come out to family and friends, whether you’re coming out as gay, bi, pan, trans, nonbinary, or whatever:

Just spit it out. Say what you have to say. Stalling will only make you more anxious.In reality either they will be supportive, or they aren’t worth your time and energy in the first place. People who truly love you will support you no matter what. You’ll feel so much better in the long run. Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are. 

Fatphobia is often used to make fat women not feel like they’re women because they don’t perform to society’s standards of “femininity” and “female beauty.” So I tend to feel like I’m not “female” enough because I’m not skinny.

But then, can I really use a nonbinary label when other people who are nonbinary have, in my low views of myself, “legitimate” reasons to call themselves nonbinary? I feel like internalized fatphobic views of my body and identity aren’t good enough to call myself that.

It’s ironic. I don’t exist in a binary gender spectrum and I don’t exist in a nonbinary gender spectrum either. I guess I just don’t have the right to exist in any gender identity because of my body. Yet I’m also hypocritical in that I wouldn’t argue someone else’s views of themselves if they called themselves nonbinary because of internalized fatphobia.

Fixing some Sh*t.

Saturday 18th January 2020

Hello humans of earth and here’s the daily post!

OK so, lets start. I will change the profile picture to something more original and something I’ve drawn myself as a redbubble sticker’s not gunna cover it. If the colour of the blog changes that’s me trying to find the best shade of purple and yellow to match the flag. Someone DM’d me asking if I do commissions. I will, but not yet as I need to advertise and gain a bit more confidence and attention in my OC material first. Also, I’m unreliable so if I miss a day off here I’m probably cramming for a test or something, you know, LIFE. heh. That’s it really. Nothings too bad, but it’s also not the best but eh.

Big idea

Arom com!

It’s a TV show/ movie that seems like it’s going to be a typical rom com but one or both of the two main characters is revealed to be aromantic. The whole thing is about them slowly becoming friends while also dealing with the struggles of being aspec. Tons of people asking them if they’re a couple or thinking they have crushes on each other and lots of terrible puns. Directed and written by someone aspec or at least in the lgbtq+ community who will actually write the characters accurately

Feel free to add on to my idea





Writing, reading, music, KDrama, going on walks, simple stuff. I am looking for a girlfriend but we can be friends before that. If you are in Tennessee definitely hit me up. I’m a Daddy/DaddyDom and I go by Daddy. I don’t like mommy. You don’t have to be into it and I won’t pressure you to be. I’m chill. I love showing the person I’m with affection. I’m a STEM I guess you can say. Also Pansexual but girls are my kryptonite.

Snapchat: jes23m

If anyone’s looking for a new gay film to watch I highly recommend, Eyes wide open from 2009. It is named Einayim Pkuhot in Israeli. It’s a drama film so please do not expect puppies and sunshine. It is about being gay in an orthodox Jewish surroundings. Precisely, it is about a relationship between two men. One is older and married with children and the other one is much younger and alone. I don’t want to reveal too much. I was honestly mesmerised and it just did something to me while I was watching it..I’m a straight girl, but it made me feel so many things…It is one of my favorite films. ❤️

Note: The younger man is played by Ran Danker, a beautiful Israeli actor that is openly bisexual. ;) (more reasons to watch tbh lol!)

i’m writing a nonbinary character who uses neopronouns so like any wise author would i decided to research them (even though i occasionally use neopronouns myself, it’s good to get second opinions)

 i decided to check the urban dictionary just because i can get more OPINIONS than facts and thus can use my character to dispute controversy as best i can

i am fucking fUMING. i should’ve thought it through but i am FUMING.

here are the entries.


this one is perfectly fine. it’s great, actually.

we also have:


this one is also good! 

but tHEN.



There’s no such thing as a transtrender. “Transtrenders” are people who believe they might be trans and decide they’re cis.

Non-dysphoric trans people are still trans people. 

You can label yourself whatever you want. It’s a matter of expression. 

Neopronouns are real pronouns and are PERFECTLY VALID.

All words are imaginary and if someone wants to go by pronouns you’re unfamiliar with you should be respectful and not a total fucking dick and call them mentally deranged.

You can sort of guess that these posts were made by terfs/truscum or transphobic people. hashtag disgusting, hashtag tr*nnie!

Even though some people have reclaimed tr*nnie as a pro-lgbtq+ word in the same way they’ve reclaimed queer (and sometimes f*gg*t, and i’m using asterisks because they can be considered slurs and may trigger or squick people) not everyone has and it can still be an offensive word. you shouldn’t use it as a cis person.

there are so many things wrong with the last three pictures and i’m too furious to put them to words, if anyone would like to add you are welcome

and if you go on and support the latter three pics i will eat your shoulderblades