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Serena Whynd is the of "Shalmar - A Tale of Lifetimes I" "The Paths That Be - Phoenix Series Book I"

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So ano pala ang mangyayari kapag magpatayo ang mga establishments sa ating bansa para sa isang banyo ng o kaya pwede na lang siguro magkaroon ng unisex na banyo? 😅😅🚻 (pics courtesy of )

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Hindi lang pala sa mall ang kailangan may na banyo kailangan na rin pala sa mga kulungan.

baby We See You!!! 😍 😘 ♥️ Omg They Bring Our Whole Community On This Show & I'm Here For It! 🖐️ Me Next! I'll Be The Cute Wht Guy 😉 💋

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You are not your thoughts 💗 If you're in crisis, we're here 24/7 to support you at: 866.488.7386 or text/chat 📲 🎨 art by 🎨 + (via: )

Court in Between ~ Lark Westerly ~ A man with a horse…and a fairy in the bed.

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The world has finally seen you for what you are. Not only a & We won't even get into the but you hate anyone who is not White. . You have finally shown your true colors about being . You have lost so many votes for the 2020 Election🤣

made a human rights proclamation tonight. It felt good to hear that diversity is appreciated. Thx for your work on this! 🏳️‍🌈

Cody would like you to stop stigmatizing gender non-conformity because dresses and dolls are not dangerous, but family rejection and shame are.

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Okay. Whuuuuuwaaat? Inggit daw. Gurl. If there is respect and trust. Hindi naman magdedemand kaming mga nasa LGBTQ+ Community. Napaka ideal ng Trust and Respect. Pero hindi lahat kayang gawin yan.

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. : Thank you for being open and vulnerable and showing your love to the world. This is the first time in my life that I have seen true representation on what it’s like to be a fluid woman. & thank you for allowing her story to bloom 🏳️‍🌈

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Taking girlfriend applications

Perks of me: Have some range of standards; will love you as much as possible; can paint you pretty pictures; has an extremely friendly cat

What is it with straight people and somehow always making my coming out to them about them? I don’t care about your whoever who is also gay, we were having a mutual conversation about our love lives and I mentioned I prefer women to men, its not a talking point about every other gay person you know and how you think you have ‘gaydar’ because you rely on stereotypes.

i hate it when someone you hate/have cut contact with has taken up so much of your life. i dated this guy and we would still be friends but he’s kinda homophobic but we dated for a while so whenever i tell stories about that time he always comes up and then i get angry and sad and gah. ik this isn’t just me, so i wanna say anyone else who is in this situation is not alone.

It’s real dysphoria hours, fellow trenders! I’m so dysphoric I want to chop off my chest and curves with a sword and superglue a dick to my downstairs, but that’s ok cause I’m one of those gay filthy trender tucutes uwu ( ɔ )


Hey guys!! Just a reminder that i have a fun lil webcomic on about two new friends(who are both aroace!) becoming superheroes together!!

I’m a teen creator and this is my first comic(i know it kinda starts off a little messy but its slowly getting there!) It would mean a lot if you checked out Flame Girl And Dino Kid on tapas!! Trying to get to at least 25 subscribers before the end of the year!!