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Only 7 days until the launch of our website. We'll be brining you stories and advice from those battling problems, to help other who are going through the same thing. 🌞Visit on March 1st 💙

The next Book Club is on Sunday March 3 at Bar 74, Union St, Ryde. We’re reading this 👇 and it’s very good!

【告知協力】 3/24に福岡県弁護士会館の新会館オープニングイベントが、六本松にて開催されます。16:00〜大阪の弁護士夫夫(ふうふ)を描いたドキュメンタリー映画「愛と法」が上映されるそうなので、お近くの方はぜひ!(入場無料・予約不要) 

keske homophobe faut arrêter ! Le moindre moyen d’ouvrir votre geule avec vos gneuhgneuh la france n’aime pas les homos STOP

Les écoles du New Jersey intègrent l'histoire : "Il ne s'agit pas de célébrer les gays mais d'enseigner comment les sociétés ont répondu aux évolutions du genre et sexualités". Une réflexion absente du conseil supérieur des programmes en France...

Пожизненный муд просто 🌈

自撮りするとかゆーてしてない。💩 目しか取れてないんですがって。

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This is Dr John de Verdion aka Miss Grahn: a London bookseller. In the 19th century it would have been incredibly hard for women to pursue a career. This determined 'Dr' didn't let gender stop them. Join us this weekend for + history stories:

Tolerance is one of the fundamental that schools are required to teach. Ensure your pupils develop respect for people of all different orientations with our free article outlining 10 ways to tackle bullying! +

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number of bisexuals on tumblr: 34987

number of bisexuals i know: 3

number of bisexuals at my school: 1 (me)

Day 14

I was able to talk to my wife this morning. Whenever I talk to her and she starts saying she misses me, I cant help but start crying. Is it just me? Anyway, my wife tried to talk about other stuff to get me to stop crying. We’re both sappy and would cry when the other starts crying. But I understand that she can’t always be crying at work whenever she talks to me. I’m always happy whenever she calls because I know she tries to make it a point to call, even for just a few minutes, before going to bed even though she’s tired. That’s one of the many things I love about her.

I kept myself busy today. I had to get new dog tags for the puppers, go to the post office, grab some groceries at the commissary, and I brought Dundee to the dog park again. I’ll try to make that a routine, taking the pups to the dog park.

I finally sent her the first care package. I’m super excited for her to get it and open it. I hope she likes it. I realky enjoyed decorating the March’s care package box. I dont have any ideas yet for the April care package. I know Easter is happening in April, so maybe that could be my theme. Hmmm.. oh well, I still have a couple of weeks to prepare for that.

To end the day today, we currently have wind advisory in effect until tomorrow afternoon. We’re getting 30-40mph winds. Just one thing I dont like about El Paso. To make things worse, the power just went out. It’s been out for almost 2 hours now. I guess me and the pups will be sleeping in the cold. Time to cuddle, puppers. 😅

Well, another day done. Another day closer to hugging her again. ❤️

it is very important that you acknowledge right this very moment that you are so very important and precious to this world and it is very important also that i let you know that you are very beautiful and/or handsome and wonderful you are, no matter what you might think or have been told in the past and i know this for a fact because every single human being is unique and terrific in their own way!

but it is most important that i let you know that i will defeat thanos and also that your shoelace may possibly be untied and you should fix that or you may trip when you go to stand up

my crush may be homophobic, and i’m finally okay with that.

ok so you must be wondering “why are you okay with it?” well, that’s because i’ve finally found a reason to hate him. i’ve liked him ever since my sophomore year (i’m a senior now). i’ve been trying soooo many times to get over that thoughtless fucker. it resulted to attempting to find closure (which only made it worst), trying to block him on social media, distancing myself in school, and in worst cases, drinking alcohol to dilute the thoughts of HIM. my life almost revolved around him; in the shower (thinking of him), strolling in the park (hoping he’ll be there), walking in the hallways of school (hoping we bump into each other). it was soo damn stressful. it was like a dark nightmare that i didn’t wanna get rid of because i was hoping to find some “light.” recently, my friend was in a group chat on insta and in the group chat included my dAmn cRuSH! she had told me that he’d be spamming the “🏳️‍🌈⃠” emoji in the group chat while LIKING his own comment (note that he’s pretty popular ,and surprisingly shy and reserved but people just naturally like his demeanor since his looks balanced out everything, so whatever he sends in that group chat, everyone would like it). but people never liked his comment. HMMMM isn’t that fucking suspicious? “i’m not homophobic” MY FUCKING ASS. i can finally walk down the hallways hoping i don’t bump into that tall pack of homophobia. and if i do, he’s greeted with this death stare sentenced just for him, for life. thank u, next!