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🌈La campagne de nomination 2020 des Rôles Modèles LGBT+ ou Allié·e·s est ouverte ! Pour nominer un·e Rôle Modèles LGBT+ ou un·e Allié·e·s et/ou Candidater directement 👉

., były premier Belgii i szef frakcji ALDE w PE poruszony strefami wolnymi w PL. Wzywa Komisję Europejską do pilnej reakcji.

At + HQ we are so excited this year to have senior management buy-in to our cause and our message really excited to work with in the South West region, looking on the 18th July... get yer' banners out

**** The world Ms. Spencer creates is creative and intriguing, and serves as a fantastic backdrop to her characters' journeys into adulthood ... I hope this series goes on for a while! The Click of a Pebble, Bk 1 Children of Zeus Waterstones Amazon.

オカマって若いうちは「私キレイ?」でマニアにウケるけどババァ?(ジジイ)になったらどうするんやろな? ただのバケモノやんけ…

Pride (noun) 1. A feeling of deep satisfaction derived from one's own achievements. 2. Confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a socially marginalized group. 3. A group of lions forming a social unit. To

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Une idée de TIG qui t'attend...Peindre des passages piétons aux couleurs L’égalité entre les gens est la première chose qu’un pays doit gérer et maintenir. Prépare ton bleu de travail...👍

Seeking your support to be the next Labour candidate for Lambeth & Southwark As a local resident in Vauxhall not only will I be taking your voice to City Hall, but bringing City Hall to you Fighting on issues impacting our communities

だから? 資格をとっても安泰じゃない場合もあるから学生さんはお勉強するよりLGBT🏳️‍🌈活動しろってことなのかな💧 ブロックされてもワタシのtweetを必死に覗いて何か意見がしたい病気なのかな? “あげ足を取る”以下のお粗末な誤読でちょっと愛おしくなるけど

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A Bit Wintry | I turn 50 in May. It’s hard to imagine, at least until I notice how white my beard now is! At least I can smile right now, after the difficult last month! |

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Today my dad teased me about my crush for the first time since I came out to him by telling him I got a crush on a girl. Apparently he had been, and I quote, ‘patiently waiting for two months to pass before teasing’ me ‘so it wouldn’t be insensitive’

If this doesn’t sum up my relationship with him idk what does-

The thing is, Gentleman Jack isn’t just a tv show. It’s me and all of us and I just cannot help but take every knock personally when it continues to fail to get the national recognition it rightly deserves. I just have so many feelings about this 😔


I’m such a ridiculous bisexual. Like so many people have me out here flustered. Women in a suits is my sexuality. But also men in turtle necks looking sleek as fuck is also my sexuality. But also women who look like they could kill me and then go to some kind of gala is also my sexuality. But then like men rocking skirts, blouses, makeup and pretty jewelry is also my sexuality. Like they are all so powerful out here living like that it I’m feeling attacked.