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Some book recs! 🌈📚 And my tbr gets longer and longer...

A city leaves millions locked away in secret accounts. His son looks forward to a but there’s a catch, the will. It falls to a jobbing to play the role of his life to unlock the key to great wealth.

Listen in with Gina Ortiz Jones, Air Force vet and Congressional candidate – in a conversation about the tough decisions her mother made to immigrate, and the challenges of being an service member, here:

Te esperamos esta noche desde las 8pm para ver el ¿Sabes quien ganara? Acierta y gana un ticket en la barra por $25🍻. Luego del concurso tendremos karaoke 🎤. ¡Te esperamos!

I was once told that the greatest moment in literature is when you read a sentence in a book and feel as though it had been written especially for you... I just experienced that for the first time in the final chapter of book The Gender Games Thank you 🙏

mocked pro-democracy activist as a “goddamn homosexual guy” in today’s protest. Blatant provocation to community and human rights believers credit to

Entre Cris e Joana e Valentina e Juliana, me desculpe Cris e Joana, mas meu coração permanece sendo da valentina😍😍 É q né kkk meninas tipo valentina são meu sonho d vida❤❤

身体は男の子で心は女の子です SMというよりは、主に甘えたり抱かれたりするのが好きですが、愛のある虐めは好きなのでソフトMって感じです LGBTに理解のある女友達や、 女の子として接してくれる彼女(彼氏)が欲しくてアカウント作りました ぜひよろしくお願いします

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Originally said ‘welp, plans are cancelled, I’m fat,’ but I’m trying to be nice to myself so I made it better :)

“Biographer Antoni Gronowicz has intimated that Marie Dressler had a sexual liasion with Greta Garbo. But the writer loses credibility by ignoring Garbo’s better-documented affair with Mercedes de Acosta as well as those she is known to have had with writer Salka Viertel and Swedish aristocrat Countess Ingrid Wachtmeister. Besides, Garbo herself insisted she had never met or talked to Gronowicz. Certainly Dressler enjoyed, even preferred, the company of women—particularly after husband Jim Dalton’s death—and many of them were openly lesbian.”

-From Marie Dressler: The Unlikeliest Star by Betty Lee

the queer/lgbtqia+ community isn’t just wlw and mlm

straight trans people are a part of the community, non-binary people who don’t have a “same gender” are a part of the community, m-spec people who aren’t attracted to the same gender are a part of the community, aspec people are a part of the community, and probably more groups that i can’t think of right now

making wlw/mlm solidarity posts is fine, but keep in mind that they don’t represent the entirety of the lgbtqia+/queer community

Salmacian flag 

(A term for people who wishes to have a mixed genital set (such as a penis and a vagina, or something in between). This doesn’t necessarily correspond with certain gender(s), you could be a Salmacian trans woman, or bigender, or agender, etc.)

Me and my friends, all LGBT: I love finding out more about my favorite artists, I had no idea that this artist was [LGBT], this makes me really happy and I can see their experience in their art, it’s absolutely breathtaking
The cishets we know: ….. Uh, w-well, I mean, we should separate the art from the artist though……
Us, soon discovering what creators they follow: