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Sarah Z on Goodreads **** I really enjoyed the authors first book, The Year the Swans Came, so when I saw this, I was very excited. I love the prequel idea, the mythology, the conflicts ... Available Amazon UK: US;

We are committed to raising the visibility of + parent families and offering safe spaces for families to meet, connect and see themselves in others. 🗣👂🏽🌈

Have you heard? We've got a new group for + people over 50 in Hammersmith & Fulham! Come along 2-4pm on Friday 31 Jan to socialise and have your say on what you'd like to see from future activities ✨ More info below 👇

My posters are getting burned, since Saturday night. Why? I refused to take a leaflet from a male in his 60s, who said 'I burn in hell for been Allie to LGBT+ Community'. While postering Saturday morning, he also said 'I will see', repeatedly.

年上相手でも良ければ リアルで会える子いませんか? ※年下限定かな笑 フェラとかされたい子いたら こっそりDMかカカオきてほしい そっちの方まで飛んでいくから

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We are delighted to be hosting BP Portrait Artist 's new exhibition Queer at , open now. You can now hear Sarah Jane tell her story on the new podcast from Curator Salon: #2020

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So i drew a thing. 

This is completly self indulgent because im sick with the flu and lets be honest who doesnt want to sit on Tom Hiddlestons lap!

Hello! Now for a while I have been wondering what my sexuailty is I went with pansexual for a long time as I know i don’t care bout the gender you are, but it never really felt right so I started to think, to peace together things and I came up with something that feels right!


Gray pansexual - when someone doesn’t mind what gender you are but doesn’t fully feel like they fit in as just pansexual

Anyone can use this if you feel this way just say that I made the flag If you use the flag

  • Me 2 years ago: Pansexual? WTF is that? Isnt that just the same thing as bisexual? Just call yourself Bi. SMH
  • Me now: Wait am i Pan? I mean i want to be in a relationship but i've never had a crush on anyone. I know i hypothetically prefer girls but i wouldnt completely rule out a boyfriend either. Do i just have specific standards? Is everyone else just not my type or am i straight but bicurious????? SOMEONE JUST FUKCIING TELL MEE!!!!!!
The Moon and His Mortal

After a brief missing persons search, bodily injury, some reality checking, Zan and Cy return to the house. Cy has tucked himself in the safe warm hiding spot he always does under Zan’s arm. Zan’s face is still young and bright but there is something behind those eyes that says he is mulling things over in his brain as they step into the foyer.

“Why don’t you wait in the dining room, I will whip something up really quick.” Zan softly smiles at Cy, albeit a touch half hearted.

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tip for dealing with mental illness

i make characters for each mental problem. they all live together in a flat, they’re rooms are all different states of my room. it’s like a reality tv show, they have conversations and relationships together as well.



-her room is messy, but organised because she’s hasn’t moved anything.

-same clothes for five days straight

-lies in bed doing nothing all day

-life is black and white

-quiet voice but just loud enough to hear

-very nice to others but not herself

-listens to my chemical romance

-doesn’t wear anything but ex’s hoodies because she misses them

-stress eater



-low voice (but very loud)

-likes convincing others they’re worthless

-throws things around his room but is clean because he doesn’t want to upset everyone by having a mess

-convinces depression to work together

-the toxic friend

-massive clikkie

-mothers adhd



-very messy room but cleans every few day for it to get messy in ten minutes

-impulsive but anxiety makes them stop

-dresses v e r y loud

-best friends with insomnia

-very gay

-over eccentric

-loud and demanding

-shaved their head and dyed it bright pink

-listens to panic! at the disco and yungblud

-if left home alone will run around screaming and breaking shit because they have nothing better to do or stay in room scrolling through tumblr instead of doing homework



-big bags under eyes

-half bleached hair from bathroom breakdowns

-anxiety and him watch netflix together at three am

-big round glasses

-oversized sweatshirts

-snake bites and septum piercing

-green day fan

-very neat room, trying to declutter to help him relax (spoiler: it doesn’t help)

-raspy voice



-doesn’t wear anything other that hoodies and sweat pants

-doesn’t shower

-messy room (laundry everywhere)

-girl in red and cavetown all day

-good friends with depression

-low voice but thinks it’s really high

-might not leave their room for a week aside from getting food

-dating dysmporphia


(not as bad as my other problems but still appears)


-doesn’t come out of room EVER

-clean room but laundry is in piles on the floor because she’s too scared she won’t look good in certain clothes

-oversized clothes

-stress sleeper

-dysphoria loves spending time with her and they try to convince each other they’re beautiful (aww otp)

-70’s and 80’s music all the way

hope that helped y’all! it was really nice to write these characters down, they were really just in my head until now.

anyways, stay safe, take your meds and have a drink of water.

(also, it took my so long to write this because i kept getting distracted so could you like it so i feel like i accomplished something ok thanks)