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El Refugio... ☣️ Año 2167, Los Ángeles, California. Una pandemia se desata en los laboratorios gubernamentales de la “ASCB”, donde un brote del virus “G3T” dio paso a la mayor plaga jamás desatada.

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Lipstick: A Fairy Tale of Iran is a drag and boylesque triumph of querness. It is a celebration of queerness and theatre and is headlining 96 Festival in London. Exclusive interview in YASS Magazine

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Read free with . Urban Spotlight: Wild Magic (The Veil Chronicles Book 1) by May Dawney --> It only takes one to upset the balance of magic.

هیچ چیز زیبا تر از عشق نیست حالا بین هر دو نفری که می خواد باشه!

Dopo le versioni e ecco le unconventional: in sedia a rotelle e con protesi. Realizzate in collaborazione con .

Domestic abuse can happen to anyone. If you're + and in London, the Domestic Abuse Partnership can help you access counselling, get housing advice & offer emotional support. - -

Decided to make him my profile pic bc it was cute looking out at a viewpoint with him💕

عشق و زندگی حق طبیعی و مسلم همه انسان‌هاست، در حالی که بسیاری از همجنسگرایان محروم از این حقوق ابتدایی، یا به مرگ محکوم می‌شوند و یا خود به زندگی‌شان پایان می‌دهند، به تفاوت‌هایمان واقف باشیم و به همجنسگرایان احترام بگذاریم🏳️‍🌈

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a version with and without the blush. my sister wanted me to draw this since she knows kenny is a gay disaster. we (more like she) both imagine kenny and dylan growing up, getting married, living in a humble home, and adopting a few cats and kids together… she makes me want to start writing regularly again.

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I don’t understand why people can think it’s okay to be homophobic. Yeah, sure, it is an opinion. But do you know what else is an opinion? “I hate Mexicans.” “Black people are subhuman.” Do you know what isn’t okay? Racism. Don’t excuse your bigotry with “it’s an opinion.” Just because it’s an opinion doesn’t make it right.

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Carmen x fem reader please I'm begging you my little gay heart is beating for her

Hi Anon, thanks for being my first request! Hope you enjoy!

❤️ Carmen Sandiego is very familiar with gear and combat but not dating.

❤️ Romance at VILE Training Academy wasn’t technically prohibited, but it was discouraged. Those kinds of attachments could lead to all sorts of things that could hinder the career of a professional thief.

❤️ Carmen never wanted to pursue anyone before. Sure, some boys were attractive at the academy, but she was dead set on graduating.

❤️ Then she meets you.

❤️ At this point, Carmen escaped the academy months ago. Her squad had been formed, and nobody would stand in the way of her taking down VILE.

❤️ She meets you when searching for an artifact. Player’s a good guide with his skill, but nothing beats a tour guide that knows the city like the back of her hands.

❤️ Zack and Ivy notice Carmen is… flirting? She’s awfully close to the guide.

❤️ Carmen internally panics that night before the mission. She’s never felt so warm and fuzzy, especially about a girl. Ivy notices.

❤️ “So you’re bi then?”


“Yeah, you like girls and boys. There’s nothing wrong with that, Carm.”

❤️ Bi… saying it feels right.

❤️ She doesn’t particularly lean toward guys or girls—just you.

❤️ You first notice how she smells. It’s an expensive perfume from France that makes your heart soar. She smells like a relaxing meadow.

❤️ Carmen gets your number. She calls and texts you in between jobs. She tells you she travels abroad for work, which technically isn’t a lie. You’re very understanding about the distance, but Carmen knows you miss her. She tried to distance herself from you, but you draw her in like a moth to a flame. She didn’t just steal back an artifact; she stole your heart.

❤️ She plans very romantic dates. She knows all the best places in your city.

❤️ She flirts with you and you alone. She doesn’t have eyes for any other girl or guy.

❤️ Pet names aren’t used often. She prefers your name. You, however, can make her melt with any pet name.

❤️ She didn’t do much dancing at the academy, but she picks it up quickly. She likes to do any kind of dance, and she likes it more when it’s with the best girl in the entire world.

❤️ She’s inexperienced in relationships, but she really tries with you. She stumbles a bit, but your comforting smiles never fail to make it all better.

❤️ You’ve worn her coat before on cold nights (when it lacks gadgets only, of course).

❤️ The day she reveals who she truly is, you beg her to take you with her. You want to see the world and learn, too. Carmen is so hesitant to take you. She doesn’t want to lose you to VILE—watch another person she treasures lose their memories of her.

❤️ She takes you to Paris first—not for business, though. It’s your most romantic date yet.