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とうとうついに作ってしまった 最初フォロワーいないし スパムとか思われそうですが 普通に中の人います(;ᴗ;) 京の都に住んでます。 どうぞよしなに ❤︎"

Are you an LGBQT school leader or ally? Mark your calendar for our May 11th networking event in the Bay Area organized by Snr. Director of Member Services, . Join us for a Saturday of important dialogue and learning!

Skoro karta + to promocja dewiacji to jak nazwać wysyłanie dzieci z kijami na kukłę żyda?

8/Junio/19 La lucha por los derechos sigue, hay que estar más unidos que nunca, no podemos dejar que pase desapercibido el rechazó del congreso por el matrimonio igualitario. XVII Marcha de la 4:00pm Parque de Mejorada

What’s happening MESSAGE OF THE DAY: I hope you’re having a great day Ms. Lady! Sky is our limit!

We're back at The Jago this THURSDAY. We have three outstanding featured artists for you, as well as our regular open mic segment. Come through! 📢 📢 📢 Ticket link in bio!

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the-diddly-darn-transmed  asked:

I've always heard of trans women being compared to butterflies, but trans men don't seem to have an metamorphing animal to be compared to. Due to my childhood home being really close to a pond, I really like frogs. So to me, trans women are butterflies and trans men are frogs (who don't eat the butterflies tho, lol). Thoughts?

Ahhh I really like that idea, also I love frogs

anonymous asked:

Do you mind me asking why you're a transmed? I have a lot of dysphoria myself, and it does seem weird to see people say they're trans w/o it, but I don't really understand how they're doing harm, if that makes sense? If you don't want to answer, I completely understand. I'm new to this debate, and hoping to make sense of things. Hope your day is going well --Nate.

The harm they’re doing is that many “nondysphoric trans people” end up detransitioning, and that causes us as a community to be taken less seriously. And a lot of them want transgender to be demedicalized, which would mean that most insurance companies wouldn’t cover trans surgeries / hormones because they would be seen as cosmetic rather than life saving.

Also I hope ur day is going well too 💕

I dunno who wrote this but once I read a tweet about trans genders that had a great impact on me and I still use this as a comparison in my head.

It said that gender was like hair color. You are born with a hair colour and everyone will say you have that hair color. But it often changes over time and you can also dye your hair. And if you dyed your hair blue, nobody would say “your hair isn’t blue”. It’s reality even if it “isn’t natural” it’s still real and true.

Try thinking about it. It’s great.

Eşcinsel derneklerin düzenledikleri Onursuzluk (!) Yürüyüşünde “"Şaban'la Receb'in aşkına Ramazan engel olamaz” pankartı açtıkları gerekçesiyle yargılanan üç sanık hakkındaki dava, beraat kararıyla verdi. “Halkın bit kesiminin benimsediği dini değerleri alenen aşağılama” suçundan birer yıla kadar hapisleri istenen sanıklar hakkında mahkeme “yüklenen fiilin bu haliyle kanunda suç olarak tanımlanmamış olduğunu” belirterek beraat kararı vermişti mahkeme.

Receb ayını geride bırakmışken, Şaban ayının ortasında Beraat kandilini idrak ederken ve Ramazan'ı beklerken ekini, nesli, akideyi, fıtratı ifsad edenlerin hesabının görüleceğine iman ediyoruz elbette.

Not trying to be rude but…

Chould y'all not put other people down to bring your sexuality/gender up? I saw people saying stuff like

“we don’t need the asexual flag at pride we need [insert their sexuality]” or

“My flag is being erased cause of fake sexualities like pansexuality”

You can fight for your flag without putting down anyone elses. This is something I saw a lot of last year and I don’t want it happening this year. I haven’t seen any of it on Tumblr this year but I have on other sites. I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do and hope y'all have a great day.