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If you’re looking for a sign to not do it. This is it. You are valid. You are not alone. You deserve happiness. You deserve love. You deserve to live.

Together with our Chief Shelly Bruce, staff from celebrating diversity, inclusion and respect at . Canada’s National Security community includes all Canadians -

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« I imagine me and you... with my girlfriend or boyfriend🥰 » Did she tell me.

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Ceaseromantic flag

(Typically feeling romantic attraction, but occasionally having it completely disappear for a period of time before it returns.)

LGBTQ Manga Review - Yuri Life

The twenty-first century brought significant change and innovation to the genre of yuri. The first yuri magazines were published and included stories that left confines of the schoolroom, allowing creators to explore actual queer women living in a realistic world. Such works include the legendary Rakuen no Jouken, which will finally be adapted into English next year. Because of the internet and sites like Pixiv and Twitter, many of these works found an audience and success. Kurukuruhime’s Yuri Life is absolutely a product of its time, in the best possible way. The single volume is a collection of short comics the author originally uploaded to Pixiv and social media. It depicts (mostly) adult queer women in real and meaningful relationships with each other. It is absolutely a triumph and a joy to read.

Yuri Life features ten different couples across ten chapters or “rooms.” Each of these couples live together, and the series follows them throughout their everyday lives; It is pure yuri cohabitation!! These chapters contain multiple short stories, some even as brief as a single page, which is to be expected considering that they initially posted online. However, when tales are so short, they have to be highly focused and polished, and Yuri Life nails this. Some of the narratives are just adorable interactions of someone cooking for their partner or telling them, “I love you.” These stories are simple but so enjoyable and fun to read. It is like looking into a brief window into these women’s lives together and seeing them at their best moments. Whether funny, heartfelt, or both, they will bring a smile to the readers face.


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