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I’m calling Nigel and the boys done. What a fun project. I’ll add some tufts once the basing drys.

Nigel and the boys are coming along. Just a few details to finish and basing.

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Nigel and the boys are really coming along nicely. I wish I had just knuckled down and painted like this before. Really enjoying the process.

Experimenting with washes. Nigel got classic Flesh Wash. Spike is sporting Devlan Mud. Legs likes his Reikland Fleshshade. Mo meandered through the Agrax Earthshade. V-Dub nods for Nuln Oil.

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Vintage paint on vintage figures. Nigel and the boys got their flesh blocked in with some classic Citadel Bronzed Flesh.

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Prepping canvases for three new pieces!!!! So excited to work on a couple of new commissions and to finish up this painting series!

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