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When you make her smile

Nothing fells better that this.

This is The Siren Song of Love (Which I might alter a little bit later, in case it’s too romance-novel-y). The first chapter is up, and I plan on doing quite a bit more. It’s a Dungeons and Dragons fic from the first person perspective in a war-torn island-nation, centering around the Wood-Elf protag and Her Captain, a Drow woman, and their love for one another.

I am very very proud of it, and I would appreciate it greatly if you would read it. I’m also glad to talk about it, either here on Tumblr, or in the comments section on the work itself.

hahaha what if I was a their disguised as a maid who came to scam you but then I looked at you thought oh fuck and what if you were a rich Japanese lady with a rich uncle who we both hate and we scammed him and drowned his books and then disguised myself as a man and we both ran to China and haha just imagine… we were both girls….