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I am your personal Mia Khalifa, watch videos on my website for free

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Please don't go to my website if you are under 18 years old!

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I have a phone number. You have a pen. Think of the possibilities!

Please don't go to my website if you are under 18 years old!

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any lesbians in dublin who are 15-17 hmu ;)))) 

kiss me

“Shut up, I do not talk like that!” Her voice has gone shrill, but the giggles she’s trying, and failing, to suppress betray her. I don’t even attempt to conceal my look of disbelief.

“Oh yeah?”

She sticks her chin up in mock exasperation, a poorly disguised attempt to hide her amusement.


I pretend to consider her for a moment before shooting her a devilish grin and tackling her onto the bed. We collapse together, our limbs tangled, dissolving into laughter. Her sheets are freshly washed and have that clean linen smell, as well as something that’s distinctly her. 

The sunlight washes her room with a gentle, golden glow and hits her skin in a way that leaves me breathless. She looks over at me with the softest look on her face and reminds me just how smitten I am. We just stare at each other for God knows how long and I can nearly feel her rooting through my head, dissecting my brain with that analytical mind of hers, weighing up my flaws and shortcomings, leafing through every insecurity, every painful memory.

And I let her. She set up camp in my heart and I’m right there with her.

“Kiss me.” Her voice is barely a whisper but her words might as well have been yelled from a rooftop. I nod dumbly and when she leans towards me, I barely have to think twice. Our lips meet and I’ve never felt so numb yet so sensitive and hyper aware of myself at the same time.

We separate and I feel like I’m finally seeing her for the first time. I see her laugh lines and I see the scar on her cheek and I see her acne scars she hates so much. I see the hint of green in her eyes and the dark brown of her roots and the faint mark where her glasses press against her nose.

I see everything that makes her human and shows she is growing and alive and it strikes me in that moment, just how easy it is to love her.

Hahaha imagine if we kissed…

But like… lol… imagine if we were both girls…

Wild, i know, right? But like get this…

What if we like lived in a cabin in the woods too, haha. I know i know, my imagination is wild today, lol i was just joking….



Guys I made furby pride stickers for y’all! Normal and long edition!

Furbies available:

  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Pansexual
  • Asexual
  • Aromantic
  • Trans
  • Non-binary
  • Genderqueer
  • Genderfluid

Check them out at my RedBubble shop, I would definitely appreciate the support!

((If any of you live in Poland and would like to buy those babies cheaper then on RedBubble, i would be able to ship them directly to you, just dm me~))