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Shoot Me, Jesus: $4.95 Gay and realism with a Get the paperback version here

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… Can the steamy nights in each other’s arms force them to demand the love they need? unlimitedkindle kindleunlimited KDP KDPSelect eroticromance RomanceReader LGBT# LGBTQ gaytwitter KindleBargain kindlefreebook Kindledeals

My heart beats faster, I want you stronger, but it’s a pity that you are far from me now!

The best hug is the one that comes with a solid ass grab!

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Girl : “Anyone would be lucky to have to you.”

Me : (Being told the same thing from every girl I was interested in me, and who always left) “yeah thanks.”

thefrostysoldier  asked:

i know i keep sending u like 79462748 asks but i just rly love ur blog 😭 if ur up for it, please could you maybe do a set with sunflowers ? (i would like the agender flag again pls and also the queer flag (that one with like. black, blues, green, white, orange, pinks and black again) if possible !! and ofc any other flags u like !) again, i rly love the stuff u do,,, please keep up the good work and i hope you have a fantastic week !!!!! 💕💕💕🌈🌈🌈

these two straight girls in my class are showing each other pictures of (ugly, im guessing) guys and sharing stories of asshole guys and saying that theyre gonna turn into dykes soon and im. so tired.