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The Section of has published a 2018 supplement to The Law of Truth in Lending co-edited by of Counsel John Ropiequet. Details here: .

Begriffe wie und sind seit Jahren bekannt. Doch was genau versteckt sich dahinter bzw. wie funktioniert dieses eigentlich?

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Large, diversified institutions support economic by lending to consumers, businesses, & other financial institutions. Forum members hold more than $4 trillion in loans, accounting for 43% of total to businesses & households.

We're excited to share that @uccufriends has decided to upgrade from our to our platform called IMMeSign plus. Digital Transformation is hot - and we're glad we can help reach their .

Our clients work night and day to make their businesses successful, and that drives us to support them in any way we can.

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Add a pop of color to your kitchen design with a bright, statement appliance. A truly beautiful piece will never go out of style, even if this is considered a “trend” on the rise. 

One interior design trend that will find growing popularity this year will be a more frequent use of artisanal elements, such as furniture, décor, and lighting. Using handmade pieces will bring an interesting, custom accent to any space. Plus, the opportunity to support local craftsmen and small businesses will be an added bonus!